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(Y/SN) = Your sister’s name

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“No! No! No!” You exclaimed.

“The King had invited every families from all over the country for the Prince to pick a bride,” Your father said.

“Exactly! I have no interest in marrying the prince or whatsoever. There are thousands of girls out there dying to marry him, so why should I come?”

“Y/N, this is for your own good,” your mother said.

“You said you would let me marry someone I love!” You shouted. “Not a stranger!”

Your parents answered you with a deafening silence.

Your younger sister sensed the situation won’t end well and grabbed your hand and led you out of your parents’ room.

“Are you calm now?” Your sister asked when you both reached your shared room.

You nodded. “Thanks, (Y/SN).”

“You seriously don’t want to come to the party?” she asked.

You groaned. 

“Are we seriously going to start this discussion again?” You retorted.

“I heard there was going to be large amount of extravagant food,” she said.

This caught your attention.

“Did you say food?”

“(Y/SN), could you please help me with this?” You asked.

Your sister quickly helped with your dress and smiled.

“I’m sure by the end of the day you’ll have a lot of suitors,” she giggled.

“I’m going there because of the food okay? Not to find someone to marry,” You stated.

“Sure, sure.”

As you stood quietly in the corner of the ballroom, still taking everything in, your sister approached you with a tray of delicacies. 

“(Y/N), didn’t you come for this? Why are you here alone?" 

Your parents was somewhere in the ballroom, probably socializing with other families. But you couldn’t care any less since you weren’t a competition. 

"Sorry I just got a bit distracted in my mind." 

Your sister stared at you with a worried expression. "You sure you’re okay?" 

You gave her a nod and plopped one of the sweet treat into your mouth. 

As you both were enjoying the evening, a loud trumpet honked through the air, announcing that the King and Queen was making their appearance, including the Prince.

When he glided down the grand stairs in such an elegant manner, all the attention from the King and Queen shifted to him as if his presence demanded all the attention, including yours.

As his eyes swept across the room, he somehow stopped as his gaze found yours, leaving you in awe. 

Never have you ever seen such beautiful emerald eyes. 

You also knew you were in deep since it was indeed, the Prince.

The King had invited every wealthy family from across the country to the Great Banquet, in hopes that the Prince would find someone to marry. 

Once Prince Michael reached the bottom of the stairs, girls started to surround him.

Your sister gave you a nudge but you had no intention to be closer to the Prince. Your parents also approached you, encouraging you to try and approach the prince. When you couldn’t stand their constant nag any longer, you excused yourself and went out to the quiet garden.

You were exhausted as you sat on the cold, stone bench. The night air touched your exposed arms, earning you a shiver. You needed some time alone. Some time to think peacefully.

At least it wasn’t suffocating any longer now, you thought.

You were lost in your thoughts when someone sat beside you, snapping you out of your daze.

You turned your head and it was the Prince.

You stood up quickly and gave a curtsy. “I-I’m sorry if I’m interrupting you, Your Highness.”

You were about to make your way back until he reached and held your left wrist. “Please don’t be bothered by me. I could use a company.”

“But Your High-”

“Call me Michael.”

You blinked in confusion.

“It’s tiring on how people treat you based on your level, you know. We’re all humans yet are treated unequally.”

You sat back down, listening to his rant about how he saw a poor, old man earlier in the morning, sitting on the roadside with his knees bleeding yet no one has cared enough to help him.

“I’m sorry for talking too much. I realized I haven’t ask for your name.”

“It’s (Y/N), Your Highness.”

He let out a chuckle. “Didn’t I told you to call me Michael?”

“I-I mean Michael?”

“So, (Y/N), what are you doing here all alone?”

“I just needed some air.”

You never thought the Prince of all people would think such way about the ones who are below him.

And you found that truly admirable.

“I… Thank you,” he said. “Thank you for listening to me.”

You smiled. “No problem.”

“I would gladly listen to whatever it is in your mind,” Michael blurted.

You chuckled. “Why, I am so honoured, Your Majesty.”

“You listened to me, it is only fair if I become your listening ear as well, am I right?”

You nodded in agreement. 

“Well, my parents wanted me to find someone to marry as quickly as possible,” you explained. “I never intended to since I believe that true love exists and I just needed to be patient until it comes. I don’t want a loveless marriage just for the sake of the family. Call me selfish, but I also want to find my own happiness as well.”

You were actually a bit surprised as Michael listened intently to what you were saying the whole time.

“Thanks for listening to me as well,” you said.

“No problem, I’m sure your parents wants what is best for you, (Y/N). If you disagree on their decision, you should tell them.”

Afterwards, silence fell between the two of you but it was comfortable as if just being in one another’s presence was enough without any words needed to be uttered.

You realized an hour has passed with you both having little random conversations here and there.

“I better get going,” you said as you stood up until he grabbed your hand.

His eyes was filled with worry and disappointment. “W-Will I see you again?”

You didn’t have to think twice as you answered, “Yes. Of course.”

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a/n: I’m gonna make this quick bc my computer is not really cooperating but !!! my first ashton imagine!! ive had this idea forever but it took so long to write but here it is now!! I hope you like it!!

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You stole his… Flannel - Calum
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His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 3

…Can’t stay away from you…

Warning;talk of depression and cutting.

Hailey’s Pov

“ Are you following me?” Luke said as he stared at me

i couldn’t believe he was here, when i saw the motorbike beside the gate i thought it was someone else but not him.

“No, i always come here to think” i said to him, he turned back around like he wasn’t interested anymore.

well he isn’t going to stop me from swinging and the only other swing is beside him so i guess i will just have to sit beside him but if he touches me i will hit him.

i walked over and i got to the swing and sat down, i couldn’t help but look at him.

he looked sad, i don’t know why unless it was to do with what i said in my bathroom

he didn’t look at me, he kept his face to the ground while he smoked his cigarette.

then i noticed the empty vodka bottle on the ground, is he for real? Children play in this park.

“Seriously, couldn’t you pick somewhere else to get drunk” i said to him annoyed and then i got up and picked up his bottle and threw it in the bin

“Fuck off Hailey, go have your opinions about me somewhere else” Luke said as he got up and threw his cigarette away, he was about to walk out of the park when i decided to speak making him turn around

“I’m sorry for what i said, i shouldn’t have said it”

Luke turned right around and stared at me, seriously what is it with him staring at me today. I didn’t know where to look so i looked to the ground and then suddenly i was staring at a pair of converse but they weren’t mine.

i looked up to see Luke looking down at me and then he spoke “ i shouldn’t have followed you to the bathroom

i was surprised by his words.

as i looked into his eyes i didn’t feel nervous anymore, i felt safe.

His eyes are so blue,Our faces were so close and then Luke looked down from my eyes to my lips and then he started leaning in and my heart was beating so fast.

Our lips touched, his were so soft.

no movement was made, our lips pressed together and then we both pulled away.

we stared at one another and then Luke turned around and left.

i can’t believe i just kissed Luke hemmings.

i liked it, why do i like it?

I hate Luke hemmings.. or do i?

I enjoyed it.

Luke’s Pov

i kissed her.

i leaned in and kissed her, my mind is fucked right now with the thoughts of Hailey.

my intention when i walked over was to shout at her but i saw that she meant what she said so i couldn’t help the words that came out of my mouth and then we looked at each other

i’ve never looked into her eyes before,i didn’t know they were green.

the kiss was amazing, i’m not gonna lie i want to do it again.

this is why my mind is fucked, i can’t stop thinking of her.

what the hell am i going to do.. up to a few hours ago i wouldn’t have went any where near Hailey

i hope these thoughts of her just go away.

i woke up thinking about the kiss last night, this has never happened.

when i fuck a girl i just forget about it, about her and her name.

but this is different, we only kissed but with no tongues and i liked it.

i got up and opened my curtains but Haileys was still closed, i wonder if she regrets it?

how could she.. it’s me.. Luke’s Hemmings.

but she doesn’t see me like every other girl does.

Hailey’s Pov

I couldn’t sleep and it wasn’t because of my book, i never even picked it up when i got home.

i couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss with Luke.

i liked it, really liked it.

i’ve never kissed a boy before, no boy has ever been interested in me so i never got my first kiss.

i’ve had crushes on boys before but they didn’t want nothing to do with me.

as i looked at myself in the mirror i remembered Luke has a naked picture of me, i know Luke and i just hope he doesn’t show every one it. I’m embarrassed by it enough, i hate my body and no one should see it.

i haven’t told Lauren or Sophie about kissing Luke and i don’t think i will because they will never let me live it down and i doubt it will happen again so no need to tell anyone..

i don’t feel like wearing any makeup today or my contacts and when i don’t i usually wear my glasses to cover my bags under my eyes and because i need to be able to see.

i just went with a simple black hoodie and my black skinny jeans, i’m not trying to impress anyone.

i walked down stairs to find my mum waiting for me at the kitchen table and then once she saw me she rolled her eyes and then said

"i give up on your choice of clothing, we are leaving in ten”

then she walked out of the kitchen..

oh okay then.. so glad i was born into this family!

once i finished my cereal we were ready to go.

i texted Sophia and Lauren in the car and they repilyed telling me they were already waiting for me, i know when i get to school they are going to ask about Luke.

this is not what i’m looking forward to.

i didn’t see his motorbike in the driveway, i hope he isn’t already at school, i don’t have many classes with him or his friends and i want to avoid him at all costs.

“Finally..” Lauren&Sophia said as i sat beside them in the cloak room

i couldn’t help but laugh because i’m not that late.

“I see we took out our contacts for once” Sophie said to me

i narrowed my eyes at her, she always goes on to me about wearing my contacts

i stuck my tongue out at her and then Lauren spoke

“So what’s it like living next door to the biggest dickhead in the world?”

what came to mind is not something i am going to say out loud

“he kept his distance during dinner, he was a totally different person than what’s he’s like at school, i should have taken a picture” i said to them

what i said wasn’t a total lie..

“Now that is something i would like to see.. Luke hemmings a different person that’s new” Sophie said

then suddenly we heard the sounds of high heels, we didn’t need to turn around to know who it was.

of course Luke had his arm wrapped around her..

they stopped once they got to us and Ashleigh said

“Who knew the virgin needed glasses, don’t you look just too cute”

who does she think she is

i turned to look her and with an annoyed look but i couldn’t help but look at Luke.

i instantly thought about how good he looks, last night has totally fucked me right up.

“Don’t you have someone else to harass” Lauren said to Ashleigh, she tore her eyes away from me and looked at Lauren

me and Luke made eye contact but he looked away first

“oh look little virgin needs protect from the pot head” Ashleigh said

Lauren looked like she was going to kill her, i had to hold her down because i know she wouldn’t be afraid to hit her

Ashleigh started laughing and then she pulled Luke away with her along with her friends.

Luke looked back at me but he didn’t smirk, it was my time to turn away first.

The bell rang meaning school was starting, today isn’t such a bad day but i was so tired i don’t know how much i can deal with today.

i was just thankful my first class isn’t with Luke or his friends.

but after my first class i have Art, it will be interesting to see how Luke treats me.

i don’t expect much.

After my first class i was ready to sleep, i’ve never ditched school before but with how i feel i really would love to.

i walked into Art to find Luke and his friends already in their seats, i didn’t look at them but i could feel eyes on me.

i lifted my phone out and earphones so i could listen to music while i draw.

finally the bell rang meaning it was break time but as i walked out of class Luke pushed past me making me stumble back a little, he turned and laughed at me and said

“ Watch where you’re going virgin”

i just stared at him as he walked away with Calum and Michael laughing.

i don’t get it, he didn’t throw anything at me during art but why be a dick now?

i just sat in my seat in the canteen listening to Lauren and Sophie talk, i don’t feel well i don’t know what is wrong but i don’t feel like eating.

i haven’t missed a meal time in 2 years, that was when i would starve myself.

I was a little bit fat 2 years ago and i didn’t like who i was so i simply stopped eating.

i ended up in hospital but no one apart from Lauren and Sophie know that, i hope the thoughts don’t start again or i am in big trouble.

this is my last year of school i can’t go through what happened 2 years ago.

the bell rang meaning break was over and my next class is English that we all have together but also with Luke and Calum

i hope they don’t say anything, i am getting tired by the minute and i think i will snap if they do.

i told Lauren and Sophie i was going to go to the bathroom before class so we went different directions

but i didn’t make it to the bathroom

i was pulled into a storage room near the toilets.

i screamed because i didn’t know who it was and then they turned the light on and Luke’s face lighten up.

my eyes widened and i finally found my voice

“What the hell?!?” i said

i can’t believe this is happening

“since when do you wear glasses?” was all he said

is he for real right now?

“Seriously? that’s what you pulled me in here for?” i said to him, i crossed my arms over my chest and then Luke walked closer to me but i moved back but my back hit the wall and i was trapped.

i don’t like this.

i don’t like tight spaces.

“Answer my question” Luke said

now i was getting annoyed,since when does he think he can boss me about?!

but i didn’t want this to go on any longer than it has so i just gave up and answered him

“I’ve always wore glasses you just never knew” i said

he just looked at me and then he said

“you suite them”

my eyes widened at his words, that is the first nice thing he has ever said to me or about me

“Thanks.. i guess, can i go now?” i said

hoping he would move out of the way and let me go, i’m missing class but i didn’t really care.

he walked a bit closer to me making our shoes touch , i couldn’t help but look down at them

we are matching again, just like last night but i wasn’t going to point it out.

“Did you like what happened last night?” Luke asked

i looked up at him trying to seem like i didn’t understand what he meant

“like what happened?” i stupidly asked, is he really asking this right now?

he looked down at my lips and then back up to my eyes confirming i was right

“the kiss” Luke simply said

shit! what do i say?

i don’t want to let him know i liked it and can’t stop thinking about it.

i will look like such a loser.

i didn’t know what to say so i just nodded my head.

he smiled like a genuine smile, something i have never seen before. Usually he smirks at me but never smiles.

his hands came to either side of my head and he leaned forward making my heart race faster and faster..

what is he going to do

was he going to kiss me again..

“Do you want it to happen again?” he said seriously

i nodded my head because i didn’t trust my voice right now

“Good” Luke said and then his lips pressed against mine with a lot more force than last night but i was enjoying it.

our lips moved perfectly together and his hands moved from the side of my head to my waist pulling me from the wall and into him, my arms went around him pulling him closer making me stumble back a little and my back hit the wall again.

Luke licked my bottom lip asking for entrance i didn’t open my mouth right away but when he bit down on my lip i couldn’t help it.

the kiss got heated and the room got warmer and warmer, we both pulled away to catch our breath..

we were still wrapped around one another as we calmed down, Luke leaned his head against mine and i could feel his breath on my face.

“You can’t tell anyone about this” he said between breathes..

i didn’t know what to say, Luke pulled away making me drop my arms and then he just turned and walked out.

well okay then.

i wasn’t going to follow him to class instead i walked out of school

i ran home crying, i have so many emotions needed to be felt right at this moment and i can’t deal with them.

i can’t believe me and Luke kissed and i mean really kissed.

i’ve never been kissed like that before.

i wanted it to happen again and again.

once i got home i ran up to my room and closed my door.

it was only half 11 so i knew my mum wouldn’t be home for a while.

i took off my clothes and got into bed crying not caring that i was naked.

once i finished sobbing i sat up in bed wiping my face because it was soaking.

why is he doing this?

is he just messing with me?

why would he even want to kiss me, i looked down at my arms.

my arms are a part of my body i don’t show much because of my scars and cuts.

i haven’t cut in weeks but with how i feel i have the urge to do it again.

i remember the first time i done it.

i was 12 and i was fat. I was very un-happy but i always was as a child.

when you grow up with a very opinionated mother and a father that didn’t want you when you were born you would have very bad thoughts about yourself and i did.

some days I wished i lived in a different place, i wish i had a mum would didn’t find ways to pick at me and i wish i had a father who loved me, I know i do have a father but he didn’t want me and i wish he did.

i felt my phone vibrate and i knew it was either Lauren or Sophie or both, i thought to text them so i got up and got my phone out of my bag.

i was right i had a message from both of them and from Luke.

why would i have a message from him?

i opened his message first

“where are you?” it read

i had to read it again because i couldn’t believe it, why would he care where i am?

i texted him back before i could even think

“i’m nowhere”

i texted Sophie and Lauren telling them i felt sick and i just asked if i could go home.

it was easier than telling them i just walked out although they probably wouldn’t believe me if i did tell them that.

i got up and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt a baggy t-shirt to hide my scars.

i didn’t want to look at them.

my stomach growled for the first time today, i’m not going back to 2 years ago so i walked down stairs so i could make some food.

i didn’t have break so i am hungry.

just as i got to my kitchen there was a knock at the door which is strange.

when i opened the door my eyes widened.. why the hell is he here?

“um.. hello?” i said confused

of course he just ignored me and walked right into my house as if he owns it.

i am not in the mood for him.

i closed the door and turned around to see him looking at me

“Why did you leave school?” he asked

“Why do you care?” i repiled back with quickly.

he looked away from me and around my house.. he was here last night he as seen my hall and living room.

the only place he hasn’t seen is my mums bedroom

“i just do now answer” he said quickly

enough with the orders i thought to myself.

“i’m not feeling the best so i just decided to come home there happy” i said to him

i gave up with talking to him so i just walked away from him and into the kitchen but i heard his footsteps behind me

of course he followed me

“what’s wrong?” I heard him say from behind me

i turned around quickly and snapped

“ i just feel like shit just like everyone does sometimes, why the hell are you here?” i said angrily to him

his eyes widened something i have never seen him do before especially at me, i’m glad i can surprise him too.

but his words surprised me even more.

“I can’t stay away from you”

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