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another blurb for @hemmoful and @happiestluke blurb night! 

When he opened his door and found you standing outside in tears Michael knew immediately what had happened. “He ditched you again?” He asked, ushering you inside and leading you to the couch. You just nodded, still too upset to speak. You sat down on the overstuffed couch that had hosted numerous movie nights and Netflix binge watching sessions for you and Michael, while Michael remained standing, pacing the length of his living room. “Seriously, how many times is that now?

“Michael, don’t.” You were finally able to manage. People adjusted to things, it was a fact of life. Following that logic, you should be used to your boyfriend cancelling dates at the last minute, or even not showing up at all and making hasty apologizes later after he had done it numerous times before. But it still hurt as much as it did the first time.

Hearing your upset tone, Michael joined you on the couch, pulling you into his arms. You let yourself sink into him as if he was a beanbag chair, reveling in his familiar scent and warm body. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m not mad at you. I just can’t believe that he has you and you’re you.”

You laughed for the first time all night, giggling into Michael’s chest. “Yes I am me.”

“That came out wrong. I mean you’re smart and funny and beautiful and you deserve so much better.”

“Thanks.” You said without really meaning it. Over the course of your friendship, Michael had told you all of these things at one point in time, and he was like an overprotective older brother when it came to you and dating. He seemed to find a flaw with everyone you went out with, and though you hated to admit it, since none of your relationships had lasted very long, he was usually right.

“And I could give that to you.” Michael went on as if you hadn’t spoken.

You pulled away from him suddenly, needing to look in his eyes more than you needed to comfort of having him near. Suddenly you couldn’t focus on the day you’d had or how terrible the rest of the night had been, you could only think about Michael. “What?” You asked.

“Y/N, come on.  The reason why I’ve never liked anyone you dated? Well aside from the fact that they were all pricks, it was because I wanted to be the one with you. The one who gets to hold your hand and take you on dates and cuddle with you on the cold nights. I want all of that.” Michael had taken your hand and was running his thumb along the back of it as he spoke. He’d been nervously avoiding eye contact as he made his confession and now he looked up, your eyes meeting. He gave you a small smile, waiting to see how you would respond.

You could think of only one thing to do, leaning up and pressing your lips to his. You felt him stiffen a bit, clearly not expecting the kiss, especially when technically you hadn’t broken up with your boyfriend yet, but you both knew that it would be coming soon, very soon. This kiss made you feel things you’d never felt before with any of your boyfriends. You felt all warm inside, as if a candle had been lit inside you, and you knew that to use a cliché the other boys had been frogs and Michael was your prince.

Puppies {A Calum Hood Imagine}

The excited and happy barks of young puppies were echoing through your ears as you browsed around the pet shop, cooing down at the small mammals as you passed them. Your boyfriend Calum was a feet steps behind you, gently smiling at your fangirling figure.

“Which one do you want to adopt?” questioned Calum, coming close to you and looking down at a beagle/retriever mix. “I think this one’s cute.”

You shook your head, continuing to search. Then your eyes fell on the one puppy that you know was perfect for you.

It had white fur with brown speckles, and it had floppy ears. They didn’t really mind the puppy as it barked at the strangers who passed it, but then whimpered when they ignored it. Its eyes were a beautiful chocolate brown, and you fell in love with the puppy.

“That one,” you said as you walked over to it, smiling happily as the puppy began barking at you, its small tail wagging.

“This one?” asked Calum as he followed you, watching you as you picked up the puppy and held it in your arms.

You nodded. “This is the one, Cal.”

Calum chuckled at you as you cooed to the puppy, not being able to defy your cuteness. He bought the puppy for you, and you decided to name her Cinnamon.

“I love Cinnamon!” you exclaimed as you hopped into the car with your new puppy, petting her head as she licked your face.

“And she loves you too, Y/N,” Calum said as he climbed into the driver’s seat, a sad look on his face. “And you probably love her more than me.”

You frowned. “Calum, I love you to the moon and back. Don’t ever forget that, okay?”

Calum’s frown turned into a smile at your words, starting the car. “I love you too.“

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