Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 25

Part 24

Summary: You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?

Word Count:4.2K

Me and Ashton were almost home from the hospital. This was the first time I’d really been away from dad since I got there and it felt strange. My life had been spent in that room for the past week or so and it was like I had completely forgotten about the outside world. I suddenly realised that everything just plods along as it always does, even if I’ve stopped. It was a little unsettling for me to be out of that bubble.

We had just picked up a few bits from the grocers and Ashton had ordered the take out to be delivered from the good place across town. As we walked past people I’d suddenly become acutely aware of how much TLC I was desperately needing. Walking around with three day old hair and a very questionable cardigan that I’d had on for longer than I’d like to admit was starting to play on me.

“Come on, move your butt. I really need a shower and a fresh pair of pyjamas on.”

I weaved ahead of him, quickening my pace when I could see the familiar building coming into view as we rounded the corner.

“Oh, so now you believe me about the stink?” He asked rhetorically.

“Just hurry your arse so I can start to feel human again, or I’ll not shower and I’ll sleep next to you with the thickest pyjamas I own on. Then you’ll know what smelly really is.”

“In that case…” he grabbed the only bag of groceries from my hand and placed the plastic bag between his teeth since his hands were full, before sprinting off in front of me. Idiot.

I shook my head and skipped after him. I’d missed him. He hadn’t went anywhere, he’s actually been by my side most of the time, apart from working and sleeping. I just felt like I hadn’t spent time with him I’m ages. I missed the simple comfort of him. I liked being around him because I liked me when I was around him. I liked the way he brought the best out in me, I was happier and more myself than I ever was alone.

“Ladies first” he held the door open for me and I nodded a thanks at him before taking the stairs two at a time. My grandparents had already went back home last week but I hadn’t moved my stuff back from Ashton’s yet obviously. I’ll be able to move it once Dad gets out the hospital but for the time being I guess we’re back to being roomies. I didn’t mind too much, he was the easiest and best roommate ever. He cooked and cleaned and he was always doing little thoughtful things for me, like folding my laundry and getting that cheese that I like. He was just a total sweetie that was too good for me. I got to the top of the stairs and puffed out a breath before something caught my eye. I tuned my head to see this beautiful arrangements of flowers in front of my door. They were in a quaint little garden tin pot. It was filled with colour, bright green and brilliant yellows making my eyes open a little more as I tried to take them all in. It was beautiful. I picked out the little card that was held in place with a clip amongst the flowers.

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Can i have a ship & imagine please?? You can leave it as y/n i don’t mind. Im quite short (like5’1 lol) and i have blue hair and blue eyes. I play guitar, dabble in singing, i like to draw too. I have a couple of piercings also. (if u want to look at my selfies or something ill come off anon but only if you can answer pivately bc im shy)

AN so even tho this is a y/n story, it’s still specific and I still chose so it’s in the 500-1000 word range. You’ve been shipped with Lucas, m’dear! See if you can guess what this one is based off of ;) no fair looking at what I call it. Enjoy your imagine xx

Your POV

Seeing 5 Seconds of Summer was something I could never take for granted. You never knew when they were thinking about not coming to your town or state or country, so I begged my mother for the tickets. After millions of household chores and thousands of favours, she finally said yes, and she finally bought them.

She let me dye my hair within this past month, and that took a lot of convincing as well. Nonetheless, I got it done blue and she wasn’t too happy. I, on the other hand, was ecstatic.

I walked over to my friend’s house, we were getting ready to go to the concert together. I chose black jeans with a white shirt and black shoes. Converse, to be specific. My friend went a little more punk, but we were on our way to a concert filled with hormones and food, I wasn’t really too concerned with how I looked. It wasn’t like I was going to meet any of them.

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Deny - MC (Smut)

Right, so this is 3.1k words of just straight Dom!Michael smut. Let me know if you guys like it? I was kind of hesitant to post it. Hope you guys like it!


Total sensory deprivation.

Well, almost, at least.

A thick, black cloth tied around your eyes. Wrists twined together, legs spread wide. Sounds are muffled but your mouth is free, lips swollen and parted. Every single nerve ending you’ve got in your body is electrified, every single hair standing on end.

The air in the room is thick, so incredibly, impossibly thick; your breath is leaving you in harsh pants. The faint buzzing between your legs has never seemed so loud and it’s not helping the heaving of your chest or the drum of your heart.

You’re squirming, desperately trying and failing to clench your thighs together. Frantic, you’re trying to chase the slow unravel that you can feel just teetering on the edge, orgasm denied as the toy stops buzzing. A string of color curses leave your lips in a breathless, frenzied mumble and beyond the haze, you can vaguely hear the door to the bedroom open.

It’s the loud squeak of the door that breaks through the haze of your denied euphoria and your head swings to the side, trying to find the person behind all this. With your cheek smooshed against the bed, your eyes flutter underneath the blindfold. And when there’s the press of thick fingers against your cheek, they direct your head upwards and slip the fabric over your head.

Above you stands Michael. He’s dressed in his standard black denim, chest bare. His eyes were dark; green the same shade as fir trees blanketed in moonlight. They spoke of his intelligence, his passion and all the different qualities not revealed by his dorky, guitar god persona. Right now though, they just looked…predatory, like a lion stalking it’s prey.

The tips of his fingers press against your cheekbones, thumb against your jaw. He’s tilting your head up and then back, forcing your eyes to finally settle on his face. Michael’s grin displays his amusement, “Mmm…you’re probably going insane.” His moves, climbing onto the bed and moving to place a leg on either side of your torso. He hovers over you, hand leaving your jaw to drag his calloused fingertips down; down the column of your throat, tracing the curves of your collarbones, down between valley of your breasts, slowly down the soft skin of your stomach, down, down, down.

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1 A.M

Pairing: Y/N/College!Shopassistant!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 6.000+

Summary: Luke works at the local grocery shop in the middle of campus every Monday night until 1 A.M. The job is usually boring but one night a girl comes in right before closing time with a pregnancy test package in her hand, her whole body shaking and a devastated expression on her face

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Vampire!Michael Part 7

AN Sorry for the wait guys! If you haven’t seen my latest posts, it’s just to let you know that vamp!mike will only be ten chapters long. That means after this one there’s three left! So prepare yourself for a wild ride because I have exactly the place this story is going and I hope you don’t hate me. Enjoy the imagine loves xx

Your POV

Michael brought us out of Luke’s apartment, which wasn’t a safe place to be anyway. We were on our way to see the werewolves apparently, that’s at least what they told me. We were walking down the street, but it seemed as though we were going further into the city. “Mike,” I mumbled, speeding up to grab his arm. Luke gave me a dirty look then sped up his walk. “Why are we going further into the city?”

“Because that’s where they live,” Michael told me, trying to catch up with Luke.

“But they’re dogs? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“If you don’t shut the fuck up, Y/N, I’m going to duct tape your mouth shut,” Luke threatened me.

“Why are you so cranky?” I tightened my grip on Michael’s hand.

“Why are you so annoying?”

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Three Inked Words

Pairing: Y/N/Tattoo-Artist!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes (Ish?? I changed it a bit)

Words: 3.250+

Summary: Saying the word ‘I Love You’ out loud is a hard task for Luke with his shyness so taking his creativity into action he decides to draw on Y/N’s back and let her guess the three inked words

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being engaged to michael and y’all are sampling cakes and you have your mind made up but michael’s like, “can you please pretend like you haven’t decided? i want to eat more cake.”

Brown eyes

Summary: “brown eyes are just brown eyes until you love someone with brown eyes”

His eyes are brown.  

They are the first thing you see when you look up from your notebook. “I’m sorry, can I sit here or is this taken?” he asks politely, and it takes you a few blinks to get yourself back to earth.

“Of course,” you tell him, “I’m just studying.” You don’t know why you tell him that. It’s not like he cares; and besides, you’re in a library, surrounded by biology books. He probably had a pretty good guess.

He hums a thanks and sits opposite you, wasting no time before getting lost in his book. You can’t see what it’s about, but you find yourself staring at the boy, watching him absentmindedly bite his lip.

You try to focus on your work again, but it’s not going very well. It could have something to do with the fact that you’ve basically been living in the library for the past two weeks, and you can’t even remember how long it’s been since you took your seat that morning.

“I’m going to light everything on fire,” you whisper, more to yourself than to the boy, but he looks up anyway, one eyebrow raised.

“I mean, I would thank you for the head’s up, but I’d rather you not do that,” he says, pointedly holding up his book. “I really wanna finish this. I’ve been trying to finish it for days, but my friends keep harassing me.”

You smile at him weakly. “Maybe I’ll settle for lighting myself on fire so you can read your book in peace.”

“How long have you been here?” he asks, and you shrug.

“I don’t know, what time did the sun come up?”

He laughs. “You know it’s nearly 9 pm, don’t you?”

“Well, my biology isn’t going to study itself, and I really have to pass this exam,” you sigh. “But you’re right, I hadn’t noticed it had gotten to that time. I should probably get some dinner, that will postpone my arson for a while.”

You start getting up and gathering your things, when he speaks again. “I haven’t had dinner yet either.” He’s already standing, his hands shoved in the pockets of his black skinny jeans. “Do you want to grab something together? You can tell me all about your biology.”

“I’d rather tell you about anything else,” you say. The thought of having dinner with this boy you’ve never seen before wouldn’t have excited you had your brain not been this fried, since you were never one for spontaneity, but today, you can’t think of any excuse to stop studying you would not grab.

He chuckles. “Deal. I’m Calum, by the way.”

You smile. “Y/N.”

The liquor is brown. He describes it as golden.

You don’t know why you said yes to Calum when he offered to celebrate the end of your exams with you. It’s not that you didn’t want to celebrate, but this wasn’t usually your way of celebrating anything.

You’d had lunch and dinner with him a few times, his company and some food being the only study break you allowed yourself. And you had liked hanging out with him a lot. So much so, that when he told you that he wanted to take you clubbing after your last exam, you hadn’t even protested it.

But now you wonder why you thought this was a good idea. The floor seems to be swirling under your feet and you cling to the barstool you’re sitting on.

You hadn’t liked the drink the first few sips; to be fair, when Calum asked you what you wanted to drink and you’d said “whatever you’re having”, his raised eyebrows and curled lips should’ve given you a hint that this wasn’t going to work out well for you. But now, after a few of them, it doesn’t taste nearly so bad.

You blink a few times and return your attention to the boy next to you, who’s telling you a story you’re not listening to. You probably should, cause his stories are usually very entertaining, but you’re not a very good drunk.

You’re the kind of drunk that would rather study his features, the curve of his lips, the edge of his jaw, the flutter of his eyelashes. He’s beautiful.

“You didn’t hear a word I said.” It’s a statement rather than a question and the amusement is clear on his face.

“Sorry,” you mumble, putting down the glass with liquor. “I was just…”

“Staring at me?” he interrupts, a twinkle in his eyes as he tips the rest of his drink back.

“Wondering what it would be like to kiss you.” As soon as the words leave your lips you feel your cheeks heat up, and you wish a giant hole would appear in the floor the swallow you. You will never drink anything alcoholic ever again.

“Well,” he says, his voice deep and raspy, and suddenly he’s right in front of you, “we can’t leave you wondering, can we?”

And then his lips are on yours and the world is spinning but you’re not sure if it’s the alcohol in your stomach or the taste of liquor on his lips. The kiss is all teeth and tongue and it’s messy but you know in that moment that you’ll never want to kiss anyone else.

The leaves are brown. He describes them as tawny.

“You forgot to mention that you were planning to hike a fucking mountain,” you pant, kicking some leaves around with your feet. Calum giggles and reaches out, taking your hand in his to help you over a rock.

“It’s not a mountain. It’s barely a hill.”

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The Bartender

Pairing: Y/N/Bartender!Michael

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 5.600+

Summary: Drowning her feelings to get over the sad fact of her husband cheating with their maid, Y/N drags her body all the way to Michael’s bar every Friday to numb everything away with alcohol

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Dating Luke would include:

gigglesgigglesgigglesgiggles GIgGLES

◦  you playing his songs and singing along and he’d just watch you like :D

◦ “babe can you please play with my hair :-)” 

◦ michael constantly texting him to “kiss her already dumbass”

◦ his broad shoulders covered in scratches from the night before

◦ him leaning down so you could kiss his forehead 


◦ “you should totally ride my thigh” 

◦ grabbing your butt whenever he gets the chance

◦ “luke you can’t grab my butt in a grocery store” 


◦ netflix and chill after rough sex :))))

◦ him teaching you to play guitar and giving up after 528973492 tries

◦ “you really suck at guitar babe im sorry”

◦ the boys being really good friends with you


Zodiac Compatibility - Michael

Aries – The Hero

 One of the most passionate matches in the zodiac, due to both being ruled by Mars, they are very passionate individuals, and even more so when they are together. This would be a relationship that is more on the physical level then emotional or intellectual.  Both are very loyal signs, which would please Scorpio Michael since he wants a very loyal mate and wanting to feel loved, which wouldn’t be a problem for his Aries mate to provide. Unfortunately, this relationship seems to be short term, but with effort and a lot of compromise can be long term. However even if it is a short relationship, it will still be one of the best relationship they will have, full of passion and romance one can only imagine in stories and movies. Their clashing natures will actually be a benefit. Aries being a fire element, would be able to draw out Scorpio Michael from his reserved nature and him being a water element would be able to ground his hot headed Aries mate. In bed however, their act of love is aggressive and intense, but they secretly like it, sexual tension is a thing between them that at times it’s almost tangible. Their arguments would be a stalemate, since both are a bit stubborn and neither liking to admit that they are wrong…even when they are, always in a state of denial. But for this couple to work communication is key.

Taurus – The Lover

This relationship would be on a physical level then emotional or intellectual, due to Taurus being a sensual zodiac and Scorpio Michael being passionate one, but nothing wrong with that at all. Taurus being straightforward with their feelings would easily make Scorpio Michael feel loved, wanting to express it in touches and words; it would for sure ease his possessive side and convince him of his mate’s loyalty. Opposites definitely attract when it comes to this relationship. This pair can be a bit more destructive match, then the other zodiac matches, since both are so possessive of their significant other and natural jealous nature. But once a good communication and trust is made between the two…they can for be set on a long term relationship.  Both are stubborn by nature, but it’s nothing a good night together can’t fix, for sure a more physical attachment then emotional. Both are possessive of each other, but it works since loyalty is a big factor for you both. Both are the missing pieces, just need to know how to piece them together.

Gemini – The Communicator

This would be a difficult relationship to maintain but not impossible to keep if both are willing to try to make it work. Gemini being a more sociable person can be a problem for reserved Scorpio Michael who wants to spend a lot of time with their Gemini mate and not surrounded by people, he prefers alone time then social time, which could be a problem since Gemini love socializing. But despite that huge difference it could work, while Scorpio Michael gets his alone time, his Gemini partner would spend time with their friends and when they reunite they would be very loving to one another. Jealousy would be an issue in this relationship since Scorpios are very jealous and possessive doesn’t like his Gemini mate spending so much time socializing with others, and Gemini being a Wind sign doesn’t like feeling tied down or owned by anyone. But Gemini being a good communicator that problem can easily be resolved once both sit down and talk about their feelings. This would be a very passionate relationship in the bed as well, since Scorpios are passionate by nature.

Cancer – The Homemaker

This is probably one of the best and sweetest matches out there in the zodiac, despite Scorpio’s rough nature. Both Scorpio and Cancer can easily fall into a relationship, since both have a lot in common, from their ways of thinking, their emotional priority, to their idea of how to express love. There would definitely be an emotional attraction from the time they meet. Both would have a silent connection that both would allow them to know what their partner is feeling without them even saying it, since both are water elements and emotions are their forte.  Both would have a great emotional connection that would others would envy. While Scorpios are jealous by nature, which the other zodiac may find too possessive, Cancers will love it, it would make Cancer feel loved and cared for, which is something that they crave in a relationship. Cancer being lovable and nurturing would be what Scorpio needs, to feel cared for, to soften their darken nature, and actually like their Cancer partner’s clingy side, to a certain extent. They would be strongly loyal to each other, since both want emotional stability and security in a relationship. Scorpios tend to want to be the dominate one in a relationship, something that Cancers don’t mind giving, and at times drawn to the strong nature of a Scorpio. In the bedroom, you can expect them to very loving and sensual, his cancer partner showing him the love that he wants and Scorpio Michael giving the attention that Cancer wants, but that could easily be as passionate as well as loving, since Scorpios tend to provide a lot of passion in a relationship. Basically a good match with few problems, compared to the other zodiac matches.

 Leo – The Royal

An all or nothing relationship. While you both have a lot of similarities, those similarities are what cause problems in this pair. You both are stubborn and want to be the one in charge. But that power struggle is what keeps the relationship, oddly satisfying just wanting to see who will submit first and how long it takes to do that, a strong sexual tension for that same reason as well. Leo’s love attention from others, and Scorpio Michael would love to give that attention to their significant other. There may be times that they both feel that it isn’t easy being together, but they realize that it isn’t easy being separated either, they love each other even if they get on each other’s nerves. What makes them work are some of the key differences in their person personalities. Scorpios tends to have off days that they just don’t feel good enough, his Leo mate would definitely be there to cheer him up, being the sun in their dark days. And in return Scorpio Michael would keep his mate grounded and help his partner in any goals they have set. In the bedroom, these two definitely will have a lot of passion, never a dull moment in bed, with Leo being a fire element it would naturally rival Scorpio Michael’s passion, may consider each other the best lover they ever have, because of how strong their passion is. But things will last a long time together when they both learn to compromise.

Virgo – The Healer

Right off the bat, it is an odd relationship that seems to work without anyone really knowing actually knowing how. Scorpio being very emotional and initiative would easily know how Virgo partner feels, which would help the gentle Virgo feel loved. Virgos are attracted to Scorpio Michael for his confidence and strength, while Scorpio will love Virgo’s grounded nature. Both would be introverts together, wanting to spend more dates indoors then going outdoors, they would understand themselves on an emotional level as well as intellectual. They can be themselves around each other, not needing to feel that they need to pretend to be something they are not, which is something that both want. Scorpio Michael will have the need to be protective about his Virgo mate, mainly due to his jealous nature. Virgo being the natural communicator, and Scorpio being passionate, talks can get really heated but insightful, aiding in having a better relationship since communication is where they thrive, which is needed for a long term relationship.

Scorpio – The Sorcerer

Since they are similar in nature it would work amazingly. Both would be reserved, observant of one another, and very passionate and attached to their mates. While this relationship could have its problems, this pair is almost magnetically drawn together and most likely be a long term relationship. Their obsession and jealous nature could be a problem as well a benefit between them. It would be a benefit since they both would be attached to their partner, both knowing that their partner is faithful to them. But where the problem lies is that they tend to be overwhelmed at times by too much possessiveness and wanting time to relax and to themselves.  In the bedroom, both would be very passionate and loving, both knowing what the other wants and just a great combination sexually, since both are ruled by Mars, which provides passion. Both would be very stubborn by nature and have a power struggle for who is in control, but that provides sexual tension to see who submits first.  The reason they mainly work out is because they are so similar, but also their bigger flaw, but like I said before it will work out with effort, but even if there is a fallout, there is a high chance that these would easily get back together for another chance at romance.

Sagittarius – The Adventurer

A difficult relationship to maintain, but the key way to make this work is by taking things slow and paced, establishing what is needed for a long term relationship. Sagittarius being an adventurer loves change, or at least doesn’t feel as threatened by it compared to the other zodiacs. Sagittarius likes trying out new things, a wild spirit, which is something Michael being a Scorpio will find attractive, wanting some of the carefree lifestyle for him as well. But that carefree spirit may be the problem, while Sagittarius loves change and new experiences, Scorpios don’t feel the same way, they want something stable or at least not too much change. But maybe Sagittarius aid in Scorpio Michael becoming more of a carefree spirit, helping him slowly become an extrovert, which isn’t such a bad thing when you think about it. Both would be very sensual as well, with Scorpio being ruled by Mars and Sagittarius loving new things to try wouldn’t mind to see what Scorpio Michael would want to try out. .

Capricorn – The Sage

This is a great match from the start; Scorpio being a known as the Sorcerer pairs perfectly with the Sage of the Zodiac, magic meets magic. Both get along in all levels, physical and intellectual, and sometimes emotional. Both signs strife for knowledge, and would love to learn about themselves as much as they want, they would need the need to go and search for the answers of the universe together, and glad that they found someone to do it with. Physical love between them would also be great; Capricorn mates have been known to be sensual by nature and would pair off great with Scorpio Michael’s passionate nature, leading to some very intense love between the two. Both would be introverts together, both quiet and thoughtful, and love to spend time alone, as they ponder and question everything, you could really expect long conversations between the two, ranging from simple to deep topics that could last till sunrise. Communication is definitely strong, since they would have a lot to say and share. While others may look at your relationship and think it is too serious, Capricorn and Scorpio wouldn’t care because they are content with themselves, and like that they can keep their private relationship…private, since both don’t like crowds. The only real problem would be in dominance, both would want to be in charge, which could lead to small power clashes, but keep things interesting since the big question would be…who submits first?

Aquarius – The Visionary

Both very clashing signs, Scorpio Michael being the storm and his Aquarius partner being the lightning, both can be beautiful together but very destructive as well, but with a lot of hard work  and effort, this storm can definitely be calmed. Both are attracted by the way that they others think, connecting them by how different their way of thinking differs from their own, and wanting to see how it works. Scorpio Michael would be drawn by how calm his Aquarius remains through situations, almost emotionless yet full of emotion, while his Aquarius partner is drawn by how passionate Michael’s way of thinking is. They would both want to adapt each other’s way of thought into their own, which would be a good thing. Both being very thoughtful would definitely spark for good conversations, and similar to Capricorn, you could expect long conversations that wouldn’t finish till the sun rises the next day, both just trying to understand everything out there, and wanting to understand how their partner thinks about everything out there as well, communication between them is something that the rest of the zodiac would envy. Aquarius being a bit more outgoing could be a problem for reserved Scorpio Michael, but it could be seem as a positive since his Aquarius mate could help be more sociable. In bed, while their act of love may not be as passionate or steamy as the rest of the zodiac, it would be very sensual and loving, since Scorpios have no problem showing their partner how much they love them.

Pisces – The Dreamer

Probably one of the best matches for Scorpio, ties for first with Cancer. From the beginning they will get along, since both are water signs, they are both emotional, and love to connect on a deep personal level, which is what attracts the other in the first place. You share so much in common when it comes to personality, that it’s ultimately what makes this combination work. At times you both would both need time apart since your intense romance would emotionally drain you both, but since both would understand each other greatly they will provide your space without even asking for it, which is comforting for both signs. For sure there is a sexual attraction, since Michael being a Scorpio is naturally passionate, and Pisces are naturally romantic, so between them it could be very passionate or very loving and sensual due to their sensitive side. Unlike other signs, there wouldn’t be a power struggle, Scorpio Michael want to be in control, and his Pisces mate wouldn’t mind letting him have it, which means less time having to see who in control and more time just being affectionate with one another. Pisces are seen as weak, but Scorpio Michael would never think that of his partner; in fact he would feel a natural sense of protection for his Pisces mate, which would be really appreciated by them. Pisces being the gentle dreamer would soften Scorpio Michael’s rough edges, and Scorpio Michael would be able to provide strength for his Pisces mate. All in all, this is a very sweet match, and cute.

Libra – The Idealist

This would make a difficult match to maintain but not impossible. From the start there is a strong mutual attraction that would make their relationship spark, it would definitely be a spark in an emotional level, but for it to be a long term relationship…you just need to find a way to make it work despite your clashing personalities. What makes these two work is because their idea of love. Libras can at times be considered the sign of partnership, and are happiest when in a good relationship. You could expect a lot of conversations between these two, there would definitely be a lot of play fights and debates, since both are very intellectual and both Scorpio Michael and his Libra partner will like that they will have someone to argue with and keep up with their thinking. However what makes this pair difficult to maintain is how Libra is more of a social person, which conflicts with Scorpio’s more reserved nature. Scorpio tends to be a possessive, something that may not be liked by Libra, due to them being an air element and not liking to feel tied down. And although Libra is an intellectual sign and love talking about many things, but at times even Scorpio’s deep thoughts can be a bit much for his Libra Partner. In bed these two signs will definitely have chemistry. Libra is ruled by Venus, known for love and Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which signifies passion, so when these to meet in bed…definitely a something sensual and loving. These two will tend to have fallouts, but it can work when they figure out how to settle their differences, and one of Scorpio’s qualities, is that they don’t like to give up, so there is a fighting chance for them.




Bear in mind, that this may not be true, your personality and zodiac personality may not match and that’s ok, zodiac and astrology aren’t a true science so don’t think that there is something wrong if your personality doesn’t match what your zodiac says. I gathered the information from other sites just paraphrased what they said IF THEY DIDN’T MATCH…I AM SORRY.

So yea…hopefully you all liked this, it was fun to do.

Updated Masterlist #7

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Text AU

You confuse them with Meghan Trainor lyrics (!!)
You loose something stupid (!!)
Messaging the wrong boy (!!)
You love superheroes (!!)
Food mishaps with the baby (!)
you play hide and seek (!)
They think you are ignoring them (!)
Kitchen mishaps (!)
you buy a dog (!)
Harry Potter (***)
Kittens (***)
you give him a heart attack (***)
You have a bad day at school (***)
Calum finding out that you had a seizure but you left your phone at home (***)
You tell him you’re pregnant (***)
1st december (***)
Michael’s black hair (**)
supernatural 5sos part 2.5 (the other parts are found in preferences) (**)

Non smutty visuals

Imagine #1 (Calum) (**)
Imagine #2 (Michael) (*)
Imagine #3 (Ashton) (*)
Imagine #4 (Luke) (*)
Imagine #5 (Calum) 


you make him cum his pants *smut*  (!!!)
Bus Bunk mishaps  (!!)
You get in a car crash and lose your memory (!)
You get in a car crash and lose your memory part 2 (***)
He thinks you are cheating on him (!)
He thinks you are cheating on him part 2 (!)
Supernatural 5sos (!)
Supernatural 5sos part 2  (***)
Supernatural 5sos part 3  (**)
supernatural 5sos part 4  (**)
supernatural 5sos part 5 (**)
supernatural 5sos part 6 (*)
supernatural 5sos part 7 (*)
supernatural 5sos part 8 (*)
supernatural 5sos part 9 (*)
Pap problems  (!)
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I need a new place to illegally download music. Can you send me some suggestions?

Undisclosed Desires

Pairing: Y/N/Gangmember!Ashton

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 3.300+

Summary: On a scale from 1 to shit, how fucked would Ashton be if he ended up banging the other gangmember Luke’s little sister Y/N?

Ashton breathed out the thick dark smoke from his lips, clouding from down his lungs, through his throat and out of his mouth. The night was dark, not a single noise loud around him besides the faint sound of men hollering along with pornographic music. The lights from the strip club behind him were brightening out red and lilac lights, and if he turned around he would get a small sight of the stripper only in her thong and wearing bunny ears.

He shook his head in disbelief and stared back at the dark crimson brick wall in front of him. If it hadn’t been a need for him to smoke a cigarette he would have chosen to stand another place than right in front of the containers with garbage that was the back area of the strip club. The smell was gagging, but it was better than standing in front of the club with the security guards. He needed his time alone.

His friends were probably having the time of their life inside the strip club, throwing dollars at the half naked women while trying to control the growing boners in their pants. Ashton had been in the same position before, always making sure that he would withdraw cash so he could join the act. But this time it was much different and it had been for weeks now.

Whether it was the fact that he had grown out of the old school boy habit or the fact that he just didn’t found the same boring girls at the strip club interesting any longer, he didn’t know. He always joined the boys at Fridays because it was a part of their gang, but he stopped enjoying it more and more with how often they visited the place.

”Get in there, Jessica!” Michael’s voice was standing out from the other boys, enjoying this to his fullest and Ashton moved his head back to see the blue haired boy having heart emoji hearts in his eyes, the drool on his lips clear even from his point of view while standing outside.

Ash dropped the cigarette and stubbed it to the ground, waiting for the fire to burn out and he blew out the last bit of smoke that was in his lungs. He was ready to go back but stopped in track when his pocket vibrated for seconds, indicating that it wasn’t just a usual text. Someone was calling Ashton and it was confusing to him as the time was striking past 2am.

”Hello?” His voice was raspy from the cigarette, and he coughed lightly to get it away.

”Ashton? Can you please pick me up? Luke doesn’t answer his phone and I’m stuck with James Walker on the fucking bus station! He’s been trying to sexual harass me for the past hour and I can’t walk home on my own or get away from him without having him to follow me!”

The sound of Y/N’s voice was enough for him to sprint towards the parking lot next to the alley, opening the door to his car and not caring that he had been drinking at least four beers during the evening.

”I’ll be there in less than five minutes, just give me the address of the bus stop.”

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Mute Luke Imagine

Luke had his head rested in your lap, eyes closed you were sat crossed legged against the armrest of the couch running your fingers through his golden color hair the only sound being the sound of rain and crackling fire that Luke had started earlier.  You both had spent your rainy days just enjoying each other’s company. Your fingers were lulling him to sleep; Luke loved the way you just treated him so gently, giving him the attention he wanted but was always so shy to ask for. He opened his azure colored eyes looking at you with a soft look on his face, as the fire bouncing off his skin, giving him a beautiful glow that made you think he was some sort of angel, something to beautiful for this world. You noticed a small smile that softened the moment that he looked into your eyes, a smile that you gladly returned.  

Moments like this were common between the two of you but it never got dull Luke loved the sensation he got from you doing a simple action, he felt his stresses and worries melt away under your touch, and you felt the same way too. His fingertips began to graze over your skin, making your skin shiver under his touch, as he traced small patterns across your skin, just wanting to touch your skin. His fingers slowly grazed over the flesh of your neck, stopping at the center of your neck, something he usually does. You smiled more, knowing what he wanted, and began to hum a small tune, he laid still as he once again closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of your humming vibrating underneath his fingertips.

This action from Luke was normal to you with him being mute it was the closest he got to the feeling of being able to speak, feeling the vibration that came from you gave him a sense of comfort, filling the void he used to have for a voice. You had asked him a few times why, but he usually couldn’t explain, he just knew it did.

“Luke” you softly said wanting his attention.

Luke slowly opened his eyes and looked up at you smiling gently at him. Luke sat himself up slowly shifting positions as he laid back down pulling you with him your head resting on his chest, a blush crept onto your face you felt his chuckle, the vibrations of his chest being proof of that. His hand started playing with your hair, similar to the way you were playing with his, as you melted into his touch. Luke nodded wanting to know what you were going to say.

“Do you remember when we met?” you asked him, as you cuddled further into Luke.

Luke’s cerulean eyes widened, thrown off by your question. He nodded with a huge smile on his face, his hand reaching for yours, as he started to write the words on the palm of your hand, something that always seemed to make you blush when his fingers would trace the letters, something about it just making it so intimate and personal, since he would never do this with anyone else besides you. You rest your head on against his chest, looking directly at Luke as he wrote out his answer…

How could I forget?


You were sitting in your classroom, not a big fan of math, you weren’t the brightest but you weren’t the dullest either, just average. You had been working on a set of warm up problems as you heard the door open. Your curiosity made you looks up to see that had just walked in, expecting it to be a teacher or a student who walked out. But instead a fairly tall blond boy walked in, wearing tight black skinny jeans and a black tank. He looked so uncomfortable, his gaze fixed on his shoes, not wanting to look up at anyone, trying so hard to blend into the walls, but instead making him stand out even more.

Your teacher immediately looked up, as she walked over to him by the door, “You’re Luke Hemmings right?” he asked.

Luke nodded, finally looking up, seeing that he had a black lip piercing, making you more intrigued on who he was. Your teacher glad to know her new student had arrived, clapped both of her hands in a very enthusiastic way “Welcome to my math class my name is Mrs. Garcia please take a seat next to (Y/N), raise your hand (Y/N)!”

You raised your hand, as you thought that his height was extremely noticeable, but you were wrong, because he had the most beautiful blue eyes you had seen. Luke made eyes contact with you, which he immediately broke, not wanting to stare for too long, and looked back at his shoes. He walked over to you, noticing that he didn’t like the attention that he was getting from anyone, making you feel kind of bad for him. You gave him a small smile as he took the seat next to you, which he quickly returned but you noticed that it was a forced smile.

Mrs. Garcia called the class to attention as she wrote down new problems for you all to work on since it was mainly reviewing for an upcoming test, but these set of problems seemed far more difficult than what she was teaching, almost as if she was teaching a new lesson.

You stared at the set of problems hoping that any second, you would understand what she was writing, but the more your stared at the complicated math problems, the more difficult they looked. You started copying the first problem onto your paper, feeling a bit overwhelmed, staring at it thinking of how to start it.

You looked over at Luke noticing that he was writing stuff down on his paper, and glancing back at the board; at least you both seemed lost by the problems. Luke turned to look at you, making you look back down at your paper, hoping he didn’t catch you staring at him, as you pretended to work on the problem.

You looked back at Luke and noticed that he wasn’t writing anymore, he just looked out the window, leaning his head on his hand, looking a bit bored. Had he given up on working the problem? Mrs. Garcia walked over to him and you could see him become nervous once again.

“Luke did you finish the problems already?” she asked.

Luke nodded, seeing the panic grow on his face the more people started to stare at him. He handed her his notebook and she began to look over his work, nodding as she read along, following his work making sure everything was accurate. She smiled as she handed him back his notebooks, “it all correct, please, go up to the board and answer the first problem”, she said with a smile, not noticing the way Luke was panicking, but instead of saying anything he got up and awkwardly went to the board, looking very uncomfortable, trying so hard to blend in, which just made him stand out so much more.

He started solving the first problem easily, not even bothering to look back at his notebook to double check his steps.

“That’s amazing! You just solved a College level math question and with such ease!” she said with happily.

Luke scratched the back of his neck, looking away from everyone that was starting at him, you included. Your teacher thanked him as he walked back to his seat, saying that she was glad that she had such a bright student. You smiled once again as he was walking to his seat, hoping that he would feel more at ease.

Luke walked over to his seat, your eyes meeting once again, you smiled widely “wow you’re really smart, I wouldn’t be able to solve it that quickly”, you admitted.

He looked straight at you, before taking a seat not bothering to say anything in return. You noticed that he completely ignored you, not even saying a simple ‘thanks’, you looked at him, hoping that maybe any second he would say anything, but instead he started writing something down, still not bothering to acknowledge you.

“you’re welcome”, you whispered to yourself in a somewhat annoyed tone

You let out a sigh as you turned forward, feeling a bit rejected. The teacher continued to go over the problem that Luke had solved in case anyone didn’t understand what he did, but then felt Luke tap your shoulder. You looked over at him, as Luke gave you a small smile, and pushed a piece of paper towards you, with something written on it

I’m mute.

Your gaze softened as you reread the statement. You instantly apologized, in case he had heard your small comment, you felt really bad, you thought that he was being rude it never crossed your mind that maybe he couldn’t physically talk. He smiled as he picked up the pen and wrote down another sentence.

Don’t worry its fine, it happens a lot.

As the day went on Luke relaxed more and more, Luke was also in your English class and you were seated next to him, which he was glad, because you were so far the only person he felt comfortable around. You let him meet your friends, Calum, Michael, and Ashton, but he still seemed more at ease with you, despite them being really nice and already treating him as a part of the group.

He had told you…written, that he had damaged vocal chords, that didn’t allow him to speak, but you were sure that when he laughed you could hear a somewhat grunt laugh, which he absolutely hated. Luke admitted that he hated being around people, mainly because he couldn’t speak, he hated that there was always some sort of communication barrier and people thought rude things when he wouldn’t answer anything, but it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t physically able to respond.

But throughout the school year, you were able to make him feel more comfortable, being his voice in classes, reading aloud his answers when he was called on, which made him happy since he loved hearing your voice, and you also were his voice when he needed. You enjoyed his company and kept notebooks filled with the notes you would write and spent countless hours of him teaching you not only math, since you needed the help, but sign language as well, wanting to be able to fluently converse with him, which made him also glad.

As the months went on and you and Luke got closer, both of you secretly loving the shared moments you both spent together, distracted and isolated from everything one else.

You were both lying on his bed, having spent an hour on math homework, and you singing one of yours and Luke’s favorite songs that was playing on the speakers. Luke looked over at you, enchanted by your voice, and you as well. Luke stared at you before he unconsciously placed his fingertips on your throat, feeling the way your voice was vibrating under his touch. It was the first time he had ever done that that you stilled and looked at him with a confused look. Luke pulled his hand in embarrassment and hoped he didn’t creep you out. You immediately regretted getting scared, understanding that he wanted to feel your voice. You smiled as you reached for his hand, and placing it back on your throat, and began to sing for him, letting him feel your voice. You noticed that he had a bright smile on his face and brought you closer, bringing you to him. He cuddled you, letting your head rest on his chest, hearing the faint sound of his fast beating heart as his fingertips continued to feel the vibrations and hear the sound of your voice singing just for him.  

This was something that you two did frequently after that day, and to this day you both of you loved it.

“When I realized I would never be able to sing – I decided, that I instruments would be my voice.”

Luke had played beautifully on the guitar, letting his fingers strum and hit chords perfectly. You could tell that when he played, it really was like his voice, projecting his feelings onto you. In some songs you could see the anguish and despair that projected over the sound of the guitar that made your heart clench, other times, you couldn’t help but smile and move to the beat when he would played some happier songs. He played so well, that it was almost a shame that he couldn’t sing to those songs, because you knew it would make it even more perfect than it already was.

He was playing something new for you, a sonata like piece on guitar. You could tell that he was nervous, the way that his fingers were somewhat trembling as he played, but still kept playing perfectly. The piece itself pulled at your heartstrings; playing slow letting the song build, and then getting louder and more melodic almost something you could slow dance to, as you felt the passion that he was playing with. He finished the piece letting the sound resonate with the passion that he had.

He looked down at his guitar, not wanting to look into your eyes, as the sound was slowly dying. You noticed that Luke’s cheeks were blushing. He looked at your, his cerulean eyes anxious for you to say something. He reached for a nearby piece of paper, and quickly wrote something.

 Did you like it?

You nodded, “I loved it Luke, it was so beautiful, I nearly wanted to cry”, you said with a bright smile.

Good, because it’s yours

You started down at the words, feeling your cheeks heat up, “what do you mean?” you asked as your heart started to race.

I wrote it for you, so it’s yours

He wrote down with a clear blush on his face. He was once again nervous, as his hands were slightly shaking as he held up the notebook for you. His eyes started anywhere but your own eyes, as his blush grew more and more. Your cheeks were heating up even more, at seeing Luke so vulnerable in front of you. He was wearing his heart on his sleeve for you to see, and hopefully not break.

“Luke, do you like me?” you asked your cheeks and face burning up by this point.

He looked into your eyes briefly before he turned away. He nodded, not bothering to write it down, because by now his hands were a mess, and he knew he would be able to clearly write his answer. You felt your heart pound against your chest that you wondered if Luke could hear it. Luke liked you; he had written a song just for you, a passion filled song that was all yours.

You placed your hand on his cheek, making him look at you, seeing Luke so nervous, almost as if any second you were going to reject his feelings. You leaned in and placed a soft kiss to his lips. Luke’s eyes widened not expecting you to kiss him, but soon closed his eyes, and kissed you back. The kiss was so tender and soft, that it made your insides tingle, bringing your whole body to life with a fire like feeling. He set down his guitar and pulled you onto his lap, as he kissed you with a new found passion. He wasn’t kissing you lustfully, not wanting you to feel like things were moving too fast, but it was filled with passion that you didn’t think was possible.

“I like you too”, you said as you brought his lips for another kiss, losing each other in kisses, which was the start of your relationship.

——————-End of flashback———————–

It had been years since then then, both of you going to same college that suited both your needs. You both thought that it would be better to find a flat together, seeing as how you both weren’t good at meeting new people, and enjoyed each other’s company too much. And it was one of the best decisions you two have made.

Your flat had two rooms when you both started renting it, but that very same day, you shared a bed, and haven’t slept apart since then, and eventually you two had bought a bigger bed and got rid of the two twin sized beds. You both loved sleeping in each other’s arms, basking in each other’s warmth throughout the night and waking up to each other with a smile and soft kisses. As well as staying up late into the night discovering each other’s bodies, mapping them out with kisses and touches, and repeating it throughout the day at times.  

Luke would continue to write you songs, serenading you constantly throughout the flat, which never failed to make your heart race and heat up. He constantly reminded you of how much he loved you; by the way he would kiss you on the way to class, picking you up from some of your lectures, and having weekly study dates, especially in math, which usually led to you both kissing each other on your shared bed. Luke would constantly hold you close, loving how you would feel against his body, almost as if your bodies were molded to fit perfectly against one another.

And you did the same, you would try to learn guitar for him in secret so you both can play together, which he found out and made him so happy that you were willing to learn something else for him. You would constantly hold his hand to your neck, letting him feel the way you said that you loved him. But Luke loved him the most was that you never left, he grew up thinking that he would never find someone that no one would be able to love someone that would never be able to speak. Constantly thinking that no one would pick him over someone who could actually have a voice that you would be able to talk to, or sing with, or even say that they loved you, his thoughts were plagued by that.  

But you showed him wrong; you changed his whole perspective, showing him that despite his disability, you still loved him dearly, never once becoming impatient with him, as other people did, picking him over other people with a voice. He was enough for you.

He looked down at you, the golden glow of the fire illuminate your skin, knowing that he would be happy for the rest of his life… as long as you were a part of it, and he hoped that you would. 

You looked up at him, seeing that he had a lucid smile on his face as he looked up at you, he looked like as if you were the greatest thing that has ever happened…which for him, you were. You smiled as you buried your face in the crook of his neck, placing a small kiss there, which made Luke gasp a bit.

“What is it Luke?” you whispered into his skin as his hands tightened their hold on you.

He placed a kiss to your head, as he rested his head on yours. He reached for your left hand, and began tracing the words onto your skin. 

I love you, (Y/N)…I’ll love you forever… if you let me

He brought your hand to kiss it, his lips kissing the area of your ring finger. He was sealing his promise with a kiss; something that he knew would be easy for him to keep. Luke knew that one day he would plan a life with you, and he hoped that on that very same place he had just kissed, you would wear the ring he knew he would eventually give you, as well as last name, he just had to wait for the right time.

You on the other had felt your heart race, you thought that being with him would make you get used to the feeling of him kissing him, but you never did. Each kiss or affectionate gesture still made your heart swell with emotion that you at times thought that maybe Luke was purposely doing it, wanting to tease your body to see you squirm and gasp.

“I’ll love you forever too Luke”, you said with a smile as you leaned back up to kiss his lips as his hand locked with yours, drowning out the rest of the world as you kissed


Ok so punk Luke is still going to happen, but I got feedback saying that mute Luke should be first, and yep, decided to do that. I think punk Luke will be up by tomorrow, or the day afterwards. So yea be on the lookout for that.

I just need to get my Luke feels out, since I feel that he is the least I write for, (since I mainly do Ashton, I literally wrote Ashton’s name by accident like five times as I wrote this)




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