#278: How You Wake Him Up


It was like it had become a challenge of who could sleep the most. He was the one to always be out to late in the night because of his work schedules and you had studies to do. It never collided easily but in weekends you enjoyed the best of it and slept for as long as possible. But when it came to the point of him almost winning by being so tired you didn’t dare to start poking him. He knew you were impatient and he should almost have been immune because you always did it but it was the best way to wake him up. It meant that at least one of you would wake up with a smile on your face because of the way he would look at you annoyingly and tackle you down to the bed sheets. 


Somehow it was funny because you were almost better than his alarm on his phone. Having his time off and never really waking up to constantly go in the run left it’s consequences and he never really knew for how long he could sleep. And with you being the one to wake up at first you didn’t care if you were being noisy. You could go to the shower, apply makeup and do his hair all along with him resting in the bed. It was as if he could wake up slowly to the sounds of you preparing for the day and it was nice because he knew that it wouldn’t be harsh like an alarm. He could slowly wake up for the day and didn’t have to be groggy because you would just smile at him and say good morning. 


Being the light sleeper and also the morning person you were definitely the polar opposites. You never seemed to wake up at the same time and when he had those nights where he would be playing to the early mornings it wouldn’t be a shock that he slept until noon. You barely needed any sleep to stay up and fool around, he almost hated you for it but it was also a nice feeling to wake up to. You were gentle, you didn’t make much noises and he could be waking up to you caressing his stubble cheek. You were always the one to wait until he would wake up because none of you wanted to start out the day before you were both ready to stand up and start it together. 


When you thought about it was almost always reversed. He was the morning person sitting at the balcony with a cup of coffee and enjoying the morning sun stand up. It was so rare that you woke up before him not that you were the one to sleep until noon but he was always before you. You never heard your alarms and his were also so quiet it wasn’t possible but when you were in fact awake you wouldn’t do anything else than try to get him up. It could be anything from sitting on the top of his chest trying to get his attention or just starting to turn on the TV with high volume. It was almost a shock to him when you were awake but he couldn’t avoid laughing because of your excited expression. 

okay but can you imagine the hoods spending the day at the beach and baby hood is super excited bc she likes the beach and just saw moana and the movie had the ocean and so many pretty colours and she’s just super happy to be near the water

so you and calum get to the beach and baby hood is struggling to go to the water and doesn’t like having to wait while mama hood puts on sunscreen and baby hood is just chillin in her pink bathing suit and her tush is big and fat bc of her swim diaper and calum puts on her bucket hat to keep the sun off her face but it hides all her curls that she got from him

but FINALLY she’s able to go to the water and she’s waddling her way down the sand (making pit stops to play in it bc the walk is far from where their towels are to the water) and calum is slowly following her and is playing in the sand trying to make a sand castle only for baby hood to get up and continue her walk to the water and when she gets there she just stands at the edge and giggles when the water reaches her toes because it’s cold

it takes her a little bit but when she starts to walk into the water calum scoops her up and walks in himself stopping when he’s knees deep and dipping baby hood in, her squeals of joy echoing down the beach, and he swings her around and plops her in the water only to spring her back up again but once baby hood seems to be okay with the cold water he puts half of her body in and it’s only okay bc daddy is holding onto her and nothing bad happens around daddy

soon you follow and baby hood is squealing to be in your arms so when she’s transferred over calum dips into the water, his curls dripping wet and glistening in the summer sun, and he’s making bubbles under water to try and make baby hood laugh and she’s trying to grab them

But the day eventually comes to an end and you, calum and baby hood walked up to the pier and had a quick dinner at the local fish and chips stop and by the end baby hoods eyes are fluttering closed but she’s trying to stay awake because if she does maybe daddy will take her back to the water but eventually she passes out on calums chest and he’s looking like he couldn’t be better even thought he has a one year old drooling on his chest and there’s sand in his hair and there is about a hour and a half ride home but he’s here with his two favourite girls and life can’t seem to get any better for him

he softly deposits baby hood into her stroller and stands up, throwing his arms in the air and stretching his muscles, a loud yawn escaping from him “maybe it’s time for you to take a nap too?” you mumble, softly pulling baby hoods blanket up to her chest as she snoozes away and a soft chuckle comes from calum as he leans down and places a sweet kiss on your lips “nah I still got a few more hours with my two favourite girls”