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When We Collide (Part 6)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

Twenty-something tequila shots, four different kinds of drinks and a bottle of champagne later you would have believed you weren’t able to feel anything. The banging sensation behind you was loud as Luke had smacked your back against the door but you barely felt a single feeling.

His finger was almost furiously tapping against the ring bell to his front door, desperately waiting for Patrick to open up because he hadn’t had time to inform about your arrivals, his lips nippling onto your bruises ones.

Safe to say, Luke was right about his sayings when he said that first kiss wouldn’t be the last of tonight.

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imagine calum proposing to you

so you’d be chillin one night and you would be kinda waiting around for calum to get home so you were a bit worried because wasn’t he supposed to be home like an hour ago??? he would have totally texted you if he knew he’d be home late so what’s up with that?? but you would just shrug it off, telling yourself that you were overreacting and that he would be home any minute. so like he texts you saying something like “hey my car broke down, sorry for not getting to you sooner. do you mind picking me up? im on 49th street by the restaurant” and you’d be like!! awh cal! so you would drive to 49th as soon as you could without endangering yourself of course but when you would finally see calum, you’d see him wearing a suit and tie and you’d belike what? i dont remember him wearing that when he left? so anyway you would run over to him and all of a sudden to see this trail of flower petals that ran up the hill across the street, overlooking the bay. and you’d be like gushing like omg what?? he’d be smiling so much and he would grab your hand and lead you across the street, following the petals and now you would be starting to think his car never broke down in the first place. and so once you would get up the hill there would be a little blanket and a picnic basket but you didnt really notice cause you would be staring at cal the whole time and his cheeks were getting SO red omg how cute! so he would get down on one knee in front of you, holding the most stunning piece of jewlery you’d ever seen, and at this point you were in tears because omg!!! so not expected!!!! he’d give this long speech telling you how much he fuckin adored the hell out of you and how there would be no other person he would ever want to spend the rest of his life with and like!!!!! oh my god he’s actually doing this!!!! he’d finally pop the big question and you’d yell “yes yes yes of course” so excitedly and he would pick you up and do one of those really cliche spins and kiss the hell out of you and oh goD imagine spending the rest of your life with him im

uni student!calum au moodboard


Christmas In College

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 20th:
Epilogue: Oversized Hockey Shirt - Christmas In College

A/N: Isn’t this exciting! I asked you which cancelled series you wanted back and this was the most requested one so here’s the final part of Oversized Hockey Shirt! You can find part 1 here and part 2 here and I really hope you enjoy this! Consider it an early Christmas present from moi :-) x

Pairing: Y/N/Bestfriend!Roommate!Hockey!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Words: 8.000+

Summary: When Luke gets challenged by his other hockey teammates to fuck a cheerleader after getting the title as captain of the team he tries his best to push away his feelings for his best friend and dorm roommate Y/N. But when Y/N finds out Luke’s plan at Calum’s Christmas party things change completely.

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Cake Tasting. \\ l.r.h.

Word Count: 1,541

You and Luke had been best friends for as long as you could remember. The two of you already did practically everything together, from bar-hopping on the weekends to napping together after work, so when you caught word of your favourite radio station giving away free tickets to a wedding show that was coming to town, open to both women and men, you wasted no time in calling, despite knowing just how small of a chance you had of actually winning.

Of course, where would the story be if you hadn’t heard the words, “Congratulations, you’re caller number ten!”?

Immediately after receiving the news and being told exactly where to pick up your free tickets, you had excitedly texted Luke, asking if he wanted to be your plus one and mentioning that there would be free cake.

You received his reply in under a minute, with him agreeing without another question. And on the Saturday that the show was happening, Luke had appeared behind the wheel of his car in front of your apartment building.

“You know,” he mused as you clambered in, shutting the door behind you, “you could have at least done a neat bun.”

“Shut up, Hemmings,” you hissed out, buckling your seat belt and then immediately pulling down the sun visor, opening the mirror and letting out a groan at your appearance. He was right, as always (though you’d never actually vocally admit that) — you looked like shit.

“I was just kidding, (Y/N). You look like my beautiful fiancée.”

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Gotta Go My Own Way | Calum Hood

Gotta Go My Own Way (based off of HSM2)

Calum Imagine

(not my gif, found on google)

Calum slammed his bass on top of his bed, sitting down next to it and running his hands through his hair in frustration. Y/N and the other boys, Luke, Ashton and Michael, all joined it and sat in a circle, Y/N sitting next to Calum rubbing his back. She could feel the heat radiating off of him, his heart racing and tense muscles underneath her delicate touch. He and the band had been trying to get signed and noticed by companies and other bands for over 4 years now, and no one has made an effort to take them on and have faith in their ability to make it big. Calum had spent endless nights on the computer and phone, contacting every record label about an audition to be signed, and each time they turned him and his dreams down. He couldn’t take it anymore, he was ready to give up the dream of being a musician down with his best friends, at the age of 19.

“Calum, calm down, just because someone hasn’t discovered you yet, doesn’t mean no one will.” Y/N tried to comment to comfort him. Calum only huffed, as if she made some sort of joke.

“Are you kidding me? 4 years. 4 years the guys and I have been on countless auditions and using every minute on our phones to contact producers and record labels. I gave up a career in football for this. I was on my way to becoming a famous athlete, my future all laid in stone. But I gave it up for something I actually loved more than anything in this world. And I can’t even achieve it.”

“Calum calm down! You’re making it sound like you’re regretting ever starting this band!” Luke shouted as he stood up and pointed at Calum.

“Well maybe I do!” Calum stood up, chest to chest with Luke.

The room fell silent, with the exception of the slight ringing noise in the air. Y/N grabbed onto Calum’s hand and rubbed circles on his knuckles, with a look in her eyes that showed she was scared. Scared of him ever lashing out at her the way he was lashing out at Luke. She had never seen him this way, with smoke and flames practically coming out of his nose. She pleaded him to stop, while Luke sighed and marched over toward Calum’s large bedroom window to get his mind off all the stress being put on him and the band. Instead of Calum sitting back down and being rational, he stormed out the door and down the stairs into the summer air. Once he was outside, he rubbed his forehead, heat immediately radiating off of it. Then, as if on que, vibrations came from his jean pocket. He growled, not wanting to hear any voices since he was already getting a massive headache.

He ripped the phone from his pocket and angrily hit the green button to answer.

“Hello!” He yelled.

“Oh I’m sorry is this…Calum Hood?” An innocent voice fell from the lips of the girl on the other end. He instantly felt bad for shouting, and took a breath.

“Yes, sorry for shouting, but yeah this is him. Who is this?”

“Hi! I’m Nia from the band Hey Violet. We have a record label named What’s Up Records, and we’ve seen your band, 5 Seconds of Summer’s youtube videos and Hey Violet loves you guys! How would you like to meet with us about being our opening band on our upcoming tour?”

Calum nearly jumped out of his jeans, opening his mouth and gasping at the unbelievable opportunity being thrown at him at the time he needed it most. He felt the tears peaking in his waterline, and smiled so big that the crinkles in his eyes were showing, the sign of pure joy from Calum.

“Oh my god…Oh my…wow, yes yes yes we’d-we’d love to…oh my god, thank you. Thank you so so much!” She laughed on the other end.

“You’re very welcome. You guys are talented, and deserve it. Come by our studio tomorrow at 2 pm. The address is 3002 Suite Street. We’re looking forward to meeting with you guys.” And then he heard the phone noises signaling that she ended the call. Calum jumped up and down like a 5 year old girl after getting the doll she had been wanting all year, and ran inside the house trampling up the stairs.

“Guys! Guess what!”

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Just one more chapter.
—  Me reading fan fiction at 3 am

ceo!luke au moodboard


When We Collide

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”So what you’re saying is that I woke up this morning expecting everything to be butterflies and rainbows, called my chauffeur to pick me up and wasted gas all the way over to my office just because you couldn’t satisfy my request?”

Luke’s tone rose by each word that left past his pink lips, his eyebrows furrowing and his marker rolling between his fingers.

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Low Battery. \\ c.t.h.

Word Count: 1,556 words

Frustrated? Yes. You were on the brink of a panic attack just watching your laptop’s battery dwindle down, the almost-completed essay due in exactly eleven minutes doing nothing to aid in your stress level. It wasn’t enough that any words that would normally flow right out of you, admittedly a bunch of bullshit but words to get those three pages completed nonetheless, but the world just had to bless you with a laptop that absolutely, positively hated you.

Sadly, you were yet another broke college kid who could already feel their bank account hating them just at the thought of buying another, newer laptop.

Lucky for you, you had come to the coffee shop well prepared with your laptop bag that just so happened to hold your charger in it. However, on the other hand, there was something a little more unlucky about the charger — it had to be plugged into an outlet. And, from what you could tell just by a quick glance around the place, the only one in sight was currently being used.

Your eyes nervously stared at the guy occupying the seat right beside it, slouched down in a chair and using his thumb to lazily slide it up the screen, scrolling through tons of things that you were absolutely, positively sure were far less important than the essay that might just make or break your grade.

To make matters worse, he was fucking hot.

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Once a Frat Boy, Always a Frat Boy. | Calum Hood - Pt. 2.

Summary: In which a new student, (Y/N), finds herself becoming the toy to popular frat boy Calum Hood. The only problem is that (Y/N) was warned about Calum her first day on campus, and Calum just so happens to be dating (Y/N)’s best friend, Callie Mitchell. She hates him. She hates him more than she’s hated anyone ever before; however, she can’t help the growing feeling inside of her stomach after she finds out some very interesting things about Calum that no one had ever known before.

Rating: PG (except for language.)

Pairing: Callie/Calum, Luke/Reader

Requested?: No, I just want to carry on and finish, since I never seem to finish any series I end up writing.

A/N: this is sort of a boring chapter, but I’ve got a pretty decent idea for the next one. please send feedback, I need to know how it’s going so far! if you are lost, then read part one here and let me know what you think about that as well. :-)

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Attacked Part 2

Hellooo my beautiful people! So this is part two to this imagine, and I’m honestly surprised by how many of yall  requested part 2. I was suffering from a bit of writer’s block(as always) for this story, but I got this idea from an anon, so thank you so much whoever you are. I don’t think it’s all that and a bag of chips, but it’s pretty good. I hope yall like it!!

It’s been weeks since Calum, or anyone, has heard a word from you. After the day you left, it was as if you’d dropped off the face of the earth. You weren’t active on any social media, you wouldn’t reply to anyone’s text, and no one knew where you were. Well, besides your bestfriend of course. You were living with her until you could find a place of your own, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t letting you leave any time soon.

“You gotta get up Y/N. We’ve been locked in my apartment for weeks.”

“I don’t wanna go out there.”

“Are you still scared?” She questioned with a sigh, sitting on the edge of the spare bed.

“No, it’s just…the world is so fucking cruel. I’d rather be locked in here than be out there.”

“Good point, but we’re leaving.”

“Y/BF/N, no.” You whined as she pulled the covers off of you. You attempted to tug them over your head but she yanked harder and they fell to the floor.“ I don’t wanna.”

“But you’re gonna. Now get dressed so we can go catch a movie or I’m dragging you out the house in penguin pajamas.”

“Calum, you’ve seriously have to stop this.”

“Stop what?” He looked up at his best mate in confusion.

“All this moping around.” Luke sighed, plopping beside him in the black SUV.The four boys were just now leaving their hotel for a scheduled meet in greet in thirty minutes.

“I’m not moping.”

“Then what do you call it?”

Calum only stared at Luke blankly for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh.

“So what if I’m moping? ”

“Luke, leave Calum be.” Ashton sighed as he and Michael climbed into the next row of leather seats.

“I’m just sayin’.” Luke shrugged his shoulders.

“My girlfriend got attacked, left me, and then disappeared all in the same day.” Calum complained.“I deserve to mope.”

“And I understand that, but-”

“But what?”

“Nothing, mate. Nevermind.” Luke gave up on trying to prove his point knowing it was damn near impossible with Calum. He pulled out his earphones and stared out the window as he drowned his friends out. 

Even though Calum knew that he wouldn’t find anything on your social media pages, he decided to check again just in case. He started off with your twitter, sighing when the last thing he saw was from the day before you left. He then went to check your instagram, his heart beating fast when there was an upload of you and Y/BF/N cheesing at the camera. The two of you seemed to be in a arcade having the time of your lives.

“She uploaded something!” Calum grinned from ear to ear and turned around in his seat to show everybody.

“She looks like she’s okay.”Luke concluded after examining the photo.

“Really? I was starting to think she was dead.” Michael joked.

“Now do you feel better knowing she’s safe and sound with Y/BF/N?” Ashton questioned and Calum nodded.

It was eating him alive that he didn’t know what happened to you or where you went. After you left Calum felt broken; it was as if a piece of him was missing. After being with someone for almost two years and living with them for one, something just always feels off. He often finds himself  subconsciously making and ordering food for two, turning over in the middle of the night to cuddle, and even walking to the other room to show a funny meme even though she’s no longer there. These past few weeks have been hard on him and it definitely didn’t help that he was worried sick about you.  

It didn’t take long for the band to arrive at the venue. Of course it was surrounded by screaming girls and the boys knew that it was going to be a long day. They all smiled kindly and waved at the fans as they walked entered the building to get set up at the long white table, taking their seats and waiting for the security to start allowing the fans to come in. It was going normally; they were asked a lot of questions, goofed around, signed, hugged, and took pictures with the girls. It was only when a two girls showed up and began having a conversation about Y/N with Calum when he really started to get in his feelings.

“Have you heard from Y/N? Is she okay?” The teen asked, reaching to push loose strands of auburn hair into her ponytail. 

“I haven’t been able to talk to her,”Calum shrugged his shoulders,” but she’s okay.”

“I saw what those girls did to her. It was so fucked up.”

“Yeah.” Her friend shook her head.”We were about to ask her for a picture when they just attacked her. She wasn’t doing anything but getting cereal.”

“You were there?” Calum furrowed his eyebrows and the two nodded their heads.

“Yeah, I recorded it and posted it on tumblr. It went viral there, I’m surprised it isn’t viral on twitter.” The girl spoke as she unlocked her phone and began to search for the video.

“It’s time for you girls to move now, we have others who want pictures with Calum.” One of their security guards came to escort them to the exit, but Calum told him to wait.”Calum-”

“It’s about, Y/N, it’s important.” 

That was all it took for the guard to leave them alone. You had made good friends with the 5sos crew. Almost everyone accepted you as if you were their daughter, so when they found out what happened they were devastated.

“Here it is.”

“We haven’t found their twitters or instagrams or whatever, but a lot of people on tumblr are still looking.” Her friend informed and Calum felt his eyes watering as he watched them attack you.

How could they do this to you? How could they do this to anyone? Calum understood the dedication some fans had and he greatly appreciated it, but why would they go this far? He examined the girl’s faces anytime they appeared on camera and made sure to not forget them. 

“Uh, thank you for showing me this.” He sniffed, quickly wiping away the tear that escaped from his eye.

“No, problem. I hope you two can work everything out.” The auburn haired girl smiled and went for a hug, her friend joining in shortly. 

Calum allowed them to write their twitter and instagram accounts on his hand and gave them one more hug before they made their way out. It was around two hours later when there were only a handful of girls left and the meet and greet was almost over. Three girls were going along taking pictures with the others boys while Calum finished up with a dark haired girl.

“Hey, Calum!” A strawberry blonde and her two brunette friends made their way to them with huge smiles on their faces. Calum gave them a grin before bidding the dark haired girl goodbye, turning to give them his full attention.

“I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you!” The taller brunette squealed.

It took Calum some time, but soon he began to realise exactly who these three were. His whole mood was ruined as he felt his breathing become quicker and his body heat up from the anger bubbling inside of him. Calum was a gentleman, he knew he’d never hit a girl, but in that moment he wanted to drop-kick all three.

“It was you.” He simply said as he glared, wishing they’d disintegrate.


“You’re the ones that attacked Y/N!” He suddenly shouted, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Calum, you don’t know if-” Ashton walked over but was interrupted.

“I do! These girls showed me the video earlier and it was them!”

By now almost all of the remaining fans were quiet, watching the altercation with wide eyes. The fandom has seen Calum lose his cool with a sarcastic comment or slight attitude, but this? This was full out anger. Skin flushed, vein popping anger.

“Why would you do that?! What in your fucking mind would tell you to attack my fucking girlfriend and say shit like that to her?  She was minding her own business and you had the damn nerve to go up to her and assault her? What the hell did you think that was going to do, huh? Get you a better chance to be with me? Because I for sure wouldn’t want to go with selfish, evil bitches like you.”

At this point everyone’s mouths were dropped. The three girls stared at Calum with teary eyes, but he didn’t care. All he could see was red and the three girls who caused him and his love pain.

“Did you even think about what that would do to me? To her? Y/N’s fucking amazing! She was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I was planning on marrying her soon and now you’ve got her too fucking scared to even be in a relationship wit me! I lost a piece of me because you had so much hatred for someone you didn’t even fucking know!” Calum’s eyes welled up with tears as he yelled at the girl.

“Calum, come on.” Michael grabbed his arm and he snatched away.

“No! They deserve this! They just get away with jumping my girlfriend and causing her to disappear from the face of the earth while I suffer and have to pretend that I’m fine when I’m not!”

“But they’re still your fans, Cal, you can’t just-”

“They’re not fans.”He corrected him.” Real fans would see how much I loved her and how happy I was with Y/N/. They wouldn’t attack her while she’s fucking grocery shopping and degrade her.”

Calum closed the top to his permanent marker and slammed it down on the table. He decided that he was done for the day and needed time to himself for now. Before he left, though, he was sure to say one more thing to the three crying girls.

“I have never been so disgusted by someone in my life.” He spat, eyeing them up and down. “The three of you can go fuck yourselves.”

Then he headed towards entrance to call himself a Uber.

Of course like all incidents like this one, it spreaded on social media quick. Everyone was talking about the video of Calum going off on fans, some justifying it, some not. Majority were saying that that’s what the girls deserved, but then again you had few that made Calum just seem like a horrible, out of controlled boy. Calum had his earphones plugged in and was huddled under the plush duvet in his hotel room, scrolling through the multiple tweets about what happened. He even smiled a few times, happy to know that almost everyone was on his side. He felt his phone buzz again and a text notification appeared on the screen. Calum ignored it, thinking that it was either management scolding him or the boys checking to see if he was okay. It was when it buzzed again did he look at the message as it appeared, his heart skipping a beat at the familiar number. He clicked it quickly and chewed his lip as it took him to his messages.

There were three text sent:

Are you okay?
I think we should talk.

Eh, I could’ve ended that better. There will most likely be a third and final part so inbox me if you think I should do that. For everyone who’s sent me a request, I’ve seen them and I’m working on them. Like I said, I have a bit of writer’s block and don’t wanna just give you a shitty imagine, plus I’m dealing with AP classes in school and just ugh.

If you liked this imagine here’s the rest of my writing: Masterlist

Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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The sad boy in the toilet stall

Request: “Would you mind? I just need someone right now” with Calum
Summary: a friend of a friend of a friend needs help


“Yeah um, I don’t think so,” you laugh when Georgie jokingly mentions a threesome with Michael. “Not that you’re not attractive and all, but not my type.”

Georgie makes a face while Michael gasps exaggeratedly.

“What do you mean I’m not your type?”

“Well look how pale you both are! This some Edward Cullen shit.”

“Rude,” your friend huffs, but it’s not like she can disagree.

After a bit more ridiculous talk of who they’d like to have a threesome with, Michael starts to ask about your personal preferences.

“Yeah I think I need to be more drunk for this conversation,” you grin.

Michael waves freely towards the bar, and you leave the two of them to their weird flirt/friendship.

You make enough small talk with the barman to get yourself a free drink (and a phone number, but that one went in the trash pretty quick) and head to the bathroom to check on your makeup. There’s quite a few people there, and you have to push through the crowd to get to the mirror.

Having reapplied some lipstick and brushed your hair, you turn around to try and get out, but find your way blocked by people. You frown when someone shouts ‘open the fucking door!’.

“What’s going on?”

The girl to your right shoots you a look.

“Someone’s been locked in one of the stalls for like, twenty minutes. Probably a couple fucking or something.”

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Book Shop ::: Ashton Irwin

Pairing: Y/N and Ashton

Word Length: 3800

Rating: Smut

A short story where you catch Ashton Irwin reading smut. Oops.

****This is a rewrite of a story that I previously published, but about a million times better. 

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ok but like imagine fratboy!Calum showing up at one of your sorority’s parties & he joins the pool tournament in the middle of the room where you’re just learning to play. he walks over to you, his snap back turned backwards on his head and his teeth digging into his bottom lip as he grabs a pool queue to join the game. he winks at you and you playfully roll your eyes as he stands on the opposite end of the pool table, motioning for you to be the first to break the balls around the table. you confidently shrug and bend down over the table, purposely shaking your hips to distract him from the game as you hit the queue ball and smashed it into the rest of the balls, spreading them all out almost symmetrically across the table. calum nods his head and chuckles, moving to stand on the side closest to the queue ball as he bent down like you, teasingly shaking his own hips to earn a giggle for you. by now a crowd had gathered around, much larger than the crowd that had grown once you and your friend had played before. calum shot the ball, hitting a solid colored ball into one of the corners. you commended him, standing still as he moved again to hit yet another ball into a slot. he kept shooting and kept shooting, until eventually he only had one ball left on the table where as you still had all of your stripes to try and hit into the slots. “are you even going to let me shoot?” you questioned, rolling your eyes as you let your pool queue stand against the table. it was practically pointless for you to stand at the table to play against calum, it seemed. calum smirked at your attitude, twisting his snap back so that it was now sitting sideways on his head. “here, I’ll let you take a chance at winning, sweetheart.” he smirked, purposely scratching as he tried to hit the queue ball. you scoffed and moved beside him, bending so that your ass was in great view for calum to admire. just as you brought your arm back to hit the queue ball, Calum’s hand came down to grip onto your ass in a seductive squeeze. you squeaked at the unexpected touch, jumping and missing the queue ball as your stick swung and dug into the green table. you turned and growled at calum, crossing your arms. “groping me in the middle of my shot? that’s considered cheating.” you said, watching as calum just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “here, I’ll show you how to shoot so that you don’t miss, hm?” he offered, bending you over the table. he pressed his front into your back, his toned chest and prominent bulge in his jeans pressing against you. you blushed red as his hands clasped over yours on the queue stick, twisting it until he let a breath flow down your neck. “you do it like this,” he whispered, his voice low as he took your hands and swung your stick, striking a striped ball and pushing it into a slot across the table. the crowd around the two of you cheered loudly, as calum smirked while standing tall. he quickly hit his last ball into a slot and watched you as you stared at him. he winked at you, saying, “I can give you private lessons anytime you want, sweetheart.” before he handed his stick to the next contestant as he walked to find himself a drink for the night.