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Bad Reputation (School Boy Mike w/ Wet Dream) *Smutty*


A/N: Reblog and send me an ask if you want to read the next part. Just a warning, it gets v heated and the bold is Michael’s wet dream whoopsie. 

Chapter Five

Violet shed her shoes in the foyer, and scuffled across the hardwood floor in her mismatched socks, hoping not to wake her mother. She only got so many feet before she looked up to see a slight woman with a Hillary Clinton haircut blocking her path.

“Ah, Violet. I wondered if you would bother to come home tonight.” she snapped.

“Mom, I-”

“I got a call from your Headmaster today. Sounds like you’ve been getting into some trouble. He suggested that you might be, getting mixed up with the wrong crowd.” judgment tainted her tone.

“Michael is my boyfriend, and he’s not “the wrong crowd.” If you came home from work once in awhile, maybe I’d be able to introduce you.” Violet sneered.  

“Listen young lady,” her mother started in a low, but stern voice, “You are a smart, smart girl, but right now you are not acting like yourself. You have detention this week, so you will need to finish your Ivy Application tonight. And you will not violate your curfew again.”

Violet huffed, and climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She collapsed face first onto her fluffy white comforter, and  buried her head into the pillow. She was startled by the annoyingly loud guitar riff Michael had set as his text tone, when messaged her.

Mike: Get home safe?

She smiled, tapping away at her keyboard, eager to respond.

V: yeah thanks for checking

M: Feeling better?

V: A bit. Thank you for being there.

M: Vi, I’m not gonna leave you…

Violet felt her breath catch in her throat.

V: …come over

M: xD silly girl I can’t, your Mums home, it’s late.

V: I need cuddles.

M: You’re being very difficult babe.

A cheeky idea popped into her head.

V: Always am. Did you relieve your problem yet?

M: ?

V: The one I created at the cement factory, but never got to fix.

M: OHHHH, my BIG problem ;)

V: You’re such a dork.

M: No, not yet…

V: Need help? ;)

M: You are not behaving. I thought you were a good girl.

V: I just have never been caught.

M: Do your homework, I have to take care of something, haha.

V: Be sure to think of me :)

M: You’re weird. Goodnight princess.

“Violet! That doesn’t sound very academic.” a nagging voice warned through the door.

Violet opened her laptop, and finished the final touches to her portfolio. The Ivy Hall Application was by far the most important she would ever have to fill out. She had won the Silver Key in Poetry all ready, and now all she had to do was apply for the program, before going off to her dream college.

By the time she finally sent in the application, she could barely keep her eyes open. She closed her computer, and sunk deep into her sheets, shedding her school clothes, until she was only in undergarments. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought about her swollen lips, that still tasted like Michael,  her sensitive skin that felt electric against his, and his arms, that held her tight against his torso.


Flashes of harsh white light temporarily blinded Michael, causing him to squint and advert his eyes.  He felt dizzy, as if he were weightless. It took a moment for his head to stop spinning, and it was then he realized he was standing in what seemed to be the gymnasium at Norwest School.

The outline of each shape seemed bleary, as if the fuzzy shadows had no definite beginning or end. Seconds passed instantly, as if each motion was a choppy string of events played on a scratched VCR.

He blinked, and found he was standing in the locker room. Anxiety washed over him, recalling all of the unpleasant memories the locker room had hosted throughout his past. His brief flashback of insecurity was interrupted by short gasps, echoing through the tile walls.

“Hello?” he called out, sensing the absence of reality.

“Mmmmm….” a high voice hummed, over the sound of falling water.

He followed the voice to the row of showers that lined the back wall.

“Mike, help me, please.” Violet’s voice whined.

Startled he followed the cries to the last stall, shoes squeaking. Violet stood under the shower head in her soaked school uniform, bending over, with one palm resting against the wall. . Her top was completely transparent, clinging to her breasts, the outline of her pierced nipples prominent.

Her plaid school skirt was hiked up so that it hung halfway down her perfectly rounded ass. Her other hand was under her skirt, moving back and forth over her damp underwear.

Michael swallowed hard- “Uh, whu, what do you need?” he stuttered.

“Fuck me like you’re never gonna wake up.” she pleaded, shaking her bum. It wasn’t until then the boy looked down and noticed he had been completely naked from the waist down already.

He kneeled onto the cool tile and grabbed both asscheeks in each large hand, before groping them and lightly pulling them apart. He attached his mouth to the drenched cloth covering her swollen clit, sucking and nibbling feverishly.

He slid the underwear off her legs and let go of them, watching them float up towards the ceiling before disappearing. Using his fingers, he separated her folds.

“Your pussy tastes like motherfucking pizza.” he groaned.  

“No!” she whined “No Mikey I want your cock! Michael please, fill me up baby.”

With a smile, Michael stood up behind her, grabbing her hips and she rose, and stood straight up, face against the wall.

“Can I fuck this tight little asshole kitten?” he hissed. She could only nod, but when he spread her cheeks, he saw that her anus was actually gone. Confused, but grateful that she still had his favorite warm entrance, he lined himself up and pushed into her.

“Who fucking owns you?” he growled, his teeth gritted against her ear.

“Michael does!” she cried, her cheek being pushed into the cold ceramic wall.

Within seconds Violet writhed in violent orgasms, that looked almost torturous.

She dropped to her knees in front of him. “You gonna make me come now Vi? You gonna let me fuck your pretty mouth? Coat your throat?” he grunted. She nodded submissively.

“Open wide.” he commanded, beating the tip of his member against her lips. As he slammed himself into her, feeling her tongue run against the bottom of his shaft, he sped up his pace, slamming against her uvula.

He grabbed her hair for leverage, but as soon as he grasped them, the strands came loose and sprinkled to the ground, pooling around his ankles.

“I’m so close baby.” he whispered, but when he looked down, he saw excessive streams of tears pouring down her face.

“Wait - Why are you crying.” he stopped his thrusts concerned. But she did not answer.

“No, don’t cry. Did I do this?” he backed away panicked. But all Violet did to respond was sob harder and harder, reaching out for the boy and his large co-

“Michael. Michael, get up. Mike time to wake up…” Michael Mom shook him.

“UUuunnnnnfff” he groaned.

“Michael Gordo-”

“Okay, okay I’m getting up, no need to say it.” he snapped.

He rubbed his eyes, crusted from deep sleep, as his mum opened the curtains, letting an ungodly amount of sunlight flood his room.

“I dont have school, I’m suspended.” he remarked groggily.

“As if I could forget,” she scoffed, “But apparently you have other obligations for the day.”

“Hm?” he questioned, but she was already leaving the room.

He shifted in his bed, the sheets wet from Michael  profusely sweating. He raised his pale arm, and smelled his pit, recoiling in self disgust at the smell of a shirtless and sweaty teenage boy.

“Oh shit.” he muttered under his breath, as he lifted the covers and discovered the mess his dreams had left. The sticky fabric of his boxers clung to him as he moved his legs, attempting to get up to change.

“Oi, where’s the dropout?” an australian voice echoed.

“Ohhh Michaaaaeeel.” another boy chimed, voices getting closer.

“Shit, fuck.” Michael panicked, throwing the messy covers back over him just in time before his three best friends entered the room.

“We’ve come to bail you out.” a skinny tanned boy said as he plopped down on the comforter. Michael winced and bit the inside of his lip nervously.

“Figured we should make use of the day, ya know, start practicing for you kid’s first gig.” A boy with a curly mop joked, ruffling a small blonde boy’s hair with one hand and twirling a set of car keys in the other.

“Alright, alright, just let me change.” Michael stuttered, ruffling his damp mop, so that it no longer clung to the back of his sweaty neck. He stayed silent for a moment, his glance darting back and forth from the three pairs of analytical eyes studying him.

“What?” he mumbled, shrugging nonchalantly.

“You seem off…” Ashton noted, quinting.

“Yeah, something definitely up.” Luke agreed, suspiciously.  

“Are you completely naked?” Calum teased, threatening to lift the cover from him.

“NO!” Michael argued, balling his fist around the comforter and pulling it close to his chin.

“Cal…” Ashton tried defending the flustered boy.

“I bet you we’re wanking weren’t you….MMMM OOOh TAylor sWifT” Cal mocked, directing obscene and explicit hand motions towards Michael.

“Fuck you Calum.” he retaliated, throwing a punch at the tan boy’s scrawny arm.

“Hey!” Ashton barked, breaking up the bickering between the two. “We are waiting in the car. Michael, hurry up and get some damn clothes on. We will talk about this later.” he pointed with authority before leading the others out of the room.

They followed like puppies, nipping at his ankles. Once the front door slammed, Michael closed his blinds and discarded his messy boxers into the linen basket, making a mental note to remember to wash them as soon as he got home.


“Whats her name?” Calum asked as Ashton ran over a speed bump far too fast.

“Sorry.” he mumbled, apologizing for his reckless driving.

“Violet” Michael uttered, turning his head back from the passenger seat giving into Calums interrogation sessions.

“What her bra size?” he joked, earning a kick in the shin.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care.” Michael snapped.

“Sure you do, and you can tell by how far the come out, like a good handful is a B - “

“Leave him alone Calum.” Ashton ordered.

“Is she your girlfriend?” Luke chimed in.

“Uh- well I don’t know exactly.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?!” Cal exclaimed. Just as the words left his mouth, Michael’s phone buzzed in his pocket. A message from the flower emoji appeared on his lock screen reading “Kidnap me, I’m dying here.”

“Is that her?” Luke asked, craning his neck and resting his chin on Michael’s seat, so he could read over his shoulder.

“Sexting in school, kinky. I like her.” Calum teased.

“We arent sexting you dick She’s just bored in class.”

“Ask her what she’s wearing.” Luke joined in.

“Probably her uniform, Im assuming since shes in lessons.” Michael rolled his eyes.

“I love a girl in a uniform.” Ashton broke his big brother role to briefly add with a grin.

“We know.” Luke groaned.

The car pulled to a stop, and it was then Michael realized they were in the Norwest parking lot.

“What?” Michael questioned, nodding towards the school.

“She said to kidnap her. Tell her her knight in shining armor has arrived.”

“More like knights in rusty Saturn” Cal snarked under his breath.

“We can’t just - “

“ Just text her Michael.” Luke nudged.

“You guys better not fuck this up…” he said with a sigh as he unlocked his phone and tapped on his most recent message.

Chapter Six

“Is that her?” Luke asked, wide eyed,

“No fuckin’ way…” Calum added.

Michael peered out the tinted window, and realized what the boys were talking about. Violet’s hair was down in messy waves, untamed, as if she had lost just as much sleep as Michael. The buttons of her white school blouse straining against her chest, shook gently as she walked. Her plaid school skirt fell just below mid-thigh, leaving just enough to the imagination while maintaining the overall innocent facade.

Her ensemble wasn’t what threw Michael off however, seeing her strut across the parking lot, earbuds in, raybans on, made his chest tighten. She looked so rebellious and sexy, like he had corrupted her in the best possible way. She looked as if Arctic Monkeys should be playing as she made her away across the pavement.

Ashton patted Michael’s shoulder, and nodded in approval. The other two remained silent, as they were at a loss for words.

Violet opened the back door but froze when she saw Luke and Calum. “Uh, hi,” she chuckled nervously, removing her headphones  “ Michael said that uh - I’m Violet” she offered her hand to shake.

“We know.” Luke laughed, causing Michael to blush.

“Hey” Michael smiled, swiftly getting out of the passenger seat and giving Violet a tight hug, before pulling her in for a quick, but deep kiss.

“Show off.” she whispered before pulling away.

“Always.” he laughed.

As Michael got back into the front seat, he pulled Violet by the wrist into his lap and closed the door.

“Absolutely not, sorry, but safety first.”  Ashton interrupted.

“Ashhhhhtoooon” Michael huffed with discontent. Violet softened her eyes and jutted her lip out, give the older boy an innocently pleading face. Ashton inhaled sharply through his nostrils, if there was one thing he was a sucker for, it was a pretty girl with sad eyes.

“She can sit back here between us…” Luke chirped.

“Yeah Mike, we’ll keep her safe.” Calum added with a smirk

“No fucking way.” Michael shot back.

“You’re such fuckboys,” Violet giggled, and teased the pair.

“Did you just call us fuckboys within the first minute of meeting you!?” Calum exclaimed amused.

“Fuckboy? I like that.” Michael added, smiling at her and breaking eye contact only for a moment to peek at her soft lips.

“ She’s already growing on me Clifford. She’s got bigger balls than you,” Ashton laughed, throwing the car into reverse to back out of the parking space, “Now put on your seatbelts. Might as well try and follow at least one of the laws.”