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Text AU

You confuse them with Meghan Trainor lyrics (!!)
You loose something stupid (!!)
You love superheroes (!)
you play hide and seek (!) 
They think you are ignoring them (!)
Harry Potter (***)
you give him a heart attack (***)
Kitchen mishaps (***)
you buy a dog (***) 
You have a bad day at school (**)
Calum finding out that you had a seizure but you left your phone at home (**)
Michael’s black hair (*)
supernatural 5sos part 2.5 (the other parts are found in preferences) (*)


you make him cum his pants *smut*  (!)
Bus Bunk mishaps  (!)
You get in a car crash and lose your memory (***)
You get in a car crash and lose your memory part 2 (**)
Supernatural 5sos *requested* (***)
Supernatural 5sos part 2 *requested* (*)
Supernatural 5sos part 3 *requested* (*)
supernatural 5sos part 4 *requested* (*)
supernatural 5sos part 5 *requested* (*)
supernatural 5sos part 6 (*)
supernatural 5sos part 7 (*)
supernatural 5sos part 8 
supernatural 5sos part 9 
Pap problems *requested* (***)
He thinks you are cheating on him (***)
He thinks you are cheating on him part 2  (**)
Shutting him out *requested*  (**)
You’re his celebrity crush (**)
Camp half blood AU  (**)
Camp Half-blood part 2  (*)
Camp half blood part 3
Finding out you are pregnant (*)
He’s your best friend but you have a crush on someone else (*)
he is your best friend but you have a crush on someone else part 2 *requested*
having an argument/fight (*)
having a argument/fight part 2  (*)
you like him but to him you are just friends  (*)
Part 2 (*)
insecurities (*)
Love me like you do *song preference*   (*)
He takes care of you when you are sick
he insults you and the boys defend you
You ruin me by the veronicas*song preference*
When you’re gone Avril lavigne *song preference*
Natalia Kills-Problem 


Skype sex with visual  *smut* (***)
My wallflower (Nerd) (*)
My Wallflower Part 2
Luke Vs Ashton  (*)
Personal Ashton imagine for wrecking-ball-love
Michael Vs Ashton
Calum Vs Ashton 
Golden Compass AU
He walks in on your masturbating *smut*  (***)
He walks in on your masturbating part 2 *smut*  (**)
Skype sex with visual *smut* (**)    
Michael smut, overprotective older brother Luke  (**)
Michael imagine where you’ve been dating a long time but Harry has a thing for you  (*)
Secret boyfriend Michael  (*)
Michael Imagine Welcome home  *smut* (*)
Michael Vs Ashton 
You’re just not punk rock enough for me  (*)
Bad boy Michael (*)
He’s not that bad (*)
He’s not that bad part 2 (*)
No Sleep of the Wicked
Parenthood is hard 
I like you, not him. *smut* (***)
Neighbour (*)
Luke imagine Dont you forget me (*)
Luke Imagine Panic attack (*)
Luke Vs Ashton  (*)
Skype sex with visual *smut* (*)
Luke imagine shower sex  *smut* (*)
Backstage fun *smut* 
Luke song imagine “Our July in the Rain” by He is We
Luke Imagine Not so secret relationship
Luke Imagine you like him but he doesn’t feel the same
Luke has a headache 
Silent treatment from him (**) 
Mad at Calum (*) 
Secret love affair with Calum (*) 
personal Calum visual imagine for hoodswhisper  *smut*
Calum imagine He has a headache
Calum Vs Ashton 

Bad Boy werewolf michael (!!)

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Ashton doesn’t like cats (^)
Michael’s voice (!!)
5 members of one direction (^^)
My friend and I on the phone (**)
What’s ‘wrong’ about she’s kinda hot (!)


Dry humping (!)
People in chairs have more fun (!)
Yes sir!  (!)
We dont need the bedroom (!)
Eating out (***)
Teasing  (***)
Keep your underwear on (***)
Bath/shower (**)
Under the table fun (**)
Midnight at the pool (**)
Lingerie  (**)
Lets go to the kitchen! (**)
Against the wall  (**)
Thigh riding (**)
Car sex  (**)
Do you want to be a cowgirl? (*)
Angry fun  (*)
Squirting  (*)
Bondage  (*)
Holding Hands (*)
Orgasm  (*)
Fingering  (**)
FxFxM threesome  (*)
Wedding night (*)
MXMXF threesome  (*)

27 - They come home from tour

A/N Sorry this is so short it’s hard to think of a different concept 4 times over sometimes but still enjoy - Mill x


You walked into the airport where you knew Ashton would be arriving, you hadn’t seen him in 3 months and you were missing him so much. You knew there would be fans waiting but the boys had tried to make it more discrete about when they were coming home. You walked up to where they would be getting off the plane and sat in a near by cafe. You ordered yourself a coffee and some food as you were still a bit early. 10 minutes later you saw crowds of people going up to the gates. You pushed through the crowd and saw him walking out with Luke. You ran towards him wrapping your arms and legs around him. “God I missed you.” He said bringing your face down to kiss you. “I missed you too so much.” You replied and he put you down holding your hand and not letting go until you reached the car.


2:16 am was the time the clock read, you couldn’t sleep and you decided to go get a drink of water. As you were doing this you heard keys turn in the door and saw a tired looking Calum walk through it. You were shocked, running and jumping on him hugging him as tightly as you could. He laughed dropping his bag and staggering back slightly. “I missed you so much.” You say before kissing him. “I missed you too baby.” He replied, kissing him again. “You didn’t tell me you were coming home you dick.” You said hitting him but then laughing and hugging him again. “I wanted to surprise you.” He replied, “At 2 am?” You laughed. “I wasn’t thinking…just kiss me.” He said smirking and you complied with his wishes.


Luke had been away for almost 2 months you missed your best friend so much. Even if he called you almost everyday and texted whenever he got free time it wasn’t the same as him being here with him. You knew he was coming home today and you were sat waiting for him. Your foot tapping gently against the floor as you tried and failed to wait patiently. That’s when you heard a car pull  up and you opened the door running out and jumping into his open arms. “I missed you.” You said as he stroked your hair. “I missed your hugs.” He joked putting you down and putting his backpack on walking with you to the house. “Y/N I realised something on tour…” He started. “Oh yeah? What was that?” You asked from the kitchen as he want on the doorframe. “I hated being away from you, I hated not being able to see you everyday or to hug you or touch you.” He said moving closer. “And I was wondering if it’d hurt to kiss you?” You stopped what you were doing and looked at him shocked by his words. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt.”


“Y/N come out with me.” Y/F/N asked you through the phone. “Okay, meet you at yours in 20.” You replied finally giving into her. You met up at her house then went into town to do shopping and then have a meal. You were sat in your favourite small Italian restaurant and you had just ordered when you heard someone ask, “Is this seat taken?” You looked up and your mouth fell open as you saw Michael standing there. “Oh my god.” You explained standing up hugging him tightly then kissing him. “Of course this seat is not taken.” You said laughing. He laughed too before saying, “I missed you beautiful.” You blushed, “I missed you too.” Quickly kissing him again before turning to ask your friend if she had anything to do with this. Of course she did, she even picked your favourite restaurant to go to. You were glad she did what she did and that evening you sat hand in hand with your boyfriend eating good pizza and joking with your best friend.

ok so you’ve been hanging out with calum more and more lately and you find yourself falling for his puppy dog eyes and geeky personality and the way he pouts when you beat him at fifa bit by bit but you don’t wanna tell him because, duh he’s caLUM HOOD, and too amazing to ever fall for lil ol’ you, so one day when your friend accidentally blurts out that you have this huge crush on him you get so embarrassed that you lock yourself in your room and don’t talk to him for weeks, way too horrified by his rejection but when calum finally confronts you about it and asks why you won’t talk to him and you just mumble ‘because it’s literally impossible you even feel anything towards me’ he just chuckles and shakes his head and takes your cheeks in his hands and kisses you softly omfg WHAT HAVE I DONE

“Michael, you’re not gonna believe what I’m learning!” You said excitedly, clapping your hands. You grabbed your phone and showed him the song you had been practicing playing with your dial tones. He burst out laughing and you kept that huge grin on your face. “This is so cool, isn’t it?” You asked with excitment in your eyes. Michael couldn’t help but smile as well, because seeing you excited about something was something he loved. You were just so happy and Michael was so happy that you were happy even if it was just over a small thing. That was one of the many things he loved about you.

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‘If you could see me now’

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summary: would you stand in disgrace or take a bow, oh if you could see my now [If you could see me now, The Script] (4/4)

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“Fuck you Hood.”

“Isn’t that the goal here babe?”

CHAPTER 23 - Defensive -


Calum was slouched on the bleachers, watching the intense game of soccer being played in front of him. The rest of the boys were sitting along the seats on their phones texting their girlfriends. Calum couldn’t text Ivy when he was around the boys, they would always look over Calum’s shoulder to see who it was he would be texting. Calum placed his head in his hands and sighed deeply.

“Dude, where were you last night? I came home from hanging out with Sophia and you were gone. What time did you come home, I didn’t hear you come in?” Michael asked, his hand resting on Calum’s shoulder. “I came home around 8, don’t worry where I was.” Calum muttered, keeping his eyes on the best player in the team, number 17. Michael mumbled something that Calum couldn’t seem to make out so he just shrugged it off.

Calum felt different after last night, he wasn’t sure why though. He seemed to have the best night with Ivy, even though they both spend in a freezing cold dome. Calum remembered when he was carrying Ivy in the rain and how beautiful she looked under the moonlight, he couldn’t explain the feeling he got at that moment in time.

“I brought us some lunch, here guys.” Luke placed it down on the seat in front of them, passing a small bucket of hot chips to everyone. “Thanks bro.” Calum smiled, stuffing a chip into his mouth, licking his lips. “Shit, looks like we’re going to lose another game!” Ashton stomped, his face turning red. “If we lose next weeks our team won’t make it to the finals.” Luke grumbled.

The school soccer team had won the finals last year, due to luck when the opposing team’s best player was accused of taking steroids. Calum dipped his chips into the sauce before chucking them in his mouth, rubbing his eyes.

“You guys lost another game! You guys are aware if we lose another game we have no chance of getting into the finals!” the coach yelled, pacing back and forth in front of the puffing and warn out players. “We tried coach.” “Not hard enough Johnston!” the coach retorted, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

The coach stormed off in a huff, leaving the team sitting on the bleachers back talking him. “You guys did good!” Calum jumped, patting the guys on the backs. They spoke back with a crowd of Thanks dude’s and We could’ve done better’s. “Oh my god guys, look at those girls over there! Wahoo, damn!” one of the players said pointing over to tree where four girls were sitting on the floor talking.

“The one with the black beanie, isn’t that Ivy? God she looks smoking!” another said. Calum shot him a glare, anger building up inside of him. “Watch what you say mate.” Calum stated, looking the jock in the eyes. “Why? What are you gonna do? You like her or something?” the jock raised his eyebrows, the players surrounded him.

“Calum, stop.” Michael said, pulling Calum’s shirt from behind. Calum slapped Michael’s hand away, muttering something to the jocks under his breath before walking away. Calum couldn’t believe the boys didn’t even step up to defend their girlfriends that were also sitting over there.

“Sorry about that guys. Don’t say it though okay? Our girlfriend’s are over there and Ivy is my best friend so please don’t.” Luke smiled politely before following behind Calum.

Sorry its a short and shitty chapter!

~Paige xo
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vampire!michael (fanfic) ch.16


2 weeks later

No calls, no texts, nothing from Michael. It’s like he’s dropped off the face of the earth. We all know he’s in that apartment with her, probably fucking her. Probably cuddling up beside her on the couch. Everytime I thought about it my stomach would ache. For now, I was trying to keep my mind off of it. I woke up, went to class, came home, made dinner for everyone, ate dinner, watched a couple episodes of The Mindy Project with Luke and Scarlett and then go to bed. That’s what I did everyday, thought I did still cry myself to sleep everynight. Typically Luke or Scarlett would end up in my bed at some point, spooning me until I fell back asleep. I cut my hair one night in a fit of frustration then dyed it dark. I started wearing less makeup, more black clothes. More hoodies. More sweatpants. I felt there to be no point to even trying anymore. Some of the guys in my class have commented on how ‘I look a hell of a lot different’ meaning that I look like complete and total shit now. I knew it was true, the bags under my eyes were darker than ever, and my skin somehow got even paler, I fit in even more with my friends now. I would rarely go out with everyone, they’d go out and have drinks. Luke would always stay with me no matter how much I argued with him to go. 'I’m staying and that’s the end of it.’ Is what he would always say. God I hated being suffocated like this. It’s like everyone was constantly waiting for me to breakdown and lose my shit mid-day. I’d made a couple visits to see Victor, tell him about how I met up with Mom, and how she was a complete and total bitch. He, of course, wanted to see her. So I told him where he could find her. On my way to campus everyday I would see her, sitting in the window, reading and drinking a coffee. But I’d never go in, not having the emotional strength to deal with her.

I sat at the bus stop picking the dirt under my fingernails, the cool breeze of fall wrapping around my body. My head bobbed along slightly to the music playing through my headphones, I tilted my face up to feel the warm sun on my skin. Sitting in a classroom for 3 hours, listening to my professor go on and on about global warming wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to spend my afternoon. The bus pulled up, I swiped my card and found a seat at the back. Some days after class, I would sit on the bus and let it drive the full route once before going around again and getting off at my stop. The only person I could handle being around right now was myself, the problem with your bestfriends being vampires is that they can track you wherever you go, you get no peace. I got off the bus outside of the house and sighed deeply before opening the door. Calum and Luke were playing video games, their tongues stuck out in concentration. I plopped down on the couch and shoved a piece of licorice in my mouth.

“Good day?” Calum asked and I shrugged.


He smiled over at me before elbowing Luke in the stomach and crawling overtop of him, yelling about how Luke was cheating somehow. I laughed and got up, Scarlett was sitting in the backyard on her laptop.

“Hey love.” I kissed the top of her head and sat down on the chair next to her.

“Violet! Just the one I was looking for. Let’s say you and I go out tonight. Just us. And Dani. We can go get dinner, and go see a movie! Nothing crazy, I promise. I just wanna get you out of the house.” I groaned and put my head in my hands.

“Scar come on.” I pulled the hood of my sweatshirt over my head and pretending to suffocate myself.

“I figure you need a break from Luke too, since he’s basically shoved up your ass.”

“What?” Luke shouted from the living room and she raised her eyebrow at me.

“Fuck, fine. Let me go get changed.”

“Yay yay yay!!” She cheered and clapped her hands. I slowly walked down the hall and pushed open the bedroom door, there were clothes all over the floor, I hadn’t done laundry in weeks. Kicking piles of dirty clothes out of the way, I opened the closet and saw a clean black maxi dress. I guess it would have to do. I put a bit of makeup on and straightened my hair, I liked it short, it was easier and I think it really suited me. I walked back downstairs and grabbed my purse off of the hook in the hallway.

“I’m ready!” I shouted and sat down on the chair at the dining room table.

“Well don’t you look nice.” Luke smirked and sat across from me.

“Shut up.”

“Hey, I’m serious. You look hot.” He bit his lip at me which made me want to rip his lip ring right out and throw it off of the roof. I didn’t want to be this attracted to him, but the more I looked at him, the more attractive he got, and it made me angry. I blushed and covered my face. “Don’t hide from me.” He whispered and pushed my hand off of my face. He leaned over the table and Scarlett slapped her hand on the table in the middle of us.

“Okay we’re leaving.” She scowled.

“Bye.” I waved as she pushed me out the front door.

“What. Was. That?” She whispered angrily at me.

“Nothing.” I non-nonchalantly shrugged and she narrowed her eyes.

“Nothing my ass. I know he’s hot, I do have 20/20 vision. But we’re also in the middle of creating a plan to get your boyfriend out of that fucking bitch’s grasp. She has him wrapped around her goddamn finger, and he’s letting her manipulate him because of you. So don’t you dare start falling for someone else-” She started to yell and I covered her mouth.

“Would you fucking relax! I don’t have feelings for Luke okay? It’s just my hormones getting the best of me. You wouldn’t know because you and Ashton fuck at least 4 times a goddamn day. I love Michael, yeah? That isn’t changing. Now chill and let me enjoy a night out with my bestfriends.” I turned to her with my hands on my hips and she put her hands up in surrender.

“Sorry, jeez.”

We walked quietly down the block to Dani’s apartment, she was waiting on the front steps for us and engulfed me in a huge hug the minute she saw me. As soon as she was around the tension in the air lifted and we started laughing about everything, playing 'mother or girlfriend and son or boyfriend’, and gossiping about stupid celebrity shit like I used to do in highschool. It was nice to just get my mind off of things and laugh with my friends. We went to one of my favourite restaurants, it was this little chinese food place that my brother and I always used to go to when we were younger. We sat at a cute table that had fairylights on the ceiling overtop of it. Dinner was going really well, I barely even thought of my mother, or Michael at all. I chewed on my sesame chicken and spit rice all over the table when Dani started telling embarrassing stories about Luke and Calum. We paid the bill and walked down the chilly streets towards the movies, Scar had picked some awful looking chick flick, though Dani and I did protest. I pushed away all the memories of Michael and I, him fiddling with the ring on my finger while we stood in line to get our tickets, or wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder while we picked out snacks.

“I know that frown. Stop it.” Scarlett poked my side and I glared at her.

“I can’t help it. Everything reminds me of him, it’s fucking annoying.” I ran my fingers through my hair and scraped the bottom of my shoe on the pavement. Dani and Scarlett pulled me into a hug, they squeezed me so hard I felt like I couldn’t breathe. “Ok-” I squeaked. “Squishing me!” We all laughed and made our way to the concession, buying unimaginable amounts of candy. This was the best theater because it was small, hardly ever busy, though it was always freezing, good thing I remembered to bring a blanket. We all cuddled up under the blanket, passing candy back and forth throughout the movie. About halfway through I started to get annoyed by 2 people talking a few rows behind us, it was just muffled whispering but then again I was easily distracted. I let it go for another 20 minutes, but then I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed the blanket off and spun around in my seat, taking the hood of my sweatshirt off.

“Oi! If you wanted to blab the entire time why did you even bother-” My voice trailed off, throat going completely dry. I clutched Dani’s arm and she turned around.

“Fucking-” She stood up and Scarlett finally peeled her eyes away from the screen. “10 other theaters in this damn town and you choose this one?” She raised her voice.

“You cut your hair.” Was the only words that came out of his mouth. He looked so much different, bags under his eyes, his lips chapped, eyes dark and hair dyed black.

“You liked it long so I cut it.” I said and his eyes watered. Ruby completely ignored me.

“I like this one. Sue me.” Her voice made me want to strangle myself with the strings on my hoodie.

“I’ll do worse than sue you.” Dani’s lips turned up into a smile and she jumped over the seats that separated us, grabbing Ruby by the throat and pressing her up against the wall. Her manicured fingers clawing at Dani’s arms. “I could rip your fucking head off right now.” I’d never seen Dani like this before, normally she was bubbly, smiley, the happiest and funniest person to be around. Not going to lie, I liked this side of her.

“M-Mikey, help!” Ruby whined, I shot a glance over to him, he looked back and forth from her to me, each second Dani’s grip was getting tighter on her neck.

“Dani stop.” He said quietly, defeated.

“You’re kidding me right?” She spat.

“Please..just..” Michael pleaded, but Dani’s grip only tightened, then quickly her hands twisted and I cringed at the sound, I would never get used to the sound of a neck breaking. Never. Even if it was the neck of someone I despised.

“Whoops.” She shrugged and I bit back a laugh, how inappropriate of me, wanting to laugh. “I don’t understand how you haven’t just killed her already. You’re stronger than her.”

My stomach gurgled, already knowing the answer to Dani’s question. He hasn’t killed her yet because he can’t. It’s his first love. He can’t fathom the thought of killing her. I have though, I have fantasized about killing her almost everynight since she took him from me. Does that make me a sociopath? Maybe. None of us said anything, the movie was just blaring in the background, we all stood about a foot away from eachother, with Ruby’s limp body in the middle. “Are you like..going to say anything?”

“I-..” He mumbled and scratched the back of his neck.

“Don’t tell me you still have feelings for that hag. Michael please god don’t tell me that.” I could see Dani start to ball up her fists and my stomach churned again. I really did have a weak stomach lately.


“Fucking bastard.” She lunged forward but of course he caught her wrists. “I can’t help but feel this was some kind of sick fucking joke you’re playing on Violet! Why can’t I shake that idea from my head Michael?” She shouted, vile starting to rise in my throat. Scarlett moved closer to me and grabbed my hand. “You’re stringing Violet along now, she’s been trying to plan a way to get you free from her for the last 2 weeks, and you’ve been leaving hickies on that bitch’s neck!” I looked down at Ruby’s body and noticed the marks all along her breasts and neck, vomit was slowly crawling up my throat.

“V, please-”

“Don’t call me that.” I yelled, tears stinging in my eyes.

“You let Luke call you that!” He yelled back.

“Don’t bring him into this. He’s been here for me every single goddamn day while you’ve been with her, frolicking around town going on dates and having the perfect little vampire couple life. I’ve been in hell. Every goddamn thing reminds me of you, I’ve never been in so much pain before in my life and it’s your fault. If you don’t want me anymore, fine. Tell me. Don’t leave me hanging, knowing that I’m wrapped around your fucking finger.”

“I want you Violet. Of course I want you, fuck. It’s just..she’s so familiar to me, it was so easy being back with her, like I didn’t even have to try. But she isn’t you. She doesn’t laugh like you, smile like you. She doesn’t care for people like you, or kiss me like you do. My lips ache for yours, I love you with every bone in my body, but I can’t do it. It isn’t fair for you, not to be able to have certain needs fulfilled. I bet you’re dying for someone to touch you with the passion you feel for me. We’ll never be able to have kids Violet, and I know that’s something you want. Being with me would ruin your life, you know it, and I know it. She may not be you, and she’ll never be you. But this way you can live a long, happy life. Go to Rome, meet a nice guy your age who will treat you right, who’ll fuck you right, who’ll give you the family you’ve always wanted.”  

“I don’t care about those things Michael! How many times do I have to tell you that? I fucking love you. You’re the only person whose ever gotten what I’m about. You listen to me when I talk about my favourite books that you haven’t read, then a week later you’ll quote them back to me. When we walk past a store and I say that I like something, it’ll be sitting on the kitchen counter when I get home. You trace over the stretch marks that I hate, kissing them and telling me how beautiful I am. You’re the only person who has ever said that. But fuck it I guess, if you wanna give up, go ahead. Just tell me now so I don’t spend another second wasting my love on you.” Silence filled the room, I couldn’t hold back the tears, it was impossible. Anger boiled inside of me as I watched him just stand there and not say a word. I wanted him to grab me and kiss me with everything he had, I wanted him to say that he’s coming home with me, but I knew in my heart it wasn’t true. “Are you gonna fucking say something?” I pushed his chest and Dani inched closer to us. “You’re such a fucking-”

“What do you want me to say Violet? I’ve said all I can say!” He shouted.

“I want you to say that you love me and that you would never dream of leaving me!” I pushed his chest again and slammed my fist against it. “I want you to stop being such a fucking coward!” I smashed both my fists on his chest hard and he shocked me by grabbing both my writs and pinning me to the cold brick wall, my head banging against it sending a wave of pain down my spine.

“I can’t! Can’t you see that?” His eyes were dark, his tongue running over his fangs. I tried to pull my hands out of his grip even though I knew it was impossible.

“Stop..Mikey..” I whimpered and his lip twitched when his name trickled off my tongue.

“Tell me you’re scared of me. Tell me what a monster I am.” His chest was heaving up and down.

“I’m not scared of you.”

“You should be!”

“Well I’m fucking not!” I screamed in his face and he flinched. “There’s almost nothing you can do that could make me scared of you Michael! Because I know you aren’t a monster! But if you leave me..for her..I might change my mind.” My voice was low, I tore my eyes from his and put my head down. He let go of my wrists and I dropped to the ground, physically and emotionally exhausted.“There is a voice inside of you that whispers all day long…'I feel that this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.’ No teacher, preacher, parent, friend or wise man can decide..” I whispered, hoping he would finish the poem that we deemed to be our favourite.

“What’s right for you, just listen to the voice that speaks inside…”

“So? What is the voice saying?” I looked up and his eyes were back to the beautiful bright green ones I loved so much.

“Let me turn you.”

Ashton Irwin :

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  • -Moiety = There’s a ghost inlove with her and there’s nothing she can do about it.

  • -Labyrinthine - Strange things can happen in an anger management center.

  • -High For This - They met at the wedding of their exes and one of them was high as fuck.

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Luke Hemmings :

  • -Furtive - He was the missing boy and she was going to find him. Afterall she had lost everything else , she wasnt going to loose him

  • -Oblivion - A story about how a girl and boy see eachother in their reflections. Literally.

  • -Princess Getting Naked - It was a one night stand but he was obsessed with her. So he went back to England to find her.

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Michael Clifford :

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  • 5sos Preferences - Warning : will give you feelings.

Eight Days (Calum Imagine)


“Can’t believe the summer’s almost over already,” you told him offhandedly, staring out the window as you watched the world go by.

He looked over from the driver’s seat. Reaching to put a hand on your thigh, he asked, “You okay?”

You nodded, running a hand through your hair. “Eight more days until you go back,” you observed, placing your hand on top of his.

“Wish I didn’t have to go back,” he said.

“Don’t lie. You’re following your dreams.”

“Yeah, but… I don’t want to leave you. This summer…. it’s been the best.”

You turned to him, smiling. “Remember when you opened that fire hydrant and flooded the street?”

He laughed. “Obviously I remember, I was terrified! That’s probably illegal.”

“It’s definitely illegal,” you told him, laughing.

“God, I’m going to miss this,” he said. When you gave him a questioning look, he continued, “Driving around town, just talking and laughing.”

You sighed. “Eight days.”

“Eight days,” he repeated, his expression grim.

“It feels like you spend more time out in L.A. than you spend at home.”

“I know, it sucks. It’s practically like I live there.”

You thought for a moment, then turned to look at him. “I’ll try to make my way out there.”

The car lurched suddenly as he slammed on the brakes. “You what?!” he exclaimed, staring at you, the car stopped in the middle of the road.

“Calum, drive!” The car began to move again, and you spoke. “I’ve been thinking of finishing up my degree out west anyway.”

He laughed, shaking his head. “I can’t believe this! Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shrugged. “I haven’t even applied yet. So it’ll be months before it’s even a possibility.”

“Holy shit. You and me, in California. Together.”

You grinned at him, “That’d be cool, right?”

“Are you joking?! God, I love you,” he told you, his hand on your thigh again.

The car rolled to a stop in front of a stoplight. “But still…. eight days. We’ll still be apart for months.”

“We’ve got each other. That’s all we need.”

You were silent for a few moments as you thought about this sweet boy and his sweet words. “When you’re on your own, will you…. forget about me?”

He stared at you, incredulous. “I couldn’t if I tried.”

“I’m just saying, when you’re gone, I’m just going to be here waiting, you know?”

“Y/N, what are you even saying right now?”

“You’re gonna be changing the world when you’re over there.”

“Look,” he said, the car accelerating as the light changed to green. “I am going to be thinking of you every minute of every day. Distance isn’t going to change the way I feel.”

You stared into your lap, feeling silly for being so insecure. “Okay,” you told him, offering him a smile.

He returned the smile. “Besides, you’re going to join me over there soon enough.”

“We’re going to be okay,” you said, to yourself and to him. “We’ve still got eight days together.”

“What should we do?” he asked, looking over to you as he made a turn.

“I can think of a few things,” you told him, taking his hands.

Supernatural!5sos Part 4/END

I’m starting school soon, so I will be working on the Luke!ceo series but not a lot since I’ll be busy.. I wanna do a Cal and Ash series too, so if you guys have any requests for a series with either of those 2, I’ll be taking them in!  I’ll try posting on fridays and saturdays …Love you guys!XXX 

Part 1   

Part 2

Part 3

WARNING: smut…


I feel as if im drifting in a spiral as a cold chill runs through my spine, making me shiver in discomfort. When I look at my new surroundings, I see instead of the fluffy white clouds and brightness, all there is is darkness and cold black glass on the ground with what looks like streams of blood flowing through it.

The angel is nowhere to be seen, but I hear a voice summon me from the shadows. I walk towards the voice, feeling as if its physically pulling me.

I walk up black marble steps into a palace of sorts, carvings and paintings scattered across the walls, a fire thats flames are not its usual warm colors, but a dark glowing green with indigo. A grand white piano in the corner with dead roses in a glass vase on top of it, but the roses are still the vibrant red, as if they are beautiful, yet have no soul. The floor is made of gold that is designed with black swirls that flow like rivers of tar with sparkles of silver. I carry on through the palace taking in its magnificent beauty, when I am face to face with a more beautiful green eyed boy with considerably long brown locks of hair.

“I-im sorry, I-im j-just he-” 

“I know why you’re here.” The boy interrupts me with a laugh

“Y-you know why im here?”

“Yes.. you want to be with the one you love..”

I swallow a lump in my throat as the boy places his hand on the nape of my neck and slowly grazes the tip of his nose across my cheek with a smirk.

“I can practically smell your innocence.. Your desire to be with him, you love him enough to come to me.. The devil.” The boy says with a laugh

“Oh but how rude it is of me to not introduce myself..Hello Y/N, Im Harry…Also known as satan, and before you start on saying ‘Isnt your name Lucifer?’, yes it is, but I like the name Harry better.”

I follow Harry as he walks to a dining room, using his demonic powers to get to the opposite side of the excessively long table. He sits down and gestures me to do the same.

“So Y/N, what are you willing to pay?”

“Anything! Please I’ll do anything to be with Luke.” 

“Anything?” Harry says, getting up and walking over to the seat im in with a devious smirk.

I nod..

“Well my dear, I have an idea of a fair trade..”

“W-what would that be…”

He leans down and lifts my chin up so we’re face to face.

“I want your innocence..” He whispers in my ear, nibbling a bit on my ear lobe.“Do we have a deal..”

I close my eyes and let out a sigh, nodding my head. I open my eyes to see him grabbing my hand and lifting it to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of it. A rush of cold air with black dust surrounds the both of us as we appear in a bedroom with a king sized bed and red and black sheets. The walls are covered in a soft black fur, the floor is a white marble that looks as if it’s never been touched.

I feel a force rip my dress off, my wings extending and my chest bare. I turn around to see Harry staring at my breasts and flicking his wrist, making me fly back and softly hit the fur wall. He snaps his fingers and his clothes disappear off his body. I try to move, but my limbs aren’t able to move off the wall. 

“Now dear, be a good girl for me.” Harry says, placing his hands on my waist.

I feel a numbing sensation shoot through my body from his touch.

“I know this will hurt, so I wanna make this as less painful as possible.”

I close my eyes and let out a sigh of pleasure as Harry enters me.

“Fuck.” I mumble from the knot of pleasure that grows in my lower abdomen.

“You feel so good..”Harry whispers in my ear, placing his lips on mine.

I feel the knot get tighter as Harry thrusts in and out of me, which makes me scream out as I cum.

Harry pulls out and bends down to his knees and starts to lick up the fluids that drip down my legs all the way to my privates. He cleans me up with his tongue, quite thoroughly as he sucks up every last drop of my orgasm.

I catch my breath as Harry stands up and walks away, grabbing a satin robe with a silk trim to cover up his naked body.

“Will I be able to be with Luke now?”

He only lets out a laugh and walks out the door. I look over to my wings and notice that nothing has changed, until the once pure glistering white of my wings start to fade into a dark violet, with green and navy blue mixing in.

My hair is not my natural color, but its now black with blood red streaks. I grab my dress which wasn’t really going to work as a item of clothing since its now shreds of fabric. I look at the dress and curse to myself, when the fabric starts connecting back together and it goes back to its original state as an actual dress.

I slide on the dress, still in awe at my new powers. I walk out of the bedroom and am back in my home town…’What the fuck?’ 

I walk down the sidewalk and look at the street sign, “Oh, Im on my street..’

I start to run to my house and see my parents aren’t home, I use my powers to brake in. I  go to my bedroom so I can slip on my usual pare of black skinny jean, a t-shirt and some flip flops. When I hear the front door open and close, I start to run around the room to find some place to hide. I roll under the bed and try not to be noticeable with my heavy breathing. The stranger walks into my bedroom and looks around. The person leaves the room, making me let out a relieved sigh, but of fucking course the sigh was loud enough for the stranger to hear. The person comes back in my room and bends down at the foot of the bed, reaching out and grabbing my ankles and pulling me with force from my hiding spot.

“Who are you?!” The stranger yells.

My hair is covering my face so I can’t see anything.

The stranger lets me down and my hair finally gets out of my face.

“Y/N?”I look up and see Liam with a shocked look on his face.

I give im a smile and grab him in a full on bear hug.

“Y-you were d-d-dead..” Liam says with tears streaming down his face.

“I still am, but yet im alive.”

“Wait…somethings different?’’

“Oh, must be these..” I say, lifting up my shirt a bit so my wings can extend yet my chest is still covered.

“Y-you’re evil..”

“Well, I guess..”


“I made a deal with the devil so I cold come back here.’’

“For Luke?”


A longing moment of silence is put in as Liam looks to the floor with his hands in his hair…

“Be with him…”

“Wait, you except my love for Luke?”

“I wish it could be me, but you have sacrificed your good for him and since you’ve been gone (A/N I CAN BREATH FOR THE FIRST TIME! IM SO MOVING OOOON YAYA!) He’s been miserable..he really loves you.”

I smile to myself, knowing that Luke actually cares..

“Thank you..’ I say and place a kiss on Liam’s cheek as I walk out the door.


I walked to a car dealer ship a little ways from my house, deciding to get myself a car…

I walk in and look at the cars, I see a black convertible, clearly out of my usual price range but I think I can fix that…

A man comes up and asks me if I would need any help, I look him in the eyes and use my demonic powers so I can get the car without a hassle.. And now Im on the freeway in my new convertible!

I drive around town to find Luke, but I can’t seem to find him. Ive checked the school, the hide out and the locale diners..Everything! I continue my drive, night taking over with its darkness. I drive by the woods and feel a presence, I pull over and walk into the trees and see a light in the distance. I get closer to the light and hear voices that seem familiar. I look into the opening and see a fire and…Wait..Ashton and Michael? They are sitting on logs and talking to each other about Luke, when a wolf suddenly jumps out of the wood. I hide behind a bush so I can get a better view and not be seen as the wolf changes its form..Oh my god…The wolf is Calum. I look in shock and let out a gasp, but the gasp blows my cover as all 3 get up and look around, getting ready to attack at any moment.

“Show yourself!” Michael yells, his teeth turning into fangs and his eyes now a bright red.

I stand up and walk in there sight..My head down so they can’t recognize me.

“Who are you?!” Calum asks in a harsh tone.

I lift up my head and give them all a warm smile. They all look at me in shock, the fighting stances and harsh looks soon turning into ones of confusion and gladness… They all start to run up to me and give me hugs that make it hard for me to breath…pfft, like I need to breath… They all let go of me yet stare at me in awe..

“Luke…” Ashton mumbles to himself but everyone can hear it.

“Yes! You gotta go see Luke!” Calum says as he pushes my away.

“But where is he?!” I ask.

“Hes at your grave..Like hes been since you died..” Michael says with his head down.

I nod and thank them as I head back to my car so I can get to Luke…


I park my car and walk into the grave yard, looking around to find Luke. 

I follow the dirt path and finally see a head of blond hair, kneeling down infront of my tombstone. I walk over and place a hand on his shoulder, he still doesn’t acknowledge my presence and still stares at the ground.

“Ya.. I know ive been here forever, b-but..I love her…I-I cant be without her…” Luke says, sobs making him shake.

“Luke..” I say getting on my knees with him.

He looks up at me in shock and places both his hands on my face, seeming as if he’s checking if im real. He looks me in the eyes and tears stream down his face as we both share in a passionate kiss.

“Don’t ever leave me again..’ Luke says imbetween kisses.

“Not planning on it..” I reply, placing both my hands in his hair as he leans back and the kiss gets deeper.

“I love you.” Luke says as the kiss ends and he holds me to his chest, making sure that I stay in his grasp.

“I love you too.”

===========THE END=========

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fakejackhemmings writing masterlist

Instead of making a whole new page, here’s a masterpost of everything I’ve ever written, reformatted for fakejakehemmings (formerly smashton5sos)

Please note: Bold is mature, italicized is mildly mature; everything is separated by boy unless it’s 4/4, in which case it’s under Band (4/4); I usually accept requests but I’m in college (or uni, whichever you call it) so I’m really busy and probably won’t get to it for a good long while; I don’t do slash (unless it’s a threesome)

Also note I’m currently in college and have a lot on my plate so if I don’t post a request for a while or I don’t post on time, I have a reason. I will try to catch up over breaks and on weekends though!


#1 - Imagine - He surprises you at your dance recital

#2 - Imagine - Dating a short girl

#3 - Imagine - Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco

#4 - Blurb - You’re younger than him

#5 - Imagine - Morning after

#6 - Imagine - Wearing his bandana

#7 - Blurb - You ask him out

#8 - Imagine - Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer

#9 - Imagine - You wake up next to him

#11 - Blurb - Corrupting an innocent girl

#12 - Imagine - The guys trick you into making out

#13 - Blurb - Losing your virginity

#14 - Blurb - Giving him road head

#15 - Blurb - Sleepy morning sex

#16 - Blurb - Blindfolding you with his bandanna

#17 - Imagine - Tonight, You’re Mine

#18 - Imagine - You get high and have sex

#19 - Imagine - Losing your virginity to your best friend (part one)

#20 - Imagine - Cute, giggly, awkward virgin Ash

#21 - Imagine - Sex so hard the bed breaks

#22 - Imagine - Sex so hard the couch breaks

#23 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#24 - Imagine - Angry make-up sex

#25 - Imagine - He doesn’t know you’re a virgin and he’s rough

#26 - Imagine - You ride him when he’s on the phone

#27 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#28 - Imagine - He fucks you against a wall

#29 - Imagine - You ride his thigh

#30 - Imagine - Blindfolds, handcuffs, baby girl, and kitten

#31 - Imagine - He eats you out in front of the guys

#32 - Imagine - Luke/Ashton threesome

#33 - Imagine - You kiss Luke and he “punishes” you



#1 - Imagine - You’re shy when you ask for a picture

#2 - Blurb - Your one year anniversary

#3 - Blurb - He finds out you’re great at soccer

#4 - Blurb- He helps you lose weight

#5 - Imagine - You talk and Twitter and meet at the airport

#6 - Imagine - You’re crazy mad at him and he tries to make it up

#7 - Imagine - He finds out you’re flexible

#8 - Imagine - He offers to take your virginity

#9 - Blurb - Walk in on him getting off

#10 - Blurb - Giving him a lap dance

#11 - Imagine - The paps catch you getting hot

#12 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#13 - Imagine - Lazy shower morning sex

#14 - Imagine - You tease him your first time

#15 - Imagine - Post workout sex

#16 - Imagine - Getting revenge on your tease of a boyfriend

#17 - Imagine - Losing it to your best friend (part one)

#18 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#19 - Imagine - Waking him up with a blowjob

#20 - Imagine - You go clubbing but head home early

#21 - Imagine - Jersey Girl (not about New Jersey jsyk)



#1 - Imagine - You two get caught in a secret relationship

#2 - Blurb - You’re anxious on a plane so he calms you down

#3 - Blurb - Neck kisses

#4 - Blurb - Cuddling with the giant

#5 - Blurb - He serenades you from your window

#6 - Blurb - Dating a 15-year-old American

#7 - Blurb - Ringing the sex bell

#8 - Blurb - Your one year anniversary

#9 - Blurb - Dating a tall girl

#10 - Blurb - Announcing your relationship to the fans

#11 - Imagine - You become a celebrity power couple

#12 - Blurb - Taking him to Disneyland

#13 - Imagine - Pizza boy Luke

#14 - Imagine - You don’t care about weight hate

#15 - Imagine - You’re insecure because you’re skinny

#16 - Imagine - He got his lip pierced and you don’t wanna kiss him

#17 - Blurb - You ask him out

#18 - Imagine - Late night drive

#19 - Imagine - Protective brother Ash finds out boyfriend Luke is kinky

#20 - Imagine - Grinding on needy, horny, virgin Luke

#21 - Blurb - Your kids walk in on you

#22 - Blurb - You’re self-conscious but he thinks you’re beautiful

#23 - Imagine - They’re Wrong (rough Luke)

#24 - Blurb - First time with him

#25 - Blurb - Morning after

#26 - Imagine - Losing your virginity to your best friend (part one)

#27 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#28 - Imagine - He broke his leg so you ride him

#29 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#30 - Imagine - Night before he leaves for tour

#31 - Imagine - He loves seeing you in his clothes

#32 - Imagine - You get high and have sex

#33 - Imagine - You celebrate his 18th birthday

#34 - Imagine - Luke/Ashton threesome

#35 - Imagine - You call him vanilla so he proves you wrong (VISUAL)



#1 - Imagine - He’s a  sketchy biker guy who likes you

#2 - Blurb - You tell him you’re pregnant

#3 - Imagine - You get in a four-wheeling accident

#4 - Blurb - Dating a 15-year-old American

#5 - Imagine - He likes you but you’re best friends

#6 - Blurb - He goes to your State swim meet

#7 - Imagine - He’s shy and likes Ashton’s sister (you, not Lauren wtf)

#8 - Imagine - Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco

#9 - Blurb - How he’d act if he likes you

#10 - Blurb - Corrupting an innocent girl

#11 - Blurb - Handcuff kink

#12 - Imagine - Losing it to your best friend (part one)

#13 - Imagine - Post concert sex

#14 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#15 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#16 - Imagine - You’re playing video games and have sex

#17 - Imagine - He loves seeing you in his clothes


Band (4/4):

#1 - Blurb - Reaction to you wanting a baby

#2 - Blurb - Reaction to you saying you don’t have a “pornstar body”

#3 - Blurb - You’re concerned about them being too stressed

#4 - Blurb - Getting high with the band

#5 - Blurb - Dating a girl of a different race

#6 - Blurb - They go to your swimming competitions

#7 - Blurb - They go to your volleyball tournament

#8 - Blurb - You’re insecure because you think you’re too skinny

#9 - Blurb - You’re insecure because you think you’re too big

#10 - Blurb - TRIGGER WARNINGThey find your scars

#11 - Imagine - You think they like Lucy better

#12 - Blurb - How they act when they like someone

#13 - Imagine - Their perfect date

#14 - Blurb - They suffer from PE (this was awk)

#15 - Blurb - They offer you drugs/alcohol but you say no thanks

#16 - Imagine - TRIGGER WARNING: Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey

#17 - Imagine - You find out they like you

#18 - Blurb - You buy a pet together

#19 - Blurb - You have a panic attack

#20 - Blurb - They catch you watching porn

#21 - Blurb - He punishes you

#22 - Imagine - 5SOS brother sees marks from a rough night with your 5SOS boyfriend

#23 - Blurb - They tease you about your hickeys

#24 - Blurb - Bath time leads to sex

#25 - Imagine - They offer to take your virginity

#26 - Blurb - Shower time leads to sex

#27 - Imagine - 5SOS brother walks in on your 5SOS boyfriend giving you a hickey

#28 - Imagine - 5SOS brother walks in on your 5SOS boyfriend handcuffing/blindfolding you & 5SOS brother almost beats up your 5SOS boyfriend

#29 - Blurb - Overstimulation

#30 - Blurb - Lights-on sex

#31 - Imagine - He gets jealous of your best guy friend

#32 - Imagine - They stay overnight and moan your name in their sleep (Michael/Luke) (Ashton/Calum)

#33 - Blurb - How they feel about anal

#34 - Imagine - Kiss Me Kiss Me, Long Way Home, End Up Here, and Good Girls themed

#35 - Blurb - Making love

#36 - Blurb - First time they see you naked

#37 - Imagine - Your sex tape leaks (feat. brother5sos)

#38 - Blurb - You give him a blowjob for the first time

#39 - Blurb - Grinding until he cums

#40 - Blurb - They eat you out for the first time

#41 - Blurb - Fingering

#42 - Blurb - You become friends with benefits

#43 - Blurb - You help him go down on you

#44 - Blurb - First time without a condom

#45 - Blurb - Angry sex

#46 - Blurb - They accidentally hurt you during sex

#47 - Imagine - Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera

#48 - Blurb - You give him head when he’s on the phone with the guys

#49 - Imagine - You catch him moaning your name

#50 - Imagine - He ties you up and “mercilessly fucks you”

#51 - Blurb - Their kinks (as I assume)

#52 - Imagine - Skin by Rihanna


Please note: The following do contain smut at least once in various chapters

Savages (Gang Ash) - part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen // part seventeen // part eighteen - happy version // alternate ending - for crying eyes only

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Listening to ‘Fly Away’

Me: *Chewing cookie*

*Song plays*

Me: *Chewing intensifies*

when u tell a joke and no one gets it

Mute Luke Imagine

Luke had his head rested in your lap, eyes closed you were sat crossed legged against the armrest of the couch running your fingers through his golden color hair the only sound being the sound of rain and crackling fire that Luke had started earlier.  You both had spent your rainy days just enjoying each other’s company. Your fingers were lulling him to sleep; Luke loved the way you just treated him so gently, giving him the attention he wanted but was always so shy to ask for. He opened his azure colored eyes looking at you with a soft look on his face, as the fire bouncing off his skin, giving him a beautiful glow that made you think he was some sort of angel, something to beautiful for this world. You noticed a small smile that softened the moment that he looked into your eyes, a smile that you gladly returned.  

Moments like this were common between the two of you but it never got dull Luke loved the sensation he got from you doing a simple action, he felt his stresses and worries melt away under your touch, and you felt the same way too. His fingertips began to graze over your skin, making your skin shiver under his touch, as he traced small patterns across your skin, just wanting to touch your skin. His fingers slowly grazed over the flesh of your neck, stopping at the center of your neck, something he usually does. You smiled more, knowing what he wanted, and began to hum a small tune, he laid still as he once again closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of your humming vibrating underneath his fingertips.

This action from Luke was normal to you with him being mute it was the closest he got to the feeling of being able to speak, feeling the vibration that came from you gave him a sense of comfort, filling the void he used to have for a voice. You had asked him a few times why, but he usually couldn’t explain, he just knew it did.

“Luke” you softly said wanting his attention.

Luke slowly opened his eyes and looked up at you smiling gently at him. Luke sat himself up slowly shifting positions as he laid back down pulling you with him your head resting on his chest, a blush crept onto your face you felt his chuckle, the vibrations of his chest being proof of that. His hand started playing with your hair, similar to the way you were playing with his, as you melted into his touch. Luke nodded wanting to know what you were going to say.

“Do you remember when we met?” you asked him, as you cuddled further into Luke.

Luke’s cerulean eyes widened, thrown off by your question. He nodded with a huge smile on his face, his hand reaching for yours, as he started to write the words on the palm of your hand, something that always seemed to make you blush when his fingers would trace the letters, something about it just making it so intimate and personal, since he would never do this with anyone else besides you. You rest your head on against his chest, looking directly at Luke as he wrote out his answer…

How could I forget?


You were sitting in your classroom, not a big fan of math, you weren’t the brightest but you weren’t the dullest either, just average. You had been working on a set of warm up problems as you heard the door open. Your curiosity made you looks up to see that had just walked in, expecting it to be a teacher or a student who walked out. But instead a fairly tall blond boy walked in, wearing tight black skinny jeans and a black tank. He looked so uncomfortable, his gaze fixed on his shoes, not wanting to look up at anyone, trying so hard to blend into the walls, but instead making him stand out even more.

Your teacher immediately looked up, as she walked over to him by the door, “You’re Luke Hemmings right?” he asked.

Luke nodded, finally looking up, seeing that he had a black lip piercing, making you more intrigued on who he was. Your teacher glad to know her new student had arrived, clapped both of her hands in a very enthusiastic way “Welcome to my math class my name is Mrs. Garcia please take a seat next to (Y/N), raise your hand (Y/N)!”

You raised your hand, as you thought that his height was extremely noticeable, but you were wrong, because he had the most beautiful blue eyes you had seen. Luke made eyes contact with you, which he immediately broke, not wanting to stare for too long, and looked back at his shoes. He walked over to you, noticing that he didn’t like the attention that he was getting from anyone, making you feel kind of bad for him. You gave him a small smile as he took the seat next to you, which he quickly returned but you noticed that it was a forced smile.

Mrs. Garcia called the class to attention as she wrote down new problems for you all to work on since it was mainly reviewing for an upcoming test, but these set of problems seemed far more difficult than what she was teaching, almost as if she was teaching a new lesson.

You stared at the set of problems hoping that any second, you would understand what she was writing, but the more your stared at the complicated math problems, the more difficult they looked. You started copying the first problem onto your paper, feeling a bit overwhelmed, staring at it thinking of how to start it.

You looked over at Luke noticing that he was writing stuff down on his paper, and glancing back at the board; at least you both seemed lost by the problems. Luke turned to look at you, making you look back down at your paper, hoping he didn’t catch you staring at him, as you pretended to work on the problem.

You looked back at Luke and noticed that he wasn’t writing anymore, he just looked out the window, leaning his head on his hand, looking a bit bored. Had he given up on working the problem? Mrs. Garcia walked over to him and you could see him become nervous once again.

“Luke did you finish the problems already?” she asked.

Luke nodded, seeing the panic grow on his face the more people started to stare at him. He handed her his notebook and she began to look over his work, nodding as she read along, following his work making sure everything was accurate. She smiled as she handed him back his notebooks, “it all correct, please, go up to the board and answer the first problem”, she said with a smile, not noticing the way Luke was panicking, but instead of saying anything he got up and awkwardly went to the board, looking very uncomfortable, trying so hard to blend in, which just made him stand out so much more.

He started solving the first problem easily, not even bothering to look back at his notebook to double check his steps.

“That’s amazing! You just solved a College level math question and with such ease!” she said with happily.

Luke scratched the back of his neck, looking away from everyone that was starting at him, you included. Your teacher thanked him as he walked back to his seat, saying that she was glad that she had such a bright student. You smiled once again as he was walking to his seat, hoping that he would feel more at ease.

Luke walked over to his seat, your eyes meeting once again, you smiled widely “wow you’re really smart, I wouldn’t be able to solve it that quickly”, you admitted.

He looked straight at you, before taking a seat not bothering to say anything in return. You noticed that he completely ignored you, not even saying a simple ‘thanks’, you looked at him, hoping that maybe any second he would say anything, but instead he started writing something down, still not bothering to acknowledge you.

“you’re welcome”, you whispered to yourself in a somewhat annoyed tone

You let out a sigh as you turned forward, feeling a bit rejected. The teacher continued to go over the problem that Luke had solved in case anyone didn’t understand what he did, but then felt Luke tap your shoulder. You looked over at him, as Luke gave you a small smile, and pushed a piece of paper towards you, with something written on it

I’m mute.

Your gaze softened as you reread the statement. You instantly apologized, in case he had heard your small comment, you felt really bad, you thought that he was being rude it never crossed your mind that maybe he couldn’t physically talk. He smiled as he picked up the pen and wrote down another sentence.

Don’t worry its fine, it happens a lot.

As the day went on Luke relaxed more and more, Luke was also in your English class and you were seated next to him, which he was glad, because you were so far the only person he felt comfortable around. You let him meet your friends, Calum, Michael, and Ashton, but he still seemed more at ease with you, despite them being really nice and already treating him as a part of the group.

He had told you…written, that he had damaged vocal chords, that didn’t allow him to speak, but you were sure that when he laughed you could hear a somewhat grunt laugh, which he absolutely hated. Luke admitted that he hated being around people, mainly because he couldn’t speak, he hated that there was always some sort of communication barrier and people thought rude things when he wouldn’t answer anything, but it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t physically able to respond.

But throughout the school year, you were able to make him feel more comfortable, being his voice in classes, reading aloud his answers when he was called on, which made him happy since he loved hearing your voice, and you also were his voice when he needed. You enjoyed his company and kept notebooks filled with the notes you would write and spent countless hours of him teaching you not only math, since you needed the help, but sign language as well, wanting to be able to fluently converse with him, which made him also glad.

As the months went on and you and Luke got closer, both of you secretly loving the shared moments you both spent together, distracted and isolated from everything one else.

You were both lying on his bed, having spent an hour on math homework, and you singing one of yours and Luke’s favorite songs that was playing on the speakers. Luke looked over at you, enchanted by your voice, and you as well. Luke stared at you before he unconsciously placed his fingertips on your throat, feeling the way your voice was vibrating under his touch. It was the first time he had ever done that that you stilled and looked at him with a confused look. Luke pulled his hand in embarrassment and hoped he didn’t creep you out. You immediately regretted getting scared, understanding that he wanted to feel your voice. You smiled as you reached for his hand, and placing it back on your throat, and began to sing for him, letting him feel your voice. You noticed that he had a bright smile on his face and brought you closer, bringing you to him. He cuddled you, letting your head rest on his chest, hearing the faint sound of his fast beating heart as his fingertips continued to feel the vibrations and hear the sound of your voice singing just for him.  

This was something that you two did frequently after that day, and to this day you both of you loved it.

“When I realized I would never be able to sing – I decided, that I instruments would be my voice.”

Luke had played beautifully on the guitar, letting his fingers strum and hit chords perfectly. You could tell that when he played, it really was like his voice, projecting his feelings onto you. In some songs you could see the anguish and despair that projected over the sound of the guitar that made your heart clench, other times, you couldn’t help but smile and move to the beat when he would played some happier songs. He played so well, that it was almost a shame that he couldn’t sing to those songs, because you knew it would make it even more perfect than it already was.

He was playing something new for you, a sonata like piece on guitar. You could tell that he was nervous, the way that his fingers were somewhat trembling as he played, but still kept playing perfectly. The piece itself pulled at your heartstrings; playing slow letting the song build, and then getting louder and more melodic almost something you could slow dance to, as you felt the passion that he was playing with. He finished the piece letting the sound resonate with the passion that he had.

He looked down at his guitar, not wanting to look into your eyes, as the sound was slowly dying. You noticed that Luke’s cheeks were blushing. He looked at your, his cerulean eyes anxious for you to say something. He reached for a nearby piece of paper, and quickly wrote something.

 Did you like it?

You nodded, “I loved it Luke, it was so beautiful, I nearly wanted to cry”, you said with a bright smile.

Good, because it’s yours

You started down at the words, feeling your cheeks heat up, “what do you mean?” you asked as your heart started to race.

I wrote it for you, so it’s yours

He wrote down with a clear blush on his face. He was once again nervous, as his hands were slightly shaking as he held up the notebook for you. His eyes started anywhere but your own eyes, as his blush grew more and more. Your cheeks were heating up even more, at seeing Luke so vulnerable in front of you. He was wearing his heart on his sleeve for you to see, and hopefully not break.

“Luke, do you like me?” you asked your cheeks and face burning up by this point.

He looked into your eyes briefly before he turned away. He nodded, not bothering to write it down, because by now his hands were a mess, and he knew he would be able to clearly write his answer. You felt your heart pound against your chest that you wondered if Luke could hear it. Luke liked you; he had written a song just for you, a passion filled song that was all yours.

You placed your hand on his cheek, making him look at you, seeing Luke so nervous, almost as if any second you were going to reject his feelings. You leaned in and placed a soft kiss to his lips. Luke’s eyes widened not expecting you to kiss him, but soon closed his eyes, and kissed you back. The kiss was so tender and soft, that it made your insides tingle, bringing your whole body to life with a fire like feeling. He set down his guitar and pulled you onto his lap, as he kissed you with a new found passion. He wasn’t kissing you lustfully, not wanting you to feel like things were moving too fast, but it was filled with passion that you didn’t think was possible.

“I like you too”, you said as you brought his lips for another kiss, losing each other in kisses, which was the start of your relationship.

——————-End of flashback———————–

It had been years since then then, both of you going to same college that suited both your needs. You both thought that it would be better to find a flat together, seeing as how you both weren’t good at meeting new people, and enjoyed each other’s company too much. And it was one of the best decisions you two have made.

Your flat had two rooms when you both started renting it, but that very same day, you shared a bed, and haven’t slept apart since then, and eventually you two had bought a bigger bed and got rid of the two twin sized beds. You both loved sleeping in each other’s arms, basking in each other’s warmth throughout the night and waking up to each other with a smile and soft kisses. As well as staying up late into the night discovering each other’s bodies, mapping them out with kisses and touches, and repeating it throughout the day at times.  

Luke would continue to write you songs, serenading you constantly throughout the flat, which never failed to make your heart race and heat up. He constantly reminded you of how much he loved you; by the way he would kiss you on the way to class, picking you up from some of your lectures, and having weekly study dates, especially in math, which usually led to you both kissing each other on your shared bed. Luke would constantly hold you close, loving how you would feel against his body, almost as if your bodies were molded to fit perfectly against one another.

And you did the same, you would try to learn guitar for him in secret so you both can play together, which he found out and made him so happy that you were willing to learn something else for him. You would constantly hold his hand to your neck, letting him feel the way you said that you loved him. But Luke loved him the most was that you never left, he grew up thinking that he would never find someone that no one would be able to love someone that would never be able to speak. Constantly thinking that no one would pick him over someone who could actually have a voice that you would be able to talk to, or sing with, or even say that they loved you, his thoughts were plagued by that.  

But you showed him wrong; you changed his whole perspective, showing him that despite his disability, you still loved him dearly, never once becoming impatient with him, as other people did, picking him over other people with a voice. He was enough for you.

He looked down at you, the golden glow of the fire illuminate your skin, knowing that he would be happy for the rest of his life… as long as you were a part of it, and he hoped that you would. 

You looked up at him, seeing that he had a lucid smile on his face as he looked up at you, he looked like as if you were the greatest thing that has ever happened…which for him, you were. You smiled as you buried your face in the crook of his neck, placing a small kiss there, which made Luke gasp a bit.

“What is it Luke?” you whispered into his skin as his hands tightened their hold on you.

He placed a kiss to your head, as he rested his head on yours. He reached for your left hand, and began tracing the words onto your skin. 

I love you, (Y/N)…I’ll love you forever… if you let me

He brought your hand to kiss it, his lips kissing the area of your ring finger. He was sealing his promise with a kiss; something that he knew would be easy for him to keep. Luke knew that one day he would plan a life with you, and he hoped that on that very same place he had just kissed, you would wear the ring he knew he would eventually give you, as well as last name, he just had to wait for the right time.

You on the other had felt your heart race, you thought that being with him would make you get used to the feeling of him kissing him, but you never did. Each kiss or affectionate gesture still made your heart swell with emotion that you at times thought that maybe Luke was purposely doing it, wanting to tease your body to see you squirm and gasp.

“I’ll love you forever too Luke”, you said with a smile as you leaned back up to kiss his lips as his hand locked with yours, drowning out the rest of the world as you kissed


Ok so punk Luke is still going to happen, but I got feedback saying that mute Luke should be first, and yep, decided to do that. I think punk Luke will be up by tomorrow, or the day afterwards. So yea be on the lookout for that.

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