The Bet (Part 4)

Pairing: Nerdy!Y/N/Hockey!Fratboy!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: Yes

Parts: 1 | 2 |

Summary: ”Fine. I’ll be picking the girl and you’ll have 5 weeks to take her virginity.” Calum said challenging and crossed his arms.  ”5 weeks? I can do that in the matter of 5 minutes, Calum.” Ashton stated with confidence

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Baby (Luke smut) DAY 25!

Summary/Request: Luke one where you both decide that you want to try to have a baby ;) 

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: I love this too much, I want it to happen to me rip. Check out Smutty September!

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“Can we talk?”

You look up at your fiancé, Luke, as you rush around the kitchen. It’s 8am and you’re running late for work, smalltalk not being included on the list of things you have to do.

“Right now?” You ask, not even glancing up when you hear his voice. Whilst continuing to search for a pile of important papers, you’re vaguely aware of Luke sighing.

“Well no, but I really want to-”

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honey, i’m home

y/n was roommates with Calum and had been for almost a year. She found that there was a sexual tension that eased its way slowly up on them, until it was almost unbearable. growing tired of ignoring it, she wanted something more from him. so she didn’t bother to get dressed after her shower, he wasn’t home, but he would be. she slipped into a black, lace lingerie set, moving around the house elegantly, cleaning up little things she found. 

she went to the kitchen to put up clean dishes and that’s where Calum stumbled upon her. he came through the front door ready to see his roommate who had always had a way to brighten his day. he dropped his keys and phone on the table by the door, where her keys were and called out to her. “Honey, I’m home.” It had become a joke between the two to greet the other like this. 

“In the kitchen!” She called and he smiled at the sound of her voice, moving quickly. 

“Oh fuck.” He cursed and she looked over her shoulder at him with a smile, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary, like he couldn’t see her whole ass and if she turned around to face him, breasts too. 

“How was your day?” She asked politely, putting up the last few plates and closing the dishwasher and cabinet door. She grabbed a towel and dried her hands off and then turned around to lean on the counter. His eyes lowered to her chest, lips parting slightly. 

“It was good, but I have a feeling it’s about to get even better.” He mumbled the last part but she heard it, smirking at him. 

“And why’s that?” She asked, stepping forward. He met her in the middle of the kitchen and connected their lips immediately, hungrily kissing her. His right hand went to her ass and the other went to her cheek, squeezing lightly. He backed her up until she gently hit the counter and then he lowered his left hand to her thigh, picking her up and setting her on the counter. 

He moved to kiss down her neck, hearing her breathing get heavier. “Because I came home to this.” He whispered against her neck as she smiled. His hands moved down to her waist, kissing her skin once more before leaning back to look into her eyes. “You’re so beautiful. I’m sorry I never told you before.” She giggled. 

“Thank you, Cal. You’re not too bad yourself.” He smiled at her words, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her from the counter, her legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he carried her to his bedroom, them laughing at complimenting each other the whole way. ;)) 

That’s My Girl : Ashton Blurb

I wrote something in order to keep this video easily accessible on my blog. It’s a self-defense demonstration of what to do if you’re being attacked by someone with the intent to rape. I know this kind of stuff can trigger certain emotions or make people uncomfortable, but I encourage all of you to watch the video anyway and practice it to get a feel for the movements on the awful chance that you ever find yourself in a similar situation. I want you guys to be as prepared and safe as possible. 

 "I hate this.“ 

“I know, but I need to practice.“ 

Ashton lets out an uneasy sigh, knowing you’re right. Of course he full heartedly supported your idea when you told him you wanted to sign up for a self-defense class, he just didn’t take into consideration that you’d have homework requiring him to play the role of the bad guy. He doesn’t like pretending to attack you, or the thought of doing something to you that you wouldn’t want, and especially can’t stand the notion of someone else being in his place with a genuine mission to hurt you. 

 Reluctantly, he repositions himself between your clothed legs, but you have to force him to move a little closer in order for the scenario to be more realistic.

"Okay, now you’re gonna come forward,” you instruct. 

He hesitantly leans over you, placing his hands on either side of your head.

“More than that,” you say, “You’re supposed to not let me get away." 

"But I want you to get away." 

"Ashton, come on." 

He takes another moment to mope before doing what you told him to. 


"That’s good. You can sit up." 

He’s quicker to do that. 

 "Now come at me again,” you say with a wiggle of your hips, preparing yourself. “Faster this time." 

As simple as his part is, he takes forever to do it. Slowly he lowers himself over you, and your hands fly up to catch his shoulders, repeating what you learned in class by wrapping your fingers around the prominent muscles. 

 "That wasn’t fast,” you rebuke, pushing him away. “You think I’ll get attacked in slow motion?" 

"I told you I don’t like this." 

"Do you want me to practice with someone else?" 

"No,” he answers without thought. 

“Then take this seriously,” you plea, shooting him puppy eyes. 

He sees how much his participation means to you, and tries to adjust his attitude. He’s not actually harming you, he reminds himself, just helping you in a way he’s not exactly comfortable with. 

“Ready?” he asks lightly. 

You nod. 

At a much faster pace he performs the motion you need him to, and you catch his shoulders again, straightening your arms. On the ground you turn your body and bring one of your legs up, pressing the bottom of your foot against his hip, then center yourself and bring up the other. Your hands fall from his shoulders to his elbows, and you feel pretty good about how you managed to get there. 

“Now pull back,” you advise. 

He tries to do so but you catch his wrists, holding him in an unbalanced spot, then kick your leg up, just barely missing his head. He flinches, both surprised and impressed by your success at turning the situation around. 

“Boom,” you say cockily, relaxing your ankle on his shoulder. 

He can’t help but smile, a sense of pride surging through his chest. You got him. Ashton shrugs off your ankle and places it back on the floor, curling it around his thigh. 

“Do it again,” he says, “and actually kick me this time." 

"What? No." 

"You think you can get away by just pretending?” he uses your logic from earlier. 

“I’m not gonna kick you in the face,” you argue. 

“Then somewhere else,” he settles. “Just get me off of you.”

And with that being said, he lunges at you again. You act quick to stop him from coming all the way down, going rapidly through the same motions as before. When you’re able to pull your leg into use, you skip kicking his chin and aim for his chest instead, right in the center of his torso. When that weakens him you drive your other foot into his stomach, and Ashton goes tumbling to the floor. 

You sit up, afraid you’ve hurt him. His hand rubs over the part of his chest that fell victim to your heel, aching for his breath to catch up after having the wind knocked out of him. 

“Ash?” you worry. 

He groans his response, but it gets mixed in with a strained chuckle. 

“That’s my girl.”


Break In- Ashton Imagine

Title: Break In
Pairing: Reader x Ashton
Word Count: 2521
Warning: extreme assault, violence, cursing (i think)
Requested: No, I wrote this a long time ago as my own personal imagine for self reading but I thought you guys might be like it.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this imagine, I really wasn’t going to post this but a friend convinced me to so!! And there are personal nouns in this imagine (cause I didn’t feel like changing it lol) but this won’t be a regular thing! Just for this imagine will there be personal pronouns.
Your POV:

My eyes opened at the sound the front door opening. Squinting my rubbed my hands over my eyes and turned on my side. Instinctively my hand reached for Ashton, but it only brushed over empty sheets. My eyebrows furrowed and then I turned over, grasping my phone off the nightstand.

‘2;43’ I read. I would’ve gone back to sleep, if it wasn’t for the loud crash the came from down the stairs. Now I was fully awake, sitting up in bed. I knew for a fact it wasn’t Ashton because he was pulling an all nighter at the studio with the rest of the boys. And that’s why I was completely filled with fear.

I flicked my pass-code into my phone and quickly brought up the phone. Going to recents I clicked on Ashton’s number and waited patiently for him to pick up.

“Ashton, ashton oh my god I think there’s-”
“You’ve reached Ashton’s phone! Sorry I couldn’t answer but if you leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” The line was quiet for a moment before the ‘beep’ came.
“Ash look-” There was suddenly another crash from downstairs, this one sounding remotely closer making me squeal as silent as possible,
“Ash I think there’s someone in the house oh my god.” I placed my now shaking hand over my mouth, not wanting to give away that I was awake.

I quickly hung up the phone and stood from the bed silently. I tiptoed around the room, looking for a good hiding place. There was only under the bed and the closet. The thing was; They would go searching through the closet, but they would be able to see under the bed. So I had to side with the closet.

I pulled the door open and closed it behind me. Moving a few things around, I sat in the corner of the tiny room and placed multiple articles of clothes over my body to hide myself as best as possible.

I shut my eyes closed as the fear was beginning to consume me. It felt like I was in a horror film and the monster was right outside my room. And since Ashton wasn’t responding I was entirely alone in this situation.

A small sob racked my body and I placed my hand over my mouth again. This had to be a dream…I had to be dreaming.

The sound of heavy footsteps echoing in the hallway made me instantly fall silent. They padded against the hardwood until it seemed like they were right outside of my bedroom.

“Please god please.” I whimpered, more tears coming down as I did so. I just wanted to live, no matter what happened, I just wanted to live.

A scream echoed in my mind as I heard my bedroom door being thrown open, the doorknob hitting the back wall. My throat tightened and breathing sped up, but I prayed that to the outside world I was making no noise.

It had to be man by the sound of the shoes hitting the floor. They were boots, overly large boots.

He walked around the room quietly, pulling open drawers and searching through them, ruffling the blankets and going through the bedside dressers. The only thing left in the room….was the closet.

My teeth sunk into my hand as I was desperately trying to stay silent. Pain was beginning to fill my chest because all I wanted to do was scream and cry, but if I didn’t want to die I would have to hold all the emotions in.
He was silent, like he was waiting patiently for me to make a noise so he could grab me from my hiding place. But when I managed to remain quiet for another 10 minutes it seemed like he gave up.

I listened closely as I heard the footsteps move back towards the front of the room, the bedroom door moving again.

Just as he was about to exit the room… phone went off.

My eyes shot open and I desperately began searching the floor for my phone.

“Please please please.” I whispered, the words barely even coming out. Shakily I finally grasped the stupid thing and pressed the red button to silence the damn thing.

“Y/n? What’s going on?” I had pressed the green button. As grateful as I was for it being Ashton, he couldn’t have called at a worse time.

“A-Ash there’s someone-” Suddenly the closet door whipped open making me let out an unearthly scream.

A man stood before me in a hoodie and dark jeans. He had to be taller than Ashton which was worse than I expected. His face was mainly covered but I could see dark hair peeking out from under the hoodie. A evil looking smirk curled on his face as he looked down at me.

“I knew you were here.” His hand went straight to my leg, pulling me from closet. I kicked and screamed, begging for him to let me go but he had a right grip and wasn’t planning on releasing it anytime soon. “I just didn’t know exactly where you were.”

He had me lying on the floor beside the bed, his hands now locking around my wrists to hold me down.

“Aye! Come up here!!” There was another person here.

Feet stormed up the stairs, echoing down the hall until they reached us.

“So there was someone in the house.” I could the acid smirk in his words, making me start to sob.

“I told you.” The man holding me down smiled, looking down at me like I was some prized possession.

“So what do we do with her?” The other one asked, kneeling down so he was right beside my face.

“Well we can’t do too much…unless you wanna take her with us-”

“NO NO NO PLEASE!!” I screeched trying to fight against his grip so I could escape.

“Shut up!!” The man grabbed me by the chin and forced me to stare into his eyes. “Say one more word and you’ll never see this house again.” He growled, his grip on my face getting tighter. I let out a small whine, the pain beginning to build.

“Y'know she’s got some strong vocal chords,” The other one spoke leaning over my side,“ ‘Wonder what they would sound like screaming our names.” I nearly vomited.

“Maybe we should find out.” The first one smiled. Instantly I began fighting against his grip as I watched him pull off his gloves.

Just as he was about to reach for my shirt I kicked him in the balls. He groaned and fell over.
I pushed him away from me and began scrambling against the floor to get away. My hand reach the doorknob but I wouldn’t make it that far. A hand came wrapped around my arm before I was tossed back on to the floor, causing me to hit the ground,and my head, hard.
I let out a yelp but it only seemed to get worse when a hand came colliding with my face, punching me square.

I let out a loud grunt or scream, holding my face. And when I felt a warm substance drip on to my hand all I felt was nothing. I was hopeless now.

“That’s what you get for trying to run away, little bitch.” It was the second one who had apparently hit me, but honestly it didn’t even matter anymore.

I could hear my shirt tear and tears began to pour down my face. I was done for.

“ON THE GROUND NOW!” All of us turned at the sound of a commanding voice. There were four police officers standing in the doorway, all of them with guns in their hands and they were pointed at my two assaulters.

“Shit.” The first one called out, standing beside his literal partner in crime.

I wanted to sigh of relief, believe me I did, but there seemed to not be anymore air in my lungs after all of this.

“DON’T MOVE!” The officer ordered as they all began to come into my room. One of the policemen behind him came around and over to me, grasping my hand and pulling me over to the corner of the room.

“Shh shh shh, it’s okay.” She mumbled, pressing me against her chest. I kept a straight face, but I knew it was covered in fear, and by the way my body shook with tremors I knew that no one actually assumed I was okay.

The police got the first one down, putting him in handcuffs. But when the went for the second one, he quickly retaliated. He punched the cop in the face before kicking the window open. And then…he jumped.

I almost screamed…almost.

“He can run but he won’t get very far.” The officer sighed.


“We brought back up.” I nodded slowly at his words, feeling a bit reassured.

They took the guy out of here, leaving me alone with the female cop. She looked down at me and I could see the obvious pity in her eyes.

“You alright?” I shook my head, not giving her a yes or no, just a shake of the head. “There’s a medic downstairs, we brought him just in case. Do you want to get everything checked out? Since your nose is bleeding and all.” I shut my eyes at the reminder and let out a sigh. I nodded once again, this time a yes, and she the helped me down the stairs.


I sat on the couch, the medic pressing on my nose and my cheek. Apparently the man had hit me twice and I hadn’t even noticed the first one..but it was enough to give me a bruise. And from the way the other one grabbed my jaw, there were bruises in the shape of his fingers all along the side of my face.

“Where is she?!” I craned my head to the front door, seeing Ashton in a panic. His eyes hastily met mine and I could see a wave of concern wash over him. “Baby.”

Ashton pushed past the roaming officers and quickly sat down beside me. His hand landed on the side of my face and I winced, feeling his soft fingers poke at my forming bruises.

“Oh my god Y/n,” he pulled his hand away and instead wrapped around my waist, “What the hell happened?!” He turned to the medic.

“Well if your wondering about her physical assaults; She got a punch on the side of her cheek here,” he pointed, “And another to her nose, but luckily it’s only bruised. One of them, the first one to initiate contact I believe, grabbed her by the jaw, which is why she has dis-coloring all around here,” he pointed again, making sure not to press on my face. “She hit her head, but not hard enough to cause major damage. And there are a few marks around her hips and waist-line, but those are all the ones we found.” He listed, before picking up a bandage and placing is right on my nose.
“That’s gonna be swollen for a while.” I nodded before looking down at my hands.

“God baby girl I’m so sorry. When I call you back and heard what was happening on the other end…I-I called the police as fast as I could. I’m so sorry.” He mumbled his apologies into my neck, holding me tightly to his chest. “At least those bastards are going to jail and we’ll never see them again.” He whispered before apologizing once again.

“Actually I was hoping to talk to you about that.” We both turned to see the first police officer who I found out name was Officer Johnson.

“What do you mean?” Ashton sat up, his arm still around me but he was in serious mode.

“Maybe we should talk about this in private Mr.Irwin-”

“No. Anything you tell me will just go straight to her anyways.” Ashton admitted. Officer Johnson let out a long sigh before clearing his throat.

“The assaulter who jumped out of the window, somehow managed to escape.” My heart dropped into my stomach.

“What? How in the hell did you let that happen?!” Ashton hopped up from the couch, his anger radiating off of the way he held himself.

“I’m sorry sir, we have the other in custody and we’re currently questioning him to see if he has any information on the whereabouts of his partner. But until then, we’re doing the best we can to track him down.” I could feel my body begin to shake but it was like an outer body experience, watching myself slowly crumple into a small fearful child. I knew it’d be hard getting over this, but now it was like I couldn’t.

“What are you still doing here? Go!” I watched as Ashton pointed toward the door, waiting for all the officers to leave.

“Well before we leave I want to inform you that this neighborhood will be carefully watch Mr.Irwin. We’ll have two squad cars driving up and down all night and all day until we know you’re both safe. Especially your girlfriend.” Officer Johnson spoke as he made his way toward the door.

“Yeah…thanks.” Ashton mumbled, staring down at his shoes. Officer Johnson nodded before exiting out house with the others.

I sat quietly, my mind blank as I seemed to be staring off into space.

“Baby?” Ashton sat beside me on the couch, placing his hand on my lower back.


“Promise me something?”


“Don’t shut me out. Whether you realize it or not, when something happens, y-you always go dead silent around everyone, around me. And I never know what you’re thinking, so please just…d-don’t shut me out.” He whispered against my jaw like he needed to have a close proximity to feel reassured. So I nodded, not wanting to fight him on anything.

“The boys are waiting outside.”

“What? Why?”

“They were just worried about you as I was Y/n. Well, I was probably more concerned but still.” Ashton admitted. “How about I invite them inside, they can spend the night and make you feel a bit better? More safe?” I listened to words knowing I could use their comfort.

“Yeah…sure. That sounds nice.” I whispered, shutting my eyes. Ashton stood for a second but then sat back down beside me.

“Do you want a minute?”

“Yes please.” I murmured, trying to hold on to my sanity.

“Baby you can cry, you’ve been through something traumatic. It’s not like I or the boys would judge you-” but before he could finish I had already broken down. It was like all of these emotions that had built up inside me while I was being attacked had just poured out.

Ashton pulled me closer to his chest, mumbling words into my ears but I couldn’t hear them. His hand ran up and down my back in comfort.

“It’s okay, I swear it’s going to be okay.”
A/N: HI LOVELIES!! This is just another repost of one of my older imagine so I hope you enjoyed!!

Stay tuned for more imagines on their way 💖

Seasons: 5SOS Imagine

Ashton: Fall

The band was in New York for the day and you actually had a couple of free hours to spend as you pleased; a true rarity.

You and your boyfriend Ashton decided to take to the streets of New York, eventually landing in picture perfect Central Park. Ashton stopped to greet fans while you happily snapped shots of the scenery. The changing colors of the leaves entranced you as you collected picture after picture until you felt Ashton’s hands slide around your waist.

“Thanks for being the coolest girl ever.” He mumbled into your shoulder.

You pulled away from him slightly to give him a strange look.

“How am I the coolest girl ever?”

He shrugged.

“You’re totally chill with me taking time with fans and just go off and be you.” He said, smiling down on you lovingly.

“Of course, babe. I’m not going to get in their way of meeting their idol.” You rationalized.

Ashton softly pecked your cheek and reached out for your hand.

“But speaking of you being a superstar…” You prompted, pulling out your phone and switching from camera to video mode.

“What do you say we make a little tour diary?” You suggested with a raise of your brows.

“I’m down!” He replied.

You responded by hitting the record button and asking, “So, Ashton, how are you liking the tour?”

“It’s great. Lots of energy. Lots of love from the fans. It’s living the dream.” He answered with his arms outstretched.

“Mhm. And I hear you have a special lady on tour with you these days, how’s that going?” You asked with a suggestive raise of your brow.

“What, (Y/N)? Yeah, she’s hot, but between me and you, I think she’s a little too into me, you know?” Ashton teased.

You scoffed, but continued to play along.

“Mhm. Yeah, yeah, I feel you. But I mean, can you blame her? I mean the dorky smile, the sexy morning breath…” You moaned out just for effect.

You laughed easily along together.

“Nah, off the record?”

“Completely.” You said, whilst still holding the camera.

“I’m kind of completely head over heels for her. Like all I think about is this girl night and day. She’s so beautiful and funny and sweet and-”

Your lips caught the end of his rambling.

He dipped you playfully and you scrambled to keep a firm hold on your camera and your beanie as he held you in the middle of Central Park, leaves falling all around you.

Michael: Summer

He was in the shade, avoiding the sun’s harsh rays on his porcelain skin, while you lounged by the side of the pool with your feet dangling in the water.

You glanced back at him with a playful pout.

“Mikey! I want to go in the water!” You whined.

“You can swim, can’t you, babe?” He replied snarkily.

You stuck your tongue out at him briefly.

“Yes, I can swim. But…” you paused in the middle of your sentence to lift your legs from the tepid water and make your way over to your boyfriend in the shade.

“It’s no fun swimming alone.” You finished as you pulled the phone Michael was practically glued to from his hands.

He didn’t protest verbally, but he glanced up at you, narrowing his eyes.

“Oh don’t give me the stink eye, you jerk!” You said as you proceeded to pull on his right arm.

“Alright, alright. I’ll get in the water!” He finally exclaimed, raising both hands in surrender.

You smiled brightly and he just had to smile back. He took your hand and walked to the water’s edge.

“Alright. On three?” You suggested.

Michael nodded.

“Okay. One…two…three!” You exclaimed as you tightly gripped his hand and jumped into the pool beside him.

You emerged from the refreshing water to the sight of your boyfriend already attempting to fix his wet hair. You gravitated towards him and wrapped yourself around his body. He smirked as his hands happily settled beneath your ass.

“So, this is what you meant by ‘swimming’, huh? Using me as a human floatie.” Michael teased.

You nodded your head with a cheery, “Yep!”

He laughed shortly before grabbing at your behind and pushing you up against the wall of the pool.

“I’m cool with it.” He replied.

You giggled as his lips landed upon yours.

Calum: Spring

“Thank God, all that dreadful snow is gone!” Calum announced as he walked through the doors of your home.

He was as happy as could be that Spring had arrived, while you were absolutely miserable. Your allergies came in just as quickly as this season had, hitting you unexpectedly.

Calum walked up the steps and into your bedroom where he discovered you beneath the covers, that were littered with dirty tissues, drinking a hot cup of tea, and watching re-runs of your favorite shows on Netflix while still fairly loopy from your allergy medication.

“Hi baby!” Calum greeted you merrily.

“Hi babe.” You replied in a scratchy, monotonous voice.

He collected up the tissues on the covers and tossed them in the trashbin beside the dresser.

“I brought you something.” He spoke with a cheery smile.

You cocked an eyebrow as your way of questioning.

He pulled a beautiful flower out from behind his back and you cooed.

“Baby, that’s so sweet!” You exclaimed, followed by a short coughing fit.

When it was over, Calum placed the flower behind your ear and admired how lovely you looked.

“You’re so cute.” Calum complimented.

Before you could even reply, a sneeze overtook your senses. Then another. And then another.

You lifted the flower from your hair.

“Thank you so much for bringing me the flower, baby, but I think it’s only making the allergies worse.” You confided with a small frown.

You handed the flower back to him.

“Right. I guess I probably should have considered that one…” Calum spoke under his breath, twirling the flower mindlessly in his fingers.

He shrugged and tossed the flower in the bin along with all of your used tissues.

“Well, if I can’t give you flowers, can I give you cuddles?” He questioned with his infamous puppy dog face.

“Of course, you goob!” You replied, pulling back the covers for him to have easier access.

He easily slid beneath them and wrapped himself around you, inhaling the scent of VapoRub that had been slathered on your chest.

Luke: Winter

Luke adored the winter months. The cold and crisp air, the enchantment of falling snowflakes, and the lights that decorated the streets in preparation for one of his favorite holidays. A holiday he couldn’t wait to share with you.

While you found Luke’s love for the season endearing; there was nothing you hated more than winter. You hated the sensation of cold and insisted that your boyfriend was thoroughly insane for enjoying it. You hated the snow, because it only meant icy streets. You did enjoy the Christmas lights, however, but only from the safety of your window with a warm cup of tea in your hand.

You were happily buried beneath the covers, along with a few extra blankets, when you felt Luke’s fingers poking at the top of your nose.

“What, Lucas?” You groaned.

“Let’s go outside! It’s so pretty! We could even build a snowman!” He exclaimed with wide eyes.

“Baby, no. It’s cold.” You whined.

You were entirely content just to stay in the comfort of your warm bed all day. But Luke wouldn’t give up. He began jumping on the bed and shaking your body until finally, you caved.

He offered you a small kiss to your pouted lips while you offered him the grumpiest face you could muster.

You dressed in several layers of everything, knowing that within seconds of walking outside you would be freezing. You were pulling on your boots by the door when you realized that you’d forgotten a hat. Luke, however, did not. He threw a beanie over his blonde bedhead and placed another one of his beanies over your head with a smile.

You spent the afternoon reluctantly building snowmen and shivering through your multiple layers of clothing, but it was all worth it to see your boyfriend happy.

As he looked up at you during his construction of his second snow creature; you couldn’t in good conscience call the deformities he was creating on your lawn ‘men’ of any kind; with your hair covered in snowflakes and your nose, cheeks, and lips red from the cold, that that simple sight of you was the real reason he claimed winter to be his favorite season.

It’s an Emergency - Luke

Summary: After getting a call from the doctor, you hurriedly get into a cab only to find that someone’s already in it. And maybe stranger’s generosity could lead to something more.

Word Count: 1800 +

A/N: Day 4!! I know I already broke the challenge, but I’d rather upload something I spent time on than rushing it last night. I’ll be uploading something later today to make up for it, hope you enjoy! x Nina


You were in a  hurry trying to hail a taxi on the bustling street of New York on a busy Friday night. Of course it was a Friday the night that the doctors had called you in for an emergency regarding your father’s health.

The doctor hadn’t said much over the phone, just that he had been in a bad accident and that you should be there as soon as you could. His vagueness scared you a little as many things could’ve happened over the course of the last time you saw him.

You weren’t sure what it was, but for some reason the universe just seemed to have a disfavor of some sort towards you, and right now it was the worst time for your misfortune.

You sighed in relief once you noticed a cab pulled up on the side of the street and so you eagerly opened the yellow door and hopped in the car, practically screaming at the driver to take you to the hospital.

What you hadn’t realized was that there was somebody already in the taxi and that the driver was pulled over looking at a map most likely for directions to where the stranger was going.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that somebody was already in here.” You said wide eyed at the realization and beginning to collect yourself to exit the vehicle.

“No, please. Sir please drive this woman to the hospital, it seems like an emergency.” The blonde said to the driver.

“You got it,” He’d said before giving the boy a chance to exit and speeding off. Well, not really speeding because traffic was horrendous in the city, but going as fast a pace as he could on a road filled with so many other cars.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You asked the stranger sitting beside you, furrowing your eyebrows at his odd generosity.

People in the city didn’t really seem to care that much about the people around them, often times too caught up in their own world. So naturally it came as a surprise to you when the boy didn’t kick you out immediately after you entered the car.

“Yes, but it seems as though your destination is of much more importance.” He responded with a thick Australian accent.

Now thinking about it, you hadn’t really taken a chance to look at the boy fully, and now that you did you were very pleased with yourself. He was very handsome with blue eyes that reflected brightly with the lights coming from the city around you. There were blonde curls poking in every direction and he was clad in a leather jacket with black skinny jeans.

His presence somehow calmed you down a little, maybe it was just his generous persona, but whatever it was it had certainly lowered your rapid heart rate.

“Well I appreciate your generosity. You don’t find that often around here.” You replied with a smile that he reciprocated.

After a silence had settled over you, you began panicking.  Worry and anxiety had washed over you as you came up with every possible thing that could’ve happened to your father. What if there was a lifelong injury or he was in a coma of some sort. You weren’t sure which, but none of the things you were coming up with seemed appealing.

“Hey, I’m sure whatever it is, it’ll be alright.” The stranger had spoke up, noticing your change in attitude after nothing had been said between you.

He reached over and took your hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze in a way he hoped soothed you.

“Thanks.” You started with a shaky smile, truly appreciating how kind he was being to you.

“I’m Luke.” He said with a much more solid grin than yours, trying his best to assure you that everything would be fine.

“Y/N.” You responded.

Soon enough the car approached the bright lights of the hospital and you gathered your things, reluctantly letting go of Luke’s hand, and getting ready to face whatever it was the doctor’s had in store for you.

“Do you want me to go in with you? I mean, unless you already have someone… I just know that if it were something bad that I’d sort of want support. Only if you want to though.” Luke offered, and you smiled at his cuteness as he rambled.

“I really appreciate it, but I’m pretty sure you said you had somewhere to be.” You reminded him as you got out your money to pay the taxi driver who had been impatiently waiting in the front seat.

“It can wait.” He said honestly, looking at you and somehow communicating with you through his eyes to agree.

“Okay, fine.” You finally obliged, desperate to just get inside the hospital, and you handing the driver the money, thanking him profusely.

The two of you hurriedly rushed to the automatic door of the hospital, the smell of disinfectant hitting you as you entered the building.

You sped to the nurse at the front desk, giving her a frantic summary of what the doctor had told you over the phone. She typed something into the computer and gave you directions to where your father was supposed to be.

Your mother had died a little while back, so your father was literally the only family you had left and the thought of losing him scared you tremendously.

You searched for a doctor who looked like they knew something, and you finally found one with the name “Garcia” on their name tag.

“Hi, my name is Y/N and I’m looking for Y/F/N. I was told he was in an accident.” You recited, looking at the doctor desperately.

“Oh yes…” The doctor went over the details, informing you that he had just went under surgery and that it would be a couple hours until he would be finished. You sighed in relief once he told you that there weren’t any major injuries and you sent a quick prayer to whatever gods up there were on your side.

You slumped into the plastic rock-hard chair in the waiting room, Luke following suit, and prepared to spend a long night at the hospital.

“Luke, I don’t want you to feel obligated to stay with me. I’ll probably end up staying the whole night and don’t want to burden you.” You said to the blond, turning to face him.

“Y/N, really, it’s fine. Like you said, you’re going to end up staying the whole night and will need someone to talk to in this bland hospital.” he replied, absentmindedly setting his hand on your upper thigh.

You raised your eyebrows and stared at his large hand resting on your leg.

“Woah, sorry!” He exclaimed with a burning red face once he realized what he’d done and removing his hand.

You laughed, trying to ease his clear embarrassment and took his hand in yours, finding comfort when your hands were connected, and lacing your fingers together.

He shot you a nervous smile and you sent him an assuring one in return, trying to tell him that it was okay.

“Hey, what do you say we look for a place to get coffee around here?” You suggested, raising your eyebrows.

Luke eagerly nodded his head and the two of you stood up and began your search for coffee shop.

It didn’t take the two of you long to find the coffee shop, aside from awkwardly stumbling in on some nurses hooking up that left you guys in a fit of laughter afterwards.

You guys had settled back in the hospital waiting room with your warm drinks in hand.

“So Luke, what do you do for a living?” You questioned with a smile, looking him in the eyes awaiting a response and sipping your coffee.

“Well I’m in college right now majoring in musical theory at NYU.” He said a bit nervously, scared of what you would think.

“That’s so cool! I’m actually majoring in political science and gov there.” You replied.

“Let me guess, future lawyer?” He guessed, taking a sip of his own drink.

You nodded your head yes in affirmation and he just smirked like he knew something you didn’t.

“What?” You questioned in confusion.

“Nothing, it’s just cute, that’s all.”

You weren’t quite sure what you were doing with Luke, were you flirting? Did he mean these things on a friendly level?’

You didn’t know what it was, but for some reason you were feeling very confident. Maybe it was the fact that your father was just in an accident and it had made you realize that life is a privilege. Whatever it was, you took the silence that settled between you as an opportunity to lightly press your lips against his.

It didn’t last long, just long enough for the two of you to taste each other. His lips were very soft and tasted like cherry. After a short amount of time, you opened your eyes, nervous of his reaction.

“Was that okay?” You asked after no response.

Luke simply nodded his head yes with this lazy grin etched on his face.

“Oh yeah,” He replied, the grin spreading wider across his face.

At some point in the night, the coffee had worn off and you had cuddled into Luke’s side which he happily let you do. You two had ended up talking the night away and playing games that the two of you made up on the spot.

Maybe it was just pure attraction or the fact that Luke’s kindness was something you didn’t find often, but you could feel the spark between you two and you didn’t want it to go away.

The doctor had returned and was calling out your name. Luke nudged you gently and nodded his head towards the doctor.

You raised your eyebrows, eyes widening in fear.

“It’ll be alright.” he whispered into your ear and kissed the side of your head before the two of you stood up and made your way towards the doctor.

“Ms. Y/L/N, I am pleased to tell you that your father did fine and will in fact be making a full recovery. He should be conscious soon.” He stated with a smile.

“Thank you doctor, you have no idea how much that means to me.” You return the smile in which he responded with a nod.

“What’d I tell you?” Luke spoke up and turning to face you.

You just rolled your eyes and smiled up at the boy, very grateful that you had him by your side tonight to keep you company.

“So, I know the hospital isn’t the ideal place to ask you, but would you want to go out with me after this? Like on a real date?” He asked with hopefulness.

“I’d love to” You responded, standing on your tiptoes to give him another quick kiss.

And in that moment, you had never been so glad that you got into that taxi.

anonymous asked:

Could you write about bff! Calum coming to visit you at your college after tour is over and he's busy swooning over you while all your dorm mates are swooning over him?

bff!Calum is what I live for because Calum would come to visit you at your college a few weeks after you had started and he had a short break between touring and promoting the new album. Your friends thought you were lying when you said your best friend was Calum and could not believe their eyes when Cal showed up at your door room one afternoon (sporting one of your schools sweatshirt that he bought when you got accepted to the school because he wanted to support you even when he was half way across the world) and some flowers with that cute grin of his. For a few hours you, Calum and your friends lounged in your dorm all while your friends continued you to try and flirt with him and gain his attention, but it was all on you. You knew Calum was acting strange from the moment he sat on your bed with you. He instantly got close, casually laying his hand near yours, and while your friends talked he would move his hand closer until his pinky was intertwined with yours (something he never did before). Little did you know, Calum didn’t just come to casually visit you, but to tell you that you were all he could think about while he was on tour.

i feel like michael would get really excited whenever he would tell you he loved you, like if you were in public he would probably tell you aT LEAST 15 times with such a happy smile on his face with his little cheeks and his eyes lighting up whenever he’d tell you—-or just over text, lowercase wouldnt be enough so he would send you ‘I LOVE YOU’ in all caps, whether it be goodnight texts or just randomly throughout the day he’d just send a quick BABE I LOVE YOU because of how fucking clingy he’d be but in the adorable way where he always wants to make sure you’re loved because you make him such a happy bean and aw my heart is melting

what i love about 5sos

Day 10

- his dorky laugh and the fact that he never stops laughing at everything
-his voice
-his little face scrunch when he gets really into singing
-his slopey lil nose i just wanna slide down

-his sMILE
-when he gets overexcited and loud
-his arm band tattoos really get me idk why but theyre hot as fuck
-guitar everything about him playing guitar
-his lil fringe he has never gotten rid of

-the lil crinkles on the sides of his eyes when he does a genuine smile
-his thick curly hair
-when he dances to the rhythm of his bass
-how much he loves all of his bandmates
-hes so deep and interested in learning

-curls curls curls
-when he plays guitar on stage and everyone dies
-hes such a dad and takes care of everyone
-how adventurous he is
-his talent is amazing and how many other well known musicians are amazed by his drumming

do you have any more to add?

Cough Syrup- Calum


Summary: Calum is gay.

“Life’s too short to even care at all, oh, I’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control”

Calum didn’t love girls. In fact, he didn’t even like them. They just reminded him of his adolescence filled with lonely friday nights and empty diner booths. None of which mattered anymore, now that  he and his band 5 Seconds of Summer were skyrocketing in fame. Calum’s life was actually perfect at the moment. He had fame, fortune, friends, and even a crush on a stellar guy he knew.

The thing was, nobody could know that Calum would rather be singing his band’s lovesongs to a boy with crazy hair and light pink lips than to any of the girls that threw themselves at him. So instead, he hid it. He went out and slept around with girls he felt no attachment to, and held his true feelings under the mask that fame had tied to him.

But then one day people found out.

The band was just out at a club in whatever city they had played that night, and Calum was practically blind drunk. All his thoughts felt delayed, and he couldn’t think about what was really happening around him. Before he knew it he had strayed from the company of his bandmates, and was wandering around the dance floor.

The beat of one of the radio’s meaningless rap songs surrounded Calum’s senses, fueling the adrenaline that was slowly replacing the sluggishness left from the alcohol. Soon he felt more excited than he had in awhile, and he was thinking about how he wanted one thing: a guy. Any guy he could find to put his hands on.

It only took a few moments for people to start surrounding Calum, most of which were overly made up girls with boobs pushed up to their noses’. Calum started to roll his hips to the beat, lettings the girls around him grind on him, their phones recording. Calum didn’t care though, because as he did so his eyes locked with a mysterious boy with thick lips and bad intentions.

Calum immediately danced away from the group, wincing as some greedy hands grabbed sensitive places. Moments later Calum was dancing near the boy he had saw, the boy inching closer and closer to Calum to the rhythm of the music. Calum smiled darkly as the boy’s body collided with his, the contact sending electric shocks through Calum’s aching body.

“Names, André,” The boy whispered against Calum’s ear, a hispanic accent rolling off his tongue.

Calum was instantly seduced, the large amount of beer in his system controlling his actions. One thing led to another, and soon they were both rushing out of the club, desperate to get somewhere private where their hands could roam where the eyes couldn’t see. In his drunken horny haze, Calum had forgotten who he was, and the reputation he had to uphold.

But it all came back to his mind when he stepped outside the club doors, the lights of cameras and the shouts of paparazzi filling his senses. He tried to escape the mob, but they had already seen him. The real him. The one was in love with boys, and sometimes just wanted to act upon this love.

The world knew Calum Hood was gay.

“These fishes in the sea they’re staring at me oh oh, Oh oh oh oh, A wet world aches for a beat of a drum, Oh”

Calum woke up in his hotel room, with a pounding headache. He groaned instinctively, realizing he had a hangover. He rolled over to find an empty bed, and was slightly surprised. Normally on nights out with the boys he came home with at least one random girl. Calum sat up, rubbing his eyes and reaching for his phone. He turned it on to find millions- no billions of notifications. There were texts from almost every person in his contacts list, including many from his management.

He sighed unlocking the phone and reading the messages. A confused look grew on his face as he was sent many links to news articles. He clicked on at random, to be met with a picture of himself and a random hispanic dude both of which had swollen lips and hickey’s littering their neck’s. Calum’s heart fell as the realization of what was happening started to sink in. He read some more messages from friends and even his sister, questioning whether it was true. It was like all hell had come crashing down on his head.

Everyone knew. Even twitter had blown up, many hashtags trending. Most of the fans were supportive, they’d always hope one of the band member were gay anyways. Calum smiled at all the positive comments, despite the tears of fear running down his cheeks. He always knew the fans would support him, even after keeping it a secret for so long.

Calum felt semi-confident about the situation now, and threw his legs over the bed in excitement. Now that the secret was out, he didn’t have anything to hide. It was like a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. He smiled brightly when he changed into a sweatshirt and shorts, heading downstairs to meet the boys at the hotel’s breakfast.

As soon as Calum reached the elevator, he felt his mood begin to fall. He was in the elevator with Ashton, and all he did was stare at Calum. Ashton turned away, staring at the floor as the elevator rode downwards, completely ignoring Calum’s existence. It was like Calum was some sort of alien that needed to be feared and ignored. When they both arrived at the table to eat breakfast with the rest of the boys, they acted no different. Luke stared down into his food, like it was the most interesting thing on the planet. Michael attempted to smile at Calum, but it looked more like a grimace. Breakfast was silent, and sullen which made Calum lose his appetite. He felt like a burden on them, something holding them back from talking to each other.

Finally Calum broke the silence, unable to handle it anymore.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, worry and fear lacing his voice.

“I don’t know man, you tell me,” Luke responded quickly, his voice cruel.

Calum was taken aback by Luke’s tone, and finally realized how angry everyone really was. Ashton’s fists were clenched around his glass, and Michael tapped his leg angrily.

“It was just some boy,” Muttered Calum, forcibly shoving some dry toast in his mouth.

Ashton snapped, his attention on Calum.

“Some boy that makes the fans think we sleep around like scumbags!” He yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

“You guys do the same thing with girls all the fucking time!” Calum fought back, recalling all the tabloids that had ever been published with some slutty girl on the boys’ hip.

“That different,” Muttered Luke, avoiding eye contact.

Calum scoffed, getting up from the table. He stormed off towards the hotel lobby, desperate for some air to clear his head. He heard footsteps come after him, but he ignored them. He pushed through the front doors of the hotel to be met with screams of fans and paparazzi.

Calum sighed annoyed, realizing for the second time in the last 24 hours that he was in fact a “celebrity”.

Calum was blinded by all the flashing lights, and all he could hear was the sounds of paparazzi shouting things at him. It was all blurring together and Calum felt a sense of panic filling his chest. However,the words of a particularly loud interviewer rang out, grabbing Calum’s attention.

“Is it true you are gay Calum?”

Calum heard himself let out a soft yes, causing all the sounds and flashes cease. It was like a spell had entranced everyone, and they stared at him with dead wide eyes, like fish. Calum looked around at everyone, expecting them to unfreeze and continue like in a movie.

But to his dismay they all stayed still, staring at him. Calum’s heart started to race, his eyes looking in every direction to be met with a pair staring right back at him. It was like a horror movie, but there was no way to turn it off. Calum’s breath began to come out fast and labored, like he was running out of oxygen. He felt like everything was closing in on him, like the eyes were slowly creeping closer and closer. Calum backed up against the door of the hotel, attempting to grab his bearings, but everything was spinning, the eyes swarming him like tiny bugs. His mind felt like it had melted, and the eyes no longer belonged to people, but were an animal of their own. They were in his hair and covering his feet, and they filled his mouth until he couldn’t breath.

Calum thought he was going to be suffocated by the flying eyes when a hand grabbed his, dragging him back into the hotel lobby.

“If I could find a way to see this straight, I’d run away, To some fortune that I, I should have found by now”

Calum stared at the ceiling of the hotel, his mind spinning. He gasped for breath, his hand clutching onto the one of the person who had grabbed him. It took a few minutes for Calum’s breathing to become regular, and his mind to slow down. He felt everything in his body calm and he turned to be met with the green eyes of Michael. He looked worried, staring at Calum as if he had a seen a ghost.

When Michael realized Calum had stabilized, he let go of his hand, backing up a bit. Calum felt a pang of hurt in his chest, but sat up slowly.

“What just happened?” Calum questioned, convinced what he just saw wasn’t real.

“I don’t know, you left angrily and next thing I know you’re pressed up against the hotel doors like a fish out of water or something,” Michael said, still weary of being close to Calum.

Calum stood up, regaining his grip on reality. He looked at Michael, a boy whom yesterday was his best friend. Michael looked concerned, but also scared. Calum wasn’t sure if he was scared for Calum’s health or scared of Calum.

“Are you scared?” Calum asked, walking closer to Michael.

Michael fidgeted a bit, his eyes focused on the decreasing space between them.

“I’m scared for your health yeah. You literally almost passed out there dude.”

Calum kept walking, so his face was mere inches from Michael’s. Michael looked incredibly uncomfortable, like Calum was going to rub off a disease on him.

“Say it to my face then,” Calum said, his eyes looking straight into Michael’s.

Michael backed away from Calum, silent. Calum let out a sigh, confirming his belief that he was scared. Scared of what, Calum still couldn’t understand, but he knew he was scared. Calum turned away from Michael, remembering why he had even gone outside in the first place.

This time, Calum went out the back of the hotel, with sunglasses and a thick beanie hiding his identity. He walked down the sidewalk of the city he still didn’t know the name of, admiring the plain beauties of his surroundings. He smiled as he saw couples in restaurant booths, and laughed at the mime desperate for money on the street corner. Calum liked how simple everything was around him, people just being people.

Calum’s thoughts wandered as he took in the city, to what could have been. Without the fame who was Calum Hood? Was he just a simple boy meant to work in a coffee shop his entire life? Or was he meant to travel the world, discovering the real meaning of why humans walked the earth the way they do. Oh, how Calum longed for a life without cameras and gossip.

He could see it in his mind as he walked. He would be an author, who instead of putting his feelings to songs, would put his feelings into books. He would tell stories of coffee shop romances, and of star crossed lovers who would do anything for one last kiss. Calum smiled at the idea. He wished he could turn back time, and do it all different. Live a life where he could be himself, and be free of judgement.

Calum wished he could just run away from it all and start again.

“Life’s too short to even care at all, oh, oh, I’m coming up now, coming up now out of the blue, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, these zombies in the park they’re looking for my heart, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, A dark world aches for a splash of the sun,”

Calum was broken from his thoughts and fantasies by spotting a park ahead. He walked towards it, beckoned by the sounds of dogs barking and children laughing. Upon entering the park Calum found a bench, and decided to sit and people watch. He hoped it would make him feel better, since his walk had definitely boosted his mood significantly.

Calum relaxed into the bench, his attention immediately being grabbed by some boys skateboarding. They laughed like nothing mattered to them in the world, and they didn’t care about the disapproving looks the adults around them were giving. Calum admired them, the way they didn’t care about judgement. Calum felt a surge of confidence race through him, and he walked over to the group.

“Hey can I try?” Calum asked, trying his best to hide his Australian accent.

The boys nodded and one handed him one of their skateboards. Calum got on it easily, his skills from grade school kicking in. He sped through the park, the other boys laughing and skating after him. A dopey grin spread across Calum’s face as the wind hit him. He didn’t seem to notice when the beanie fell off his head, and his sunglasses fell off his face. He stopped when he reached a pond on the other side of the park, thanking the skateboarders. They smiled and left, probably off to disappoint their parents or something.

Calum’s mood felt boosted as he stood in front of the pond, just reminiscing in the feeling of freedom that had washed over him. It was like a small taste of everything he had ever wanted, and he didn’t want to let it fade quite yet.

A tap on his shoulder made Calum turn, to be face with a girl who looked about his age.

“Hey, are you Calum Hood?” She asked, batting her eyelashes.

“Um, yeah,” Calum said, bracing himself for hugs and pictures.

Instead the girl laughed cruelly before responding, “How’s it feel to have destroyed your band because your a fag.”

Calum was taken aback by what the girl said, angry at her words.

“I’m not a fag,” Calum said, disgusted.

“Oh did I hurt your poor gay feelings?” The girl sneered.

Calum felt rage bubble in his veins. He hated this girl, and her stupid slurs. It was a new feeling to Calum, the feeling that he just wanted to crush her small head in his muscular arms. It blinded his judgement, and without think he lunged at her, tackling her to the ground. He threw a few punches to her small frame, before stopping abruptly. He met eyes with the girl, whose nose was red and had blood dripping from it. She looked so afraid of him, just like Michael had. Calum climbed off her, ashamed of what he had just done.

He saw people starting to stare again, this time their bodies moving slowly towards him, like zombies. Calum felt his brain turning to putty again, and heart started to race. He turned, afraid of himself and the people around him, and ran back towards the city. He pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt, having lost the beanie and tried to blend with the crowd of people sitting on the sidewalk. Calum walked for a while, trying to control his breathing. He couldn’t understand anything anymore. He knew there were haters out there, he’d always had them.

Why did it hurt so much more now?

“And so I run now to the things they said could restore me, Restore life the way it should be, I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down”

To say Calum felt bad was an understatement. He barely knew who he was anymore. He had lost his best friends, had completely broken down twice, and punched a girl within the last couple of hours. On top of all that, it had started to downpour, and Calum didn’t have a clue where he was. He sighed, trying to pull his hoodie tighter around him, trying to keep his now shivering body somewhat warm. After walking for about an hour, he gave up and dunked into a random store. He was met with what looked like a pharmacy, but it was completely empty except for a middle aged man who sat behind a register.

“Can I help you with something?” The man asked, a bored expression on his face.

Calum shrugged, walking over to where the guy stood.

“I don’t know anymore, my entire body feels like a sack of rocks.”

The man let out a dry chuckle, reaching for a bottle from the display in front of him.

“Judging by the sound of your raspy voice, you have a cold. Here’s some cough syrup, but be careful dude– an overdose of this will fry your brain”

Calum took the bottle turning it over in his hands. Now that he thought of it, he did feel an uncomfortable tingling in his throat. He paid for the cough syrup, taking it and heading to the nearest motel he could find. He couldn’t be bothered with finding the hotel anymore anyways.

He checked into a rundown motel that smelled of mold and sweat, and sat on the stiff bed staring at the wall. Calum’s body ached of fatigue and sickness, and all he really wanted was to sleep for a very long time. He took some of the cough syrup, pouting his lips at the tangy taste of cherry it left in his mouth. Calum hated cherry. He tried to lay down, his body tired but couldn’t get his mind to quiet down. All he could think about was the things he had seen today. The people staring at him like dead fish, the fear in Michael’s eyes, and the people that looked at him like zombies.

Each image flashed through his head like a movie, every time it repeated worst than the last.

Fish, Eyes, Zombies.

It was like a chant his brain was making. It made his head pound to the rhythm his heart was beating, and he couldn’t stop it. Calum laid on the motel bed completely numb, wishing his brain would just shut up. All he wanted was for it to stop, because the more he thought about it, the more he hated himself. He hated how the paparazzi stared at him like he should be ashamed of himself. He hated how the people in the park stared at him, like he was deranged and crazy.

Most of all, he hated how the boy who he called his best friend, who he had loved since he was 14 years old, and who he wrote every single damn love song about, couldn’t even look him in the eyes without fearing him. Fearing Calum.

Calum felt like a monster, someone that was dangerous and couldn’t be controlled, and it consumed his every thought.

“One more spoon of cough syrup now, whoa. One more spoon of cough syrup now, whoa.”

Calum sat up, his eyes practically blinded by the pain he felt in his head. He only had one objective in his mind, shutting his brain off. He wanted it all to stop. He wanted to stop thinking and feeling.

He didn’t want to be alive anymore.

Calum reached aimlessly for the cough syrup, his hands gripping the bottle tightly when he found it on the bedside table. He unscrewed the cap haphazardly, drinking as much of it he could before his mind started blanking and stopping. He body twitched painfully, and the bottle fell from Calum’s shaking hands, shattering on the floor.

Calum forced his body to lay back on the bed, his eyes staring up at the ceiling as waves of pain washed over him like tidal waves. The pain soon ceased though, and everything felt heavy. Calum stared upward, realizing that he wasn’t only shutting down his mind, he was shutting down his body.

He was dying.

Calum didn’t care though, in fact he felt relieved.

Afterall, what’s the point of being alive, if you can’t even love?

Telepathic!Michael Part 2

A story about potential soulmates - Part 1

“I can’t believe you’ve known about me for two days and you’ve already found me. Do you have any idea how long i’ve been looking for you?”

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: mentions of sex

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sgfgluke  asked:

im rlly sad about the boys going on hiatus so maybe could you write me a luke blurb or something to cheer me up :((

Okay so this request was made by cierrahemmingslove, but it’s also about my boy Luke so I hope it cheers you up! :) xx

“Babe?” Luke asks as he walks through the front door of your shared home. “Where are you?”

“In here, Luke,” you answer from the kitchen, a smile in your voice.

After dropping his bags by the front door he runs into the kitchen, anticipation evident on his face.

“Well?” He urges, a huge smile across his face. He walks toward you and places his large hands on your growing stomach. “Are we having a little boy or girl?”

You giggle at his impatience. “It’s nice to see you too, Luke. I’ve missed you.”

You had gone to your doctor’s appointment this morning to find out the gender of your baby. Luke wanted more than anything to be there with you, but he and the boys were on a plane back from L.A. It’s been almost a month since you’ve seen each other in person, and Luke hated every second of it. He especially hated that he had to miss such an important appointment.

Luke leans down and places a soft kiss on your lips. He pulls away too quickly, though, and continues to stare anxiously into your eyes.

“Come on, (Y/N), I’m dying here. I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole flight,” he begs.

You walk over to the counter where you’ve got a small gift bag waiting. You pick it up and hand it to Luke and he glances at it nervously.

“Open it, daddy,” you tell him, earning another smile from your boyfriend.

He quickly reaches through the tissue paper and pulls out a small pink onesie. His eyes go wide and he quickly looks back and forth between you and the piece of clothing in his hand.

“We’re having a little girl?” He asks, his voice just a whisper now.

You nod and place your hands on your belly as tears start to form in your eyes. Normally you’d blame your tears on the hormones, but seeing Luke this genuinely excited about the baby is making you feel incredibly happy.

He starts to wrap you in a hug, but you gently push him away. He seems confused, but you motion to the gift bag again.

“There’s more,” you say.

The confused look is still on his face as he reaches his hand back into the bag and pulls out another onesie, but this time it’s blue.

His eyebrows furrow together and he looks up at you.

“Wait, we’re having a boy?” 

You nod and Luke looks back down at the onesies, clearly confused. You sigh and take them from him. You hold them both up in front of your pregnant belly.

“One of each,” you say.

Luke looks at you in complete shock, and for a second you’re worried that he might pass out. But then tears start to stream down his face and he immediately dives toward you, wrapping his arms around your large figure.

“Oh my god,” he breathes. “We’re having twins.”

“Twins,” you confirm, your voice muffled by the happy tears that are now steadily flowing down your face.

“We’re going to be a family, (Y/N),” Luke whispers. “You, me, Luke Jr., and Michaela.”

You pull away and smirk at him. “I thought we agreed we weren’t naming our kids after anyone, including you.”

He shrugs. “Fine, we’ll think of another boy name.”

“Michaela?” You ask. “You just stuck an ‘a’ on the end of Mikey’s name. You might as well tattoo ‘I’m in love with Michael Clifford’ on my forehead, babe.”

He rolls his eyes. “Mike is pushing for it. Calum wants Callie, and Ashton wants Ashlyn.”

You laugh. “Well tell them sorry, but none of those are happening. We’ll come up with our own names.”

Luke nods in agreement, still smiling. “Deal.”

#43 with Michael Clifford

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“What would I do without you?”

Mike’s POV

Today, is the day. Sounds Live Feels Live is starting, I can’t believe my band has made it this far. I absolutely love touring it’s the best part of the job. The toughest part of this whole entire thing is leaving the rest of our heart at home, with our girlfriends. My girlfriend, Y/N and I have been together for about 9 months now. We are extremely close, well we have always been since the moment we first met. As we are walking through the terminal to customs I’m texting her about how much I’ll miss her and the usual goodbye messages. As soon as we step to the terminal I reach into my back pocket for my passport to realize it is not there. I swear I put my permit in there. I’m almost 100% positive that I grabbed it. Shit! This is possibly the second time I will be stranded somewhere, I can’t do this before the tour. I instantly dial Y/N’s number into my phone, she can drive her really quickly and try to miss traffic. She can get here before my plane right? Oh my fuck! I can’t believe I did this. She picks up the phone almost immediately.

“OMG Y/N, you need to get my passport off of the table and rush here and bring it to me!” I frantically say into the phone.

“Haha, Mikey really?” Y/N giggles.

“This isn’t a laughing matter if I do not have my passport soon I will not be able to go on the flight. If I don’t go on my flight then I won’t be able to go on tour and disappoint everyone of our fans.” I almost start crying.

“Mikey, please take a deep breath and listen to me. I noticed you left your passport on the table so I put it in the small pocket of your backpack. It’s in there, don’t worry” Y/N calmly replies.

I reach into my backpack pocket and grab my passport. It has a note on it that say, “you may need this, my love. Y/N xoxo <3”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you? What would I do without you?” I laugh into the phone.

“I think you have told me a couple of times. And probably be stuck in a foreign country.” Y/N replies.

“Haha princess, I have to go. I love you so much! See you soon” I state.

“Love you too Mikey!” Y/N replies.

Day 9

“Hey babe do you think you could paint my nails they always look so nice and neat when you do them.” Calum pouted and batted his eyelashes at you. No one could resist that face so you took the polish from his hand and sat criss cross on the couch next to him. He gave you a huge smile when you sat down and you couldn’t help but giggle.

He sat patiently as you did finger by finger and held almost perfectly still not wanting to mess you up. This would happen at least once a week and you really enjoyed getting to paint Calums nails. He usually watched you with concentration on his face as if trying to learn how he could do it like you. “You’re so cute ya know that Cal?”

“What do you mean? I’m not cute I’m manly.” At this he showed you his bicep of the arm with the hand you weren’t currently painting.

“Oh please you can’t even grow facial hair you’re practically a hairless baby.” You booped his nose and could’t stop giggling. At this point you finished his nails and layed back on the couch laughing.

“Oh really? A baby? I think you’re the baby in this relationship.” Calum then proceeded to scoop you up in his arms cradling you like a child. You couldn’t stop laughing still so he decided to tickle you as well. You both laughed until your sides hurt and Calum finally put you down.

“Oh shit, um Y/N, would you mind um…” You looked up to see your boyfriend had smudged one of his nails because the paint wasn’t dry yet. You sighed and say back down reaching for his hand.

“This is why you don’t paint children’s nails they always mess them up.” Calum smiled while rolling his eyes and you both had a great night.