I did a thing and I have no regrets, none

Consequences |LRH|

Chapter 14


The soft tapping, clicks of a mouse that was far too loud in the silent room. Luke and I had finally returned back to the hotel after being out all day; just taking pictures and exploring. Just being a couple. Since it now is beginning to become later, we decide to settled down upon the bed in my hotel room. Luke was laying down, kind of half propped up on the bed head and i was sitting with my legs crossed facing the head of the bed and Luke. A gentle hand rested on the curve of my right knee, caressing it slowly. I mumbled to myself about stupid brothers signing me up for stupid contests without telling me for stupid reasons. A comfortable silence then falls between us. Luke is tapping away at his phone and me at my computer editing the uploaded photographs. Luke seemed unusually quiet. Like there was something upon his mind. I wanted to ask him about it. But each time I’ve asked him i get the I’m fine. When in reality i know he’s not. I leave it for now, knowing that he won’t say a thing especially now that he wants me to submit these photos as soon as i can.

It was taking much longer to edit these photos than I thought it would, not that I didn’t enjoy it but it was due in t minus 20 minutes and here I was editing the final two out of ten that I had to send in.

“What are you doing?”

It was a muffled groan that startled me out of my saving the final product, the final picture only needed a bit of turning and a few touch ups thankfully, and I squawked in surprise. Looking down, bleary blue eyes were staring into mine with little to no focus. His hand has stilled on my leg, a sharp contrast to all the gentle soothing. He continued doing it subconsciously in his sleep? Last i had really noticed; which hadn’t been that long ago, he’d been doing something on his phone, not wanting to disturb me while I was doing the cool clicky thing to make it all look awesome but I told him he was more than welcome to watch TV or something. He was seemingly content with the soft clicks, occasional tap-tapping of the keyboard. I hadn’t even realized he had fallen asleep.

“Did I wake you?” He made a noncommittal sound, his fingers stealing my hand from my keyboard and putting it in his hair as he elongated in a stretch that was not unlike a cats. I laughed softly, stroking strands of blonde hair that were standing up in weird positions all along his head. He hummed contentedly, reaching out and sliding the laptop a little further down my legs as he all but curled up in my lap.

“What are you doing?” I couldn’t help but laugh when his soft lips pressed to the curve of my thigh, and wow, alright. We were comfortable enough with each other to do that. “I just need to send it in.”



“No. You need to sleep.” He mumbled, “Got to ride the llama’s with Captain Hook tomorrow.” I startled, looking down at him with a confused expression. What?

“Luke?” A rambunctious snore echoed in the room and I clasped a startled hand to my mouth as I snorted. He was a mess. A mess that was laying in my lap so heavily asleep that I couldn’t move him without fully waking him up. He told me once that he couldn’t go back to sleep once he was fully awake, not until he was asleep on his feet and the boy needed sleep so I did what every good girlfriend person would do.

I sat my laptop on his head and finished up my editing. Watching it send was satisfying, the sharp whooshing noise telling me that I could sleep was good enough for me and I shut the computer, laying it to the side. I had about every intention to turn myself around and but i couldn’t bring myself to move, i didn’t want to wake him. I leaned back until my back rested comfortably on the bed; my legs now bent as a result of Luke moving his head towards my stomach.

I woke up alone again, but in a different position to what i remember falling asleep in. The sound of birds chirping at ridiculous decibels the only sound in the room. I had been moved during the night, my body now facing the right way, but i was laying flat and my neck resting against the headboard. As a result my neck was now screaming in pain and if the warmth on the opposite side of the bed was anything to go by, it’d been recently. The bathroom clicked open quietly, a steam cloud coming out with about the nicest view a girl could wake up to.

He had a towel around his waist, another going through his hair as he took note that I was awake – and practically drooling.

“Morning beautiful.” He smiled softly, his other hand coming around the back of my neck to kiss my forehead and when did we get so domesticated? “Excited about today?”

He seemed brighter today. But still not back to his normal bubbly self.

“Today what?” I mumbled, watching him until he disappeared into the bathroom and cracked the door so we could talk while he put on clothing.

I cussed at myself in my head. Seriously girl, get it together. An attractive boy takes off his shirt and you’re about to go crazy.

“The results of the competition?”

“The what?!”

My eyes panned over to the blinking red digits. Oh good, I still had a couple of hours to get ready. His head peeked around the door, his shirt pulling over top his head as he slid out of the bathroom. My eyes followed along with the hem as it concealed his skin and his dumb smirk told me he knew exactly what he was doing.

“You scared?” He asked instead of commenting on my blatant staring, although his cheeks and neck were flushing a nice red.

“A little. I mean, I’m not going to win but, you know. Still frightened.” He furrowed his eyebrows, pulling his phone off the charger as he looked at me.

“Babe, your pictures are amazing. If you don’t win, I’m going to kick someone in the face.” I cocked my head. I guess that was a nice sentiment? “I can do it too. I got long giraffe legs.” He commented more to himself, my snort of laughter hidden in one of the pillows. He was trying to take my mind off of it and while I recognized that, I was very appreciative of it.

“I need to get ready.” I mumbled into the squish of the pillow, the words inaudible. “I don’t wanna. I- Luke!” I went sliding off of the bed by a hand on my ankle, my shirt rising dangerously high on my waist before his deft hands pulled me to my feet.

“Woah.” I muttered, the room spinning from how quickly I had moved, or rather he had moved me. “I’m spinning.” He chuckled low in the back of his throat, wrapping me in a hug as he pressed his lips quickly to mine.

“Go get ready. I have an interview to get to.” He reminded, my lips pouting as reality set in. I keep forgetting he is a rockstar.

“Alright, go be adorable with your best friends. Leave me here. Alone.” I fell dramatically backwards on the bed as he let me go, watching me with amused eyes.

“’Kay.” He shrugged, turning on his heel and my mouth dropped open in affronted amusement. I slapped on of my hands out on his thigh as he walked by and he grabbed it, falling on top of me in the same dramatic fashion and wow. I was squished. Laughing he maneuvered until he was on top of me, face inches from mine and his long fingers skimming my cheeks.

“Hey guess what?”


“No guess.”

“Don’t make me punch you.” He grinned impishly, finger poking my nose.

“You’re it.” Then he was up and out the door.


“See ya later babe!”

“Luke Hemmings you’re a menace!”

I could hear his laughter, it echoed down the hall and commingled with mine until the door shut, leaving me on my back with a ridiculous grin on my face. He’d started that yesterday and the goal was to tag the person when they least expected it. I had won yesterday, he was competitive. Huffing I pulled myself into an upright position, hand going through my hair and wincing at the tangles. I didn’t even wanna think about how I looked. That wasn’t the only thing that was racing through my head at that moment. I just hope that he is okay. I hope that nothing happens in this interview that dulls the sparkle in his brilliant blue eyes.

I sigh at my thoughts of Luke as I trudged into the bathroom, the idea of getting ready was as unappealing as Luke being upset and me not knowing why; but had to be done. I took one step into the room, and then promptly fell on my ass. I screamed loudly, gripping onto the edge of the sink, my other hand grabbing onto the tub as I sat in a pool of water. Luke. Fucking. Hemmings.

He is a menace. But with good abs. I shake my head as I attempt to push out the thoughts of Luke. If something was wrong he would tell me. I just have to trust that he is okay and that nothing is wrong. This is my cue to begin to start my carefully thought out routine of having to get ready for the fancy awards ceremony for the competition.

“And our winning photograph for the evening is-,” It would have been climatic if they had a drumroll. The head judge unsealed the yellow envelop very slowly. My hands gripping on my navy blue dress in fear. They had yet to call my name for anything; I didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing. The thought of my photographs being judged and criticized would always be the hardest thing about this career. It’s something in general that I hate, I hate people putting me down, judging me for things they don’t and won’t understand. Things that are so far from their everyday thoughts which for me are constantly revolving around in my head.

The judge smiles as he reads the final decision, the piece of paper in his hand crinkling a bit as he looked into the crows. My heart was beating a million miles an hour, knots in my stomach twisting, tying themselves into odd shapes and my hands were shaking. I knew this competition was not as significant as anything I’ve ever dreamed- like the Rolling Stones cover- but it is the beginning. This is where I could have my work seen by others outside of LA.

“Miss Evie-Rose Anderson, for capturing the essence of this city through the people around us all.” He smiled brightly, like it was the result he had wanted. His eyes find me in the crowd, a wave of his hand telling me that no, this was not a dream and I needed to get a move on. The applause thunders, growing louder as they remove the sheet from my photo, their eyes going from me to the final picture I took last night.

It would always amaze me that I was the only one that knew the blurred man standing in the light was Luke. That the people around him were as clear as glass, the staple in the picture but the focus of the photo was him, getting lost in the music and the moment without regarding the people around him.

I slowly stand up from my seat, the tall white heels clacking as I smoothed out the tea length navy blue satin like material of my dress, making sure the top of it was also sitting right before heading to the stage. I couldn’t go up there not looking presentable; as my mother would put it. I take step after step, the comforting click of my heels along the ground reminds me that this is not a dream that this is in fact reality.

I swiftly make my way through crowd of tables and people who are clapping and still looking between me and my photo. Finally, upon reaching the stage the judge extends his hand and hands me a sealed envelope. Motioning for me to stand to the side of my photo, a cameraman thats camera had been on me the whole time steps forward to snap a photo.

Anxiety fills me up, people have seen one of my most prized possessions. My thoughts. The thoughts that I express through my photography. It’s like I am standing up in front of a group at school completely naked. It is something which scares me to absolute death.

A few more bright flashes and then the judge guides me off the stage to where his fellow judges are standing all with huge admiring smiles on their faces. Everything from there all began to blur in together, meshing into one unbelievable moment. They all asked questions, some were about where I got the inspiration for my photos (especially the winning photograph) and even extended into my personal life, mostly about what inspired me to take up photography but some wanted details; and that was something I was not giving up. There was a sudden vibration flowing through my hand, breaking my concentration.

“I’m so sorry.” I apologise, pulling the phone from the silver clutch. The screen illuminated with Luke’s contact information displayed brightly across the screen. “I’ve actually got to take this. Thank you all and it was an honour to meet you.” I quickly slipped away from the crowd with their of course and you too’s, just in time to answer Luke’s call before my phone rang out.

“Hey you, aren’t you meant to be on stage?” I smile as I make my way to the exit of the building.

“Hey to you too Evie.” he spoke, he never used my name unless he was around the boys or worried about me. My guess is around the boys. Sure enough screams and cheers of hellos and laughter come through the other end of the phone. “Not anymore, we just got off stage and are heading back to the hotel. How did your competition go?”

“Oh yeah, pretty good. I think they liked it, that’s all that matters right? How’d the show go?” I chuckle, it’s so easy to hide this from him over the phone.

“So you’re saying you didn’t win?” Michael calls out, I must be on loud speaker with all of them.

“Oh, no, I did win, I just yeah.” I stammer, not really knowing what to actually say. I had actually won a competition, a first for me.

A muffled and all muddled chorus of “Oh my god you won?!” “Yeah you did!” “Of course you did!” came bellowing through the phone, I had to hold the phone away from my ear because the sound was almost deafening. But then there was one small very familiar voice breaks through the cloud of voices.

“I knew you would! That’s my girl.” Luke. his voice and his comforting words make the buzzing anxiety inside me suddenly stop. Sure, I fit in with all the photographers in there. It had been easy to discuss the lighting and filters, the shutter and framing but Luke’s voice was familiar. It was comfort, nonjudgemental if I were to say the wrong thing. My girl. The boys were too loud to hear it but I certainly did.

I am a photographer.

It’s in my blood, it’s in my very existence. I am a photographer.

But I’m also a human whose mind was not always her friend, anxiety forcing me into discomfort when faced with new and unknown things.

Sometimes I needed a single thing to focus on, a single thing to bring me comfort, reality. I don’t know when Luke’s voice became my own brand of familiarity, but my mind was certain while I had never had a place to belong, I was finding one in his arms. 

A/N: Hi Lovelies, So i apologise for not updating sooner. Its just been a hectic time. I’ve had a few things going on at the moment and ive just found it hard to write at the moment. But im trying to do my best. xxxx


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