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Baby girl

CEO!Ash - This is pure fucking filth alright

Words: 6.1k

“Miss y/n, what’s your input on this?”

You heard your colleague’s voice in the background. But you didn’t react to it. You were focused on something else. Rather someone else. Your boss, that was sitting on the other end of the table, twisting and twirling a pen between his long, slender fingers. He was completely staring at you, head cocked to one side in a rather smug attitude. He was young, not much older than you. Only by a year or two. It always amazed you how successful he was for his age, but with that charm - although he most of the time radiated arrogance… and that smile, his success did not surprise you.

You’d lie if you said you weren’t attracted to him. Hell, that man could have his way with you without you even questioning it, you wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, you wanted it. You wanted him to fuck you, and by judging the look he was giving you, you understood he knew that, too. What made your chest rise and your heartbeat increase, was the fact that he tugged on the collar of his shirt. Then, he gazed up at you again, and the look he was shooting you this time made you weak. He wanted it, too.

“Miss?” your colleague repeated.

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Dragon Hybrid! Michael

Words: 5.5k

Warning: violence (only a little) and smut ofc

Summary: Y/N’s dad is a viking who kills dragons so when she gets kidnapped by one he obviously goes to save her. But whilst she’s there she bonds with Michael the hybrid dragon, will her dad kill him to save his daughter? 

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for like 2 months but hey I’m sorta back? enjoy babes xo


“We will fight and we won’t give up” My dad shouted. I looked off the stage at my fellow vikings, they were all geared up and ready to battle. I clenched my teeth together, watching every one put there swords in the air and chant. I grabbed the sword next to me, which was my fathers many moon’s ago. He had slayed many of the biggest and scariest dragons with it and he had passed it down to me. I slid it into the pouch and walked across the stage to stand behind my dad in support. 

“This is our time. Our battle. The beasts won’t know what’s hit them” he roared.I smirked out knowing that I would have the most blood on my hand’s as they were all pretty weak. I’m not saying I;m the best because that would be boosting my ego to much and I may get cocky. But I sure am one of the best. There were many vikings of all ages, some old like my dad and few new ones. Most of the fighters were men, women could chose to fight but most of them stayed home with the children. I was probably one of 15 women out of 200 men. But the women fighters were the best. 

“So let’s go fight and we’re not coming back until the dragons have been slayed or captured” he yelled, taking out his sword and punching the air with it. I stood back and watched the crowed roar with excitement and it buzzed through me too. The vikings started leading out the small stadium. My dad strides over to me with his big helmet hat, being the ‘president’ of the land he was made to wear this massive hat which was to big for his head. 

“You ready?” He smiled, squeezing my shoulder. I nodded my head and smiled and he could see my excitement. “Don’t get to excited, remember they’re evil creatures and can harm you”  

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MUST READ recs: 

cal pal boyeeeee
ash aka cal pal’s boyeee
mikey aka cashton’s go to threesomer
luke aka tootie frootie


Calum Hood

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Luke Hemmings


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Ashton Irwin



  • I’ll Mark You Mine (on hiatus) part one **

Michael Clifford



Words: 6K

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N and her mum move into a new home, which Y/N is dreading. Whilst painting her room she meet’s Calum who died a year ago and is obviously a ghost. You help him reconnect with his old best friends in which he thanks you in the best way a ghost could.


Your mum drove up the long stony pathway, hearing the rocks crackle beneath the tyres. I let out another exaggerated sigh, looking dramatically out the window as a sad song played through my headphones. Me and my mum were once again moving away from our problems. In the past five year’s we’ve moved at least 12 times, from small flats to large houses. It all started when my dad cheated on my mum, I was only 10 and didn’t understand why we were moving from our happy family home to a cramped apartment that was the size of a shoe box. Now at the age of 19 I had gotten used to moving around and not unpacking my things. I had never had a stable job or education either, I tried but it was so hard moving around the place. 

“Cheer up Y/N” Mum said in her silky voice. I rolled my eye’s and focused on the tree leaves, the different colours of orange. I loved autumn it’s always been my favourite as it’s not to hot but it’s not to cold. It’s just right. We had been travelling through this forest for a couple of minutes. Up the long drive, it had gotten a lot darker and the colours of the leaves were a dark brown. I looked in front and there stood a large black castle/house. I furrowed my eye brows as my mum got out the car with her clanging key’s. There was a large gate with a chain holding it together, my mum placed the key in the lock and the chains fell from the gate. She pushed them back and placed a stop underneath them. The house itself was massive, probably bigger then anything we’ve ever had. It was dark and gloomy and could do with a paint job, or some colour. My mum came back into the car and put the key’s down into the cup holder. 

“So what do you think?” she said excitedly. 

“I like it, how long this time? A week? A month? or will we be moving tomorrow?” I mumbled sarcastically. 

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♡ Angry Luke Smut w/ Visuals (Request) ♡

A/N: ITS HERE!!! iya this was an anon request for an angry luke smut w/ visuals, so yea, wasn’t sure how to go about this but i hope y’all like it (sigh, i feel like everybody needs angry luke sex tbh)

warnings: ofc smut, nsfw images so if ur not into that then keep scrollin’, lots of dirty talk n rough sex here ok ok 

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5SOME! Jealous

Words: 3.2k

Warning: Swearing! Michael and Y/N gets fuck by the others. Cock ring…Vibrator…Anal

Request:  Can you write a fivesome where the boys find out you were hanging out with another band (can be 1D or ATL) and get jealous when they’re your bestfriend’s. Thank you✨

The 5SOS boys were on tour in England which meant you would have been lonely if it wasn’t for Jack, the beaut who invited you out most nights. When you were younger you could have never imagined this would have happened but your 4 best friends Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael all became famous you grew with them and they introduced you too your heroes. 

Today was the day they should be arriving back to your LA home and you were excited, you can show them all the funny face swaps you did with Jack, Zach, Alex and Rian. You were sat on the sofa in your long jersey when you heard the front door click. 

“Boys!!” You shouted, the boys had walked through the door with suitcases in there hand. They all looked glum and Michael looked at me wide eyed. 

“So you’ve been hanging out with All time low a lot” Ashton growled.

“Whoa, hi to you too and yeah I have”

“But why would you hang out with them and not us?” Calum said, striding towards me. 

“You were on tour in the Uk and I was here?” I sassed, punching Calum on the shoulder. He grabbed my hand swiftly, pinning me up against the wall. His eyes were scanning over my body as it was still early in the morning I was wearing a long jersey and that was it. 

“We asked you to come with us Y/N” Luke said folding his arms and standing behind Calum. His now lip ringless lips tucked between his teeth 

“I know but I didn’t want to bother you”

“We thought you’d be staying here every night, not hanging out with All time low every day, theres so many pictures of you and them”

“I did tell Michael!”

“I mean Michael should have told us earlier” Calum said, glaring at Michael. Michael coward back sighing and looking anywhere else apart from the three boys who were surrounding me. I let out a laugh at the boys and Michael was shaking his head at the corner of the room at me. 

“You guys are Jealous aren’t you, your favourite girl has found another band, who also make her happy?” I laughed walking into the bedroom, totally ignoring how pissed they all looked (apart from Michael). I got into the bedroom and leant against my dresser, pulling out my panties draw. I felt two hands placed on my waist as they roughly pushed me against the drawer, the draw slamming shut abruptly. I let out a groaned as my head was turned and I was met with a pair of brown eyes. His breath fanned over my face and he edged closer, teasing my lips with his. His tongue swiped against his lips wetting them as he brushed his lips over my cheek, down to my lip. His lips latched onto my bottom lip, tugging on it as he smirked at me. I turned my body completely around, wrapping my arms around Calum’s smooth neck and slowly made out with him. The kiss got more heated as his tongue started licking over my lips. Calum’s hand wandered up my thigh and he ran his finger up to my pussy. He detached his lips from mine, raising an eyebrow as his finger circled my clit.

“No panties?” He smirked. Calum got onto his knees and he bunched my top up. I helped him out, rolling my shirt as he kissed my pussy. He kissed down my pussy, licking over my clit a couple of times before sucking it between his lips. 

“Calum” I whined, I titled my head back as his tongue ran between my folds and he slurped up the juices. Ashton, Luke and Michael walked into the room and stopped looking at Calum sucking on my pussy. I let out a moan arching my back as Calum’s tongue entered my entrance and started thrusting into me. 

From the corner of the room I saw Luke pushing Michael against the wall, Michaels face squashed in-between Luke’s fingers. I didn’t know what Luke was saying, but his lip was snarled up and Michael was shying away. I grabbed the sides of Calum’s face grinding into him and his thumb came to clit, stroking over it. Ashton walked over to us and leant against the dresser. He bit his lip as he watched Calum’s tongue thrust in and out of my throbbing entrance. Ashton stroked from my pussy up my belly as he pulled my shirt over my head, I tilted my head to the side as Ashton threw my shirt on the ground and stroked my face. He kissed my neck, smoothing his hands down the other side. He bit onto my neck and sucked onto my skin. Calum’s thumb rubbed harsher circles on my clit as his tongue flicked into my hole faster. 

I felt my high approaching as I started to let out whimpers, rolling my pussy on his face, but Calum took his tongue out of me before I got there. I let out a whine as Calum kissed my clit one more time, before standing up and walking over to the chair at the back of the room. I stoked over my body and Ashton grabbed my hair, he pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down onto it. I was surprised but I went with it.

Michael was laying on the bed on his side in only a pair of boxers. Luke must have told him to strip, I climbed on the bed and laid behind him as he turned slightly towards me. I reached down stroking over his boxers, feeling his evident boner through them. I sucked onto his neck, licking over and kissing my way up to his lips and kissing him. He let out a small moan but I heard a cough behind me. I looked over and saw Ashton glaring at Michael, who then awkwardly moved so he was sat up with his knees hugged to his chest. I looked at Ashton, who had gone into full dominate mode with his jaw clenched and his stern eyes, boring into Michael. He made his way to the end of the bed and he tore his muscle shirt off his body. I bit my puffy lip and heard a small whine coming from Michael, who was staring at Ashton lustfully. 

“Y/N, you shouldn’t be hanging out with any other band unless we’re there. Michael you should have fucking told us, you knew all along and you know how we feel about Y/N with other guys. She’s ours. Now what are you going to call me?” Ashton grinned evilly

“Daddy” Michael half moaned, half whispered. I turned my head to Michael and smirked, he just called Ashton daddy. Mikey sat there with red flushed cheeks as Ashton crawled over to him.

“What did you just say?” he whispered, running his hands over Michaels exposed legs.

“I..er..I” Michael stutterd out. Ashton gave a massive grin pulling Michael directly underneath him, Michaels legs flinging over Ashtons waist. I sat at the top of the bed watching this unfold, Luke sat next to me also not believing what was going on. Ashton leant down slowly and kissed Michael, I watched there lips slap against each other in a heated kiss. Luke’s hand came and ran over my thigh stroking up to where my sensitive pussy was throbbing at the sight of Mikey and Ash.

Ashton grinded his crotch into Michaels, who let out a whine against Ashton’s lips. Luke’s fingers danced over my clit and dipped through my wet slit. It already being soaked due to Calum’s tongue, talking of Calum, he was sat on the chair jerking himself off looking between us two pairs. I felt Luke come and sit behind me, his crotch pressed against my ass as his fingers slipped into my entrance, his fingers rubbed against my walls causing my pussy to clench around his finger. 

“Lukey” I whined, Luke’s other hand came and rested on my stomach as I rotated my body, getting turned on by Michael gasping for air as Ashton had a fistful of his hair sucking on his neck. Ashton had pinned Michaels tiny hands above his head and was roughly making out with the timid boy once again. 

Ashton looked up at Luke and nodded. They both climbed off the bed, Lukes fingers pulled out of my pussy. Ashton walked over to my panties draw and bringing out the box of toys. Luke went outside the bedroom bring back a plastic bag. Michael had shuffled up the bed and was sat next to me as both boys placed the items on the bed. Luke pulled out something I never expected to see.

“W-whats that?” Michael asked

“Baby boy, it’s a cock ring” Ashton tutted. Michael immediately looked at me and I was grinning like a cheshire cat, who knew Michael could be so submissive. 

“No fucking clue why you’re smiling princess” Luke smiled his deep blue eyes glinting, I looked back at him and he moved his fingers in a come hither motion. I crawled along the bed and sat at the end as Ashton pulled out my vibrating dildo, handing it to Luke. Michael came to the end of the bed and sat with his legs on the floor. Ashton unlocked the cock ring, pulling down Mikey’s boxers and slid it down Michaels leaking cock. Ashton pulled down Michael’s boxers piling them on the floor. 

Both boys flipped us over so we were both on our hands and knees next to each other on the bed. We heard a cap of a bottle open and a squirt, Michael besides me shivered and there was another squirt this time I felt the coldness of lube squirted on my backside and Luke’s fingers spreading it over my hole. I heard the sound of humming come behind me and I turned my head. Luke had switched on the vibrator and brought it towards my pussy. He ran it against my folds sending little shockwaves across my body. 

“Shit ohh” Michael moaned, I looked behind and Ashton had his cock deep inside Michaels ass. Ashton stroked over Michaels back slowly moving inside him. 

“So tight Mikey” Ashton groaned. I let out a whimper at the sight of them fucking but also Luke had slipped the vibrator in my pussy which was vibrating against my walls. He sunk it all the way in pulling it completely out but thrusting it back inside me. I moaned into the cushion, grabbing the sides of it and bringing it closer to me body.

I felt Luke’s cock rested against my ass as he slid it up and down. He held his cock pushing into my ass, double penetrating me alongside the dildo. He thrusted his hips, stretching out my ass and his hand moved the vibrating dildo in me. Michael was letting out whimpers as a harsh slap came onto his ass. I looked behind watching Ashton roughly ramming his cock into Michaels ass his hair swept across his face and his large hands squeezing Michael’s pale ass. Luke ducked down biting onto my ear and licking over it. 

“You’re such a pretty girl aren’t you, all ours no one else’s. I feel your pussy fluttering baby, no one else can make you feel like this” he whispered in my ear. Luke’s necklace dragged along the dip in my back, the coldness of it making me fall into the pillow and push out my ass more. Luke sat back up his hands gripping my waist as he fucked into me the pleasure of the vibrations and Lukes cock making me tremble. Michael interlaced his fingers with mine as I bit his hand him resting his head on mine. 

Ashton pulled Michael up by his hair so he was pushed up against his chest, Ashton’s hands stroked over Mikey’s chest pinching his nipples. I looked down at Michael’s cock which was turning red due to the grip the cock ring hand on him. Luke started thrusting harshly his dick hitting my g-spot briefly. 

“I need to cum” I moaned

“If Michael’s not aloud to cum, neither are you” Luke rasped. I pushed my face into the pillow moaning and letting out screams as Luke pounded his cock into me. The vibrations were making my pussy dripping as I felt some of the wetness roll down my thigh. Luke was groaning his raspyness coming out as he shut his eyes. He pulled out his cock from my ass I moaned as my assed clenched. 

“Fuck” Luke moaned, wanting and spilling his load over my back. I reached for the vibrator slightly pulling it out but Luke slapped my hand and forced it back in. 

“You got to keep it in until Ashton cum’s babe” He smirked. Luke wiped the cum off my back and flipped me over. Ashton was sucking on Michaels neck as Mikey pushed his ass into Ashton’s dick who looked like he was close, which is good because my lower body was going into a spasm as I couldn’t hold on my orgasm. 

“Oh baby boy” Ashton groaned in Michaels neck. Ashton has his eyes closed and was smiling into Michaels neck, his hand reaching down and pumping Michaels red cock. Luke slammed the vibrator in me and started rolling my clit in his hands, I looked up giving him the evils but he had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he watched me fall apart. Ashton bent Michael over and pulled out his cock also cumming over Michaels ass. Luke tore the vibrator from my pussy and threw it on the floor as I let out a long moan feeling my overly sensitive pussy shake. Michael and I laid on the bed as Ashton and Luke both put on there boxers. Michael looked up at me with slightly glossy eyes as he reached for the cock ring.

“Don’t you fucking dare” Ashton growled. Michael let a whimper and looked up at the ceiling his hand lightly stroking over his cock. I smiled at him, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is wrecked right now, still feeling my pussy ripple.

“What about me?” Calum pouted, the person who I had totally forgot about. Although may not have been much into this, I definitely knew he was the brains behind the whole thing. I looked at Michael who was already looking at me. I got off of the bed and made my way towards Calum and getting on my knees in front of him. Michael made his way over as I stroked up Calum’s long hairless cock.

“Such a pretty cock Calum” I moaned. Calum brushed my hair out of my face smiling down at me. I looked at Michael who was staring at me confused, I tugged on Calum’s dick keeping eye contact with Michael. I nodded my head towards Calum’s dick as Michael cautiously ran his finger over the tip. Calum let out a hiss his hips juttered coming off the chair. I reached forward spreading Calum’s thighs getting in between them. I moved Michaels hand to the base of Calum’s dick and moved my head onto Calum’s tip swirling my tongue around and sucking onto his tip.

Calum placed on his hand on my head as he pushed me down, deep throating me and thrusting his cock up into my mouth. I gaged around him pulling back up as he pushed me down, his tip hit the back of my throat and I whined around him, feeling my eyes water. I pulled off him and sucked onto his tip. I leant back breathing as Michael bowed his head towards Calum’s dick and licked over it carefully. Calum smiled admiringly as Michael sucked on his tip like a lolly pop. I reached my hand forward squeezing Calum’s balls as Michael took Calum down his throat. 

I watched Michael bob his head and I was becoming wetter, I reached my hand for Michael’s hair brushing it back off of his face. I looked up at Calum who had his arms rested behind his head, making his muscles flex as he watched us suck his dick.

“I’m going to cum”

Me and Michael both licked over Calums tip as we jerked him off. Calum came over mine and Michaels lips as we both licked it up. I rolled Calum’s balls in my hand as spurts came shooting out his cock and onto my lips. I licked my lips tasting the salty texture and I sucked onto his tip. We let him calm down Michael licking up the last spurts of cum as we sat looking at the Maori boy. 

“How bad do you two want to cum?” Ashton smirked, walking over to us whilst Calum stroked over our faces as we looked between each other.

“So bad” Michael whimpered looking down at his red cock which looked like it was about to burst, the veins prominent and the tip leaking out cum.

“One last thing Mike” Calum said standing up and grabbing both of us. He walked us over to the bed and sat us down. 

“W-what?” he gasped, not sure if he could take anything else and me two, I’ve been denied of 2 orgasms already.

“Make Y/N cum” Calum smirked. Michaels eyes lit up as he grabbed a hold of me, pulling me on the bed and hovering over me. His light cum dripped on my stomach as he crashed his lips to mine, I smiled into the kiss knowing that I was finally going to be able to cum and around Michaels cock. He placed his tip at my entrance, pushing into me, I held him close to me wrapping my arms around his waist squeezing onto his ass. 

The coldness of the cock ring rubbing against my clit as he slammed into me. He lifted his head up placing his arms either side of my head and grinded his cock into me. He looked absolutely wrecked and his thighs were shaking. I felt Michael hit my g-spot instantly, making my pussy quiver. His arms gave out as he wrapped his arms under me and rocked into me. I felt the pit in my stomach come and I fisted Michael’s hair. My legs trembled and I felt my eyes water as my body let go. I finally came around Michael’s cock arching my back off the bed and tightly wrapping my legs around him. We stilled for a moment as I let out a loud moan of Michael’s name. Michael cock was furiously thumping inside me as he pulled out sitting at the end of the bed. 

“Fuck” I breathed, running my hands over my pussy and looking out at Ashton.

“You’ve been so good Mikey” Ashton moaned walking over to where we were sat. Ashton stroked his hand over Michaels dick and unclasped the cock ring. Michaels face contoured as cum came spilling out of his cock, spurting all over his belly and him laying down in pleasure. Me and Michael were breathing heavily as the other boys watched us.

“I’m totally hanging out with All time low more if thats what I get from it”

Always Have Always Will Luke Hemmings Smut for Anonymous

I stood at this party taking a sip from my cranberry vodka, sighing in annoyance as my friend left me to make out with her boyfriend she is on and off with. I felt a guy come behind me and when I looked I was surprised to see my good friend Luke.

“Hey I didn’t know you’d be here.” I said and he smiled and looked down at me.

“Why wouldn’t I be here?” He asked and rolled my eyes.

“Oh I just figured the captain of the soccer team and most popular kid in school had something better to do than go to a college party on a Friday night.” I said sarcastically and he chuckled. We’ve known each other since we were in diapers but once we got into college I would spend my Friday nights in the library while he went to win a game.

“Yeah I did but thought I could swing by and see what all the fuss is about. How about you? No good books to be hitting tonight?” He asked and I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“No just wanted to see what all the fuss is about.” I answered back in a sarcastic tone and he laughed, at that moment a girl tripped and spilled her drink all over Luke and I causing us both to gasp.

“I’m so sworry.” The girl slurred and I looked up at Luke who was smiling and I couldn’t help but smile.

“No worries sweetie. Where are your friends?” I asked and a girl came up behind her and took her drink away from her.

“Right here. So sorry.” The friend apologized and I gave a small nod as she took her friend away.

“My place is right down the street if you want to change into something more dry.” Luke offered and I laughed and gave a small nod before we started to walk out of the dorm room. We had small talk on the way to his dorm and once we got in we were still soaking wet and I walked around his room viewing pictures surprinsingly I was in a lot of them.

“I didn’t realize you had so many of these pictures up.” I stated picking one up of the day we were just starting kindergarten and Luke was crying because I took his Teenage Ninja Turtle figure. “I love this picture.” I said to myself with a small smile.

“I remember I cried the whole day and once nap time came you gave it to me because you knew I couldn’t sleep without it.” He said and right behind me scaring me and making me jump. I turned around and looked up only centimeters away from his lips.

“I miss us Luke.” I whispered and he looked right into my eyes quickly looked at my lips. He leaned down and kissed me and I kissed back as his hands cupped my face. Things started to get heated and once his hands reached for my shorts I gasped causing for both of us to stop.

“I’m sorry Luke. I just don’t want this to be how this happens. Based off a one night fling from a party across the dorm. I—I–.”

“I love you.” He said surprising me and I swallowed in shock. “I always have. But we grew apart in high school then even more in college and then you started dating that jerk Ashton and I didn’t think you felt the same way.” He explained.

“I love you too Luke. Always have. Always will.” I whispered and he smiled and leaned in and kissed me again. I smiled within our kiss and pushed him back toward his bed and he grabbed my hips and brought me closer.

“You know we smell like beer and sweat. We should take a shower.” I whispered in his ear as he started to help me undress.

“Save water shower with a partner.” He growled and I smiled as I led him to his shower and we both finished undressing. “Fuck love.” He grunted and I smiled and shyly covered my body and he slowly walked toward me and moved my arms to the side. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He said before lightly kissing my shoulder and then kissing my lips. He led me into his shower and turned on the water.

I grabbed the soap and started to wash his hair with it creating bubbles and I blew them toward him and he laughed.

“This reminds me of when we used to take baths as kids. You’d always sink my battleships.” He said and I laughed and brought him toward me.

“Yeah but now we’re taking a grown up bath. I can sink something else now.” I said trying to be sexy and I couldn’t hide the goofy smile from my face and he laughed at my line.

“That was really bad.” He said and I laughed and slapped his chest.

“Do you want head or not?” I asked crossing my arms and his face went serious and then I laughed and kissed him. I started to get on my knees and he leaned on the wall, I pumped him a couple times and gave his shaft a long lick causing a huge groan to fall from his lips. I then placed him in my mouth and started bobbing my head and he kept moaning while leaning back on the shower wall.

“Fuck babe I’m going to cum! Fuck! Fuck!” He moaned out and I felt him come into my mouth and I looked up at him and swallowed taking him by surprise.

“Love you are amazing.” HE whispered as he helped me up and started to kiss my neck. His hands found my breast and he gave them a hard squeeze while his mouth attached to my right nipple. I let out a loud moan and grabbed his hair.

“Babe I have a question. Don’t get offended but we’ve separated for a while and I want to know—“

“If I’m still a virgin? No Luke I’m not but I’ve only done it one other time with Ashton and I didn’t like how he did it. But I want to do it with you. I have an IUD so no condom. Please.” I whined nad he smiled and kissed me roughly. He kissed my neck and lifted my right leg to wrap around his waist while he pumped himself once more. He slid into me and I moaned while he grunted. I smiled and clawed his hair while his hips started to move forward, he knew the perfect pace to go at and I was so amazed because sex didn’t feel like this with Ashton.

“Fuck Luke I’m not going to last long!” I moaned and his hips moved faster and I felt the pit of my stomach release as I came hard with Luke following right after me. We were both panting and had smiles on our faces, I finished cleaning myself off and then helped Luke clean his hair and once we finished we got out and I changed into his clothes.

“This was amazing.” I said as I laid on his bed and he turned on his TV before cuddling with me.

“Our moms would be so happy right now. They’ve been planning our wedding when we were in their wombs.” He said and I laughed and slapped his chest. I looked up at and kissed him before I felt my eyes droop. “It’s okay love go to bed. I’ll put our clothes in the wash and tomorrow we’ll go get breakfast and I’ll walk you back to your room.” He said and I smiled and kissed him again and gave a nod before I felt my eyes close and my breathing slowed. 

♡ Pref. 1: How he teases you in public (w/ visuals) ♡

(hi so this is my first smut post on this blog i’m new here hi pls be nice) 

warning: yeah this contains smut & nsfw gifs so if thats not cool w/ you then keep scrolling lil cuties

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