Soft and Gentle

a/n: I’ve had this idea for so long, but I’m just now writing about it, also this is a little informal idk but enjoy 


club had started a few weeks ago, and i can tell you i am sore everywhere. our coach is new this year and she wants us in shape now before our first duel meet. and to have us in shape now is extremely difficult because all we do is condition. now, conditioning is more difficult in water than it is on a court. our sets have been extravagant that i can’t even lift myself out of the pool. every morning we have morning practice at 6:00, go to class and be back at the pool by 3:30 and on weekends we have weights at 6:15.

normally this wouldn’t be a problem for us, but since we haven’t gotten into our routine and in the water since last season, everyone is struggling. today we have a day off since our coach is out of town for two days, and lemme tell ya, everyone is taking advantage of it.

calum knows what’s it’s like to be whooped into shape so quickly so he’s treating me like a queen. right now we are cuddled up practically naked and playing on our phones and just enjoying each other’s company. with my crazy schedule and him finishing album 3, we barely get to spend time together and this weekend we are both taking advantage of it.

i sat up to get some water, but all i felt was pain in my legs. “ow, fuck!” i groaned sitting back down. “you okay baby?” calum asked. “yeah, my legs are just really sore.” i whined somewhat massaging them. “do you want a massage?” calum smirked. “if you could just rub my legs that’d be great.” i said sarcastically. calum is great at giving massages, but they normally end with us in the bed.

i laid back on the couch, letting calum do his magic. “where does it hurt?” he asked, beginning to rub his hands along my thigh. “more towards the sides of my thighs, and at the top. all we’ve been doing is conditioning.” i sighed, feeling the pain sooth. calum dug his fingers into my legs, loosening my muscles. i couldn’t help but moan at the feeling.

“right there?” calum asked, applying more pressure. i nodded my head, letting my muscles relax in calum’s hands. he continued to massage my thighs, slowing moving up. i felt relief with each technique that calum used, the pain was becoming more tolerable. “move up, the pain is more here,” i said, motioning to the top of my thigh. calum moved his hands up, applying the right amount of pressure to the spot.

“you’re so cute,” calum chuckled, his hands starting to wander. “i didn’t do anything,” i blatantly said. “you don’t have to,” he winked leaning in to kiss me. the kiss was soft, but full of passion. he rested himself in between my legs, his fingers tugged up my shirt and resting on my skin. my fingers tangled in his curly hair as the kiss deepened, one of calum’s hands traveled down to cup my heat. “let me take of you, princess,” calum cooed, running his fingers along the insides of my thigh.

calum began to kiss my neck softly, his free hand moving to the inside of my panties. he started to slowly rub circles against my clit, making me moan. “good girl, just relax,” calum whispered. his motions didn’t stop, i let out small whimpers every so often when i felt close. “please calum,” i moaned, bucking my hips forward feeling the pain in my legs. “shh shh shh, you’ll come when you’re ready,” calum spoke.

he started to add more pressure to my clit, making moan. he slowly added a finger inside of me, still keeping contact with my clit. then, he added a second, starting to pick up the pace. my legs began to close around his hand before he could stop it. “no, spread ‘em for me baby,” calum demanded, holding one of my legs down with his.

i began to feel the pit of stomach clench as the pleasure took over me. “calum, fuck,” i moaned arching my back a little into the air. “‘atta girl, come for me,” calum whispered. my legs tensed up in pleasure, my mouth gape with moans and calum’s name coming out as i approached my high. calum removed his fingers, tasting myself on him, morning as he licked his fingers clean.

i sat up, grabbing his face and kissing him. he laid back and i pulled his boxers down, revealing his cock. i wrapped my hand around the base before licking the tip. my tongue went in small circles at the tip of his cock, something he goes crazy for. i smirked to myself knowing what he likes.

his cock slid right into my mouth, as i began to suck back and forth in a fluid motion. i fit as much of him as i could in my mouth before looking up at him. “fuck, baby,” calum moaned, wrapping his hands in my hair. my motions never stopped, as i tried something new that i knew would drive calum crazy. i gently scratched his thighs as my mouth moved back and forth. “ahh fuck, oh my god take it,” calum whined.

calum pulled my mouth off him before kissing me roughly. “where did ‘ya learn that trick pretty girl?” calum chuckled. i shrugged, teasing him a little longer. he kissed me again, before moving my body up until my heat was in front of his face. “my favorite site,” calum said mesmerized.

he licked a strip up with his tongue flat. my hands flew to the arm of the couch. calum placed his hands on the insides of my sides thighs, keeping them open so i wouldn’t move them. he immediately took my clit in his mouth, making me wail. he started to lap up against my clit making my thighs shutter. “more, please,” i moaned sinking my hips down onto his face. calum slid his tongue inside me, making me feel a new sensation. “fuck calum!” i moaned, my hips bucking back and forth.

calum moaned onto me, having that be the tip of my orgasm. my legs shook in pleasure, my knuckles white from gripping the couch arm so hard. “god you’re so sweet,” calum said releasing me. i was pulled back down into the couch, “calum please,” i whined. “what baby? what do you want?” he teased. “fuck me,” i demanded.

calum slowly inched himself inside of me. he stretched my leg back making me wince in pain. “gently please,” i reminded him. calum started a rhythm, something pleasurable for the both of us. he grabbed my hips, making our bodies collide together. small moans left my mouth every now and then. calum kissed me generously, making sure to feel every part of my body. “daddy, i’m close,” i whined feeling the third familiar pit. “hold on baby, i’m almost there,” calum assured speeding up his movements. my back arches into his chest, my eyes rolled back. “fuck you look so sexy when you do that,” calum moaned.

“calum, please.” i moaned, not being able to hold it in any longer. “come for me pretty girl,” calum said, reaching his high. my vision blurred as my breath became choppy with calum’s. “fuck baby, you feel so good around my cock,” calum moaned, releasing in me. he groaned, slamming into me harder making me yelp.

“i’m gonna need another massage baby,” i laughed. “after that, i’ll need one too” calum chuckled.

Luke Hemmings Imagine: Tenerife Sea

Dear Y/n

             I know this is my wedding speech so I am supposed to say something funny, then something meaningful, be horrible but in a joking way about the best men and then say something funny again, but lets face, I’m not funny and how am I supposed to say jokingly horrible about the idiots that are the best men because the only thing you can say about them are horrible, and thats not a joke. So after great deliberation of what I was going to say I decided to stick with just saying very meaningful and loving things about the most beautiful woman ever, you, my wife. 

So, I will start by saying, you look so wonderful in your dress and I love your hair like that. The way it falls on the side of your neck, down your shoulders and back. You’ve got that kind of look in your eyes, as if know one knows anything but us. Y/n, should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know its enough for me. Because all that you are, is all that I ever need. And I’m so in love. You look so beautiful in this light, and your eyes remind of the Tenerife sea. All of the voices that are surrounding us here, just fade out when you take a breath. 

I love you so much Y/n, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. To go on so many adventures. I’m so in love with everything you are and everything you will be and I am so glad you said yes to marrying me, this idiot, and also the rest of the boys because we are all one. So, I am going to stop rambling because I can see some people rolling their eyes, and Ash, Michael and Calum all taking the piss out of me because they want to read their speech. So to end, I’m not funny, my friends are dicks, but I love them, and I love you Y/n. Oh and also if I didn’t mention it before, you look so wonderful in your dress and I love your hair like that.  

When you read an amazing imagine but theres only one part

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When you spend all day/night reading imagines

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Baby girl

CEO!Ash - This is pure fucking filth alright

Words: 6.1k

“Miss y/n, what’s your input on this?”

You heard your colleague’s voice in the background. But you didn’t react to it. You were focused on something else. Rather someone else. Your boss, that was sitting on the other end of the table, twisting and twirling a pen between his long, slender fingers. He was completely staring at you, head cocked to one side in a rather smug attitude. He was young, not much older than you. Only by a year or two. It always amazed you how successful he was for his age, but with that charm - although he most of the time radiated arrogance… and that smile, his success did not surprise you.

You’d lie if you said you weren’t attracted to him. Hell, that man could have his way with you without you even questioning it, you wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, you wanted it. You wanted him to fuck you, and by judging the look he was giving you, you understood he knew that, too. What made your chest rise and your heartbeat increase, was the fact that he tugged on the collar of his shirt. Then, he gazed up at you again, and the look he was shooting you this time made you weak. He wanted it, too.

“Miss?” your colleague repeated.

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