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“there’s something you need to know”

His - Part 3 (C.H.)

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A/N: Sorry that it took a while. I had writer’s block and too much school stuff going on. Also, I suck at writing endings so prepare for that as well. Other than that, I hope you all enjoy it.

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Remember the day we first started talking to each other?

Weeks have passed since that night and Calum and I have gotten a lot closer…and my crush on him has gotten significantly bigger.

I still worked on getting Calum to see just how important and loved he is and there has been some progress.

The bell rang, signaling the end of our anatomy class. Calum and I began putting our stuff away before he spoke up.

“We still on for later?” He asked me.

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this will forever be my favorite picture of cal. he’s such a cutie lol.

truth or dare: c.h. 

quick note: thanks to @girethka for the request!! (my inbox is always open send me an idea!)

You braced yourself as you brought your fist to the door and knocked. It was Luke’s rent house and the band was hosting a party to celebrate the end of the tour. Everyone who had anything to do with it was invited and you were the girl who made sure they got to the right places at the right times.

Over the past few months you’d gotten to know them each well. You knew that Michael liked to sleep in and didn’t like early flights, but you didn’t mind booking them extra early for him. You knew Luke didn’t mind the time as long as he had his headphones and a window seat-he liked to space out. And Ashton was always ready for a plane ride, carrying his trusted notebook and pen along with him. You knew Calum was-

“Hey, Y/n!” Right in front of you apparently.

“Hi, Calum!” You smiled back at the beaming boy. You could feel your heart melting at the sight of his smile. He moved aside so you could come in, handing him the six pack of beer you’d been asked to bring.

“Ah, sweet!” He said in his heavy accent; all the days away from home and he’d still not lost any of it. He closed the door while you took a few steps into the entry way. You could hear music coming from the backyard. A few people were lounging in the living room but you figured the rest were outside in the pool.

Calum opened his mouth to say something, but you didn’t see as your friend from work, Roxy, jumped up to say hi. “Y/n! I’m so glad to see you.” She pulled you into a hug and Calum settled for a tight smile as he set the beer down in the kitchen on his way to the backyard. He figured you’d find your way out. And you did.

You’d been told by Luke that there was a pool a little bit before you were leaving and you’d shown up late because you put on a bikini underneath your dress. You were always one to go for a swim. You’d managed to get Roxy to come outside with you, even though she insisted she was having fun on the couch on her phone. Now she was happily chatting with Michael and a few other crew members.

You looked around the backyard, recognizing a lot of faces. Ashton was sitting on the diving board, legs dangling as he sipped his beer talking to his friends floating in the water. He glanced up and caught your eye, waving to say hello. You raised your hand and waved back, earning a quick smile before he looked back to his friends.

Luke yelled your name and you found him leaned up against the pool wall, intense blue eyes watching you. “Hi.” He said with a grin.

“Hi.” You said back, stepping closer to hear him better.

“How are you?” He asked, sounding genuinely curious.

“I’m good! How are you?”

“Can’t complain. Would you like to join me?” He said, gesturing to the pool behind him.

“Actually, yes.” You’d been  wanting to take a dip in the pool ever since you’d heard there was going to be one. He smiled and turned around, leaning his back against the side of the pool. You took off your shirt and shorts, leaving them on a chair by the pool. You left your shoes by them and put up your hair.

You went to the stairs and stuck your foot in, immediately taking it back out. “Why is it so cold?” You scowled at Luke like it was his fault, while he just laughed.

“It’s almost ten at night, the water’s bound to cool down. You’ll adjust to it, just get in.” He said while laughing, watching you stick your foot back in cautiously.

“Fine.” You quickly stepped into the water, sucking in a breath as it hit you. Luke laughed, sipping his beer as you slowly joined him at the side of the pool.

“You alright?” He asked as you had your eyes screwed shut, hands hanging above the surface

“Fine.” You whispered, adjusting a bit to the temperature. When you opened your eyes you immediately found Calum across the pool sitting with a few other friends at a table. He was nodding and laughing at something, eyes crinkling as he smiled the cutest smile. You’d kill to make him smile like that.

“What are you staring at?” Luke teased, knowing full well what you were looking at.

“Oh, shut up!” You whispered, before clearing your throat. “Shut up.” You said in a louder voice, tearing your eyes from the now shirtless boy.

“Just ask him out already! It’s so obvious you two are made for each other.” You rolled your eyes. “All you ever do is drool over each other.” He said through a laugh. You pushed his shoulder, causing him to lose his balance and tip over into the water. Now it was your turn to laugh. His beer bottle went under the water as he was trying to regain balance and he glared at you when he was upright again.

He poured the beer and pool water onto the concrete behind him while looking at you with a smirk. This ended your laughter as you knew he had an idea. “Everyone!” He said, calling the attention to him. He held up the empty beer bottle for them to see. “Let’s play spin the bottle!” A few cheers were heard back and you looked at him wide-eyed as he set the bottle to the side and pulled himself out of the pool.

You looked to where Calum had previously been and now he had his lip tucked between his teeth, looking like he was seriously thinking something over before his eyes met yours. You saw his worried brown eyes become something else. With a slight smirk he stood from his chair and left his beer bottle on the table, following the others to where Luke had set the game up.

You reluctantly followed to an open patch of grass where people were sitting around a pizza box with a bottle on it. Luke had put on a shirt and some basketball shorts. “Okay so this is Truth or Dare spin the bottle which is you spin the bottle and ask the person truth or dare and then you give them a truth or dare.” Luke said, eyeing you from his spot. You sat in between Roxy and Michael, watching as Luke asked for someone to go first.

Ashton offered and spun the bottle, landing on Roxy. “Truth or Dare?” He said with a smile as he sipped from his beer bottle.

She pretended to be lost in thought before saying, “Dare!” With an exciting tone.

“I dare you to jump in the pool naked.” Ashton said without missing a beat. You’d think for colleagues that was a little too much but before you all worked together, you were all pretty good friends. There was Roxy, you, Dallas (the outfits), Luke, Ashton, Michael, Calum, Blake (the social media), and Hoeg who preferred to be called that over his real name and he was of course the photographer.

Roxy stood up with a triumphant smirk and began stripping, earning whoops from Dallas and Michael. You watched with laughter as she ran naked towards the pool and jumped in. Everyone was laughing as she surfaced and said with a grin, “My turn.”

When she was back and in shorts and her bra, she spun the bottle. It landed on Luke. “Truth or d-“ But before she could finish the sentence he was saying dare with a smirk, like nothing could faze him.

“I dare you to…take off one item of clothing for dare, including this one!” Roxy smiled viciously as he looked at her confused for a moment.

“No problem.” He covered up his shock with a smirk as he quickly pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned stomach and chest. “My turn.” He said, moving to spin the bottle. Calum looked at Luke, smiling as he said,

“Dare.” Luke smirked back, standing up to take off his shorts. You hoped he was wearing boxers for his own sake. While he ws taking off his shorts he said,

“I dare you to kiss the prettiest person here.” He said, revealing that he did have boxers on. You wondered when he’d changed.

“Easy.” Calum replied, but he sounded like it was more difficult than that. You watched as his eyes scanned the circle, quickly finding your face. He didn’t seem nervous as he stood and walked to your side of the circle. You looked at him, feeling the red rising to your cheeks as he held his hand out for you.

You heard Roxy say, “Oo la la.” Somewhere but that seemed far away as you took his hand and stood up. He snaked his hand around your waist, tugging you closer to his shirtless torso. The other hand cupped your cheek as he smiled down at you.

“Is this okay?” He whispered, so only you could hear. You nodded, at loss for words while finding your own hands winding around his neck.
He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, earning cheers and whoops from your friends. You quickly met his pace and kissed him back, surprised when you felt his  plump lips part and even more surprised when you didn’t hesitate to part yours. The open mouthed kisses grew hot quickly and soon Michael was yelling to get a room. You laughed, pulling back and looking at the beaming Calum.

“Maybe we will.” You said to Michael glancing at Luke to see him wearing a devilish grin. He’d succeeded.

Are you daddy’s lady fwiend? pat. 4


word count: 1,700+

Warnings: Mentions of death, suicide

Hey guys, sorry for the wait. My computer is still being bitchy, i’m using my sister’s right now. I’ll try to update as frequently as possible.

What was he doing here?

I thought he was living in Korea. That’s what he told me when he left.

Had he talked to Calum about me? What if he had?

“You guys know each other?” Calum pulled me closer to him and stood up straighter.

“I told you man, I was her first” Jungkook winked at me and took out a card from his wallet, he put it on the crystal counter on top of me. “Call me” He smirked and turned, leaving without saying another word.

Calum let go of me and grabbed the card, he offered it to me. “Here, have it. We wouldn’t want to keep Joe waiting.” He walked around me and went into the TV room where Kaiden was asleep..

I threw the card in the trash and followed him. “Calum!”

He turned to look at me. “Did you call him yet?” I shook my head.

“I’m not going to call him,”

“No? Why not?” His eyes had gotten significantly darker, no longer the warm chocolate color I had gotten used to.

“Because I don’t want to talk to him. Or about him.”

“Is that why you couldn’t even tell me his name right? Because I vividly remember the night where we talked about this. You said that your first was a sweet guy named Joe. You couldn’t even tell me his name! What else have you lied about?!” He stood in front of me, nose flaring, flushed cheeks and clenched jaw.

“Are you serious? You’re angry because I lied about his name?! Well what about you huh?! All I know about Lenox is her name! I don’t know why she’s not here. For all I know you could have killed her!”  I felt infuriated, but even I knew I had hit a button. Calum looked just about ready to snap at me.

You think I killed her?!” He was breathing heavily, trying hard to control his anger.

“I don’t know Calum! That’s the point! You never bothered to tell me anything about her!”

He chuckled humorlessly. “Turn this around why don’t you!”

“Don’t yell at mommy!” I didn’t even notice Kaiden had woken up and was listening and seeing us fight. I felt guilty, he didn’t have to see us fight, ever. I was going to pick him up but Calum grabbed my arm and pulled me to the tattooing room, locking the door behind us. He pushed me against the wall,, but there was nothing romantic about it. He stood in front of me, keeping me where I was.

Kaiden was knocking on the door. “Open!”

I stared at Calum, afraid of him for the first time.

“Let go of me” He grabbed my wrists and held them above me.

“You think I killed Lenox” It wasn’t a question, but a statement. “You’re right"


I pulled her to me, hugging her from behind, inhaling her scent. ”let’s go home”. She nodded, reaching behind her to caress my hair, I smirked, knowing the party was far from over for us. It wasn’t often that we had a night without our 1 year old.

It had started as a simple welcome back party for my sister in law, she had just come back from England where she finished her career. My mom had Kaiden for the night and we would pick him up tomorrow morning, or later today I should say, since it was 3 AM.

But the party had been filled with past friends, neighbors, acquaintances and evens strangers. Wild above all. I wanted to drink so badly! But I only had one beer, since I was going to drive.

I threw Lenox over my shoulder, her squeals making my smile and made my way to my car. I put her on the passenger seat and buckle up her seat belt.

“You look hot” She giggled and started sucking on my neck as I buckled her in. I bit my lip.

“So do you” I wanted to give in, but we would be way more comfortable in our bed. So I pulled away, she groaned, and I chuckled as I got behind the wheel.

“Let’s have sex here” She undid her seatbelt and attempted to climb over to my seat to straddle me. I smirked but then realized that we could get caught.

“We’re not far from home babe.” I bucked her in again and started driving. She pouted and after about a minute of me driving she undid her seat belt again and tried to undo my pants. I pushed her hand away, not wanting to risk crashing, but she kept insisting.


“What? Don’t you want me to suck you off?”

“Not while I’m driving and we could crash!”

She furrowed her eyebrows and leaned back on her seat. “Fine, if it’s not in the car, then you can forget about me EVER sucking you off again. And if you were thinking about having sex when we get home. FORGET IT. You’re gonna sleep in the guest room alone!”

I was pissed. And as much as I would like to say it wasn’t because of what she said about sex, I couldn’t lie to myself.  So I drove faster, desperate to get home and be away from her, so could cool down.

She was sulking, but her expression turned into a fearful one once she realized how fast I was going.

“Calum slow down!”

I drove past a red light and that’s a truck crashed into us. And then everything went black.


When I woke up. I was on a hospital bed, my mom crying to my right side and a doctor on my left.

“He’s awake!” My mom cried even harder, with a smile on her face.

“L-Lenox” I needed to see my wife. I needed to know she was okay. I tried to sit up but I had various tubes connected to me. “Where’s Lenox?!” I asked the doctor, desperate.

My mom turned away, wiping her eyes.

“I-I’m sorry. She didn’t survive. The truck crushed her and she died instantly.”

He was lying, he had to be. Lenox couldn’t be dead. We had to talk about our fight! We had to make up!

She wasn’t dead. That would mean I would have to take care of Kaiden by myself.


He would have to grow up without his mother.


He wouldn’t have to, because Lenox wasn’t dead.

The doctor was just confused.

He must have mistaken her with another Lenox

Lenox Hood wasn’t dead!

I looked at my mom, she was shaking my shoulders, as if I was in sh-

“Help! Somebody help my son! He’s in shock!!”

“Lenox is alive!” I groaned and ripped out all the cables and tubes and got up, holding on the bed for support. I felt pain everywhere, especially my ribs and neck, but I had to see her.

I walked past the nurses, pushed them out of the way. One of them grabbed me and tried to get me to lay down, but I punched him in the face and walked out of the room, ignoring the pain on my ribcage.

Out of nowhere I felt a slight pinch on my arm and then I passed out.


“Mama”, Kaiden was exhausted  but he wouldn’t fall asleep.

“Just go to sleep please.” I pleaded, but to no avail.

“Mama,” I felt myself tear up, I didn’t want to think about her. We held a funeral for a reason! I shouldn’t have to remember her or feel the ache inside my heart after the funeral!

“Mamaaa!” He started crying, not understanding why Lenox wasn’t here, holding him.

I groaned and out him down on his crib. ”Why can’t you try to forget her?! You keep reminding me of her! STOP!”


I started crying myself, no bothering to try to keep it together anymore.



I held Calum tightly, letting him cry on my shoulder.

“It wasn’t your fault,”

“YES IT WAS! I was speeding! It was me who killed her! I don’t even know how I made it this far. God knows I didn’t want to live”


I was ready.

I had called my mom and pleaded her to come over.

It would take her at least two hours, she was away at a work convention.

Kaiden wouldn’t have to be alone for too long.

She would take care of him. I just couldn’t.

Every time I looked at him, I saw Lenox’s face staring back at me.

I had feed him one last time and put him on his bedroom floor, surrounded by his favorite toys so he didn’t feel alone while my mom arrived. I’m pretty sure he was asleep.

The apartment was clean, all of the keys and remotes were on the kitchen counter, labeled and ready for the next owner.

I made sure the gun was charged and put my finger on the trigger.

I stood up straight, and pointed the gun at my temple.

I was ready.

I would pulled the trigger very slowly, relishing my last moments alive.

I would finally reunite with my Lenox.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

I started to pull the trigger-


I opened my eyes and saw my son staring at me. Confusion written across his face.

I started crying and threw the gun on the bed. I got on my knees and held my son in my arms. He tried to wipe the tears from my face and I smiled.

“I don’t think I can live without her Kaiden. But I’m gonna try for you bud.”


I felt so badly. How did I date this person for 10 months and not know about this? I should’ve pay more attention, asked more questions.

“That was my lowest point. And Kaiden saved me, unconsciously, but he saved me. He’s my life. And He’s already mourned a mother. I don’t want him to cry over another one. I need to know you’re in it for the long run. Or if you want to break up, let’s do it right here, right now. I don’t want Kaiden to get used to having you around only to find that you’ll leave without an explanation someday.”


Hope you guys liked it!

Also, im sorry for taking so long to update.

I’ll give a sneak peak of the next part to the first non-anon person who requests part 5


His (C.H.)

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A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

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Part 2 | Part 3


“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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I Don’t Love You Anymore (pt. 2)

You can find part 1 right here –> I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 1


I’m writing this note because I don’t have the balls to say this to your face. The reason I’ve been acting like a douche these past few weeks is because, well, at first, I thought it was just stress but, for awhile now, I haven’t felt anything with you. Each kiss, touch, laugh and word we shared has felt dead to me. I’m sorry y/n, I really am but I just don’t love you anymore. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me.


I read the painful words over and over again, each time praying that this is a sick and twisted drawn out April Fools joke he’s playing on me; maybe Mikey put him up to it. But as the minutes pass, I come to the bitter reality that he meant what he said, he doesn’t love me anymore. Is it really a surprise? I mean, all the signs were there. He stopped our morning and nighty-night cuddles, claimed he was sore from working out so much. No longer gave me his warm and soft pecks before he or I left work, it was always, “I really gotta go” or “Go, y/n your gonna be late.” He completely stopped all intimacy between us, and not just physically but mentally, he didn’t talk anymore, nor did he want to listen. So no, it’s not a surprise but it still hurts like hell. I get out the bed and walk over into the closest grabbing another shirt of his and placing it on his side of the bed as I snuggle up next to it and cry myself to sleep.


Six Weeks Later

I’m in the grocery store humming along to Tim McGraw’s “Shotgun Rider,” while debating if I want salmon or tilapia for dinner when a familiar and comforting voice behind me says, “You’ve always had a beautiful voice, it’s a shame that you never considered putting it to work.” I turn around and none other than Ashton Irwin is standing there giving me his award winning smile walking towards me. “Oh please,” I say dismissing the thought. “I’m serious, y/n, we could’ve used you in our band,” he admits as he gets closer. “Then you’d actually be five seconds of summer,” I joke as he laughs and his smile warms up my day. Gosh, I forgot how perfect he was. He looks good, his hair is cut nice, muscles seeping through his shirt.  “A picture lasts longer babe,” he smirks while finally coming face to face with me. I chuckle softly at his cockiness, “How have you been, Irwin?” I ask sincerely wanting to know how my best friend’s been the past few weeks with the stress of making an album. “Seems like I should be asking you that same question,” he says back and a seriousness falls upon us as I realize what he means. I clear my throat as a shift to the other foot, a little uncomfortable, “I-I’m good. I’ve been fine.” “Really?” he asks not buying it as he senses my whole attitude change. “Yeah I’ve been just focusing on school and wo–

I’m cut off by a sudden warmth that wraps around me and I realize that warmness is coming from Ash. Me and Ashton have always had a great relationship, sometimes I felt he understood me better than Calum, maybe it’s because he’s older. I could always have deep and intellectual conversations with him, something I could never do with Calum. We always understood each other; there were countless long nights of personal thoughts, feelings and blissful moments being shared over Chinese takeout or bowls of ice cream, especially the last weeks before Calum broke up with me.

One Week Before Breakup

“Ash, if I ask you a question, will you be completely honest with me?” I ask as I take a bite of my sesame chicken. “Of course, y/n, you know that. What’s up?” he asks and takes a long swig of his beer. I poke at my chicken, still wondering if I’m a bad girlfriend for even considering this thought, I mean I should trust my boyfriend right? I eat another piece of chicken as I take the beer out his hands and finish it making that my 4th one that night. “Okay, y/n, you only drink this much when we’re celebrating, which we’re not or if somethings really bothering you,” he says pausing the TV. I continue poking at my chicken and Ashton pulls the food off my lap and sets it on the bed side table as he makes me face him. “Y/n, talk to me, love,” he says softly as he lifts my chin forcing me to look in his eyes. “Do you–Is Calum seeing someone else?” I blurt out as tears begin to fill my eyes. The thought of Calum cheating didn’t seem real until I actually said it. “What?!” Ashton gasps, “Why would you think that?”

“Well, we’re growing really distant, ya know? He doesn’t  want to cuddle anymore, doesn’t want kiss or touch me, it takes so much for me just to get him to tell me how his day went, which is only a grumbled out, “fine.” And all that has got me thinking that maybe, there’s someone else,” I admit to him. I can see Ashton getting upset at hearing the way his best friend has been treating me. “I’ll talk him,” is all he says before he reaches his phone. “No! Ash, please don’t. Its only gonna create more problems between us, just stay out if it,” I desperately say as I snatch his phone out his hand. “Well, I’m not gonna let him treat you like shit and let him think its okay,” he snaps back at me reaching for his phone. “Ashton, you can’t talk to him about this!” I scream as I hop off his bed, “Why not Y/N?! What’s the big deal?” he asks. “Tell me Ashton, how would you feel if your girlfriend went talking to Luke, for instance, about problems she’s having with you?” I ask him. “I’d be pissed,” he says immediately. “Exactly,” I say back, “He can’t know I’ve been telling you these things. Especially now, he’s so irritable. Our relationship is at a fragile point and any sort of pressure will crash it,” I admit as I flop back on his bed. His face softens as he whispers, “Sorry, love I know–”

“Is it me?” I interrupt,  “Am I not pretty enough? Is it because I’m always talking about school and the future? Does that scare him? Am I too boring because I’d prefer to stay in than go out and party? Does he not want me?” I ask as the tears fill my eyes again and they freely fall down my face. “Hey, y/n listen to me,” Ashton says softly, “You are a beautiful woman. You are so intelligent, funny and talented. I mean what normal person, double majors in sociology and philosophy while minoring in Spanish and working two jobs, you’re frickin’ superwoman,” he exclaims making me laugh. “And oh my goodness, that gorgeous smile. Y/n you literally walk in a room and it lights up, you make everything brighter. And you know what else?” he asks wiping away the tears from my face. “You have the most beautiful soul. You have a such a great heart y/n, you’re so selfless, my goodness, I love you.” My eyes widen as I feel that he didn’t mean love as in best friends but love as in lovers. We stay like that for a while just staring into each other’s eyes and as each moment passes I realize which love he meant and I realize that maybe I too feel that way. Not once had Calum ever expressed his love for me in the words my best friend just had. “Ash, I-” “Shhh,” he says softly as he brings his hands to the sides of my face. “Ashton, we can’t,” I say bringing my hands to wrap around his “I know. But I can’t stop wondering how different it would all be if I’d seen you first,” he says. “Me too,” I admit. The moment is interrupted when the sound of footsteps snaps us from each other’s trance. We immediately sit on our respective sides of the bed and return to eating our food while watching FRIENDS as Mikey bursts in the room yelling, “I’m bored!”


We never got a chance to talk about that night seeing as I blamed our confessions of love on too much beer. We always get super mushy with another after a few beers, a reason why Calum never wanted me to drink alone with Ash. Then the next week Calum broke up with me via, sloppy written note and I’ve ignored and avoided all connections to him, including Ashton. However, my best friend who still loves me, is holding me and I finally relax in to him and for the first time in a while, I feel comfort, cared for, loved even, simply through his touch. He tightens his grip on me as I wrap my arms around his torso drinking in his scent and embracing the memories that I shared with him. Ashton has always been the only who could completely comfort me, its almost as if he peers into my soul, finds out what’s hurting and says the right things to heal me. I don’t know how long its been as we stand there enjoying one another presence, I mean I haven’t talked to him in six weeks, despite his constant tries. I sigh as a warming tingly feeling comes over me and I begin to grip on him tighter, almost craving him, which freaks me out as I realize that my best friend, who is also my ex-boyfriend’s best friend is making me feel weird things as I pull away. “I umm, I should go,” I say as I get ready to push my cart. “Y/n, wait,” he says as he softly grabs my arm, “Can we go grab a coffee?” he asks desperately with pleading eyes. “I don’t know about that Ash,” I say despite my mind saying yes. “Y/n, come on, it’s been six weeks. I miss my best friend,” he says. “You still have Mikey, Luke and uhm, Calum” I say looking down. “Yeah, but there’s someone special still missing,” he says as he lifts my chin up to look at him. “Ashton! What’s taking you so…bloody…long…” a voice that I never thought, nor wanted to hear again says. I watch with big eyes as the guy who tore my heart apart comes in to view. “H-hi y/n,” he says.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 3

softly, sweetly

A/N: hey yall so this is my first 5sos written thing! i’m lowkey banking on it being chaptered, so lmk if you want more!! it,,,also doesn’t have a working title yet please feel free to suggest titles

Pairing: Calum Hood x Y/N

Word Count: 1,252

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Calum Hood was, to say the least, incredibly attractive. With his strong arms, brown skin, and plump lips, he was anyone girl’s dream, including yours. The problem with this picture was those plump lips of his seemed to be kissing a new girl each month. The second problem within first said problem, was none of the girls he kissed were you. You’d been fawning over him since first year, and now, it was senior year.

This year, you’d decided, you would either get over him or get with him.

“How do you even plan to do that? I’ve tried to get you to date someone else for almost two years! And you never want to!” your best friend’s exasperated sigh came once you’d told her your plan.

“Well, I mean, it’s a rough draft of a plan, okay?” you retaliated sheepishly.

“It’s barely a plan at all, unless there’s something else to it.” She cocked a skeptical eyebrow at your responding grin.

“I said or get with him,” your confidence was blind, but it had some reasoning to it. “He gets with, like, every girl in the school, why not me?”

“Exactly! He gets with every girl in the school. That’s not a good thing!”

You simply rolled your eyes and let her words blow away in the early autumn breeze. The two of you had been sitting on the bleachers of the school football stadium, sharing food and watching the football team. Or rather, you were watching Calum on the football team while your friend ate. Before your friend could voice any more of her doubts, the two of you heard the football team doing their vaguely ridiculous chant they always did at the end of practices. The team began to stream out of the field and into the locker rooms, and once the last sweaty, pubescent boy was in there, you friend stood up.

“Alright, the show’s over. Now, we can go,” your friend huffed, practically dragging you down the stairs. You only grinned and followed.

You knew your friend meant well for you, and her doubts were her way of protecting you. But sometimes she had a point. If he kissed every girl in school, it was liable that you’d become just another girl kissed. Just another rock skipped across the surface until it sunk to the bottom. Part of you knew your fantasies were just that: fantasies. But the other part couldn’t help but wonder ‘what if?’

Your friend drove you home, the two of you occasionally bickering over who controlled the auxiliary cord but for the most part settling to sing obnoxiously along to the song. That was how you arrived home, windows partially rolled down and your noise level turned up.

“I bid you adieu,” you said dramatically and gave your friend a two-fingered salute once you’d stepped out of the car. She drove off with a middle finger and a laugh from you, and you put the key in the doorknob of your front door. You lived with your dad, who was currently still at work, so you were home alone for the time being.

“I’m in deep with this girl, but she’s out of her mind,” you sang to yourself as you helped yourself to a yogurt. Yogurt was quite possibly one of the true blessings given to Earth.

You headed upstairs, singing in between bites of yogurt and using your spoon as a microphone once you’d finished. You entered your room to find your cat on your bed, blinking up at you with mild irritation that you’d woken her up.

“Hello, Kitkat,” you greeted your cat with an affectionate tone before flinging your curtains open to let the sunlight stream in. The cat didn’t acknowledge you, instead opting to move to where the sunlight was the warmest. “I love you too, Kitkat.”

You heard voices outside your window and looked down to see your neighbour, Luke, and none other than Calum himself. The best part of living in this particular house was getting to see Calum around all the time (albeit through your window, but you’d take what you could get). Luke was Calum’s best friend, despite how different they both seemed. Luke came off as much more reserved than popular boy Calum, but you’d seen how he grew more extroverted around his friends.

Only then did you notice you were staring at precisely the same time Luke noticed you staring. He shot a dimpled smile to you accompanied with a wave, and you saw Calum turn to see who he was acknowledging. You locked eyes with Calum, and a blush rose to your cheeks before you pulled the blinds shut on the window.


“Who was that?” I asked Luke, one of my few close friends. He’d been waving to a girl in the window of the neighbouring house. I recognized the girl; she always sat up in the bleachers with her friend during football practices, but I’d never talked to her.

“That was Y/N. How do you not know her name? She’s been going to our school since our first year,” Luke laughed while unlocking the door to his house.

“I dunno. She’s just never crossed paths with me, I guess,” I shrugged it off easily and followed Luke into his house.


“Calum is beside me,” you said into the phone, the excited smile evident just from your tone. “Well, I mean, he’s in the house across from me, but it’s close enough, right?” You grinned when you heard the silence on the other side of the phone before your best friend spoke that meant she was rolling her eyes.

“You’ve been obsessed with him for entirely too long,” your best friend’s voice was singsong with a pinch of frustration. “Just talk to him. It can’t be that hard.”

“But what if I talk to him wrong? I mean, say the wrong thing. You get what I mean,” you stumbled over your words out of nerves. The thought of just walking up and talking to Calum felt awkward and unceremonious. You’d had Calum on a pedestal for so long that it seemed something mundane like ‘hello’ wouldn’t be worthy of his time.

“You’re not going to talk to him wrong,” she reassured you on the other end of the line. You uncrossed your legs from the position you’d been sitting in and laid back flat on the bed. Silence echoed through the room as the two of you each thought of different plans.

“I have an idea,” you said at the same time your friend said, “I have a plan.”

“Can I go first? I’m going first,” you declared, excitement from your idea speaking for you. The idea had struck you and was beginning to blossom into yet another extended fantasy, but the difference between a fantasy and a plan was voicing it.

“Okay, so you know that party they’re having after the next football game? Calum will be there, right? And we’re going. I’ll look super hot, and he’ll notice me!” Determination lit your voice with ferocity that deflated a little when the eye-roll pause came.

“Or you could just talk to him at school instead of when he’ll most likely be surrounded by other girls. You two have that class together, right?”

“Yea, but it’s not as cool.”

“Since when have you been cool?”

“Fair point.”

“You’re going to ignore my idea and drag me along for the ride, aren’t you?”

“You know me so well.”