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Saturday mornings were designated as ‘stay in bed and cuddle for hours’ for the Hemmings family. So your six month old baby boy would come spend time in bed with the two of you. The morning filled with Disney movies, happy baby squeals from being tickled, laying close together with your son in the middle. Only leaving the bed to go fetch a box of cereal to share and to fix a bottle. Leaving tons of tiny kisses on chubby baby cheeks, Luke would lean over to give you quick but sweet kisses on your lips a few times. “Did you know that you’re one of my favorite faces to wake up to?”, he would ask his son, rolling over to let the baby sit on his chest. “Other than you’re mum because she’s pretty great to wake up to.”. Luke insisted on having special days for cuddling since he had to work long days and tour. Soaking up all the precious family moments he could. Your son would adjust himself to lay his head on Luke’s chest, his nap time fast approaching you knew he would be asleep soon. Luke softly humming and rubbing the sleepy boys back; you sliding over to rest your head on your husbands shoulder. Your finger running over his soft baby cheek as his eyes fluttered shut; feeling the need to sleep more come over you as well. Luke kissing the top of both your heads with a slight laugh. “My cute family wants to sleep on me. What could be better than this?”.


If Mikey sneezing isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen then you need to change your perspective on life

so it was like 4 pm and you went out for a walk with your sketchbook in one hand and your bag full of all your artsy things in the other. honestly you were just hoping to go to the park and find some nice flowers, if you were lucky enough, to draw. luck was definitely on your side because to your surprise a very lovely boy around your age was sitting on a bench all the way across the park from from seat but you could still see every delicate angle of his face. before you could even debate with yourself over how creepy this was, you started to draw him. strong jawline. high cheek bones. beautiful eyes. and dark hair that adorned his face perfectly. he himself was art. the only issue was that you had to keep looking up at him. he noticed very quickly to say the least. awkward glances were exchanged occasionally but you tried to play it off. unfortunately you weren’t all that lucky because your attempts failed and when you looked up again he was gone. Instead a melodic voice came from your side and it was the boy, introducing himself. “Hi I’m Calum.” he said with a grin. his smile was too much to be able to capture on paper. shit. your sketchbook was still open. you both noticed at the same time but you were too late in trying to close it because he had already seen it. “were you drawing me?” your face flushed with humiliation and you could feel your face begin to grow hotter. “uhhhh… no it just looks like you… it wasn’t… you have a very common face..,.,..” you were mentally punching yourself, but you made him giggle. he was truly art and you had just embarrassed yourself. “thank you I think, maybe I could see more of your drawings over coffee sometime?” you must be dreaming. this isn’t real life. “Yeah that sounds nice” you managed to reply. he gave you his number and said “maybe you could even finish your drawing next time” with a wink as he walked away.

Good Girls (Acoustic / Empty Arena Edit)
  • Good Girls (Acoustic / Empty Arena Edit)
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer - Good Girls (Acoustic / Empty Arena Edit)

This is my original work

okay so like if you went to target or something with michael you know he’d run straight to the video game aisle and drag you along with him which at first you really didn’t want to do but then you started playing all of the demos and found a game that you were just completely enamored with, like you’d be so into it staring at the screen with wide eyes and michael’s looking at you from across the aisle with a little smirk on his face like damn you’re so cute when you get into something and he’s so excited to see you happy over things that he loves. and you’ll see him out of the corner of your eye and smile at him and he’ll walk over to you and put his arms around you from behind and put his head on yours and tell you how cute you are when you’re playing video games and then he’d look to the right and see the toy aisle and scream about ninja turtles and run away while you’re following him and he puts on a ninja turtle mask and picks up a toy sword and starts talking to you about how cool and powerful he must look and starts getting into character and you’re like you’re so stupid michael and you’ll pop around the corner into the next aisle and come back with another toy sword and you’ll start fighting each other in the middle of the store but of course it would end in you guys knocking everything over and breaking a sign or something which of course made a lot of noise so you guys would put down the swords and sprint to the other side of the store so you wouldn’t get caught and you’d end up somewhere random trying not to look suspicious and when you realized the coast was clear you guys would just laugh so hard and blame each other and then he’d make some joke about how you were partners in crime and then kiSS YOU BYE

Imagine bringing baby girl Hood to the beach with Calum while he had a small break from touring. Your baby girl dressed in her yellow frilly swimsuit and a little sunhat on her head, you in a black bikini and Calum in his swimming trunks. Calum would be sat on a towel beside you with his baby girl in his lap putting sunscreen on her delicate skin so that she wouldn’t get burned. He would blow up her little floaties and put them on her arms before bringing her down to the water. You and Calum would sit down at the shallow end of the water with your baby girl sat on your lap. When the waves came and splashed over her she would squeal and giggle and Calum would splash her with the water just to hear her little giggle and he would smile at her adoringly because she’s the light of his life and he just loves his little family so much and he’s never been happier.

Best Friend

You were sitting and watching movies with your best friend Luke when you get a call from your boyfriend. You step outside and answer it, sitting on the porch. He’s always been jealous of Luke and hated when you hung out together. He always suspected Luke wanted more than a friendship with you.

“Hey baby!” You answered cheerfully as usual. “Y/N we need to talk” he said which worried you. “Is everything okay?” You asked. “Y/N no. I just- I can’t do this anymore. I can’t go on constantly wondering what you’re doing with Luke or if you’re really telling me the truth about how you feel about him. I’m sorry but we’re done.” your heart shattered when he said that. “I promise there’s nothing going on between me and Luke. Please trust me. There’s got to be someway we can make this work baby.” You begged as you started to cry. “I’m sorry. I just can’t anymore. Good bye.” He said before hanging up and you began to ball. You were still balling when Luke walked outside.

“Are you okay? You’ve been out here for like 20 minutes.” When Luke saw your tears he rushed to you and held you tight in his arms as you cried into his chest. “What’s wrong Y/N?” He asked worried. “H-he just dumped me because he thinks I’m lying about how I feel about you.” You cry out. “I knew he was an idiot.” Luke laughed. “This isn’t the time to joke Luke!” You yell. “Y/N I’m not joking. He really is an idiot. Why would anyone dump you? You’re smart and beautiful and funny and God you cook better than my mum!” Luke smiled. “Shut up Luke.” You sniffled and playfully pushed him away. “I mean it.” Luke said, pulling you close again and sighed “Y/N he saw it, how can you not see it?"b"Luke what are you talking about?”

He pulled away just enough to look you in the face. You stared into his piercing blue eyes as he spoke the words you thought he would never say.

“Y/N he’s right about me. I hate having to watch you try with guy after guy. There’s a reason they all get jealous and leave because of me. I want you. Not as just my best friend. I want you as my girlfriend.” Luke said and kissed you. But you didn’t pull away, instead you kissed him back. “Yes” You simple replied when he pulled away. “Luke I would love to be your girlfriend.”

Is this still a thing?

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