5sos cute

because everyone needs luke in glasses on their dashboard


5 Seconds of Summer - Michael talking, Amsterdam




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You’ve had a rough day, been fucked over once or twice. All the anger piled up inside you until there was no space for you to keep it in, so you did the logical and let it all out. This caused you to snap at some if your fellow co-workers, and you really let them have it.

However, there was a nagging voice in your head telling you to go to your boyfriend, Calum Hood. Everytime you were angry, your brain would go on safety mode and remind you that you have him, in hope that you wouldn’t turn into a raging bull.

But this time, thinking about him didn’t cut it. You had to have him. You just had to. So, you pulled out your phone and messaged him that you were coming over.

Instantly, you hopped in a taxi and headed to his flat, anticipating the moment. Halfway through the journey, your phone rang with an unknown Caller’s ID. Out of curiosity you answered.


“Oh thank god you answered. My phone died so I wasn’t able to text back.” He said out of breath.

“Calum? Are you okay? You sound strained.” You giggled, making it the first time for the day. It seemed that his voice was just enough to simmer down your anger.

“Yea, I stole Luke’s phone and ran. I was worried.”

“I just had the worst day.” You said, sinking back in your seat.

“Aww, my poor Baby. Hurry up and get here so I could cuddle you to death.” He cooed.

“I’m outside.” You mumbled hanging up.

You hopped out the car, and ran into Calum’s arm, taking in his scent. He carried you inside the flat, and as soon as the door was closed, he cupped your face in his hands and gave you the World’s most passionate kiss. Oddly enough, all it took was a kiss and all your anger dissipated into the surroundings. His effect on you was magical.

“I’ve got all your favourite shows on standby and I ordered pizza.” He babied, tapping your nose.

“I love you.” You muttered, re-capturing his lips. He couldn’t get anymore perfect.

“And I love you.”


HE’s so cUte (rm: k edittss)