concept: Luke bringing baby hemmo out during a show and saying, “we have a special guest tonight that’s gonna help us sing amnesia! go easy on him, it’s his first time in front of a crowd” and little 4 year old hemmo would waddle out on stage and reach out for his daddy with a big smile and sparking blue eyes and Luke would have the biggest grin and he would pick up him up and cal and the other guys would start to sing and the screams would be a lil scary for baby hemmo so he would nuzzle his head into Luke’s neck but he would still be so excited to be on stage cuz that’s what his daddy does and he wants to be just like his daddy uGH this is such a cute concept someone give Luke a son now

Make Love to a Killer (LH) - Part 9

A/N: Hell yeah how efficient am I? Second update within 24 hours and I honestly don’t know how I did it. But I’m feeling better about this one, happy with the way it turned out (?) and I seriously enjoyed writing this part. Hope you enjoy it x

Make Love to a Killer

Pairing: Luke & Reader
Word Count: 4k approx.
Warning: Swearing, smoking

Summary: “Didn’t they tell you to never fuck a killer, Princess?”  


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dedicate // l.h.

Luke was a private person and so were you. There weren’t a lot of pictures of you two on your Instagram or long romantic posts about how much you loved each other on Tumblr. Surprisingly though, there was one thing you two were big on- dedications.

As an artist, you dedicated paintings to him. Paintings of him, paintings of the stars in a late evening sky, paintings of coffee mugs set against the breakfast table with two silhouettes enjoying each other and others of such manner. Otherwise too, you dedicated tattoos on your body, playlists made during bus rides home and poems written in the wee hours of the morning.

Luke wasn’t behind when it came to dedications. You had songs, lyric-less melodies, verses in your name. Pictures of you taken on an impulse, writings on walls in foreign cities, souvenirs from hotels scribbled with your name on them, Luke took dedications quite literally at times but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The two of you weren’t exactly quiet about your dedications either. Luke scremamed your name before your songs played at his shows. His name adroened the titles of the paintings your hung in art galleries. Instagram was graced with the picture of the tattoos of your initials on each other’s arms after your first wedding anniversary. The world watched in awe and envy as you exchanged dedications, always trying to one up the other. Fans swooned at the beauty of the entire ordeal, parents gasped, friends laughed and everyone else watched with smiles lighting up their faces.

But when tragedy struck and you were taken away from the world, from him, Luke was heartbroken. His heart literally shattered to a thousand pieces and nothing anyone did could help him fix himself. He was a broken lost mess. The world feared for his well-being but all he did was sleep in his bed with one hand extended to lay on your side of the bed, hoping to feel some of the warmth you always had. Days passed, months went by and all Luke did was eat, cry and sleep. Occassionally, during those momens he pretended you were only gone on a business trip, he went through your things and his voice echoed in your house as he sang every song that reminded him of you.

One day, when Calum cane to check up on Luke, he heard soft guitar strums. Relief washed over Calum. His buddy was going to be okay. He was going to fix himself. Calum sat himself down at the doorstep to your house and listened to Luke play the guitar and occassionally sing along with it. Soft melodies, harsh riffs, Luke covered all of them.

A few months later, an album was released in your name with every song titled with something related to you. The world watched with tears clouding every eye, as Luke talked about the album in interviews and videos. Fans cried with every chord played in every song, parents were nearly inconsolable, friends clutched their hearts as the pain resonated in their hearts and everyone else mourned. The album climbed charts and won awards but Luke wasn’t there to accept any of them. This album was yours and only yours. The world may revel in it for a while but in the end it belonged to you. It was the final dedication.

Preference #51: Saturday Nights

Calum: “You did not just say we should Netflix and chill,” you gawked at Calum. Chin rested on the palm of your hand and elbow rested against the counter. Calum began to stutter, scratching at the back of his neck. “Maybe,” he mumbled, dragging out the vowel. Your eyebrow rose at him in question, lips pursing to the side. He gave you a sheepish smile then shrugged. “I’m not talking about Netflix and chill chill,” he explained “I meant like actually chilling. Pajamas, blankets, and snacks ya know?” You giggled at his sudden shyness, rolling your eyes and sliding off the bar stool. “Okay we can Netflix and chill,” you mimicked in Calum’s voice. You began to head towards the living room, stopping in track then turning back to look at him, “I need to borrow some pjs,” you timidly told him. Calum grinned at your words, walking pass you and into his bedroom to grab you some clothes. Soon the two of you were cuddled up on the couch watching The Emperor’s New Groove and munching on some Reese’s Pieces. Calum’s body was emitting warmth, making you want to fall asleep. You felt his chest rumble as he laughed at Kronk’s angel and demon personas bicker. “What if that actually happens in real life,” Calum mumbled. Your eyes opened at his words and you looked back at him with furrowed eyebrows. “What do you mean?” you asked, words morphing as you yawned. He looked down at you in shock, almost as if he wasn’t expecting you to reply. “Uh the like good and evil side of you popping up on your shoulders to give advice,” he said, “Like instead of the inner voices, we just get our tiny selves on our shoulders.” You laughed at his words and shrugged, “I think I’d get annoyed by them.” The conversation ended at that, your attention being turned back to the movie and once again sleep overtaking you.

Asthon: Ashton’s laughter rang out into the night sky, echoing out in the forest. “It’s not funny!” you giggled, blowing out the flaming marshmallow. A frown made its way onto your face as you looked at the charred ‘mallow. You groaned, peeling the now gooey treat off the skewer and tossing it in the trash. “I’m not cut out for camping,” you sighed, grabbing another marshmallow from the bag. Before you could even place it over the fire, Ashton stopped you. “Maybe I should roast this one,” he suggested, you looked at the fire then back to Ashton. So far you had burned two of the marshmallows and you weren’t prepared to make it three. “Good idea,” you said, handing over the skewer and taking the smore he had just made for yourself. You had no idea how Ashton convinced you to go camping with him, but here you were now at some camping site, pitched tent, crackling fire, and trying to make smores. You weren’t cut out for the wilderness. Never had been and probably never will be. You were born and raised a city kid, camping was something way at the bottom of your list. Ashton on the other hand sought adventure and was up for anything. “Now this is how you roast a marshmallow,” he said, handing the skewer over to you. “Perfectly toasted on each side and not a flaming mess,” he chuckled, nudging your side when you rolled your eyes. You placed the marshmallow on top of the chocolate then placed the graham cracker over it. “I could’ve done that,” you pfted, giving him a sly smile. Ashton rested his head on your shoulder, staring at the fire in thought. It had been a long day for you both; finding a campsite, then hiking for most of the day. He was happy that you had gone through it all, not once complaining except for the marshmallow fiasco. This adventure only brought you closer as a couple.

Michael: Saturday nights in the Clifford household was usually hectic. With three children, you always had to have something planned on the weekend. Whether it ranged from movie night or bowling allies, Michael always made sure your children had a great time. Everything was always a family event. It was almost as if Michael thrived on Saturdays. He enjoyed spending time with his children, not being able to see them part of the time due to his career. This time around was different, when Michael got home from work it was chaotic as usual, but not in the way he thought. “Whoa hey Mia, where are you going?” Michael questioned, stopping the twelve year old in track. She looked at him in confusion, Michael pointing down to the bag under her arm. “I’m spending the night at Delilah’s remember,” she said, trying to refresh his memory. Before Michael could even answer Miles, the oldest of the three, raced down the stairs while throwing on his jacket. “Where are you going?” he asked the teen, now staring at both the kids. Miles eyebrows rose, similar eyes to yours widening. “I thought you had to work late,” he slowly said, glancing down at his phone. “I’m always home on Saturdays, where are you going?” Michael asked again. Miles grinned at his father, “I have a date and if I don’t leave now I’m gonna be late,” he quickly said, “Bye, love you!” A sigh left Michael’s lips and he looked at Mia, shrugging his shoulder and nodding his head towards the door. “Mom’s waiting in the car isn’t she?” he asked, earning a nod from her in return. “Alright go, I guess I’ll just watch a movie tonight…ALONE!” he shouted the end as she ran out. He turned around, stopping in track when he spotted the five year old, the little girl practically a replica of him. “I’m still here,” Myra pouted, referring to the words her father just said. Michael grinned, bending down to pick her up. “Yes you are sweet pea! And since it’s just you, we can do whatever you want tonight,” he said, poking her in the chest and walking towards the kitchen. Yeah this Saturday night was different, but it gave him some one on one time with his youngest child.

Luke: His eyes stayed trained on your face as you poured the drink. A smirk making its way onto Luke’s own face when you slid the shot in front of him with a smile. “Enjoy,” you said, beginning to grab some more liquor off the back wall and pouring someone else’s order. When Luke didn’t leave from his spot you rolled your eyes. Walking back over to where he was, you rested your elbows against the counter with a sigh. “What?” you asked him sweetly, giving him a smile. Luke looked down eyes lingering on your cleavage which was slightly sticking out from the top you were wearing. “Eyes up here you ass-hat!” you said, hitting Luke upside the head. He jumped at the slap, glaring at you. “I am a customer right now Y/N, you’re not supposed to hit your customers,” he exclaimed, the smirk on his face growing even more. You gave him the evil eye and Luke laughed loudly. “I’m so glad this place hired you,” he commented, head beginning to bob to the music playing out around the club. You shook your head at your best friend, playfully rolling your eyes before heading to grab another customer’s order. Once the bar had partially cleared you walked back over to Luke. “Are you not gonna go out and dance?” you questioned, “I see some girls giving you the look.” He looked out at the crowed, face scrunching up before shaking his head. “Nah it’s not the same without you being on the floor with me. Need my partner in crime,” he told you with a pout. You mimicked his expression, pulling out another shot glass and pouring yourself the same drink Luke had. You rose your glass up, clinking it with his then drowning it. Luke slammed the glass onto the counter with a loud clank then smiled. “Well at least I have you here to entertain me and chase off the pervs,” you last said, pouring him one more drink and going back to serving other people.

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140 with Calum please? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

140. “can you look after her real quick i’ve just got to run to the store real quick?”

It was late and you were in bed with your husband Calum when you suddenly realized you forgot to pick up something for your baby girl Charlotte. You sit up quickly, shaking Calum from his sleep.
“Cal, baby… I need to run to the store..” You spoke softly, running your fingers through his curls.
He looked at you, eyes half closed.
“Can’t you wait? It’s,” he leaned over you to look at the alarm clock and flopped back in bed, closing his eyes and tucking you into his chest, “3am. Just sleep.” He murmured into your hair slowly falling back asleep.
You struggled in his arms and finally managed to free yourself.
“Can you look after her real quick? I have to run to the store real quick.”
He sighed and sat up. He turned on the lamp allowing a soft glow to light up the room as you ran around the room, finding clothes to wear out. He stretched and watched you. You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and rushed out the door.

An hour later you walked in the door, bag in hand. You put the items you bought away and shuffled your tired body up the steps to your bedroom. You noticed almost immediately, Calum was not in bed. However, you heard him through the baby monitor.
“Your mother is something else you know..” You heard him mumble to your two year old child.
“She’s rushing out of the house at 3 in the morning to get you something. How spoiled are you?”
You could practically hear the smile in his voice but you couldn’t help but feel slightly offended by his words. You slid your shoes off and slipped back into your pajamas.
You listened to Calum talk with your kid for a few more minutes until you heard him leaving her room and entering yours.
You kept your back facing him, and pretended to be asleep.
You felt the bed dip and a warm hand rub your back slowly easing your from your “sleep”.
You rolled over and looked up at his deep brown eyes.
“Am I really something else? Like… Is that a bad thing or am I reading too far into it?” You question.
You felt your eyes well up with tears due to being emotional and tired or his words really got to you. You couldn’t figure out which was true.
“No no Y/N..”
He crawled in bed beside you, gathering you in his arms and cradling you as he would your daughter.
“Baby girl I didn’t mean it in a rude way. You know I love every little thing about you. And when I said you were “something else” I meant that you’re spontaneous. You do things at random times such as going to the store at ungodly hours in the morning but sweetheart… That just makes me love you even more! I love that about you, I love that you’re random like that.“
He finished his sentence with a kiss to the forehead and a tight squeeze, "Now can we please go back to bed?” He questioned causing you to giggle.
“I love you Cally.. So much.”
“I love you too munchkin.”

Wednesday//Luke Hemmings

I’m sat surrounded by hot girls in skin tight dresses who all seem to be very interested in me although that’s probably just a side effect of the alcohol they’ve consumed, I know that’s the only reason I find them vaguely attractive. I’m not sure how my friends managed to convince me to come out on a Wednesday evening, especially when we have to be up at 6am the next day. Calum walks over to me handing me a shot of God know’s what. “Calum I’m going to head to the bar, down the road, I just want a bit of peace” he nods to drunk to remember anything i say at this moment.

I retrieve my coat a long black cloth, I think thing. The bar is a lot quieter and it takes a while for my ears to adjust. “One beer please?” I ask the bar maiden, She’s beautiful, not the kind of beautiful that takes your breath away but beautiful. She has look black hair in Dutch braids and heavy eye makeup. “You going to pay for your drink or just stare at me?” she calls me out. 

“Yeah sorry. thanks.” I pay her turning to a small stage where a boy bout my age is playing guitar. There’s a girl I recognise sat in the front row, smiling at him as he sings some love song I’ve never heard. It’s my ex her long auburn hair tied back in a high ponytail with the sides hanging down loosely framing her face. the boy steps of the stage, a dull clap (a sound I know all too well) falls over the pub. The pair kiss, that would explain why she was smiling so much. She was the first person I ever loved, I turn around as she heads towards the bar her new boyfriend’s arm wrapped round her waist tightly. “A beer and a water please” he orders for them. “I’m just going to run to the bathroom, here’s the money for my beer” the boy kisses her cheek, handing her a note. She looks around the bar before her eyes land on me “Luke? Luke Hemmings?” shook is evident in her voice. “Y/N? Y/F/N?” 

“What are you doing here Luke?” she asks 

“Just having a drink” I gesture to my drink.

“Alone?” she asks

“Alone” I echo. She raises her eyebrows at me as if she doesn’t believe.

“Life’s pretty crazy right now, it’s nice to find somewhere quiet and come enjoy a quite drink”

“mmhm” her boyfriend has come back and if waiting behind.

“I’m going to catch up with Luke for a bit then come over to the others” she kisses him on the lips this time.

“So who’s that?” I ask her trying and failing not to sound bitter

“Brad? he’s my boyfriend, it’s new but I really like him”

“People said you had a new boyfriend” I nod taking a sip of my beer.

“They were right”

“Does he love you better then I can?”

“Luke! seriously we’re not going through this again.”

“I know, it’s stupid. I just wanted to see it for myself….” there’s a moment of silence not awkward silence, but not comfortable silence either, just silence. “You seem happy?”

“I really am”

‘That’s good” I muse “I’m also messed up, I’m sorry, tiredness is taking over me” I lightly laugh

“I know how you feel” Brad comes up to her side. 

‘Babe we’re going now” 

“Okay..Look Luke this is my number if you wanna talk more or not, whatever. It was nice to see you” and with that she takes Brad’s hand and leaves. The lights come up and the music dies, as Y/N leaves me broken and alone, she might as well have said “I only came to say goodbye”. 

Suddenly everywhere I’m surrounded by couples falling in to one another, whispering cute words into one another ears. There’s a taint of pain in my chest and without realising I find myself walking up out of the bar and towards the club, where I run into Calum tears streaming down my face. “mate? what’s wrong?” he asks me pulling me in for a hug, where my tears soak his shirt “I saw her” Calum instantly knows whom I’m talking about “She’s doing fine, she doesn’t miss me. It hurts so much. Growing up my dad always taught me it was good to have feelings, I’m starting to disagree with that. 

So that’s the story of how on a Wednesday night Castaway was written. 

"You promise?"

“What if I end up like him?” Ashton nervously asked, his knee bouncing up and down as he took in the sight of me and my seven-month old baby bump.

“Ashton, babe, you definitely won’t.” I smiled lightly, putting my hand on top of his.

“Y/N, all of this is just, fuck, well, the start of everything. We’ll have more concerts and more venues and it’s just th-…”

“I call bullshit.”

“I know. But what if I don’t fulfill my responsibilities as a father that well? This is gonna be our first. And what if I drif-…”

I interrupted Ashton by crashing my lips onto his, letting my forehead touch his afterwards.

“Ash, you’re gonna be a great father. I promise.”

“You promise?” His eyes lit up, smiling ever so slightly.

“I promise.”

i think luke would be very cuddly and would want to cuddle a LOT like all the time. especially when he was away on tour and is back again he would just want to cuddle with you and do almost nothing else. like i think he seriously would be a cuddly and clingy boyfriend and always wanting to cuddle like in the morning you’d try to get up but he’d cling to you and plead to just cuddle all day he is just a cuddly guy


SLFL Nashville (07.23.16) // Outer Space