Wasted Youth (C.H.)

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“Y/N.” Someone whispered.
“Mmm…” I mumbled, trying my best not to fully wake up.
“Wake up.” The voice said again.
“Mmm…” I hummed once more.
“Y/N.” This time, the person gently shook my shoulder.
I groaned and peeked one eye open to see who interrupted my dream about having an endless supply of french fries.
Calum was crouching beside my bunk in his basketball shorts, his top half bare.
“What?” I whispered.
He gave me a small smile. “Get up.”
I reached awkwardly behind me for my phone and hit the lock button to see that it was only two in the morning. “It’s two in the fucking morning. Goodnight.” I tell him and turn onto my other side and pull the blanket up to my shoulder.
He whined. “Y/N.”
My blanket was gone and I quickly turned around to see it in his hands. “Give it back, Calum. I’m tired and I want to sleep.”
“No. Get up. I wanna go somewhere and I’m taking you with me.” Calum said with a stomp of his bare foot.
Now it was my turn to whine. “Why can’t you drag the other boys with you?”
“They’re all sleeping,” he informed me with a ‘duh’ tone.“
I glared at him. “I was too before you rudely woke me up.”
“I didn’t rudely wake you up. I shook you gently.”
“Still rude,” I mumbled and closed my eyes.
I sighed and reopened my eyes. “Why me, Calum? Why couldn’t you have woken up any of the other boys? I’m sure Ashton would love to do adventurous things this early or late at night. However you want to refer to this ungodly time.”
“I wanna go on this adventure with you though. It wouldn’t be as fun with Ashton. We’re wasting our youth.”
“You still have many more years of youth to your life Calum. This one thing won’t waste it.”
Calum just continued to whine and had resulted to poking my leg.
I groaned as I laid on my back and stared up at the top of my bunk. “You’re not gonna leave me alone, are you?”
I could practically feel the radiation of his smile and happiness as he tossed my blanket at the end of my bunk. “We’re leaving in five. That should be enough time for us to get dressed.”
I glared at his retreating figure and huffed.
“Four minutes, Y/N!” He whispered loudly which made me get out of my bunk begrudgingly.

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