Tattoo artist!Luke had no shame. He didn’t try to keep his flirting quiet whenever a hot girl came into his shop and requested him to do the tattoo they wanted and he wasn’t too shy to offer to do a girls nipple or hood piercings. He also had no care when the other artists made suggestive comments about the girls he’d fucked; usually he just laughed along and shrugged, not even blinking when the same girl he’d had in his backseat was hanging all over Calum.

You started off the same way. You only wanted a simple, innocent piercing and yet Luke still volunteered, his sights already set on you. He’d managed to get your number by the end of it (he’d taken his sweet time setting up and explaining the aftercare process to you) and the two of you were texting instantly. It all felt so natural that he didn’t even realize the amount of effort he was making, inviting you to parties and checking up to make sure you were taking care of your piercing. It all went so easily that it took absolutely no energy to keep the conversation going and there were no alarms going off in his head when the two of you wandered to a little cafe to have brunch after the first night you slept together.

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Haze (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

a/n: when y/n comes up short in terms of money, Luke offers another term of payment…

 “I’m not going to buy your drugs for you,” I cut Calum off as he begged me. “Please Y/N, I just need you to do this. Mikey is out of town, otherwise I would have him do it,” he continued to follow me around my apartment. “Calum, seriously. Just go pick them up yourself,” I was not about to get stuck in the middle of some weed fest. “Here’s the thing, I would,” Calum paused, “Except that Luke Hemmings hates me. A lot.” Luke Hemmings was a kid in my art class. He belonged to one of the fraternities on campus and was mostly known for his dark appearance. The tattoos and ripped skinny jeans didn’t go unnoticed around a college full of city kids. He apparently was also well known for holding grudges. Especially against boys who weren’t in his frat. (i.e, Calum) “I’m sure he doesn’t hate you Calum, stop being a baby,” I rolled my eyes. “I slept with his girlfriend,” Calum crossed his arms over his chest, giving me a challenging look. I stopped my movements, looking up at the idiot in front of me. “Well damn, that wasn’t smart of you. Should have though about your precious weed before you pissed off your dealer,” I teased. “Y/N, please,” Calum was no where near being done begging me. His hands were clasped in front of his chest and he was wearing his best puppy dog face. The same face he used to use on his mom when she wouldn’t let him come over to my house for the night when we were kids.
 “What’s in it for me?” I asked, starting to reconsider. “What do you want?” Calum asked, looking hopeful. “I want your jeep,” I smirked. Calum was in love with his jeep, he wouldn’t split with that for the world. “Absolutely not,” he chuckled at my absurd request, shaking his head. “Then you’ll have to wait until Michael gets back in town,” I shrugged, taking a sip from my tea. “That’s like a week!” Calum whined. I shrugged, not sympathizing. “Fine, fine, here’s a compromise. You can borrow my jeep whenever you want for the rest of the semester. And I’ll pay you like a hundred bucks or something,” Calum had his hand wrapped around my arm, clearly desperate. I hesitated, pondering over his request. “Fair enough Hood. Just give me the address and I’ll take your lovely jeep over there and get it,” I grinned as he danced around my living room in victory. “God bless you, you’re the best friend ever!” Calum cupped my face in both hands before pressing a sloppy kiss on my forehead. “Easy tiger,” I pressed my palms against his chest, giggling at his antics. “You can go to his frat house tomorrow night at like 9:30,” Calum scribbled out the address for me on a piece of paper and stuck it on my fridge. “Ugh that’s so late,” I whined, pouting at Calum. Rolling his eyes he leaned against the counter, “Okay how about if you go late tomorrow night I’ll take you out for lunch on Sunday. Deal?” “Okay fine.” “Jesus woman, you are costing me big money and you aren’t even my girlfriend,” Calum complained, grabbing his jacket from the coat rack. “Hey, I could just not go tomorrow,” I called after him. “Y/N, I’m counting on you,” Calum pleaded. “I know, I’m teasing. I’ll get you your precious stuff don’t worry,” I blew him a kiss as he left, letting the door slam shut behind him. 


 Pulling up to the old frat house I parked the jeep and got out. It looked dead, and there was only one other car in the driveway. Just as I was about ring the doorbell, the front door opened, revealing a tall, shirtless figure. “Hey princess, I heard you were coming.” Prying my gaze away from his toned and tatted torso, I looked up at his face.“You’re Michael’s friend yeah?” he stepped back, gesturing for me to come in. “Yeah, I’m Y/N,” I offered an uneasy smile. “I know, you’re in my art class,” Luke smiled at me. “I wasn’t sure if you knew, considering we’ve never spoken,” I rambled, clearly nervous. “I remember a pretty face when I see one,” he winked at me. “Oh,” I was taken aback at his compliment, “Thank you?” it came out more lie a question than a statement.  “How much is he paying you to do this?” Luke chuckled, sensing my uneasiness. “Not nearly enough,” I mumbled under my breath, taking a look around the frat house. Couches were pushed to the walls to give as much open space as possible. There was a large TV mounted on the wall, well equipped with an xbox and wii. Despite the faint smell of coffee and dirty socks, it was remarkably clean for a frat house full of boys. “I’m not going to hurt you, love,” Luke smiled at me, flashing his dimples. “I didn’t say you were going to,” I defended myself. “Your eyes said it all,” Luke laughed quietly, leading me into the back bedroom. There was old grunge music playing quietly in the background, making me feel more at ease. “Nice taste in music,” I complimented, mouthing along the the words of Nirvana as I followed Luke. I waited in the doorway as Luke reached into the closet, rifling around before pulling out several baggies of weed. Just as he was about to hand it to me he stopped. “Hold on,” He held up a finger. “What?” I crossed my arms over my chest, causing Luke’s gaze to drop down to my chest for a split second before refocusing. I really just wanted to get the drugs back to Calum so I could get this whole thing out of my mind. “I thought Michael was out of town?” Luke eyed me suspiciously. He played with his lip ring as I came up with a quick answer. “Yeah, I’m picking this up for him,” I shrugged, trying to play it off as nonchalant. “And what are you going to do with it?” Luke interrogated me. he was standing closer to me now and I could smell his strong cologne, engulfing me in his scent. “I’m holding onto it until he gets back,” I stated as though it was the most obvious thing. “And he trusts you not to smoke it all without him? Damn, that’s trust,” Luke looked shocked, “How long have you guys been dating?” I tried not to laugh, “Oh we’re not dating.” “You’re just friends?” I nodded. “Hmm, weird,” Luke didn’t seem so sure but he didn’t press the issue. “Hey I’m just the carrier, I don’t know what his thought process is,” I held my hands up in defense. “Okay, well these two are going to be $100,” Luke held his hand out. “$100? He told me $75,” I held up the bills, just out of Luke’s reach. “Well it’s a hundred,” Luke sassed me. “Yeah well then you’ll just have to wait for Michael to get back in town before you guys can do your little swap then,” I rolled my eyes. “I’d like to have the money today,” Luke argued. “Too bad pretty boy,” I shrugged, ready to leave. Luke licked his lips slowly, watching me.
 “Unless,” he started slowly. I raised my eyebrows, interested in what he was going to propose. “I might have another way you can…pay your dues,” Luke hinted, smirking down at me. He leaned against the wall, his hand right next to my head. I knew exactly what he was suggesting and I smirked up at him, “You offer this to all your clients?” I teased. “Only the pretty girls,” Luke smiled down at me. “Smooth one Hemmings,” I giggled, shaking my head at his attempt to get his way. “It’s working though, isn’t it,” he grinned, moving his body closer to mine. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body, causing me to act against my better judgement. “Maybe just a little,” I admitted, blushing slightly as I looked up into his bright eyes. “So what do you say princess?” his lips were right next to my ear, his breath fanning over my neck and causing goosebumps to spread across my skin. “Promise when we’re done I can just get my shit for Michael and leave?” I questioned, holding up my pinky finger. “Whatever you want babe,” Luke giggled softly, holding up his own pinky. After hooking fingers, I draped my arm around the back of his neck and his hands found my waist, holding me against his body. “I’ll take this as a yes then,” he mumbled, his lips brushing against mine as he spoke. I tilted my chin up, connecting my lips with his.
 He moved backwards towards the bed, kicking the door shut behind me. His lips never left mine as he walked me back towards the bed. Sliding his warm hands up my sides, he carried my shirt up and pulled back from the kiss just enough to tug my top over my head. Gently pushing me back against the bed, Luke’s fingers hooked onto the hem of my jeans. Fumbling slightly with the button and the zipper, he pushed them down my legs. As his hands roamed my nearly naked body, his lips attached to my neck. Sucking down hard he left dark purple and deep red marks in his wake, moving his lips down my neck and across my collarbone. My hands tangled in his hair, holding his lips against my hot skin. “L-Luke,” I moaned out quietly. Letting go of his hair I let my hands trail down his chest to the top of his sweatpants, running my fingers along the waistband of his boxers that were poking out the top. I slipped my hand under the waistband of his boxers, sliding across the skin just below. Pulling my hand back out I snapped the elastic back against his stomach, making Luke hiss in slight pain. I palmed him through his sweatpants, earning a throaty groan from Luke as his forehead fell against my chest. I grabbed onto the band of his sweatpants and tugged them down his long legs. There was already an obvious bulge in his black boxers from the light teasing and I smirked to myself. Luke reached around my back and unclipped my bra, slipping it off and tossing it across the bedroom. His hands were on my chest immediately, kneading my breasts in his hands. I continued to tease him over his boxers, feeling him grow under my touch. “Fuck Y/N,” he moaned, “I’m going to cum in my pants if you keep doing that.” His hands wrapped around my wrists, halting my movements. Moving down the bed he hooked his fingers around my underwear, pulling them off my body and dropping them onto the ground with the rest of our clothing. Kissing down my stomach, I could feel the cold metal from his lip ring in great contrast to the heat of my skin. Stopping just before he reached where I need him most, he sat up and yanked his boxers off, his hard length slapping against his stomach. I nearly moaned at the sight of it, biting down on my bottom lip to contain myself. Luke ran his fingers up my slit, pressing his thumb down on my clit. “Already so wet princess,” he smirked down at me.
“Please don’t tease,” I whined, my hands gripping the sheets as he continued to run his fingers along my folds. Bringing his hand up, he cleaned off his fingers before running them along my lips. I caught his fingers in my mouth, sucking on them and he watched my closely. Pulling his fingers out of my mouth he moved his hand to hold himself above me. Pumping himself a few times he lined up with my entrance, “Ready baby girl?” I nodded. He used one hand to guide himself in, filling me up completely. I let out a deep breath as I felt him stretching my walls.
“Fuck,” I moaned out, my back arching up off of the mattress. Luke began moving his hips back and forth against mine, letting out small grunts. My nails raked down his back leaving red scratches in their path.
“Shit, baby,” Luke breathed out as I clenched my walls around him. He brought one hand down to rub figure eights on my clit. “I’m so close, Luke, fuck,” I moaned out, feeling my high coming down on me. “I know baby, come on,” Luke urged, continuing his thrusts, brushing over my g-spot. He leaned his head down, pressing kisses on my neck again, lightly sucking on the tender skin. I dug my nails into his biceps as I came, moaning out his name so it echoed off the walls of the bedroom. He pulled out, tugging on his length a few times before releasing into his hand. “Shit,” he panted, sweat coating his forehead.
I sat up on my elbows, brushing my hair out of my face, “Enough of a payment?” I teased. Luke laughed, rolling onto the bed next to me, “I don’t know. I might need a round two, just to make up for tax.” I giggled at his statement, “that’s the nerdiest thing anyone has ever said to me after sex.” “There’s a first for everything princess,” Luke winked at me, pulling his boxers on. Maybe it was something about the way it rolled off his tongue, but I could listen to Luke call me princess forever. 

  Glancing over at him, I noticed his eyes were closed. I wasn’t sure if I should stay, so I moved off the bed in search of my clothes. Just as I was pulling my underwear on his voice piped up, “You can stay princess. If you want.” I jumped, tripping over his sweatpants that were laying on the floor. I ran my fingers through my hair, laughing at myself. Luke couldn’t control his laughter as he leaned up on his elbows, “You good down there?” “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” I brushed him off, biting my bottom lip. He reached a hand down towards me and pulled me back into bed with him, “I think you need some sleep baby girl.” I giggled quietly. Luke pulled up one of the bedsheets over our half naked bodies, pulling me into his side. I rested my head on his chest and he let his hand linger on my ass.“Night princess,” he mumbled. Yeah, I could get used to the pet names.


 The bedroom door banged against the wall, startling me from my sleep. “Fuck,” Luke groaned, shifting in bed. I pushed my self up on my elbows, still face down on the bed. Luke rolled over, burying his head into the pillow, trying to ignore whoever was standing in his doorway. “Lucas Robert Hemmings! You’re so fucked mister!” Oh shit.

part two?

ok y’all just imagine him when he kisses you like he’d hold your neck and pull you in closer and he’d put his other hand on your waist. It’ll be so gentle yet very passionate and it will be so reassuring because he wanted you to feel like he will take care of you and will never ever hurt you and when he pulls away he’d lean his forehead on yours and say “i love you so much don’t every forget that” ok wow make me stop (x)

wow ok imagine u and luke getting into a fight and u storm upstairs and have a pity party under the covers but later on ur feelin bad so u get up and go searching for luke and as u unlock the door u find a lil noodle curled up in a ball with his cheeks red and mouth open as he drools on the hardwood floor so u lean down and shake him awake and when he wakes up he looks at u and pulls u close and strokes ur hair and whispers “im so sorry angel” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT TODAY BY TWENTY ONE PILATeS


Ladies and gentlemen Luke Hemmings aka ultimate Sass Queen


Ashton Irwin Appreciation post

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Storming Out part 2

um i hope this is what you guys wanted and thank you so so much for blowing up my inbox ha it makes my heart swell, here you go! also maybe let me know what you think of this? that’d mean a lot thaaaanksss :)

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Part 1



Being away from your fiancé was hell even though it was just for a few days. You were staying at your aunt’s house since the day you got out of your and Ashton’s shared apartment. Since then, he’d also been calling and texting you nonstop. At first you ignored him, still aching from his words and all his false accusations of you. But then you realized you were being immature and he was willing to work on this relationship, so you finally answer his calls and you two decided that it would be best to give both of you some times to cool off. With your lack of clothes and money—because you also hadn’t gone to work since then—you finally decided to told him that you were ready to talk. You could feel butterflies erupting in your stomach when you were getting ready to meet him, it felt like your first date all over again. “Y/N, Ashton’s here!” Your aunt screamed from downstairs and even though you were dead nervous, you kept playing it cool, your aunt flashing you a wink as you walked pass her. Then your breath hitched in your throat. There he was, sitting on the couch, looking good as usual, but that was not the point. His expression was the saddest you’d ever seen him, making you realize how much you’d broken each other just by using words—yet the two of you couldn’t seem to live without each other. “Hi.” You said, catching your breath. “Y/N.” He said softly, his voice was barely above a whisper, the complete opposite of the last time he used to you. You set yourself up beside him, still managing the distance just so it wouldn’t be awkward. “I’m sorry.” Was the only thing that came out of his mouth after the silence. “Me too.” You replied as you saw him scoot closer to you. “I’m sorry for being a jerk the other night.” He said, and you nodded in understatement. His words might still sting but you knew that you said some terrible things too during the fight. Basically, both of you were being jerks. “Yeah, you accused me of cheating.” You pointed out, getting lost in your thoughts as you rewind the moment that happened that night, Ashton looking down at his hands. “I lost the ring though, fair enough.” You nodded to yourself, his head snapped toward your direction. The same tingling sensation began to erupt in your stomach again as his eyes bored into yours, watching you lightly wiped the corner of your eyes. “That’s not the point.” He said, slumping in his seat, there was a lump forming in his throat when his voice from that night echoed in his head. “I shouldn’t have doubted you in the first place, it’s always me who fucks everything up.” A chuckle escaped his lips, your lips curled into a small smile to the sound you loved the most. “So, since I think the ring doesn’t really matter anymore, I’ve been dying to know if you’re still willing to give me, a chance after everything I’ve said and done.” Your eyes widened by his words, did he really think that you were to let him go that easily, after all the years and memories you’d gone through together. “You don’t think I stormed out of the house just to break up with you, right?” Both of you let out a laugh which made the situation a little less tense. “I’m very relieved to hear that.” He puffed his mouth, making you giggle as he took your hand and placed the exact same ring you lost in your ring finger. “Where the hell did you get this from?” You asked, you blinked your eyes to prevent the tears that were about to fall down. “I don’t know what you were doing in the freezer but I found it there.” He looked up, grinning at you as you attacked him with a bear hug. “I love you.” You said, shedding a tear. “And I you,” he said, wrapping his arms around you, giving you the feeling you long for the most. “Let’s make this work forever.”


You ran straight to home the second you ran out of the hospital. It was a good thing that Calum didn’t come after you because someone watching you cry was the last thing you needed that day. You quickly took a shower, hoping that it would help you clean the dirt in your heart as well as it did to your body. Apparently though, it didn’t work. Because you found yourself pondering in the bed when all you really wanted to do was sleep, after being both physically and emotionally bruised. After your fight in the hospital, would it be the end of your relationship? Would he be asking you to leave? Even if he didn’t want you to leave, would it ever be the same? The Calum you saw in the hospital earlier was not Calum you really recognized. It was probably the rudest he’d ever been to you and the things he said still ringing in your ears. They made you feel unwanted. And it was the worst feeling as long as you were together with him, because he always made you feel secure and wanted like you were the most precious thing he’d ever had. Those thoughts kept you awake even though your heavy eyes were telling you to sleep. The door creaked open, you turned your head to see Calum entering the room with his head low. He looked so worn out and sad that you thought there was something happened with his sister, you couldn’t help but wonder and feel guilty because if anything happened to his sister, it was all because of you. “Is she okay?” You were only able to let out a squeak, Calum looking up at you, mumbling a, “No, she’s fine, she’s awake now.” And that was enough to make you let out a relieved breath. Though it didn’t help the tension in the air that was already thick, neither of you knew what to say to set things straight. Deep down Calum felt guilty for saying those nasty things to you, after all he thought he didn’t deserve you for putting up with all his shit. “Do you want me to leave?” Your sudden question made his face turn to a grimace. You tried your best to contain the tears while he tried to let out a proper reply. Calum knew that the things he said to you weren’t true, and he probably only said that just out of exhaustion and worry, but you couldn’t be thinking that he didn’t love you anymore whatsoever, right? “W-why would I want you to leave?” He stuttered and now it was your turn to find the right words to say it to him. “It’s just,” you trailed off, thinking about what to say as a thousand words running out of your mind, you just didn’t know how to say it exactly. You were just afraid that something like this happened again, you were feeling guilty that you put his sister in this condition, you were afraid that someday he had to say those bad things again, you were afraid that he didn’t want you, or love you anymore. But those things didn’t come out of your mouth, so you put your head in your hands, silently breaking down as Calum knelt in front of you. He watched you with some kind of pain in his eyes, he was the one who promised you that he’d never let anyone hurt you but here he was, about trying to convince you that he wouldn’t ever do that again. “I’m such a fucking asshole, I’m sorry.” He said, gripping your arms gently. “My parents and Mali was so disappointed when I told them what happened, scratch that, they were really angry at me, and turns out that Mali said you were swerving some big trees that could make this worse. I shouldn’t have got mad at you nor should I say those horrendous things.” You took your hands off your face and Calum was mentally killing himself when he noticed the bruises and cuts in your face. “I’m sorry. I know I’m a terrible boyfriend but don’t leave me.” His fingers traced your face, wiping away the tears and you playfully punched him in his chest. “That hurt so bad, you idiot.” He took your hands and pulled you into his embrace, both of you lying down on the bed. And you were feeling secure again, you were feeling loved again, and it was nice to have someone who’s afraid of losing you. “Stay please, I’ll make it up to you whatever it takes.” Calum pecked your halo and you nodded in his chest.


If you were ever going back to your house that night, things would get even more heated. Both you and Michael were equally stubborn when it came to arguments and things like these. You knew that if you insisted going home that night, with your exhausted state, things would get even more heated and you didn’t want Thalia to be bothered by it. So you decided to stay at a friend’s house only for a night since no matter how mad you were, you could never really stay away from both Michael and Thalia. You would always miss them constantly. The second you pulled in your driveway, you took a deep breath before entering the house. The fight from yesterday had left you thinking whether you were really acting like a shitty spoiled wife he referred you to. And you knew that most of the times, Michael didn’t really mean what he said, but all you could think at the moment was that what if Michael meant what he said and what if he and you just didn’t work out. You wiped those thoughts away when you got into the house to a surprising scene; Thalia was throwing a tantrum at her sleepy dad. “Mommy!” She excitedly shouted when she saw you in the doorframe. You caught her as she jumped into your embrace, her grip was tight around your neck. “What’s wrong, honey?” You asked stroking her hair. She was all dressed up for school, except the fact that her hair was a mess. Your gaze shifted back and forth at her and Michael, waiting for an answer as she spoke up, “I wanted daddy to do braid my hair but he messed it up again and again. I missed you, mommy.” She said sadly and you rested your head in hers, Michael silently smiled to the sight of his family. “I’m sorry baby girl, I missed you too.” You replied, kissing her forehead. “Did you and dad fight?” She lifted her head up, looking back and forth at the two of you, but you both were too shocked by that question. Could she possibly feel the tension in the air because you and Michael were not used to be so distant. You two were almost always too cuddly anywhere and anytime, that Thalia would probably be disgusted when she grew up. So yeah, she was probably noticing the silent between you and him. “Oh sweetie, we’re just fine. Now shall we braid your hair?” You asked excitedly as the 5 year old jumped in joy. Michael still hadn’t said anything to you, but you could feel that the tension was better than yesterday, maybe because you two had already cooled down. He watched you in awe as you braided Thalia’s hair and laughed with her once in a while. None of his words from the current fight was true, and he hoped that you knew that too. “Go get your bag or we’re gonna be late.” You said pinching her nose playfully as she ran to her room, giggling. Once Thalia was gone, Michael carefully approached you as though he was afraid that if he even made a sudden move, you were gonna be exploding. “About what I said yesterday,” he said stiffly sitting beside you. “I didn’t mean any of it.” He continued and you looked down at your hands. A part of you was relieved that he didn’t really think of you as a shitty wife. “I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did either.” You stated, looking up at him. “No, you had every right to do so. I’m really sorry because what I said was completely wrong. Because the fact is you are the best and most amazing wife and mother to me and Thalia. You put up with my shit and you could imagine what would happen if you weren’t in our lives. Like earlier when she could still throw a tantrum just because I can’t do her hair, you know how much of a daddy’s girl she is.” A laugh escaped your mouth as your heart swelled by his words. They were so warming that without your realization, you already shed a tear. “I’m glad I’m not the shitty spoiled wife you see on televisions.” You said putting your hand in his thigh and he took it. “Well, you’re actually the best wife on earth although you could really be a pain in the ass sometimes.” He replied, pulling you closer so that your forehead was against his. “Goes the same for you.” You stuck out your tongue and he wrapped his arms around you.  “Mom, dad! Come on, I’m gonna be late!” She yelled as the two of you giggled and followed her out. It was quite a rush morning, but at least your family was whole again.


It was bad enough that you fought with Luke in front of his entire family. Now that you had ran out of the house, you had no clue where to go. You didn’t even know this territorial well since you were only here for a few times to visit Luke’s family. So instead of risking to getting lost, you went to the nearest park before deciding whether you should go back to him or somewhere else. Luke was short tempered and you were aware of it, and most of the times you would put up with his temper but never had you ever thought that he would fish for a fight in his family’s house. You also knew that the reason behind his rage was you yourself. Like he said earlier to his brothers, you refused to go for a drink with him, you snapped at him when he was just trying to make you happy, you even refused to sleep with him. And you might or might not be doing that ‘accidentally’ just because your instinct told you so, or more likely, the instinct of your baby. Yeah, two weeks ago you just found out that you were five weeks pregnant with Luke’s kid and you’d been keeping it secret because you didn’t know how to tell him. Long before you got pregnant, you’d ever asked him once about having babies—since you had been in a relationship for such a long time-but contrary to your condition right now, he said that he wasn’t ready for babies. And he probably had changed his mind about it but you were still too scared to tell him the truth. The thought of him leaving you was unbearable. Before you knew it, you felt someone shuffling in their seat in the other end of the bench and you somehow instantly knew it was Luke. You could feel his scent from a mile away, the scent that always reminded you of summer rain; exciting but also relaxing at the same time. “You’re not a shitty girlfriend, you know that.” His voice came out hoarse, sounding like he just cried. “But I need an explanation as to why you are avoiding me.” He continued, still keeping the distance just in case you two decided to blow up again. Luke knew you didn’t like attention and making scenes, and he was beyond guilty for humiliating you in front of his family. Besides, his mom had confronted him about his current behavior to you, he knew that his family loved you probably more than they loved him. That was something special about you, you were slightly charming even though you didn’t feel like it, you were so close with his little cousins and you always radiated off the good vibes. There was no way in hell he would let you go in any circumstances. “You know I’ve been a rude ass bitch these past few days? Like I’m just so plain rude, and I basically refuse every kindness you offer me?” You let out a breath, your hands fiddling with the hem of your shirt. “Y/N, are you breaking up with me?” He asked in disbelief but you quickly exclaimed. “What? No!” Then both of you remained silent again, Luke looked a little relieved but he just didn’t know yet what was about to come. “Have you ever tried to connect the dots?” You asked, looking down at the ground. Luke might be a total dork on a daily basis but you knew that he was smart enough to figure things out like this. The wind felt so unfamiliar that it woke the hair in the back of your neck as Luke tried to find the answer. Your sense was awoken when you heard Luke breathe out. “Y/N?” He trailed off, making the knots form in your stomach. “Are you pregnant?” Your shoulder slumped, he sounded so calm yet wary. “Why haven’t you told me?” He asked, your throats went dry and you felt like crying. “I just, you said that you weren’t ready for babies, and you have your future ahead of you and I just don’t want to ruin your future, your life.” There was a pause with tears falling down your cheeks before you continued. “I am just so afraid that you will leave me behind.” You sobbed and in a split second, he pulled you into a hug. None of you said anything. Luke was too shocked to even say anything but despite his old remark about babies, he didn’t even care about it anymore. One thing he knew that he had loved you too much to leave you, he wouldn’t leave you especially not in this condition, with you carrying his child. And knowing his family, they would probably disown Luke if he ever let you go that easily. “Y/N, you need to know that I’m not gonna leave you in any condition, especially since I’m a part of this little creature inside you.” He said stroking your stomach softly. “And I’m sorry that I’ve said and done horrible things to you when all you actually do is carrying my baby inside you.” You nodded, feeling relief shot all over your whole nerves at the moment. “I’m sorry too for everything I’ve done to you that make you feel bad.” You wiped the tears off your face as Luke tightened his grip on your body. “The baby is gonna be the mix of you and me and that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever thought.” He chuckle at his own thought imagining the baby that hasn’t yet to show. “Why don’t we go back and tell the family this happy news?” He suggested as you frowned to the idea. Not that you didn’t like it, it was just you were still embarrassed of the recent fight of you and him. “You think that’s a good idea?” “Yeah, mom will be so pumped.” He gave you a reassuring smile as he took your hand, heading back to the house.

sitting on the tour bus couch with luke when his hand rests on your thigh, and swing over and straddle him while your hands roam along his back, before resting on his shoulders. and he’s got a smirk on his face right before he presses his pink lips to yours, and just as he does you pull his snapback off his head and rest it backwards on yours, and then smile onto his lips as he giggles into the crook of your neck

Wedding Dress

Request: Can I request were I’m getting married to michael and the boys go with me to get a wedding dress and I’m all stressed out and can’t find a dress and then the boys help me pick a dress and they all tease michael about knowing what the dress is

“What if I don’t find the perfect dress?” I asked, pulling my hair out as I stressed over going wedding dress shopping.

Michael smiled and kissed my cheek, “You would look amazing with the ugliest wedding dress on, babe,” he chuckled. “And if it was just for me, there would be no dress at all.”

I gave him a punch on his chest, a smile on my lips. “Michael.”

“What? You make me horny a lot,” he replied with a roll of eyes. I only laughed at him before I got ready for my day. I was going dress shopping with my mom, my girl best friend and the rest of the boys. Calum had been my best friend since high school so it wasn’t weird for him to be with me today. But Luke and Ashton had asked if they could come too and I had agreed because I could not say no to people. Not that I didn’t like them, on the contrary. They just weren’t the most important people in my life.

Once I arrived at the shop, I was stressed out. No dress seemed like the one and there was always something that I didn’t like about it. After two hours I was getting really anxious because not only I could not find a dress, I felt like my mom, my best friend and the boys were getting really bored.

“Hey, Y/N,” Calum said, gaining my attention, “What about this one on the model?” He pointed the model just in front of me. I shrugged, the dress looked just like the others. It was long and white.

“I’m so tired,” I whined and Calum rolled his eyes before he told a girl to bring me the dress on the model.

“Stop being so stressed, it doesn’t help anything,” Calum stated and I pouted. A minute later, the lady came with the white dress and handed it to me.

I went in the dressing room and took the dress I was wearing off to put on the one Calum had found. At this point, I didn’t even glance at my reflexion in the mirror to look if the dress looked good on me. I quickly opened the door and looked at my mom and my best friends.

“If you’re not buying this one, I’m buying it,” Calum joked as he looked at me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my mom.

She had tears in her eyes. I frowned and then decided to look at myself in the mirror. The dress looked perfect. It emphasized the parts of my body that I liked and it even made the parts of my body that I didn’t like look even better. A smile formed on my lips for the first time this afternoon.

My wedding dress now bought, the boys and me were heading to a restaurant where Michael was supposed to meet us at. When we walked in, Michael was already sitting at our table on his phone.

“Hey, babe,” I smiled as I sat down next to him, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. He smiled back at me before he looked at the other boys.

Ashton and Calum started to talk about something when Michael put his hand on my thigh.

“Michael,” Luke said, grabbing my fiance’s attention. “Y/N looks pretty good in her wedding dress,” he smirked.

Ashton and Calum stopped their conversation and smiled, nodding.

“What? Luke and Ash went there too?” He asked. “Wasn’t it supposed to be just Calum, Y/B/F/N and your mom?”

I shrugged with a sheepish smile on my face.

“The dress looks so good,” Ashton added. “You should see her in it.” The boys laughed and Michael frowned.

“Did you take a picture of it?” Michael asked. We all shook our head no, making Michael even more upset.

“Someone is jealous,” Ashton mumbled before he picked up his menu.

“I just don’t understand these stupid rules. I’m your future husband, shouldn’t I be the first person to see you in that dress?” Michael asked as he looked into my eyes. “It’s so unfair.”

“Yeah, true. The dress looks so good,” Calum chuckled.

“Shut up, you,” Michael snapped, making the boys chuckle.

I grabbed his hand on my thigh which caused Michael to look at me. I smiled at him before I kissed his lips.

“The wait will be worth it,” I mumbled against his lips, knowing the boys were busy looking at the menu. I kissed his lips one last time before pulling away.

“Good then,” Michael said in my ear, his arm wrapped around my shoulders.



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