5sos in usa

  • parents: why don't you ever leave the house?
  • me: can I go to the movies with my friends?
  • parents: not until you do the dishes, clean your room, scrub the fireplace, bathe the fish...
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Name: Bianny
Age: 14
Country: USA

I’m from New York but I’m Dominican and can speak Spanish fluently. I love books, music, and TV shows. My favorite books are anything written by Rick Riordan, John Green, Shakespeare, THG series, and any horror books. My favorite artists include 5SOS, the 1975, Melanie Martinez, Hey Violet, the list could go on forever. And TV shows I love are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, criminal minds, Jessica Jones, Riverdale, the flash, and a bunch of other shows.
Id like to find a pen pal that would be as weird as me.

Preferences: Any age, or gender

Rick Killed Off So Many Characters...

Think about it
So many important people-at least to the character, just died
Esperanza Valdez died in a Fire(Leo’s Mum)
Marie Levesque died underground(Hazel’s Mum)
Beryl Grace died from drinking and partying too much(Jason’s Mum)
If Rick lays a finger on Sally Jackson…

I’m 13. A girl. Straight and Roman Catholic. Ok so on with my story.
I just finished arguing with my mom about calling gays ‘fags".
So hear how it went down.
So I was listening to FOB (fall out boy) and the song playing was save rock and roll ft. Elton John.
Me: mom do you know who’s Elton John?
My mom: yeah he’s a fag.
Me: why did you call him a fag?
My mom: because he’s married to a man
Me: so what would you like someone to call your son a fag!
My brother: what’s a fag?
My mom: a gay man
My brother:isn’t that illegal?
(My brother’s 8)
Me: no it’s actually legal in 50 states!
My mom: don’t tell him that!
Me:why not! It’s the truth. Nothing’s wrong with being gay or a lesbian
My mom: it isn’t right by god.
Me:So what! anyone can love who they want! Don’t call people who are gay “fags” cause I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t anybody calling your son a “fag”
My mom:*silent*
Moral of this story is you don’t have to be gay or bisexual or asexual or whatever to understand the importance of loving and having feelings for who you want.
And mother if you’re reading this yoU’RE A BITCH FOR CALLING ELTON JOHN A FAGGOT!! I let it pass when you kept insulting Caitlyn Jenner because you’re not supposed to disrespect your elders but UUUGGGHHHH!!!! Shut the fuck up and keep your opinions to yourself!! And this goes for everyone!!!

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Name: Shelbie
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hi, I would really like to meet new people and learn about other religions around the world. I would also like to learn about new music and I am open to any genre considering I listen to 5 Seconds of Summer, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Bruno Mars, One Direction, All Time Low, and Never Shout Never as a few to name. It is summer, so I have a lot of free time on my hands and would like to make a new friend or more. I like shows such as Teen Wolf, Supernatural, The Flash, Arrow, Baby Daddy, Bates Motel, The Middle, Stranger Things, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, Shameless, and more. I like to read so I would love book preferences. I also like to write my own stories - both fanfiction and just fiction. I don’t know what else to say so… yeah.

I prefer anyone with a decent personality aged between 15 and 19. I don’t care what your sexuality is or your race or gender. 

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Aahh hello there Americans! 


“Hey guys.” You yelled making all of your friends turn around to see you and Luke standing behind them at one of the top hills at your city, knowing that basically the whole population would be there including your friends. “Y/N.” They all exclaimed running over to you and engulfing you in a massive group hug making you let go of Luke. They all let go of you, “This is my boyfriend Luke.” You presented making them all smile at him nodding approving. “So you’re the Australian dude she felt for at a concert?” One of your friends said making you scoff at him rolling your eyes at him. “Look the fireworks has started!” You said fast on changing the subject making everyone turn around seeing the fireworks of 4th July. “I think it’s cute.” Luke commented as he hugged you from behind resting his head on your shoulder.


“Wanna help my family with dinner.” You suggested as you and Calum sat on one of the couches in your family home, puzzling and noise coming from the kitchen where basically your whole family were gathered together besides your small cousins who was in one of your younger siblings room playing Xbox or so. “Sure.” He smiled making you both raise up from the couch before you laced your fingers together pulling him towards the kitchen. The faint smell of turkey and red vine was spreading through your small kitchen making a smile appear on both you and Calum’s lips. “Wow.” He expressed as he saw all the Thanksgiving dinner spread around your kitchen. “It’s like on Friends.” He commented making you laugh before giving him many plates for you guys to put on the table. “There’s always more food than necessary.” You laughed as you both were looking forward to the dinner. 


“I can’t believe I woke up at 3AM just to have a conversation with you.” You mumbled groggily but yet a smile came across your face when Michael’s face appeared on your screen, the day sunny at his place. “I’m worth it.” He winked making you let out a giggle at his confident statement. The two of you had met in LA whilst you were out shopping. It was like love at first sight but everything broke when Michael had to fly back to Australia. “I miss you though. It’s weird that you aren’t around here anymore.” You gestured to around your room making him sigh. Long distance relationship was a killer sometimes. “ I know babygirl.. But I’ll come over soon I promise.” He smiled making you let out a satisfied yawn. “You look tired. And it’s late. Go to sleep Y/N.” He smiled making you nod your head closing your eyes. “Sing to me.” You commanded and ended up falling asleep to Michael’s voice.


”How about this one.” You laughed holding up yet another terrible costume making Ashton’s nose scrunch up another laugh leaving your lips. “Okay then.” You smiled putting it back on the rack but kept on searching for more costumes. “Y/N, can’t I just wear my Robin costume.” He whined making you look back at him weird. “You brought it all the way over to America?” “Well yea..” He trailed off running a hand through his hair. “I don’t even wanna know why.” You stated running a hand through some of the costumes. “How about this one.” You exclaimed holding out a princess costume. He looked at you whilst shaking his head. “Come on Ash it could be so much fun for Halloween.” You pouted bashing your eyelashes. He let out an unsatisfied groan. “Fine. Only because it’s you.” He said making you squeal hugging him. “But. I wanna choose your costume as well then.” “Fine.” You agreed shaking his hand.

  • Me: why do I make mistakes
  • Me: why can't I be perfect like Percy and have a nosebleed when I'm trying to save the world
  • Me: Or be like frank and turn into an iguana when I can't escape Chinese handcuffs
  • Me to me: is this suppose to make u feel better??

okay, so i was scrolling through the the feminism tag and i found this account that contented extremely, extremely graphic images under tags like “lgbt and feminism” and i know a lot of you guys have anxiety or just don’t want to see these images (I honestly feel sick after looking through only about 3 pictures) so please block and report I don’t want anyone to be triggered by these images I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS AND WANT TO LOOK OUT FOR YOU SO PLEASE SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE