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Your Dirty Little Secret...

Chapter 35

“My period is late..”

Warning; sexual content..

Luke’s pov

How do guys buy girls flowers.. There are so many

Hailey has never mentioned flowers before I don’t even know if she likes flowers

She’s a girl right? Of course she likes flower

Fuck I didn’t think this through..

So many flowers

Which one’s do I choose?

“Would you like some help young man?” A woman with grey hair asked me

Help yes maybe this woman can help me

I turned and looked at her and said “ Yes please I can’t decide on which flowers to get my girlfriend”

“Is this for anniversary? Or birthday?” The woman asked

Oh I wish..

“Um no there kind of a im sorry gift..” I said feeling really embarrassed

I don’t like this..

“Ahh I see.. Well it is probably best to get roses then, every girl love’s roses” the woman said

What are roses?

I feel so stupid right now..

“Could you show me where they are..” I asked her

Why do I have to be here..

She smiled at me.. Oh god she feels sorry for me

I feel sorry for me right now..

“Of course, right this way young man” the woman said

Okay so I have the flowers what else do I need?

Chocolates.. Yes chocolates lots of chocolates..

Balloons.. I wonder if they have I’m sorry for being an ass on a balloon

Google is such a great help right now

I hope Hailey forgives me..

i have never done anything like this before, I am following what google says but if she asks me I will say it was all my idea..sorta..

I had 3 big bags and that wasn’t counting the balloons which were a nightmare to carry I had to tie them to my motorbike.. I got some weird looks on the way home I’m sure

I knew where Hailey kept a spare key although Hailey’s mum’s car is in the driveway so I’m hoping she doesn’t mind me doing this..

I mean it’s for her daughter I’m sure she will be fine.. i hope..

I got the key and I opened the door slowly trying not to make any noise..

It was almost 2 o'clock so I had an hour until Hailey would get home

That’s weird.. Why are there clothes on the floor..

I looked in the living room and oh my god

This can’t get any worse

“Luke…” Shouted Hailey’s mum

I didn’t know her mum had a boyfriend..

“Um I’m sorry Miss Wilson I was trying to surprise Hailey” I said feeling very uncomfortable right now

The guy was hiding himself behind a pillow.. I don’t know why though..

“Oh course.. We are just going to go and leave you to it and please don’t say anything to Hailey okay” Miss Wilson said

I wanted to get out of this situation right now.

I nodded my head and I walked up stairs.. Trying to forget what I just saw

Within minutes the front door opened and closed

Thank god they had gone

I don’t understand why I can’t tell Hailey?

i will but why would Miss Wilson want to keep it a secret.. Does Hailey not know?

Right let’s start putting everything up…

Hailey’s pov

I can’t believe my eyes..

Balloons everywhere..

I mean everywhere..

I looked up to see Luke standing with huge balloons that spelled IM SORRY

I think I’m going to cry..

This is what he has been doing all day?

Is this why he wasn’t in school

Oh my god I feel so bad for being mad at him

I love him so much

This is very unlike him

“Say something please..” Luke said

I don’t know if I can..

I don’t know what to say..

I walk further into the room..


Rose petals in shape of a heart on my bed with a box chocoloate’s in the middle of it..

Oh my god I love this boy so fucking much

“Luke.. This is.. This is..amazing..” Was all I could say..

I looked at him to see him smiling

“Hailey I’m sorry for last night, you have to understand that it was the alcohol talking not me, I would never say that or treat you that way” Luke said

I could tell he was telling the truth

I walked over to him and press my lips against his

He didn’t respond right away but it didn’t take long for me to feel his lips move against mine

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer, he must have had to let go of the balloons

I pulled away and looked up at the giant balloons which spelled I’m sorry on my ceiling

I couldn’t help but laugh

I looked at Luke to see him smiling

“So am I forgiven then?” He said

I wrapped my arms around his neck of course I had to stand on my tippy toes but I didn’t mind

I nodded my head and gave him the biggest smile ever and then I said

“Is this why you weren’t in school?” I asked

I can’t believe he done this..all so I would forgive him.. Maybe I should be angry with him more often..

“Yeah I also heard you have been asking about me all day, were you worried about me?” Luke asked

I looked away from him.. Oh god I bet Calum texted him that I had been asking and asking all day about him..now I feel embarrassed..

Luke put his hand under my neck and pulled my head up, I didn’t want to look at him but I did

“Hey, were you really worried about me?” He said

Just talk to him Hailey…

“Yeah I thought with how cold I was towards you at break you just left, no one knew where you were and then I saw that Ashleigh wasn’t in school either and all these thoughts were going round and round in my head I didn’t know what to think” I said

i couldn’t look at him.. but of course Luke pulled my head up again

“Hey.. you know i wouldn’t do anything with Ashleigh don’t you?” he asked

i nodded my head right away.. i know he wouldn’t he has assured me time after time about how he feels about me

“Yes Luke i know you wouldn’t it’s just after everything i didn’t know what to think that’s all” i said

I looked up at him and he smiled at me

I love this boy so much

He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine

He started walking me backwards, I didn’t know where to until I felt the bed hit the back of my knees

Luke leaned me down until I was laying on the bed, he pulled away and stared down at me

I felt so beautiful with the way he was looking at me

Luke leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against my lips, I felt so much passion in that one kiss, I wanted him now. His lips left mine and he kissed my jaw and he kept moving down.

He left wet kisses on my stomach, it tickled I couldn’t help but laugh

Luke pulled away and I stopped laughing, I opened my eyes to see him staring at me, the tension in the room I could feel it, it sent shivers through my entire body it was electrifying, I needed him now.my hands travelling down his body until I reached the end of his top, Luke’s eyes never left mine he was watching my every move and I loved it.

I pulled his top over his head and threw it somewhere in the room, god this boy is all mine, I ran my hands up and down his chest feeling his muscles I love this boy so much and I was going to show him just how much.

I flipped us over so I was on top of him, I can tell by the expression on Luke’s face he wasn’t expecting that. I gave him a quick kiss and then I started kissing down his body doing just the same as he did to me a second ago.

“I think something else needs a kiss as well” Luke said

I didn’t know what he meant until he starting grinding into me and then I felt his boner on my thigh

Oh I know what he means now..

I gave him a smirk letting him know that I understood him, I undone his button of his jeans and pulled them down but I left his boxers on once his jeans were off I started to run my hand along his cock in his boxers..

“Hailey..please..” Luke moaned

I kept my hand on his dick giving it a squeeze while I leaned up and kissed Luke, his arms wrapped around me as soon as my lips touched his and he flipped us over.. Not far I wanted to tease him, his lips didn’t leave mine while I leaned back onto my pillow where his head once was.

His hips were grinding into me and I could feel how hard he was and how much he wanted me, everytime he grinded into me my hips met his.

“You think it’s funny to tease” Luke said leaving my lips, I smirked up at him

“I would tease you back baby, you know I would but I really want to fuck you right now” Luke said

I leaned up and kissed him and when I pulled away I said “I really want to fuck you as well”

Luke wasted in no time we were both naked and panting within seconds.. i locked eyes with him as he continued to kiss my inner thighs both of them slowly at once.. For someone who doesn’t want to tease me he isn’t doing a very good job, my heart was beating so fast and I felt Luke’s do the same against my leg.

“Stop teasing..” I mumbled

Slowly Luke pushed my thighs apart if that was even possible and the he entered into me.

“Fuck…” I moaned

It felt like I have been waiting for this for a life time.

He started pushing himself in more rapidly, his hands grabbed mine and our hands locked together and he pulled them up above my head while he pushed further into me.

“I’m not going to last long..” Luke moaned

Neither was I, I could feel the tightness in my stomach and my orgasm starting to explode in my body

“Fuck..i’m cumming..” I moaned while my back arched off the bed and my eyes rolled to the back of my head letting the orgasm rip me apart.

“Hailey..” Luke moaned and i felt him fill me up.. Luke let go of my hands and he gripped my hips letting his orgasm rip him apart

Fuck that was amazing..

I was coming down from my high and so was Luke, he got of me and lay beside me

The rose petals felt so soft on my bare back..

I picked up a rose petal and looked at it

I still can’t believe Luke done this..

“I’m happy that you forgave me, I don’t know what I would do if you still hated me” Luke said from beside me

I let go of the rose petal and lay on my side so I could look at him

“I didn’t hate you I was just hurt that’s all” I said to him

He grabbed my hand and he pulled it to his lips and kissed me

I really do love him..

Luke left a few hours later, he said he needed to speak with his friends but also he needed to tell me something as well

Which is strange but I pushed it aside

I went and took a shower because I felt dirty, before Luke left we had sex again and ate some chocolates so I needed to get cleaned

After the shower I started to feel weird..

Am I getting sick?

My stomach has been hurting a lot lately but I have just been forgetting about it

I forget about a lot of things when I’m with Luke

I started to get all warm and then all of a sudden I felt like I needed to be sick

I ran to the bathroom and threw up everything from today that I have ate

Oh god I feel so sick..

This is strange

Could this be my period working…

I don’t think so I’m not bleeding..

I got up from the bathroom floor and looked at my calendar..

i haven’t had my period this month.. It is 3 weeks late.. That’s weird

Why would I be late?

I don’t understand this.. I keep going over my head of what i have done and OH MY FUCKING GOD!




I CAN’T BE.. I CAN’T BE…Pregnant? Can I..

Fuck! What am I going to do???

Luke told me what he want’s to do after school.. He wants to start a band

we have never talked about kids before, I doubt he would want one

With the career he wants that doesn’t involve a child

What am I going to do?

I need to see a doctor..

I haven’t moved from my bed.. I keep staring at the wall

Repeating.. I can’t be pregnant.. over and over in my head

I don’t know how long I have been sitting here.. All of a sudden Luke comes through my window…

“Hey baby” he says

I don’t say anything, how do I tell him..

Well I need to get checked first but I think I could be pregnant.. Oh my god what am i going to do???

“You okay baby?” Luke asked

He was beside me, I didn’t feel the bed move..

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired I think I’m going to go asleep now” I said

I didn’t look at him but I managed to move and get into bed

“Are you sure your okay?” Luke said

I nodded my head I don’t know if he saw but I think he did as I heard his clothes hit the ground and then he got in beside me in bed.

He pulled me close and I know If I pulled away he would as more questions so I just lay there while he slept staring at the wall trying to figure all this mess out.

Luke’s Pov

i think something is wrong with Hailey

when i came back last night she was acting really weird and she just wanted to sleep and she wouldn’t look at me

i thought she forgave me? i think she did..

this morning when we woke up she ran into the bathroom and she threw up.. she has never done that before

she told me that she was feeling sick and that she wasn’t going to go to school

she still wouldn’t look at me which i found strange..she is acting weird and i want to know why

i tried to stay with her but she protested that i go to school she really didn’t want me to stay with her, i don’t know what is going on..

maybe one of her friends might know..

i was going to make it my mission today to find out what is wrong with my girlfriend..

Hailey’s pov

i felt so bad for being so weird and cold with Luke this morning but i knew if i gave him and looked at him he would have stayed and i couldn’t let that happen..

once Luke had gone i told my mum i wasn’t feeling well,she had a meeting to go to so she told me to take care, she was acting really weird towards me and she kept asking if me and Luke talked last night.. weird but i couldn’t think of anything apart from me maybe being pregnant..

once my mum left i phoned the doctors and i had an appointment for 12 o'clock.. it was only 10 o'clock now.. i wanted pancakes..

i don’t normally eat pancakes but today i found myself with a plate with four pancakes with loads of jam on them

once i finished eating i walked up stairs to get ready..

i looked in the mirror at my naked body.. i turned to my side.. my stomach looks bigger..

i rubbed my hand over my stomach…there could be a baby in there..

me and Luke’s baby..

i put on a hoodie and black skinny jeans i didn’t want to wear a t-shirt because i didn’t want anyone to see my stomach..

my doctors wasn’t far from where i lived so i walked there..

i got to the doctors for 11:45.. i wanted more pancakes but i don’t think i could eat right now

i was so nervous.. maybe this is all in my head.. maybe i’m not pregnant..

“Appointment for 12 o'clock..Hailey Wilson..” i said to the woman behind the desk

“Take a seat Miss Wilson..” the woman said as she typed on her keyboard..

i turned and walked over to sit down..

it wasn’t busy and i didn’t see anyone i know which is good.

if i get seen i don’t know what i will do..

“Hailey Wilson..the doctor is ready for you now” a woman said from a door

i looked up and grabbed my bag..

this is it..

i followed the woman behind a door..

“Hi Hailey.. it’s been a while since i saw you what can i help with?” the doctor said as i sat down

oh how do i say this..

i nervously looked around the room and then at my doctor..

i’m glad my doctor is a girl.. this would be worse if it was a man doctor..

“Um.. i think i might be pregnant” i said to the doctor

her eyes widened at my words.. she wasn’t expecting that..

it tooks her minutes to repily..

“How do you think that Hailey?” the doctor said

“Me and my boyfriend haven’t used a condom and my period is late” i simply said

i was surprised by how clear i said that

the doctor’s eyes widened again and then she started looking around her desk and then she handed me a small container.. i looked at it strangely..

what’s this for?

“Hailey i need you to pee in this,you don’t need to fill it but when your done bring it with you can then i can check to see if you are pregnant” The doctor said

she wants me to pee in this..

“The toilets are right next door” the doctor added..

let’s get this over with..

i hope i’m not pregnant..

i walked in to the toilets, there was only one toilet, i made sure to lock the door.

once i was finished i walked out hoping no one could see me holding a small container of my pee in it.

i gave the doctor the container and i sat waiting..

this is so nerve wrecking.. i closed my eyes not wanting to see what the doctor was doing..

“Congratulations Hailey you are pregnant..” the doctor said..


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