Calum Imagine

School is over for the day and you just want to go to your local Starbucks and enjoy a nice cup of coffee the way you do everyday. You’d go and ask for a cappuccino and maybe read a good book or revise while drinking it. You found it really relaxing and comfortable. And the waiter was just adorable

You didn’t know his name. You only knew he was a new employee and he’d always be there when you’d go there. You’d take sneak peaks at him every once in a while just to admire him. He would obviously be busy walking around handing people what they asked him for so he wouldn’t catch you staring. You’d spend good five minutes looking at his tanned skin, his strong arms flexing and relaxing when he was placing the drinks on the table, always showing a jenuine smile to the clients, even the rude ones. So today wasn’t any different, you entered the cozy Starbuck’s heading for your normal empty table at the end, sitting down and placing your bags next to you on the couch, taking your book out. You weren’t surprised when he soon appeared

“Hello” he tried to get your attention, he’s low voice a sweet melody to your ears “have you chosen what you want?” He smiles politely and you look at him from your book. He’s brown puppy eyes look down at you, staring into your soul and you feel yourself melting under his gaze.

“I-uh” you blush embarrassed of your loss of words “I’ll-I’ll have a cappuccino, please” you smile hoping its a good smile

“Sure. Your name?” He asks taking his pen out and scribbling down on paper

“Y/N” you say, blushing again

“Im Calum” he shakes his head as if embarrassed “I-I dont know why I said my name. Ill bring your cappuccino in a few minutes” he says, smiling and leaves heading for the counter placing his piece of paper on it.

You watch him going around the tables, his broad shoulders moving powerfully with his arms as he cleans empty tables. He looks at you and catches you staring, making you look down on your book. He heads for the counter and starts making your coffee.

Calum always wanted to know your name as he sees you everyday. The girl who’s hair is always perfectly combed, falling ever her shoulders, every now and then tied up in a messy bun that would only highlight her eyes. The light coming from the sun outside highlighting her beautiful features while she’s reading her book, her gaze going back and forth in the page, eyebrows slightly furrowred in concentration.

He wanted to be able to stop doing his job for at least five minutes, he wanted to sit in front of you and admire your rosy cheeks and your pink lips being wet by your tongue after taking a sip of your coffee, he wanted- he thoughts are interrupted by his colleague

“You’re never gonna get her if you just stare at her. Tell her she’s hot” the boy says and crosses his arms looking at Calum

“I can’t man. She’s just. I don’t know, I can’t talk to her, I’ll probably embarrass myself somehow” Calum says looking at you, who’s still focused on your book

His colleague takes the cup of your capouccing away from his hands and writes something in it, handing it for him to read afterwards.

“You’re extremely hot” Calum reads “I can’t give this to her, she’s think Im a creep!”

“Do whatever then” the other boy says shrugging and walking away

Calum signs and pours your cappuccino down the cup, filling it in. He straightens his appron and leaves the counter, heading to you

When you feel him approach, your eyes dart away from the book, looking at him.

“Heres you cappuccino” he smiles shyly and walks away to stay behind the counter, watching you.

You take a sip of your cappuccino and wet your lips with your tongue afterwards, retrieving the remaining flavour in them. When you set the cup down on the table you see and arrow pointing to the end of the cup. You spin it around to see some of the words about the drink bring really hot have been crossed out and now it reads “you’re extremely hot”. You blush really hard and look at Calum, who pretends to be busy placing marshmallows in a water filled cup. You decide to leave him a thanks for that and take a pen out, writing something in the cup.

Clients come and clients go. The hours pass and Calum looks at you every single minute. He feels hopeless now, as he didn’t see you looking at the cup and reading his message. You’ve crossed looks a few times in the past hours, as he was walking by cleaning tables and delivering what the clients asked for. You’d always smile at him and he would smile back. Finally, he sees you get up from your sit and placing your book in your bag. You walk past by the counter and smile at him waving goodbye. His hopes fall to the ground and then he sees you’ve left the cup behind in the table.

He jumps over the counter gaining some people looking at him and runs for your table, grabbing the cup. He spins it around and his smile widens when he sees what you wrote.

Why don’t you tell me that over a coffee tomorrow?

He heads for the office to asks his boss for the day off tomorrow. This may be the start of something new.

N/A:Hope you likes this Calum imagine. I thought it was really cute. Feel free to request and see my masterlist where I posted some other stuff as well. Xx


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Ashton // Luke // Michael 

sgfg songs that represent the signs' life
  • aries:vapor
  • taurus:invisible
  • gemini:permanent vacation
  • cancer:san francisco
  • leo:the girl who cried wolf
  • virgo:castaway
  • libra:waste the night
  • scorpio:broken home
  • sagittarius:outer space / carry on
  • capricorn:airplanes
  • aquarius:jet black heart
  • pisces:catch fire
I want to spread love, and not just through music. Tonight, I wanna celebrate love. So there’s a lot of shit going on in the world right now. The song we’re gonna play is about love and the thing we’re supposed to talk about love is that it’s very special and I believe that love can cure hate. Without getting too sappy, that being said, I want everyone, every single person in here, to love someone else here tonight. But, that doesn’t mean literally. Don’t literally love somebody tonight. Don’t make love to someone, just make love with them tonight.
—  Michael Clifford. SLFL Mansfield, July 9th, 2016.

I did a thing and I have no regrets, none