Naughty Girl (Calum Hood Smut)

Requests: angry and/or jealous smut with cal where it’s the classic “we hate each other but there’s actually a lot of sexual tension” thing pls omg & can you please Make a calum hood imagine where he catches his best friend’s sister (Y/N) masturbating (pillow humping) and he finds it really hot and she teaches him how to do it too or something like that idk but smuuutttyyyyy that’s all I really want tbfh ❤

I changed it up a little, but I hope I incorporated both of these! 

Warnings: Sex & Swearing


“How many times do I have to tell you, turn the fucking music down!” I scream down the hall, hoping my mindless brother and his friends would get the message. I have two finals this week and I can’t concentrate with the bass blaring through the halls of our empty house. My first semester of college has stressed me out to the max and I am about to murder 3 very attractive 21 year old boys and one idiotic brother. When the bass got even louder, I groaned and slammed my book shut. I have actually had it. I made my way down the hallway banged on his door.

“Michael, what the fuck?! Turn it down!” I shouted through the door. I barely got the last word out before the door swung open showing one of his friends, Luke. Michael was sitting on his bed with Ashton and then my eyes fell onto Calum who laid on the floor flipping through a sports magazine. My heart stopped when Calum looked up at me, and I almost forgot why I was so pissed. We have always had this very flirty relationship, but Michael had forbidden it a long time ago. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to him when he was here. I know its stupid for Michael’s little 18 year old sister to have a crush on a 21 year old, but every time I see him my heart stops. We exchange awkward glances whenever we are in the same room and this time was no different.

“Why don’t you just go to the library brat, I was here first.” My anger came right back at my brother’s words.

“Its closed dumbass. I have to study for finals because I am actually going to school, unlike you. I think you should turn it down or get the hell out.” I spat back, earning an impressed ‘ooooo’ from the other boys. Michael took a deep breath in and rolled his eyes, but surprisingly obliged. He stood up and turned off his stereo before leading the other boys to the door.

“C’mon guys, let’s go.” He said with a displeased look on his face. They all walked passed me and I followed them to the edge of the stairs to make sure I heard the front door shut. When it did, I let out a relieved sigh and returned to my bedroom. Finally some peace and quiet.

A couple hours of focusing left me satisfied that I had retained all the information I needed. I looked up at the clock and it read 11:27PM. My phone beeped softly indicating I had a text message. I opened it up to see that is was a boy I had been casually seeing, Shawn. He was relatively tall and had dark brown hair and was basically every girl on campus’ dream. He was the literal definition of a fuckboy, but somehow I figured he was worth my time. I smiled as I replied and the conversation soon got spicy as it always does with Shawn (here are some screenshot examples). Later on, I looked up at the clock again and it was 12:45AM. I told Shawn that I had to get to sleep, but in all honesty, I was way too turned on and I wanted a release.

I got up off my bed and peaked out the window and Michael’s car was still gone. My mouth turned up into a smile as I climbed back onto my bed. My thighs clenched together imagining what he could do with those perfect lips of his. My hand traveled down my torso into my shorts, looking for some sort of release. Shawn’s name fell from my lips as I rubbed myself over my panties. The more I said his name, the wetter I became. Since I was home alone, I undressed completely and went into my closet to pull out my vibrator a previous boyfriend had bought me. Now this is going to help me relax. I flopped back down on my bed and switched it on to the highest setting and heard it buzz to life. I continued my earlier actions, my hips bucking up to meet my hands and my moans growing louder.

“Shawn, fuck.” I moaned out, rolling my hips again making my muscles spasm.

“Well isn’t this a sight.” I heard a familiar voice come from the door frame. I jumped up quickly, seeing Calum leaning on the door frame. My hands immediately dropped my vibrator and went to cover myself.

“Calum! What-” I tried to get out the words, but the shock of the situation got the better of me.

“I left my laptop in your brother’s room. I am sure glad I came back though. I would not have wanted to miss this show.” He smirked, walking into my room and shutting the door behind him. I was still in a very aroused state and his low voice and suggestive tone was making it much worse. “But there is one thing I want to know.” He whispered while taking a seat next to my naked body. “Who is this Shawn guy and why are you thinking about him fucking you and not me?” He stood across the room from my bed, undoubtedly waiting for me to invite him closer.

“He is just some fuckboy from school, and I would think of you, but I have nothing to compare it to.” I sighed, biting my lip lightly. His eyes became dark at these words. I have been waiting years for this.

“Well, I can assure you I am better than Shane.” He chuckled, finally moving over to the bed where I was sitting.

“Its Shaw-” I began to correct him, but before I knew it, he leaned across the sheets and captured my lips. My hands dropped from covering my chest and his replaced them. He rubbed them in circles and paid special attention to my nipples. I let out a soft moan that seemed to give him permission to continue his actions. He drug his mouth from under my ear to my collarbone and back up to my jawline, familiarizing himself with my body. His large hands grasped my hips and held me close to his front. His lips finally found mine again and fireworks exploded. Our lips perfectly molded together as my hands found his dark curls. He deepened the kiss after a few minutes and I knew there was no going back now. I needed him just as much as he needed me, maybe even more. He laid my back down on my bed, covering my naked body with his clothed one. My lips moved to his neck and he let out a throaty groan when I began sucking on his sensitive skin. I could feel his arousal through his tight black jeans which only fueled my need of him. My hands moved the hem of his muscle shirt and tugged it up over his head quickly, eager to see what was underneath. I traced over his naked abdomen then moved one hand to curl back into his hair and the other moved down passed his hips. I moved my fingers from the prominent bulge in Cal’s jeans to his belt and began undoing it. I pulled off the unwanted material as his lips connected to my neck and made a pathway to my breasts. I sighed when he ghosted over my core. He took that an incentive to pay more attention to that specific area. His middle finger slid up my folds a few times before he determined that I was wet enough for him to push it in.

“What would Steve do now? I doubt he could make you this wet.” He chuckled against my skin as his finger pleasured me more than my own could. I was too wrapped up in feeling his digits light a fire under my skin to correct him this time. Jealous Calum is something I never thought I wanted, but I found out that it is something I desperately need.

He got in a push up position over me and reached one arm down to tease my entrance with his tip. I moaned as it brushed my clit and I bucked my hips to meet his. He chuckled darkly at my eagerness. “Fucking soaked baby” He whispered against my cheek. He pulled his finger out slowly and slid it up over my clit. I squealed and bucked my hips into his hand. “I love your moans. Fuck.” His voice was hoarse and I just wanted him inside me, but I always took him for the type to tease the shit out of you. Just when I thought he was about to move his focus back to my lips, he shifted his body so that his face was in line with my soaked core. “Such a bad little girl. Pleasuring yourself without inviting me.” He cooed before attaching his lips to my heat.

“Cal…” I groaned and he finally gave me what I wanted. He kissed along my folds before licking a long strip all the way to my clit. I squealed when he attached his lips to my bundle of nerves and began sucking. “Oh God…” my voice was barely audible as he continued to go down on me. Soon, I felt one of his calloused fingers run under his mouth and push into my entrance. Damn, he is good at this. His tongue moved in ways that I had never experienced with anyone else. My legs started to tremble and Calum’s hands moved to hold down my hips. I contracted around his finger and then whimpered when his lips left my core.

“Oh yes, baby. I can’t wait to feel you around my cock.” He moaned. I rolled my hips into his fingers and tangled a hand in his hair as he kissed along my inner thighs. I pulled a little to signal that I wanted him on my lips again. He moved up my body and reattached his lips to mine. I tasted myself on his mouth and the erotic nature of it all clouded my mind.

“Only a very naughty girl likes her own taste, but I can’t say I am surprised” he whispered cockily before running his erection up my folds. I had one hand on his neck keeping his lips on mine and my other hand reached down and began pumping his fully erect member. I ran my thumb over the slit and he hissed and bucked his hips to meet my palm. “Baby, I’m not going to last if you keep doing that.” He struggled to say and I nodded before leading his tip to my entrance. His hips jerked forward and he filled me up.

“Oh God Calum!” I screamed out and he started thrusting slowly. His head was buried in my neck and he began sucking and nipping until I was sure a large bruise would be present tomorrow. All my senses were going mad as he pounded into me. His name left my lips multiple times before he shut me up with his own. His fingers grazed my breasts as he continued to push me to my high, but as soon as his lips found mine, they detached again. His mouth flew to my left nipple, nipping and sucking until it was too much. His brow was furrowed and he was looking down at where we were connected. I placed one of my hands on his chin and lifted his head up so that he could kiss me. I was trying to take his mind off of pleasuring me so I could last longer, but it wasn’t working. I was about to explode. “Damnit Calum” I stuttered out as he slowed down, making deep, long strokes.

“Fuck Y/N. Ah.” Calum let out a short moan after my name that had my insides quivering. Calum slowed down to almost a stop and just before I opened my mouth to question him, he flipped us over on my big queen size bed and I was laying on his chest. I leaned down and kissed him softly before sitting up, seeing as we were still connected. I rolled my hips a couple times to get a feel for this new position. I could tell he loved it because his hips were hesitating as he brought them up to meet mine.

“I’m so close baby.” He moaned. He sat up so I was sitting on his lap. I bounced on him and he pushed me down harder. I felt him twitch and his abdominal muscles contracted as he released. His head was on my chest as I grinded on him through his high. I thought he would be like every other man I fucked and pull out once he came, but he didn’t. His hands reached for my clit spreading my arousal and he was determined to make me cum.

Just as I was about to hit my high, I heard the front door slam. Calum completely stopped his movements and my heart dropped to my ass. I then realized that my bedroom door was not locked.

“Cal, hurry! Go lock my door!” I whisper shouted and he jumped up off my bed quickly and ran to the door and then came back to the bed. We both sat there waiting to hear the door slam again indicating whoever it was left.

“Calum!” I heard Michael’s voice boom from downstairs. When I heard his footsteps come up the stairs, I knew we were caught. He knocked on my door lightly. “Y/N? Have you seen Cal?” He said through the door. I waited a minute before answering.

“No, he left with you moron.” I yelled back, pretending to be annoyed.

“I know that stupid. He came back for his laptop and his car is here.” He said getting irritated.

“Well I have not seen him. Like I’d want to.” I said sarcastically. Calum looked at me with a knowing smirk and I winked at him.

“Whatever.” I heard Michael groan as he walked away from my door and soon I heard the front door slam again and a car start. Thank God he was gone.

“That was really close.” I said as I fell back onto my bed and Calum fell back next to me.

“I don’t want to think about Michael right now. I want to think about you and me and round two.” He said as he pulled me on top of him again.

The Purpose of Love // Chapter 2

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credit to the original owner of this gif

Requested: the idea came from this anon

Pairing: Singer!Y/N x Fuckboy!Calum

Other series:  Paid to be Popular - Bittersweet Generation

Chapter One

Summary:  When Calum Hood needs to straighten up his reputation, there’s no other solution than to fake-date a powerful girl with a powerful voice.

Description of this chapter: Calum and Y/N is forced to be together out in public and they bring Michael so the whole day wouldn’t come crashing down. However, a lot can change in a few moments.

“I still think this is stupid.” You repeated after Michael’s speech about how it was the best for both you and Calum.

“Well, just get used to the thought.” Calum’s blonde bandmate chuckled, earning a death glare from Calum. He wasn’t very happy that you and Michael could actually talk together without biting off each other’s noses, unlike you and Calum.

“Six months is a lot.” Calum mumbled and Michael sighed again. He had been trying to convince you and Calum that PR wasn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you - especially when it was rewarding in the end. He kept having small speeches about “fighting for publicity” and “you gotta do what you gotta do”. He was even worse to listen to than your manager, Louise.

“It’ll be over soon.” Michael said, giving up on the small speech.

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#215: You Do Charity Work For Families Who Can’t Afford Christmas


Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 9th:
You Do Charity Work For Families Who Can’t Afford Christmas 


”Y/N I can’t wear this!” Looking up confused from having your phone up in your face you looked towards the bathroom with a quivered eyebrow. “What do you mean?” The answer was replied by Luke opening the door, the expression on his face being enough to make you laugh. But what was even more hilarious was his attire, yet you tried to remain the calm state and only smile at him. “You look fine!” “Y/N, I’m wearing freaking green tights!” You couldn’t hold in it anymore, hands coming up to cover your face as you laughed into your palms. He did in fact look like a mess, it didn’t help on the situation that he was so tall and wearing a costume most preferred for small people. “Don’t just stand there and laugh.” He commented, closing the door to the bathroom and approaching you. “At least you’re freaking cute in your costume, I’m dressed as a giant elf!” By the mention of your costume you took a look down at your body before your eyes adverted back to his. It was pretty true what he was saying, you really enjoyed your costume but neither would you have minded wearing the elf costume. It was even Luke suggesting that you would join a mall today for some sort of charity work, walking around with candy canes and giving it out to families and kids. But the second he saw his costume he seemed to be the one backing out. “I think you’re cute as well.” You mumbled honestly while filling up your basket with sweets, smiling over at his direction and ignored the fact that he rolled his eyes. “I swear if we meet fans-,” “Then they’re gonna see how much of a wonderful caring person you is to take one of your day offs to spend it on families who can’t afford Christmas.” You smiled up at him and grabbed a candy cane to put it into his mouth to keep his silent. And even if you could tell he wasn’t comfortable in his costume he still smiled all over his face by your sweet gesture. “Let’s go give out some candy canes elfie.” You made sure to hurry towards the door to get out of the hotel room, but not before looking over your shoulder with a teasing smile to see his half angry expression mixed with a small smile.


“I didn’t know you were this creative.” His eyes looked up by your words, tongue resting between his lips in concentration and furrowed his eyebrows. “It’s not-, it’s not that pretty.” He shrugged off while looking down at his work, clearly not being as satisfied with it as you were. You had imagined him to be less interested in the project, but he definitely surprised you. The second you were welcomed into the workroom for families and people wanting to join for Christmas decorations, he had grabbed a paint brush and done some weird red doodles on a white paper. It wasn’t until minutes had passed by filled with concentration that you realized he had been drawing a rather fancy Christmas hard, making sure to signature it by the end of the painting. “You think some families will be happy for this?” He questioned a bit insecure, eyes glancing down at your candle decoration work to admire. “Cal, you gotta remember what we’re doing is for families with huge lack of money. They might have kids, they might be old and alone and I am so sure that no matter what they get, as long as it’s Christmas related they will be so grateful of our works. I mean, look at all these amazing things, just by making them makes us happy. I doubt they would complain because they get all this for free from the people who care.” A smile came slowly to his face while watching you talk, during it as you sprayed spruces with fake snow before placing it into the clay. “You really love doing this, huh?” He lowered his voice, moving his lips against your hairline and down to your ear with a small hum. It made you stop just for a short moment after been working for an hour straight, looking down at him and placed a soft kiss to his red nose. “I feel like it’s the most wonderful feeling helping where it’s needed. Taking your time to do this even if it’s only for two hours feels like the most blessing thing ever. You feel like you’ve saved someone’s life.” You felt how his lips pressed against your ear and a soft chuckle came from his lips before he moved away to focus back on his painting. “I wish I could take that home with me though because I’m better than Picasso.”  


“This is even better than Christmas.” He cheered loudly, eyes looking at the many dishes placed in front of him and stirred the sauce in the pan. Your eyes went towards him by his exclaim, stopping with peeling the potatoes and laughed quietly by his excitement. “Michael, you know it is kind of Christmas.” He rolled his eyes by your words and swung his lips back and forth to the background music, the kitchen you were currently standing in filled with people. Everyone was walking around with pans, bowls, ingredients and whatever possible. What amazed you the most about the whole thing was the cozy tension, even if you were that many people they still seemed to get along and wasn’t disturbed by stress or the lack of space. Everyone was here for the same reason, and that was to make food for the ones who couldn’t afford. You had heard about it, Michael grandparents had been doing the same every single year so for once you wanted to do it as well. Doing something out of the ordinary that actually was so simple, you were bummed that you hadn’t done it before. So much food was made ready to be served for families and you could also tell by the excitement Michael was showing that he was enjoying this too. He wanted to do something personal, not just donate the money it was too simple. He wanted to actually do something instead of sitting on his ass with a credit card, and you had so much respect of that. “You have to taste this sauce okay, they’re gonna love it.” His hand reached out for yours, but you gave him a questioned look before being pulled towards him. “Don’t worry, there will be something for them as well. Just want to show off a bit of my secret talents.” He blew lightly on the sauce to make sure you wouldn’t burn your tongue, making sure to neither spill it on the kitchen counter as he moved the spoon towards your mouth. Just like he had predicted, a smile came to your face by tasting the wonderful flavor, laughing by his reaction and made sure to dry off your mouth from a bit that he had spilled. “And if they don’t like it I assume they might have a demented grandmother with lack of taste when eating the sauce.”


“Are you cold?” He questioned, eyes lowering down to yours and made sure to readjust the scarf around your neck. You shook your head lightly, trying to stay optimistic about the whole thing but he could tell by your shaking form that you were definitely freezing, even if you were wearing three pairs of socks. Not even the grill of Christmas sausages and whatever in front of you seemed to heat you enough and Ashton took the opportunity to wrap an arm around you and pull you closer. “How am I supposed to fill up beers when you’re holding me like this?” You grinned, wanting to lean over and grab a cup as a new costumer was arriving with his family yet you still was stuck within his reach. He grinned lightly by your question but still kept quiet, leaning forward on the counter and greeted the waiting dad standing in front of you. The day had been amazing so far, you had been standing in your own little grill and beer Christmas shop along the Christmas marked in London for quite a few hours now, earning in money to donate and talking with a few fans and costumers. But after standing for so many hours and despite the fact that you had tried to dress for the weather, the cold seemed to consume you completely. And of course with Ashton’s fast eyes it hadn’t taken him long to notice and with his broad form and giant winter jacket he didn’t seem to be suffering like you. “I’m happy we’re doing this.” He smiled politely while returning cash to the dad, looking down at you with a dimple so deep you wanted to poke him. “I’m happy we’re doing this too.” You admitted, letting him wrap his warm hand around your cold one and intertwine your fingers. He was the one suggesting it, he had always thought about his time as a kid when things weren’t going as planned and when friends always managed to get better presents or at least got some. He wanted to do a difference and even if this place wasn’t maybe the best way to earn money, you did it in a way that felt perfect. And to have you being so on about his suggestion made the thing even better, because to do something like this was uplifting in life. It was pure amazing.

“Told you” - Calum Hood [FLUFF]


Sumary~ childhood friends that have grown apart reconnect during a snowball fight

Word Count - 973

Your street has always been a really close community, throughout the summer there used to always be someone having a barbeque, a block party or even a pool party, there was rarely a spare weekend. You were friends with all the kids on the block too, most of you were around the same age so making friends was a lot easier­; but as you all grew up you also grew apart, life being taken over by new friends, dating and most importantly High School, sure you share a bus but having been given remarkably similar upbringings you all use that to do your homework.

For the past month you’ve noticed the block kids around a lot more, part of you actually wishes that you’d never grown apart. You were always closest to the boy who lives across the street, Calum, and he still hangs around with some of the other boys Michael, Luke and Ashton but you remember the moment you knew things had changed between you, when a week or two after the first day of High School you knocked on his door to hang out and he had a girl from your History class over.

It’s your senior year now, all of you are planning on graduating and going off to college soon spending all of your time getting your GPA up so naturally you’ve had no time to hang out with friends. Then, one morning at the beginning of December, after a night of snow, a miracle happens, your parents get the alert and school is cancelled. The idea of staying in the warm while the world outside freezes gives you a joy you didn’t expect and with that you throw on sweatpants and make a hot chocolate.

A little later you hear a knock at your door. You’re not expeting anyone so you’re cautious to go and answer it Opening the door you see, clad in a puffy coat, wooly hat and gloves that render hands immobile; Calum Hood.

“Hey, we uh, got the kids on the block together again, the Snow war revival has begun,” he chuckles.

You’re more surprised that he remembered to come and get you at this point but you nod, “Hold on, I’ll grab my coat”

You spend five minutes padding up with all of your winter gear and before you know it you’re out your front door you see your old gang all waiting with snowballs in hand. You’d forgotten about the snowball war; the last time you’d had a day off of school for weather you were 8 and all of the kids your age got together and had a day long snowball fight in the road – now it’s time for vengeance.

“Fire,” someone yells.

Instinctively you duck, running for your life as snowballs hit the wall behind you. The snow ploughs have left mound of snow at the roads edge and naturally you split into two teams at either side. You have Calum right next to you and a constant spitfire of snow being pummelled over the road. You take the job of making the snowball supply.

“Quick, hand me another,” Calum grins holding out a hand but doesn’t look at you.

“Y’know,” you look above your head. “I think they’ve given up”

You stand to look over and see they’re all hidden.

“Told you,” you reply. “They might have given up”

“I don’t think they have,” he hums standing too.

“Whatever you say”

It’s sudden but you watch Calum’s face fall into shock as he dives toward you knocking you into a fresh snow pile on the ground as 5 or 6 snowballs hit Calum and fly over your head.

“Told you,” he smiles a little out of breath from the hits.

“I guess you did,” you smile looking into his eyes.

He’s on top of you, though it’s not exactly uncomfortable, in fact he’s keeping you warm. But this is the closest that you’ve been since you were 14. You feel at ease, so much so that you hardly notice that he’s closing in, and when your lips are about to touch you fall victim to a sudden ambush of snowballs that freeze you both to the core. They all laugh as you stand and shake yourselves off and shiver.

“Oh god, it’s all down my back, I need to go inside,” you shudder.

“Uh yeah, l-lets go,” Calu shivers too.

You let him follow you to your house, accompanied by a host of whistling but once the door is off you both kick of all the snow protection.

“I could just warm up a second before I go home,” he shakes

“No- you should stay,” you try not to sound eager.

He smiles, before you know it you’re both thawing on the sofa chatting about how close you used to be.

“You know, I remember stopping by your place one day and you were with a girl from my History class, I kind of figured I’d been replaced,” you admit.

“Really? I always wondered what happened”

“I guess I was right?” you decide to continue.

“No, how would I replace my neighbour, we were working on a project,” he defends.

You go silent but you smile to yourself avoiding eye contact.

“Why didn’t you want me to replace you?” he enquires

You shrug, “Nothing”

“There has to be something,” he furrows his brow

You shake your head.

There’s another small silence as you look away again but quickly you feel his hand on your face puling your head round to the long awaited kiss that lingers in the air, even after it’s over

“Sorry I’ve wanted to do that for a while, so I took the chance”

You take a breath, blushing like crazy, “I guess there was a reason I didn’t want to be replaced”

“Told you”


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Masterlist // Request

Calum Hood Imagine

Prompt: 4. “If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.” (Calum)

*Imagine (vaguely) based off of the song Good Girls by 5sos.

“What are you doing here Y/N?” Calum asked, handing you a beer.

Cal had always been one of your closest friends, though you two were exact opposites. He was the life of the party and you were a nobody. Your parents had no idea where you were, assuming you were in your bedroom asleep. You were a straight A student with your whole life planned out. You were the golden child in your father’s eyes but felt suffocated as your life was always this same, boring routine.

“I’m sick of obeying my parents every command…I wanted to have some fun.” You were cursed with a guilty conscious but fortunately, you were having too much fun at the moment to focus on your punishment if you were to get caught.     

He seemed unconvinced and raised his eyebrows at you, smirking. “And how’d your parents take that? Little miss perfect defying them? I’m sure they were pissed.”

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Hellooooo!! We have decided to do a special, little gift for all of you for being such awesome fans! Starting on the 12th of December, we will be posting a writing every day until the 24th. Maybe if we get more requests after that, we could do an “Eight nights of Hanukkah” thing, because not everyone celebrates Christmas. 

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Here is the projected lineup (hockey talk), in no order, for the 12 Days of Christmas:

Mitchell Marner, NHL

Calum Hood, 5SOS

Castiel, SPN

Mitchell Marner, NHL

Connor McDavid, NHL

Tyler Seguin, NHL

Michael Latta, NHL

Noah Hanifin, NHL

Johnny Gaudreau, NHL

Auston Matthews, NHL

Connor McDavid, NHL

Auston Matthews, NHL

If we receive more requests, as the box will stay open, we could continue doing one everyday for Hanukkah, since the first night starts on the 24th and that’s when this will end. Until then, keep requesting and keep being awesome! We truly appreciate all of your kind words and support. See you on the 12th!

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-Sapphire and Cymbelline


Since the last time we danced I’ve learnt some brand new sass.