calum would be such a protective boyfriend like he would be very private with you in the sense of like going out and stuff he’d want to be alone and have his hand in yours the whole time and would ask fans not to crowd around you and he’d have at least one security with you at all times and he’d constantly ask if you’re alright and he’d probably beg you to keep your insta private so you wouldn’t see any bad/rude comments and he’d constantly be dragging people on twitter with sassy tweets whenever they try it and interviewers would ask him about it and he and the boys would more than likely crack a joke but then he’d get more serious still smiling all crinkly eyed about the joke answer and be like ‘i know this life isn’t really easy and i dont want to scare her off you know? i just really love her’ and the boys would all groan about how lame his answer was while his cheeks go pink and he gets all embarrassed/bashful aND DO YOU HEAR MY TEARS

single daddy calum calling you in the middle of the night because you’ve been dating for a while and he’s crying because his baby girl is crying and she won’t stop and he hasn’t slept properly in days and he doesn’t know what to do so he breaks down and calls you with tears quietly streaming down his face and he asks if you can come over and says how he knows it’s the middle of the night but he just needs help because he can’t do this by himself anymore and he’s just so tired. you can hear how stressed and distraught he his and you immediately agree and get out of bed to get ready while assuring him that you were on your way, so when you get there calum opens the door and just engulfs you into his arms and burries his face in your neck and he’s stopped crying but he’s still so upset because his baby girl still hasn’t stopped wailing and you hug him back and run your fingers through his hair trying to comfort him the best you can and then you hear his baby girl crying from her nursery and pull away from him to go help her. calum follows behind you helplessly watching you pick up his daughter cooing at her saying “hey, babygirl, what’s wrong? you’ve got your daddy all upset. we don’t like it when daddy’s upset now do we? and he doesn’t like you upset either so let’s get you to sleep, yeah?” and calum’s just in awe at how your voice and arms have soothed his daughter and he’s so relieved that she’s quieting down and he walks over to you two and gives you a tired smile and brushes his fingers through his daughter’s little amount of hair as she’s already beginning to doze off, apparently tired from all the crying and you place her back into her crib carefully and tug calum out of the room by his hand and shutting the door before facing him again. he hugs you again, holding you tightly against him “thank you, thank you so much. i love you, my god.” and you just kiss the side of his head and trail your fingers through his hair before telling him “now how about you go get some sleep too?”

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imagine the first time luke seeing you cry. in a split second, you’d be in front of him, your back against his chest as he tries to braid your hair while softly humming the tune of your favorite song to your ear and when you calm down, he pulls you even closer and press soft kisses on your neck

Single Parent Ready to Mingle [Part 6] [LUKE]

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“What if I told you you’re not Olivia’s father?”

“You’d be lying.”

“I need you to do a DNA test to prove it, Luke.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

The woman was stubborn. She wanted to take Olivia away from her father no matter what. After losing Olivia’s custody, she told Luke that she wasn’t sure he was her father but Luke knew he was. He didn’t know how he knew that, he just did. He had this feeling inside of him, a connection with his daughter and he was 99% sure that they were related.

They grabbed the little girl’s hair brush and took some hairs out, putting them in a small bag. Then Luke cut some of his hair and put it in another small bag.

(y/n) drove Luke and the woman to the lab where they were going to analyse it.

“You can pick up the results tomorrow.”

They turned around and left the woman talking to some of the people who worked there. The drive home was silent and when they got home, the paid the babysitter and she left. Olivia hugged Luke’s legs.

“Daddy, why are you never home now?” She asked and then added “You’re always with that woman.”

The word woman made Luke look at (y/n). He hadn’t explained Olivia who that woman was. She had no idea it was her real mother. How would she react if she had to live with a stranger? None of them wanted to think about that.

“I just have a lot of work to do. But I’m here now. What do you want to do?”

(y/n) observed Luke while he played with Olivia. He had a crown on his head and she had a tutu and a pink wand. They were having a tea party. She smiled to herself because she knew no matter what, Luke would always be the best parent ever.

The next day, they went to the lab to know the result of the test. When they got there, Olivia’s mother was already standing in front of the building with her lawyer behind her.

A woman in a white coat handed the result to Luke. Positive. He smiled proudly. Olivia’s mother looked at the woman with her eyebrows furrowed and a fake smile on her face.

“I think there’s a mistake here. I need to speak with Dr Clarkson.”

“Dr Clarkson is not here. And no, there’s no mistake.” Then she turned to Luke. “This woman payed Dr Clarkson to give you the fake results and tell you the child was not yours. If I were you, I’d go to the police.”

Luke didn’t want to waste any more time with that awful woman so he just pointed his finger to her and said “I’m not going to press charges but if you come near me or my family again, I will sue you.”

He thanked the honest lady and drove back home. He knew she wouldn’t come near them again.

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"Put your pants back on, my dad's coming!!"

“Put your pants back on, my dad’s coming!” 

Calum hastily pulled his jeans up his thighs, fumbling with the zipper because the damn thing would zip. He through on his shirt, praying to god it was on right as your dad burst open your door, a suspicious look on his face.

In all honesty, nothing bad was occurring, you were just simply massaging Calum’s back and thighs, him being sore from his monster workout that he did with Ashton that morning. And quite frankly, you were tired of hearing him whine and complain about how sore he was feeling, so you told him to strip to his undies so you could massage his “poor poor muscles” so he could shut up. 

And well, he did shut up…until the massage started making him moan out. 

You were trying your best to get him to shut up, but nothing seemed to work. So now, here you two were, Calum with his shirt on inside out, you sitting on your bed, and your dad looking at you two with arms crossed over his chest. 

“We weren’t having sex if that’s what you were thinking, dad,” you state bluntly, not showing any emotion whatsoever. 

“Oh is that so?” he says in a mocking tone, eyebrow cocked as he eyes suspiciously. “Were you having sex with my daughter?”

“No sir!” Calum squeaks out, his voice going so high like he’s going through puberty. You watch your dad’s features soften at Calum’s voice problem, before walking out of your room.

“What the hell was that?” you laugh out, clutching your stomach as you fall face first into your bed. “Have you balls not dropped or something?”

“Oh shut up. Your dad is scary,” he pouts, sitting down on the bed next to your laughing figure. 

barista ash always smiling whenever you came in, he’d always chicken out from asking you out so one day when you ordered a cup of latte, you expected a form of latte art on your latte but it was his number instead and when you look up you saw him winking at you.

imagine being very pregnant with baby clifford number one and it was time for bed and michael would hug you from behind spooning you giving your tummy a little rub before putting his hands up your shirt and he lightly squeezed your boobs and he felt a wet substance on his hands and he pulled his hands out of your shirt and was freaking out thinking something was wrong before you flicked him in the forehead and told him you were just lactating and needed to calm his balls

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"Are you kidding me right now?" w/ Luke pls

“Are you kidding me right now?” Luke groaned, his hand coming over to pull over his face, distorting it for a moment before it slapped back into shape.

The person on the other end of the line tried to explain to Luke exactly what had happened to his luggage that didn’t make it to LA with him. Apparently, it got put on a flight to LA, as in Louisiana, and was now stuck at a random airport down there. 

“So what the fuck do you expect me to do? Wear the same fucking clothes everyday until you find my luggage and somehow get it to Los Angeles with everything being in there?” Luke was taking his anger out on the poor woman on the other line, acting as if it were her fault. 

He hung up after giving them a number to contact him at when it came in, and he slumped against the boys’ couch in the LA house. 

“No luck?” Calum piped up, searching for the remote before sitting opposite Luke in the loveseat. 

“Nope,” Luke said sharply, “they’re gonna call when it actually gets to LA. I’ll be lucky if it’s here by the end of the week.”

“Ah, that sucks man. If you need to borrow clothes just go rummage through our stuff,” Calum offered, finally deciding to settle on highlights of the last footy game.

“Thanks man,” Luke smiled, “Did you bring your toucans? Those are my favorite pair of underwear.”

“You are not wearing my toucans!”

can imagine if you and luke are having a child together and comes the day where you find out about its gender and he goes with you to the doctor’s appointment and you have a good feeling about the baby being a girl because thats what you have always wanted, a baby girl of your own but when you find out that you’re having twins it comes out as a big surprise, not only you’re having one child, but two. and when the doctor announces that the gender of the twins are a boy and a girl it just gets you really excited and you can see the genuine smile on luke’s face and in the way he holds your hand throughout the whole appointment. so the doctor says “i’ll leave you to get dressed and meet me in my office” and left luke is showing all his excitement physically and he will kiss you between each movement of helping you getting dressed and he will say “i can name our girl and you can name our boy and it will be so exciting babe” dang i cant i really want this sO bad

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Spending The Morning Together - Calum

You woke up to the sound of soft snores from the sleeping body next to you. You looked over to Calum, seeing his mouth move ever so slightly with every snore. You chuckled at him, causing him to stir but not wake up. You looked over at the alarm clock and groaned as you saw what it said.


You were never one for waking up early and neither was Calum but for some reason you just weren’t going to fall back asleep. You slowly removed the bed sheet and swung your legs over the side of the bed. You slipped on your cute slippers and shuffled your way to the bathroom.


You grabbed the towel off the railing and wrapped it around yourself. You stepped out of the shower, still trying to be quiet even though Calum was probably awake. Your hair was up in a messy bun and the make up you forgot to take off the night before was smudged across your face. You grabbed your make up wipes and began to take off the ruined make up. You brushed your teeth and moisturised your body before making you way back to the bedroom.

“What a nice sight to wake up to”

Calum’s voice made you jump which almost made your towel drop but you managed to catch it before it fell to the ground.

“Calum don’t scare me like that!”

You gave him a pout and he pouted back. You walked over to his side of the bed where he was still lying all snuggled up in the sheets. You gave him a quick peck on his still pouted lips before walking over to your dresser to find some comfy clothes to lounge around in.

You eventually decided on a pair of grey sweatpants and loose plain white crop top. You kept your hair in the messy bun and didn’t bother to put any make up on.

“You look cute”

“Calum I’m wearing sweatpants, my hair is a mess and I have no make up on. How is that cute?”

You raised your eyebrows at him, waiting for his answer. He just shrugged and instead opened his arms for you. You climbed over the bed and collapsed into them. Calum began to trace little patterns on your arm which gave you goosebumps. You remained in silence for a few minutes before Calum finally spoke.

“Hey what time is it?”

You glanced over at the alarm to see that it had just gone past 7 O'clock. Calum’s stomach made a loud rumbling noise and you decided that you should go and make breakfast.

“Time for breakfast”

“Mmmm I’m starving”

“I can tell”

You untangled yourself from Calum’s arms and left him in his cocoon of bedsheets to go and make breakfast.


You grabbed two mugs and flicked the switch on the kettle. You got out the ingredients needed for pancakes and set everything up. You poured the pancake mix into the frying pan and left it for a minute to finish making coffee. Once the coffee was done you returned to the pancakes, flipping them over a couple times before serving them up on a plate. You got out some fresh strawberries and chopped them into halves, scattering them around the plate. Finally you drizzled some maple syrup over them and carried them through to the dining room.

“Calum, breakfast is ready!”

You went back to the kitchen to get the coffees and you heard the thuds of Calum’s feet on the stairs. He met you at the bottom, throwing his arm around your shoulder and planting a quick kiss on the side of your head.

“Thanks babe, this looks great”

“Yeah but you’re washing up”

Calum pouted at you and gave you a look you would usually give in to.

“Don’t look at me like that”

“Like what?”

“Like that”

He grinned, hoping it would change your mind but it didn’t. He eventually gave up and began to eat his pancakes. You smirked to yourself before tucking into your pancakes as well.


“Calum! What the hell happened?”

You’d left Calum alone for 5 minutes to do the washing up and returned to see half the sink had overflown with water, leaving a massive puddle on the floor, and bubbles all over the place.

“I’m sorry I got distracted and left the tap running”

He was trying to hold in a laugh but you, however, were not amused as you knew you would be the one who had to clean it up. He saw the look on your face and immediately stopped smiling and grabbed a tea towel. You rolled your eyes at him and grabbed one as well. You both began to dry up the dishes which Calum
had actually managed to do himself. You were almost finished and you wanted to just go and chill out on the couch, but Calum had other ideas. He began to flick bubbles at you, getting them in your hair and all over your clothes.

“Really Calum? How old are you, 5?


You began to flick bubbles at him too and it ended up with you both in fits of giggles and the kitchen absolutely soaked. You both stopped and looked around the kitchen, out of breath.

“I really wasn’t planning on cleaning the kitchen today but looks like we’re gonna have to”

“I’m sorry, we?

“Yes Calum you’re helping me. We both made this mess, we both have to clean it up”

Calum groaned and engulfed you in a bear hug so you could barely breathe.

“If you let go of me and help me clean the kitchen I’ll buy you ice cream. Or whatever else you want”

Calum thought about it for a moment before releasing you.