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Could you write a Luke imagine about being his best friend but he has a girlfriend and she is really mean to you and one day you decide to go over to Luke’s and you have a spare key to his house and you walk in on them having sex oh yeah and luke likes you to but doesn’t want to hurt his girlfriends feelings because he thinks she is a saint. sorry if that didn’t make sense

Plotline: You and Luke have been best friends since you were twelve years old, and now six years later his new girl friend comes in between you both.

Smut: Yes, more so implied.

Enjoy my lovelies, and requests are open! Imagines, smut ect!

I’ve been best friends with Luke Hemmings my entire life. When I was twelve I’d moved to this little town with my mother in hopes of a fresh start for our life. The only problem I’d had was trying to make friends; we’d moved over in the summer so school was out meaning I had no way of talking to people, and my mother tended to be on the quieter side anyway. One day when my mother had been working on paper work, she’d urged me to go and play outside– the day was young and the heat was rising.

Wiping a hand across my forehead I nodded, yelling a goodbye before walking out of my front door. The town we’d moved to was beautiful, and the houses always seemed to mesmerise me. It wasn’t until I felt a hand on my shoulder, that I span around in a panic– I didn’t know anyone, so why was someone touching me?!

That’s when I came face to face with two piercing blue eyes that seemed to captivate me and yank into a vortex of amazement. I just stared at him, and I could see the boy become awkward as he shifted from his left foot to his right and rolled his shoulders– that was something I noticed straight away alongside his eyes.

“Hello, I’m Luke Hemmings. Your neighbour” Luke said, with a small smile pulling at the corner of his lips. I quickly let a huge wide grin spread across mine as I stuck my hand out.

“Y/F/N Y/L/S. I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other then, Hemmings” I stated, for a twelve year old I was somewhat mature and advanced for my age. My mother had always treated me like an adult, and it had lead me to be some-what of a people person, more so than my mother.

“Y/N, do you want to come and play with me and my best friend Michael in the back garden?” Luke asked, his eyes lightening up even more (if that were even possible) and I just nodded. I was so glad my mother had told me to go outside, because I’d made a friend and that had been my biggest worry moving here.

“Sure, as long as you don’t get me to try and eat mud” I stated, raising an eyebrow. Luke scrunched up his nose and shook his head.

“That’s something Michael will try and get you to do! Don’t listen to him, he’s full of really bad ideas” Luke laughed, causing me to laugh.

“I’ll keep that in mind” I whispered as he walked side by side to his back yard, and I swear I must have been coming down with something because something began fluttering in my stomach; and I prayed I wouldn’t get sick because I didn’t want to miss out on playing with the blue eyed boy, Luke.

6 Years Later

School had become very different recently, now that Luke was always with Callie I’d found myself becoming more lonely. Don’t get me wrong I was happy that Luke was happy but inside my heart just kept breaking every time I saw them walk down the halls together, or kiss– or really anything. It just sucked that even though I was stupidly in love with my best friend, that he now never had time for me because his girl friend took all his time.

What I had to keep reminding myself of was that it wasn’t Luke’s or Callie’s fault– they were in love and that was something that often happened. With a groan I shut my locker, only to jump back as Ashton and Michael stood at the other side with wide grins.

Since the first day of school it had been myself, Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum against the world. You could call us a squad because we were basically inseparable. The worst thing about this little love/crush thing I had on Luke? All the boys had guessed a few years back, and now they never let it go. To make matters worse they all hated Callie, for reasons even I didn’t know.

“Hello boys” I called, as Michael slung his arm around my shoulder. My hand went around his waist as we walked side by side. The day I had met Michael in Luke’s back yard, we’d been super close even though he did try and make me eat a mud pie– to which I kindly refused

“So Y/N are you coming to mine tonight for movies and beer?” Ashton asked, as he typed away on his phone. Movie night was our group’s thing, though Luke had been skipping out on it a lot to hang with Callie recently. We’d grown accustom now to his absence.

“Yeah sure, as long as you guys pay for the pizza this time. I’m not buying it all again” I pointed at Michael with a fake glare. Michael let out his throaty laugh which gained a smirk from me as I shook my head.

“My treat this time” Michael groaned, kissing my temple. Me and Michael had this flirty-friends only relationship. It had been that way since day one, something Luke always seemed to hate but I had never understood why.

“We sitting in the court yard for lunch? I mean the sun is just gleaming” Ashton spoke, pointing to the window. Me and Michael shared a glance before bursting into laughter.

“Gleaming? Wow, Ashton” Michael teased, only to earn a roll of his eyes.

“Court yard sounds good” I mentioned as we headed in that direction.

Once we were outside we took the table that people had guessed by now was ours. Nobody even bothered sitting here any more, because we were it’s owners. As we sat down midst of conversation I felt a presence beside me, as I shot a look up. Callie sat beside me with a smile, which I returneed. There was no Luke.

“Hey Callie” We all called together, before I frowned.

“Where’s Luke?” I asked nonchalantly, as I took a bite from the sandwich I made this morning. It tasted so good, but I was pulled from my thoughts as Callie scoffed beside me. I raised an eyebrow waiting for an answer. Even the boys looked confused at her rudeness.

Where’’s Luke?” She mimicked me, before turning on her chair to face me completely. “I’m not completely blind, Y/N. I see your pathetic little crush on my boyfriend, and may I add you aren’t exactly his type now are you?”

“Excuse me?”

“You aren’t the skinniest, you have a pimple the size of mount everst on your forehead, you have long flat hair, and boobs that aren’t supposed to be that big. May I also add that you are more like a boy, if he wanted to date a boy I’m sure he’d go for someone like Michael who actually looks decent and had some interesting pointers about himself. Jesus, get it in your head. You aren’t pretty enough, or even remotely cool enough for a guy like Luke. I don’t even know why he’s friends with you? All he does is moan about how fucking annoying you are” and with that she stood up and walked away. I had even noticed the hot feeling in my cheeks or the need to cry which was making my lip tremble. The boys had never seen me cry, I wasn’t one to cry in front of anyone. But here I was on the brink.

Looking over all their mouths were agape, as I covered my face. What the fuck was that all about? Why had she gone off on me like that, all I asked was a simple question.

“You know how we don’t like here?” Michael asked meekly. I just nodded, my face still in my hands.  ’‘Well when you and Luke aren’t around, that’s the way she speaks about you… a lot’’ Michael murmured, and this time my eyes shot up to look at Ashton and Michael.

“And you didn’t tell me?” I stated, anger now bubbling under my tone.

“We didn’t want to hurt your feelings, we knew Luke wouldn’t believe us so we were trying to protect you” Ashton defended, and I nodded as I pushed up from my seat.

“I’m going to skip, I’ll see you guys later or something” I whispered. And before the boys could say anything else I was gone.

Five Hours Later

I needed to talk to Luke, I just needed to know if he thought those things about me. Those words that Callie had put into my mind which kept repeating over and over. They were causing so much pain in my chest and mind that I couldn’t think straight.

Did Luke really moan about me being annoying?

I’d been pacing and walking around my room for a good hour now, before I sucked in a deep breath and headed towards the door. I honestly just needed to get out of this freaking house, and go and see the boy who’d been my best friend for six years.

Exiting the house, I practically ran over to his front door. An emergency key lay under the flower pot, which I had used many times after taking Luke home from a few parties where he couldn’t stand straight. Pushing the pot out of the way, I grabbed the key and slotted it into the door– there was never any need for knocking.

Today I guess I should have knocked, as I entered the living room my eyes widened as I took a step back feeling my heart break. I knew this would happen, I can’t believe I’d deluded myself for song long to think that Luke had saved himself, the way I had been saving myself hoping that one day we’d loose it together. The moans filled the room, at the sound of slapping skin made me cringe.

Her perfect blonde hair was cascading her back, and Luke look mesmerised by her– the way I had been by the houses the first day I met him, and his beautiful eyes. Did Callie think of his eyes the way I did?

“Fuck Callie, you are so perfect” Luke murmured which came out more like a strangled moan, as she straddled him and bounced at a fast speed speed. Callie was right I was bigger than her, I didn’t have the perfect body and my boobs were a lot larger than hers.

“fuck— I– Luke shit sorry I’ll go” I mumbled knowing I wouldn’t get out of there unnoticed, I covered my eyes even though I’d already seen enough. I turned my back to them as I looked straight ahead not wanting to see his reaction, or his… annoyance.

“Oh fuck” I heard Luke yell as he yanked the blanket from the back of the sofa around the two of them. “Shit, Y/N. Sorry I didn’t know you were erm– coming over today.” Luke seemed awkward, and I wondered if he was still balls deep in her while he was talking to me.

“Luke— I’m just going to leave” I whispered, and left without another word, but as I reached his front door I felt  him behind me. I turned slowly hoping he wouldn’t be naked but instead he doned a blanket tied around his waist.

“Are you OK? Why did you come over?” Luke asked panicked, as he looked at my eyes.

“Do I annoy you, Luke?” I got straight to the point avoiding his concerned gaze.

“What?” Luke almost choked on his words– which usually meant he was telling the truth. But why would Callie say it, if it wasn’t true?

“Just answer the question.” I stated.

“No of course not, you are my best friend?” Luke murmured, cocking his head to the side. “Where did you get that idea from?” Luke asked as he rubbed his hand up and down my arm, as goose bumps formed. Damn you, Luke Hemmings.

“Callie..” I whispered, still avoiding his gaze.

“What, wait, what?!” Luke asked, a laugh came from his mouth but it was more of angry laugh.

“Today at Lunch she basically called me fat, and un-pretty and said that you thought I was annoying…among a few other things.” I scratched the back of my neck, it wasn’t every day you wanted to tell your best friend their girl friend was a nasty person.

“Y/N, no she never. Why are you lying? Are you trying to break us up because you are jealous?” Luke said, he was seething and this just broke my heart even more.

“W-What? No. She actually said those things” I said quickly, how could he not believe me?!

“Look I know you have no weird crush on me or what ever, but making things up about my girl friend is not going to get you anywhere. It’s just going to make me find you annoying, and hate you.” Luke stated angrily, and I looked up with tears in my eyes as one left the corner dripping down my face. That’s when Luke’s eyes went wide.

“Wait, are you crying?” Luke asked, his voice now trembling and cracking. I quickly wiped it away as I shook my head vigorously.

“No Luke, go back to your saint of a girlfriend who could never do anything wrong. Who you’ve known for just over two months. Trust her over your best friend of six years.” I said, completely calm, although some would say it was eerily calm. “And just so you know Luke, I’ve been in love with you for six god damn years and for you to just throw it in my face makes you a fucking awful person. Maybe being your best friend isn’t what you need right now, so you can go and find another one who’ll put up with your shit” and now the tears were falling, and leaking off my chin and I could see the pain on Luke’s face.

I opened the door offering him a small sad smile, before I shut it. Once I was outside I leant back against it long enough to hear Luke sob the other side. And I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly or if it was my mind playing tricks. But I swore I heard him say

“but I’m in love with you too”




Vampire Ashton 



Frat boy Cal 

He compares you to his ex 

You’re competitive  

You’re pregnant with his baby 

You steal his clothes 


Nedy Luke Smut 

Another boy talks shit about you 

He signs your boobs 

He texts you how much he loves you by accident  

He stops you from suicide  

pool party 

He’s jealous of Evan Peters 


You play piano

Kisses and pizza 

Teased by Atl 

#23 He takes you to an award show


You were so nervous about making your relationship with Luke public. Today was the day you were going to walk the red carpet with 5SOS hand in hand with Luke. I’ve never been on a red carpet before so Luke set up a little red carpet with the boys and had me practice my presence. I had my hair in a long blonde ponytail and wore a long white gown with sparkly parts.

You walked downstairs and Luke’s eyes widened. 

“Wow y/n. You look perfect.”

You got in the car and made your way to the event. Your nerves started to come back as the car parked at the end of the red carpet, Luke stepped out and girls began to scream, the rest of the boys followed and more girls started screaming,

“Luke I can’t do this”

You then heard a girl say to her friend “Why is Luke still stood by the car?”

You said “Fuck it.” You stepped out and Luke took your hand, kissed you and you both made your way onto the carpet finding the boys. You stepped aside as the boys had some group photos taken but Luke wanted you in some. Grabbing your hand, he pulled you to his side. You smiled next to your boyfriend and kissed him a few times. Until you started fangirling because Beyonce was making her way towards you.


Your confidence was booming as you stood in front of your boyfriend Calum, showing him your red carpet techniques. He admired everything about you. Calum was taking you to the Brit Awards. It was your first time in the UK so you wanted to make an impression as Calum’s boyfriend. Only a few people knew about you but fans had some suspicions. 

You went off to get ready and you were so excited. The 5SOS hair stylist decided to do your hair and make-up as she was qualified in both. Calum had surprised you with a one in a kind dress made especially for you. When you saw it, you couldn’t believe it. He had your measurements sent to Paris to design you a dress.

Calum couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw you.

You arrived at the red carpet and Calum stepped out.


“Ready.” You stepped out and grabbed Calum’s hand. He kissed you and walked you on the carpet with the boys. A couple of fans shouted Calum over so you walked with him. One girl said “I knew it!” you giggled and Calum smirked as he signed the girls 5SOS album. 


You weren’t really one for wearing big heaps of make-up and long glittery dresses. You preferred to have a basic coat of make-up and body con dresses. One day, Ashton came downstairs to tell you he was taking you to the Teen Choice awards. You were a bit decisive at first but Ashton convinced you by buying you the most incredible dress. You told him you weren’t sure about wearing a long dress but once you tried it on, you loved it. 

You decided to have some make-up on but you didn’t want a big hairstyle. So you left your hair straight. Ash told you that you looked breathtaking and that made you smile a lot.

Once you got to the the carpet, you stepped out at the same time and walked hand in hand with Ashton. The boys walking either side, you felt like royalty. He kissed you over and over, making sure you were confident and happy. Once you were inside, you sat on a big round table next to Ashton, Luke and Michael.  


You weren’t one for dressing up. You preferred your jeans and baggy t-shirts, however, when Michael asked you to come with him to the Grammy awards, you couldn’t say no. Michael found a style which you were comfortable with wearing when walking the carpet. He was always making sure you were fine and happy when you were with him. He was so special to you. When he saw you, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

When the car parked at the end of the carpet, Michael stepped out and waved at the screaming fans before taking your hand. You stepped out and kept hold of his hand. You and the boys posed for photo’s whilst making your way down the carpet and Michael looked at you as if you were the only girl in the world. 

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1. Why did I choose my URL? Because I was the Doge thing on Twitter and all the other names were taken.

2. Middle Name? Maya

3. If I could own a fairytale fictional pet what would it be? Peter Pan

4. Favorite Color? Black and Blue

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6. Top Three Fandoms? Teen Wolf, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Fall Out Boy, maybe Pierce The Veil

7. Why Do You Like Tumblr? I don’t. Jk, the people and the stuff. You guys are funny

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Lets Call It Quits Part Two (Ashton)

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Plotline: After you left the room calling it quits with Ashton, you haven’t seen Ashton in three months. After bumping into him you say you love him, and now exactly another month later you are locked in a room for seven minutes in heaven.

Smut: None, sorry! The next one will have. 

Enjoy my lovelies, and requests are open! Imagines, smut ect!

Part One Here

Three months later

I wasn’t moving on from Ashton, and every day my mind raced back to the idea of him sleeping next to Bryana every day and my stomach churned– he loved her and I’d never heard those words said to me. I loved Ashton more than anything else on this planet.

Recently I’d been spending my time trying to focus on me, and what I wanted to do with my life. My very small apartment in Sydney was looking great now I’d decided to opt for a chalk board wall on one side of my living room where my best friend, Y/B/F/N had helped me decorate. 

Life wasn’t completely bad but I always had that nagging feeling in my chest and stomach that told me a big part of me was missing; and it was. 

I was currently walking down the main road to my house, I’d picked up a coffee to help me concentrate while I typed away my latest novel which for once actually had a decent plot line. 

‘’Y/N?’’ I was ripped from my thoughts, and I knew that sweet angel like voice from anywhere. I stiffened as I shot a glance over my shoulder just hoping I’d been thinking about him too much and it was a hallucination. I was wrong. There just a few meters away from me, was my ex-best friend and the guy I’d fallen in love with. 

‘’A-Ashton what are you doing here?’’ I stumbled over my words, and inwardly cursed myself for showing my vulnerability. Ashton looked like shit, his hair was a tangled mess, his scruff beginning to show and his clothes tatty. What had happened to the boy I loved?

‘’I just needed to see you, to hear your voice. It’s been three god damn months’’ Ashton stated, grabbing at his hair as he tugged at it. He looked slightly crazy when he did that, but it was something I’d always grown to love.

‘’Yeah, I stopped coming around for a reason.’’ I stated, crossing my arms. 

‘’I-I know but I said I couldn’t do this without you, and I can’t’’ Ashton whispered, and I swear I saw his lip tremble. 

‘’Are you still with Bryana?’’ I asked quickly, tapping my foot and waiting to see if anything had really changed or if we were going around in constant circles. 

‘’Its–’’ I cut him off knowing what he was going to say. 

‘’Complicated, right? Like the last time we spoke’’

‘’N-no. She cheated, I found out this morning and I guess I ended up here. She said it’s because we stopped having sex, and then the romance died out and everything just went to shit… she said it began three months ago.’’ 

I just looked at him, taking in all his words and then I finally got what he was implying. His entire relationship with Bryana went to shit when I left. I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at the floor.

‘’Ashton, I love you, I love you so fucking much it hurts and you coming here– I just… I don’t know what you want from me’’

‘’Erm…thanks I guess’’ Ashton stated awkwardly as he shifted on his feet. 

‘’Erm..thanks? I just told you I loved you and you say erm thanks?’’ I stated, clear agitation in my voice as I saw Ashton’s worried eyes land on my face. I was trying to hide the obvious pain that was breaking my heart once again. Those three months of work mending myself broken in a few minutes. 

‘’Just go away Ashton, just leave me the fuck alone’’ I yelled, as I turned and walked into my apartment slamming the door. Fuck you, Ashton. 

One Month Later

The way his eyes caressed my face caused a shiver to roll up my spine, and before I could even process what was happening I tore my gaze from him. Ashton had been the guy I was never meant to end up here with– locked in a closet for a ridiculous game of seven minutes in heaven. The feeling of alcohol was still pressing against my skull making the room hazy but I could still feel his stare burning into my skin.

“Y/N?” Ash called his voice cracking– my eyes involuntarily closed just wishing we hadn’t ended up this in room.

“W-What?” I stammered, because at the end of the day I hadn’t said a word to him in a over a week. I heard a roar of laughter irrupt from outside, as my eyes flickered to the locked door.

“they carried on playing” Ash murmured under his breath, as he reached up to sweep a few of his curls from his forehead.

“Ashton, I just want to get out of this room. OK?” I snapped, and I heard what sounded like a broken sigh leaving his mouth. But it couldn’t be could it? Ashton had been the one to cause this, the one to inflict the pain that I was currently drowning in.

That’s when I felt a hand upon my small arm, his spider like fingers wrapping around and yanking me close to him in the dark room.

“Don’t leave this room” Ashton whispered, his voice cracking.

“A—” before I could finish he cut me off with his lips– it was brief but oh had I missed the feeling of his soft plump pillow lips.

“Don’t leave this room, because the last time you left me in a room you never came back” and this time it was evident that he was crying, even though I could hardly see his face. “Y/N I haven’t been t-the same since. Luke keeps mentioning it, and Mike– he’s happy that we aren’t exactly together all the time because we all know how much he fucking wants you” Ashton seemed to growl slightly at the last statement. I had began biting on my lip, a nervous habit that had began a while back.

“Ashton.” I began stopping to see if he’d let me talk this time, he stayed silent so I took that as my answer. “You said you didn’t know if you loved me, I said I love you and the first thing to come out of your mouth was ‘er– thanks?” I muttered, now looking at the darkness which was the floor. I felt his hand come under my chin as his lips pressed to mine.

“I know that it didn’t go down properly the first time, but you walking away  made me realise that I did. It made me see that there is never going to be another you. I love you, I love you so much it hurts. Here– feel this” Ashton whispered, as he reached down grabbing my hand and pressing it to his chest. “How fast and hard is it beating? Because of you, all of it.” Ashton whispered, and before I could stop myself our lips were moving in sync and I knew, I loved Ashton Irwin


Frat Boy Calum

Requested: Yes

Smut: no

You followed your friend into the thriving party you were attending. You were attending another frat party at your college town. Tonight’s theme; NEON!! There were usually always themes to the parties. So here you were at a frat house all decked out in neon. Probably not your first choice to spend your Friday night, but hey it wasn’t so bad. Your friend guided you over to a group of guys hanging out at the back of the house. “Hey guys!” She called to the guys. The happily greeted her. “I want you to meet (Y/N)!” She motioned to you, and you waved hello. A boy with dark brown hair with a blonde streak, wrapped a tattooed arm around you.

“Hey babe. I’m Calum. You wanna have some fun with me tonight?” He smirked at you. You rolled your eyes.

“Not with you.” You pulled away from him.

“Whoa, someone’s feisty.” One of his friend’s laughed.

“Come on babe. I know you want this.” He pointed to himself.

“Nah, what I want is a drink.” You rolled your eyes and went to get yourself a drink. Calum couldn’t help but follow you.

“What if I get you a drink, and you let me dance with you?” You rolled your eyes again.

“Nope. Not gonna happen.”

“Come on babee.”

“No. Leave me alone.” You exited the kitchen to go look for your friend. Unfortunately she was busy talking to some tall blonde guy. You sighed to yourself. She was the only one you knew at the party, so you were now pretty much on your own. You wandered through the frat house for a good twenty minutes on your own, when you stopped to hang by the stairs.

“Lonely?” Calum came up from behind you. And you had thought the boy had given up. You shrugged.

“Let’s dance.” He nodded towards the  crowd of people dancing. He just wasn’t going to give up. You sighed and gave in, following him towards the dancing. You and Calum danced for awhile and you had to admit, you were having fun. Calum wasn’t as bad as you thought he was. Somehow you ended up giving him your phone number, so you could talk again.

This really sucked, sorry.


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Eleanor Irwin (@NeloreaMusic)

NeloreaMusic: The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and im stuck in the car for 8 hours

NeloreaMusic: IM HERE! Hello Melbourne, who’s ready to party?

NeloreaMusic: Luna Park here I come #preshowfun

NeloreaMusic: #excitement

NeloreaMusic: Thanks to @Jenna_Olearyphoto who took this photo of me tonight…alternatively titled ‘in my happy place’. 

NeloreaMusic: Post-Show vibes. Thank you Melbourne

NeloreaMusic: I chalked my hair for the first time what LUSCIOUS waves…too bad im cutting it all off lmao

NeloreaMusic: A well deserved family vacation

NeloreaMusic: @annadominica got a bit tired out while rollerskating on the beach. Poor thing

NeloreaMusic: We have to say goodbye to this beautiful place tomorrow. Im not happy about it

NeloreaMusic: Goodbye beautiful…i’ll be back soon

NelroeaMusic: @bridie.kassie what an amazing photographer…

NeloreaMusic: Relationship goals… @harry_carmichael love u <3

NeloreaMusic: Coachellaaaaaa!!! I made it guys…i’d also like to thank everyone who came out to see me play today…you guys the real mvp’s #blessed 

NeloreaMusic: just wanna say that i love each and everysingle person who came to see me play today…also like to say thanks to @dannyghostes who took this photo. Big love

NeloreaMusic: The beach is where i find myself at peace…no lies

NeloreaMusic: Coming soon…

NeloreaMusic: How @littlestirwin feels about my album release

NeloreaMusic: From a tiny stage in Melbourne to here…I am beyond grateful for everyone who made this possible

NeloreaMusic: Celebrating my album launch in style. Thanks to everyone who bought it. Much love