Sex life with Michael would involve (nsfw): 

  • *claps hands together* “perfect now hold that position, i saw this in a porn once”
  • a lot of slow thrusting from the back while he runs his hand up your spine and softly exhales your name
  • “can i play gta while you do this?”
  • hot open mouth kisses all down your jaw and neck, dragging his lips across your skin
  • when things get really intense he starts whispering in your ear over and over through his teeth “right there right there right there” 
  • god… damn
  • snorts through his nose and blinks like he’s an idiot because he missed the entrance
  • half asleep sex where he simply yawns, rolls over, slides his sweatpants down slightly, and lifts your leg to fuck you on your side lazily
  • lots and lots of amazing faces like hanging his mouth open and scrunching his eyebrows together and screwing his eyes shut because they’re watering so much and he’s so damn expressive
  • he grips onto the bed frame an exposes his torso and his armpits to you so you can drag your hands down his body when he picks up speed
  • blowing raspberries into your belly and giggling because he has no clue how to be purposefully sexy and goes for that instead
  • “i love you..i love you…i you you’re so beautiful i love you, fuck, i love you”
  • “I’m kinda squishy is that okay?”
  • so much quivering / desperate hands / soft whines / stuttering / and “please please please”
  • making fun of the situation and moaning “OH YEAH BABY OHHHH YEEEAHHH FUCKMEFUCKME AH AH AH”
  • biting his own lip and kneading your ass when you bounce on top, giving it little smacks
  • him wanting you to wear knee high socks and saying he’ll wear them too if you want
  • “it’s not’s just cold.”
  • kissing *breath* kissing *breath* kissing
  • “I can tell you right now i don’t care if you didn’t shave, I don’t care what you think about your thighs, i don’t care if you’re wearing granny panties. I want all of you, the way you are, come here.”
  • fucking in many public bathrooms because you’re a teasing him in public
  • his hair frizzing up everywhere and you lovingly taming it
  • lots and lots of attention to the boobies and nipples
  • a lot of nuzzling into your neck and belly and arm and tickling you with his hair and his fingers
  • worshiping your thighs
  • watching the simpsons while humping you and laughing at the show
  • “mmm im gonna cum princess”
  • having to hold on to you for a good 10 minutes after he finishes to calm down
  • making “beep boop bloop” noises while poking your bare body until he finally just passes out with his cheek smushed against your boob


the signs as Michael Clifford hair colors

Aries: Red Power Ranger 

Taurus: Burnt

Gemini: Reverse Skunk

Cancer: Blue Explosion

Leo: White

Virgo: Lilac

Libra: Fairy Floss

Scorpio: Emo Purple

Sagittarius: Green

Capricorn: Black

Aquarius: Galaxy

Pisces: Blueberry

Sex life with Luke would involve (nsfw):

  • “okay so we’re uh, we’re gonna have to do it on the floor because m-my mum might hear the bed squeaking sss so”
  • the whole soft dreamy atmosphere, his gentle hands, sleepy eyes, sheepish smile, slow moving lips, slow moving hips
  • “shhh princess shhhh, suck my fingers and stay quiet”
  • grinding and circling your hips on him while you wear nothing but his unbuttoned flannel and his snapback, taking his hand and leading it down your stomach so he nervously starts talking about math formulas 
  • thrusting hard and hearing you cry out, only to pull out and ram into you again so you squeak and he hangs his head back at the sound
  • “wait baby you have an eyelash on your cheek”
  • lots of sex in which he sits up while you ride him and holds on to your body, mouthing over your nipples and wanting you to pull his hair
  • him giggling about how cute your butt is and giving them small shy smacks, each smack giving him more courage to slap harder and harder as you whine and raise it up for him
  • him holding his hands behind his head and exposing his armpits when you top, so focused on you with it send chills down your spine and he softly smirks when you shiver
  • “mmm you’re so fucking sexy, so fucking sexy…” he growls
  • making the stupid “:D” face at you when you’re in the middle of moaning, pausing you and you push his face with your hand
  • beckoning fingers……mouthing “come to me”
  • “i don’t have fat stacks but can i fuck you with a few one dollar bills on your ass?”
  • making sure you can see him sliding in and out of you while you’re on your back, staring down his torso and his antler necklace dangling from his neck
  • mumbling about how fucking beautiful you are against your throat while he rubs you down there in a circular motion and you hang on to his flexing arm
  • him saying being vanilla isn’t such a bad thing, it just means he’s sweet, as you lick up his length and look up at him
  • “you look cold are you cold? can i get you soup and a blankie?”
  • so much sleepy eye contact as he takes you from behind but holds your up so your back is against his chest and his hand is holding your jaw
  • “i don’t have abs or whatever..but can you maybe still feel down my body as we do it?”
  • pulling his lower pierced lip in between your teeth while you jerk him off and his eyes are dead set on yours
  • moans so deep and gravelly, quickly heightening to little whimpers and pleads and tears nearly falling down his cheeks
  • lots of mouth farting for no reason? its just out of nerves..and he’s luke
  • also a lot of seriousness and even taking anger out during sex from how much he keeps it in all the time, therefore a lot of pounding
  • “i’ll show you how fucking shy i am, bend over”
  • sucking hickeys into his shoulders and digging your nails into them 
  • somehow blood gets drawn from his lip from all the biting and gnawing
  • “im in love with you..holy shit im in love with you baby”
  • he forgets to take his socks off literally every time 
  • “open your mouth angel, i’m gonna cum”
  • making this tall cocky little shit have trouble walking on stage the next night because he’s so sore, making him fall to his knees
  • not letting you sleep afterward because he wont stop crawling on top of you and singing show tunes about how he just got laid in your ear




I WANNA GRAB HIS BICEPS and never let go

“omg i cant believe ashton is dating a hoe!!1!!!”

“omg bryana is with ashton !!!!!1!!!”

“omfg bryana liked a fans photo!!!1!! whats that hoe tryna do??!”

“kill brashton with fire!!!1!!”

no shut the fuck up. ashton is 20, turning 21, he can date whoever he wants without a bunch of over jealous fans trying to control his personal life. you do not know bryana so dont fucking judge her over a video that was filmed three years ago. 


She looks so purrfect. » Kitten Version.

dear some of the 5sos fam,

please know that:

  • they are allowed to date whoever the fuck they want
  • they are allowed to drink
  • they are allowed to party
  • they are allowed to hook up with girls
  • they are allowed to have their personal lives
  • they are allowed to go out without taking photos

i cannot stress how annoying some of the 5sos fans are. y’all need a serious reality check, you are not going to marry the boys so don’t act like you are. Ashton can date whoever the fuck he wants because he’s ALLOWED to. you don’t know Bryana personally to know what she’s like, you all have just seen a video from three years ago. don’t go around on twitter telling ashton to break up with her or dont start hating on her instagram. IF she is a bitch then oh well, we cant do anything about it. hopefully ashton will realise and learn a lesson not to date girls like her (if she IS, im not saying she is). ashton can think for his own, he doesnt need a bunch of 13 year old girls telling him what to do.

and right now, ashton looks hella happy with his life so dont start shit. he deserves to be happy . thank you 

imagine waking up in the morning and lukey has his head all nuzzled into the crook of your neck and his arm is draped around you and ohmygod you’d open your eyes and see the sun shining through the curtains and aww you’d remember what had happened the night before (*wink wink*) and smile and you’d try really hard to not wake up luke shifting but he’d let a out a little groan and you’d kiss his cheek and whisper “sorry” and he’d smile big and pull you onto his bare chest and wrap his arms around you tight and he’d whisper back “morning honey” exaggerating and holding out the pet name bc luke loves teasing you with those and omygod you’d just pepper his chest with kisses and giggle bc wow your boyfriend was so lame but you love him so so so much and you’d both just lay there until luke decided he was hungry and he’d start poking your cheeks and ask “pancakes please?” and pout bc lets b real he’s actually a little kid and you’d sigh and sit up from his chest a little bit and nod your head, your eyes closed bc it’s still really early and he’d be so happy and when you both finally decided to actually get up and go to the kitchen you’d stand on the bed and adjust luke’s shirt you were wearing and then you’d get on his back and he’d give you a piggy back ride all the way to the kitchen placing a kiss on one of your arms that was loosely draped over his shoulder nO IM NOT CRYING THERES JUST SOMETHING IN MY EYE PROBABLY A TWIG OR SOMETHING