Michael pretending to chase the monsters out of her daughter’s bedroom because she thinks there’s monsters hiding under her bed so she refuses to go to sleep and only her big, strong Daddy Michael can do such a brave thing like that for her baby girl


when you level up

If you date one member of 5sos you have to accept the fact that your going to have to parent the other three. Constantly yell at them to stop sexually touching each other, scold them for consuming 10 pounds of vegimite per day, and for the sake of Calums future children keep him from mooning the entire human race goddammit.

Ok funny thing about this is that I’m actually allergic to cats lol. Btw sorry for taking so long I kinda forgot to write it .

Having a cat was the most annoying thing to you. You always had to clean out his litter box and buy him food. Also he would always look at you as if he was better than you which to be honest, annoyed the shit out of you. Someone who did like your cat though was Michael. Michael was your best friend. You guys met through Luke and you guys hit it off instantly. Every time you and Michael would hang out with the boys he would always ask you if he could come to your house and play with your cat. 

Today after you and the boys were hanging out Michael asked you if he could come home with you to play with your cat.

“(Y/N) can I come and see your cat. Please” he begged.

“Sure Michael get in the car”

“Yay” Michael cheered walking to the passenger seat.

“See you guys later then” You waved good bye to the other boys.

When you and Michael got to your house Michael immediately started looking around for your cat.

“C’mere kitty kitty” Michael would call out. After about 10 minutes of looking around he found him under your bed.

“There you are” Michael was on his stomach as he pulled your cat out from under your bed. Once he retrieved the cat he held him as if he were a baby. You watched as Michael brought him to your living room. 

“Here’s a box of Joey’s toys Mikey, knock yourself out” You handed Michael a box full of cat toys you bought but never actually used. He pulled out a stick with feathers on the end of it and whirled it around Joey. Joey started chasing it ,jumping around the floor.

“hey we should dye his fur, I’v seen people do it on like tumblr and shit” Michael said as he pulled out a small lazer pointer.

“um no” You answered without hesitation. Michael laughed and turned on the lazer pointer. Joey immediately noticed it and started chasing after the red beam as Michael pointed it to the walls. Michael, every once in a while, would turn off the beam and watch Joey look around in confusion wondering where the beam had gone. Every time he did this he would started laughing, eyes closing shut and throwing his head back as if it were the funniest thing in the world.