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Hello! I’m Rose, or inisiblemalum, and I’m hopefully going to be a 5SOS writing blog. This is my first publication of my own work on here, and part of me knows I’m gonna look back and cringe because it’s a cheese-fest, but I figure everyone starts somewhere, right? Hopefully you enjoy this cheesy first fanfic; I’m open to requests as well :)

Summary: Calum misses you while you’re busy with class.

Words: 1k

“—and thus, the hydrogen peroxide mixed with the—”

You let out a sigh as your chemistry teacher droned on and on about balanced equations and solvents. Then, suddenly you heard your phone vibrate from the front of your school bag and you reached down in an attempt to find the device. Once your phone was in your hand, you glanced up at your teacher to make sure they weren’t looking before checking your notifications. You let out a breathy laugh to see that you had three texts illuminating the screen. 

From: Calum



From: Calum



From: Calum


Answer meee

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s antics before swiftly unlocking your phone and typing up a quick response.

To: Calum



Hitting the ‘send’ button and locking the screen, you placed your phone on your thigh and diverted your attention back to the teacher’s lecture. Not that you were paying much attention. Once again, you felt your phone buzz and noticed an annoyed look from the girl sitting next to you. You discreetly lifted a certain finger in her direction before reading the most recent text from Calum.

From: Calum


I miss u

You tried to contain your smile as you hastily responded.

To: Calum



You had barely even sent your reply before another text bubble appeared on the screen.

From: Calum


Come meet me by the bathrooms

From: Calum


Please?? It’s important

You rolled your eyes once more, sending your boyfriend one more reply before you raised your hand, asking your teacher if you could be excused.


You had barely turned the corner when you felt a hand grasp your wrist and the next thing you knew, you were pressed against the wall between the two bathrooms with a pair of familiar lips attached to your own. When Calum finally broke away, out of breath and grinning proudly, you managed to scowl at him and lightly punch his arm.

“Calum!” you scolded. “We’re in public!”

His cocky smirk only seemed to grow at your statement. “Public? Y/N, it’s school, during second period. People do way worse things around here than kissing.”

“Still,” you said. You noticed that you were still backed against the wall with mere inches between the two of you. You cleared your throat before speaking again. “What was so important that you needed me to miss part of class?”

Once again, Calum smiled knowingly and you inwardly groaned. “There wasn’t anything, was there?” In response, he leaned forward and pecked your lips. Then he did it again, and again, and yet again until you finally gave in, letting your fingers tangle in his dark hair and kissing him back. “I can’t believe—” you began when he pulled away for air before diving back in, “that you just—texted me like that—and—there wasn’t even—anything important,” you were breathlessly trying to scold him but he kept on interrupting by bombarding you with kisses, and you were gradually finding it harder and harder to focus.

“Please,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to your cheek, then your hairline. “Don’t act like you really care.”

You couldn’t help but smile at that, moving your hands from where they were initially resting and wrapping your arms around his torso, your head finding its place against his chest where you could feel his heart beating loud and fast. Calum enveloped you in his own arms, rocking back and forth on his feet and pressing his lips once more to the top of your head. “Also,” he mumbled into your hair, “I think seeing you is pretty important. And also kissing you. Can’t get enough.”

“Alright, you big cheese,” you chuckled before pulling away from him. “It’s been like five minutes already. I gotta get back.”

“I’m way more interesting than chem.”

“True,” you mused, “but not many things can top mixtures and solutions.”

“Mmm, sexy chemical reactions.”

“Shut up, dork. I’ll see you for lunch.”

You were about to walk away when Calum reached out and spun you back towards him once more, planting one last, sensual kiss on your lips before releasing your arm and grinning again. You playfully rolled your eyes and blew him an overly-exaggerated kiss, complete with batting your eyelashes, before finally turning and walking back toward your class.

You were oblivious to the radiant smile gracing your boyfriend’s features as he watched your retreating figure before he turned on his heel and headed in the direction of his own classroom.

fluffy domestic!calum blurb

ok but imagine domestic!calum having a lil soccer (football) game with your guy’s lil family. like your children would be running around, kicking the ball and passing it towards each other because their mission was to make sure their daddy never got it because they knEw he would score a goal. so like your daughter would yell “mommy!!!” as she passed it towards you and although calum never got the chance to even touch the ball, he was just having the time of his life watching his loves be so happy uGh i love domestic!calum

Ashton Irwin Blurb 🎄

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Day three of Christmas Loving

🎄Song(s):Oh Christmas Tree by Glee Cast

“Can’t we just go with the one we saw before!” She whined as her boyfriend turn back to look at her with a frown. She had been just equally as excited in picking their tree this year, but of course Ashton was having trouble finding the ‘perfect’ tree. They had been roaming the farm for over thirty minutes now. She huffed as he started to go up hill. “For fucking real Ash, pick a damn tree..” She groaned almost falling flat on her face.

“We need the perfect tree..” He stated as she crossed her arms over her chest watching as he walked around the field. It seemed at this point al the trees looking the same to her, the sun had started to set, and the weather was slightly chilly. She wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but to her curling up under the covers sounded fantastic at this moment.

“Found it!” He shouted somewhere deep in the field. Sighing, she rubbed her tired face feeling happy she made the decision of wearing little to no makeup. Forcing her way towards her boyfriend she gasped at the tree before her. It was huge, a lot bigger than she had hoped. She looked at with with a raised eyebrow as he smiled and started to swing the axe.

She cringed at the sound of the wood breaking, she had been seconded guessing him cut the tree the moment the worker had showed him how. She had panicked when the tree started to sway side to side causing a glass breaking scream to escape her lips. He dropped the axe to the ground as his hands went towards his ears.

“JESUS WOMAN!” He shouted as he looked at her with wide eyes. She looked around thankful for the worker whom came rushing over. Ashton frowned as he watched his girlfriend explain what had happened only to earn a slight chuckle and a nodded from the worker. She on the other hand was thankful for the assistance, as she watched the worker finish cutting the tree before asking Ashton for help.

Together the two carried the tree down to the hill and into the netting section. She sighed in relief as they watched the tree be wrapped before being placed onto of their car. She thanked the worker as Ashton paid before thanking them and wishing them a happy holidays. Once home she went inside leaning the door open and making her way to the kitchen were she started on a hot cup of hot chocolate.

“Mind helping me love?” Ashton cried out as she walked into the foyer with a smile.

“Nope, ya wanted this tree babe..” She stated as he huffed and struggled to set the tree inside and on its bases “Remind me to pick a smaller one next year..” he huffed once it was on its base.

“You said the same last year Ash..” she stated handing him a cup.

“Obviously you didn’t do a good job.” He chuckled as he pulled her into his side pressing a kiss onto her lips.

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soulmate AU prompts

- the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time

- your soulmate’s initials are imprinted in your skin of your hand at birth and the letters burn more intensely as the day you meet them grows closer

- you’ve only ever seen your soulmate in your dreams but you can never remember what they look like, the imaginary life you have with them picks up wherever it leaves off when you fall asleep again. but the dreams stop after you meet them, but you have no way of know who they are because you still can’t remember their face

- your soulmate’s hair color is the color of your eyes. the color of your eyes also changes to match the color of their hair if they dye it

- you think you have a sleepwalking problem but it’s really just the universe trying to bring you to your soulmate when your mind is disengaged

- you’ve been sketching your soulmate’s face since you were old enough to pick up a pencil, the drawings become more realistic through the years as the day you meet comes near

- you’re born with a band of your soulmate’s skin color tattooed in your skin

- all of your dreams are your soulmate’s most significant memories from that given day


luke hemmings in a leather jacket is my aesthetic