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Luke Imagine: He’s Sick

Author: Rhine


“I’m not putting that in my mouth.”

He scrunches his nose, turning his face away indignantly, burying his head in the blankets to avoid your pleading eyes.

“Come on, Luke. It’ll only last for two seconds.”

You poked him slightly with your spare hand, still holding out the spoon in your other hand, trying to balance the gooey liquid in the plastic spoon.

He peeks a single blue eye out of the covers and glares at the violently pink spoon of medicine in your hand, eyes narrowing almost comically.


He sounds like a little child with his stubborn refusal, the loud sniff and raspy cough that follows ruining his act of defiance.

Luke groans slightly, finally appearing from the covers once again, nose read and bleary-eyed from his coughs.

You sat on the edge of his bed patiently, pursing your lips as you watched him. You silently handed him a wad of tissues and he begrudgingly takes them, blowing his nose loudly before adding the rumpled tissues to the ever-growing mountain next to his bed.

He flops back down onto the bed in utter defeat, closing his eyes and sighing loudly.

“I hate being sick.”

His voice is nothing but a grumble, rasping with every word and scratchy as they leave his throat.

You hated seeing Luke like this, no longer pouting playfully or scrunching up his nose – he looked tired, dark purple rings underneath his eyes and his pale skin tinted grey, his blonde hair matter and body weak as his breath tried to heave another breath through his congested throat.

The poor boy looked exhausted, so unlike the lively boy who sang his lyrics with an enthusiasm and charisma to a crowd of thousands.

The boy before you looked like he could barely open his eyes without it sapping out his energy; his movements slow and sluggish.

This wasn’t the musician that the world wanted to see, not the performer that the girls yearned for – this was nothing but a worn-out boy who had too many sleepless nights and too little healthy meals, a boy whose body was telling him it was all too much.

The frequent shows that lasted for hours. The long car rides and buses and trains and planes and changing timezones that he couldn’t keep up with; the moving land that barely gave him time to catch his breath. The fans that screamed too loudly for his ears and the smiles that he has to plaster even on his worst nights.

He had thought he could handle it, but his body thought otherwise.

Another violent coughing fit wracked his body, and it left him feeling more drained and sore than before.

“Come on, Luke. Just one swallow, babe. I promise it’ll make you feel better and it’ll help you sleep for a few more hours.”

You prodded him lightly, holding out the spoonful of medicine to his lips.

His chapped lips bend into a small frown, but he opens his mouth dejectedly after a few more moments of stubborn silence.

You quickly slip the contents of the spoon into his mouth, hurriedly bringing a glass of water to his lips almost immediately afterwards.

He holds the glass weakly and you guide the water into his mouth until he signals for you to stop,

“Tastes like satan’s bloody – “

A hacking cough cuts off his sentence mid-way, and you’re half grateful for the well-timed interruption.

“Get some rest, Luke.”

You tuck the blankets back up to his chin and rearrange his pillows again, your fingers trailing his hairline softly.

“We have a show in three days and I can barely even get up – how can I rest knowing that I’m going to be letting all of our fans down? And the band?”

His words are a rasp, his tired blue eyes staring up at you.

You press your lips to his clammy forehead, brushing away some flyaway hairs from his head. You tap hiss nose lightly and he squeezes his eyes shut playfully, though when he opens them again, you can still see traces of worry hidden beneath the depths of blue.

“You aren’t letting anyone down, Luke. The fans will understand. The boys understand. Your body is telling you you need a break, and trying to push past it and ignoring it will only make it worse.”

You try to reassure him, but he still looks doubtful, eyebrows pinched together.

“Your health is the most important thing, Luke. Nobody’s going to be upset at you – it’s going to take some time to recover, and if you have to miss the show, then so be it.”

“But – “

“You can reschedule. You can apologize, if you really want to. But it’s not your fault – it’s nobody’s fault. The boys need their rest, too. But most of all, you need your rest.”

He blinks up at you with those tired blue eyes, and you smile softly at him, kissing his forehead lightly once more to try to soothe the worried wrinkles that appeared.

“Don’t worry, babe. Focus on making yourself better first, please.”

He sighs softly before nestling into the blankets a little more.

“Feel better?”

Your question is hopeful, despite the fact that you knew your pep talks wouldn’t win any awards.

“On the outside? Not particularly – still feeling pretty crappy, except now I have this disgusting cherry aftertaste in my mouth from the medicine.”

You try to hide a smile from his sass, prominent even in his sickly form.

“But on the inside, yeah. I… I guess what you’re saying makes sense.”

“Of course it does. You’re the one drugged up on medication.”

“And you’re the one feeding me said medication. I’m beginning to think you have ulterior motives with all of this.”

“Nope. Just being your personal nurse, looking out for your health and all.”

He laughs, and it turns into a hacking coughing fit that leaves the bed shaking slightly. He collapses back onto the pillows when he’s done, chest heaving.

“Do you know what would make me feel better than some revolting cherry medicine?”

“What do you prescribe, Doctor Hemmings?”

He smiles up faintly at you – it’s wobbly and fleeting, but it still makes his eyes sparkle, even in his sickly figure.

“Stay with me.”

“You should be sleeping, Luke.”

“I know – I just… I just want a hand to hold.”

His voice is small, like a little child asking for their favourite toy. You can’t help but to grin down at him before slipping into the covers, squeezing yourself next to him on the small bed.

You find his cold hands underneath the covers and lace your fingers with his; his hands loose against yours, though you can feel him gripping your fingers weakly.

He leans his head onto your shoulder, tufts of blonde hair sticking up in odd angles and brushing your cheek.

“You know, most guys usually tell their girlfriends to stay away from them when they’re sick. So they don’t infect them and all – righteous chivalry and all that.”

You hear Luke chuckle into your shoulder, and he buries his head deeper into the crook of your neck, his breath warm on your collarbones.

“I’m trying to suck out your health to replenish mine.”

He swings his legs over yours with a lazy movement, trapping you in between his too-cold skin and too-heated covers – that were no doubt full of his germs from his coughs.

“What a gentleman.”

“I prefer ‘knight in shining armour’, princess.”

“Equipped with snotty tissues and wrapped in a germ-infested blanket cape?”

“Shut up. I’m trying to rest.”

You can practically hear his pout and you laugh lightly before turning back to Luke, his breaths beginning to steady as you watch his chest heave in and out.

In a few minutes, you can hear soft snores emitting from his mouth, his lips still pressed to your shoulder.

His skin is grey and his hair is dirty and there’s snot on his nose and you’re certain he’s beginning to drool onto your shirt, but the sight of Luke and his arms around yours – no matter how weak his grip is – still makes your stomach flutter.


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“You make a song reference during sex”

Word count: 467

Rating: Rish

Request: Nope but I thought this would be great

A/N: OkAY so this will be great I swear, like imagine doing that with them. FUCKING GIGGLES DURING SEX


You adored giving Calum hand jobs, the way his face scrunched up and he moaned your name made your stomach churn. Tonight you decided you were in the mood to hear his beautiful laugh through the moans. Your hand pumped expertly up and down his shaft, his head was tilted back in pleasure.  Smirking, you looked up at him and spoke.

“Thought I had you in the palm of my hand that night.” You said, attempting and succeeding to not burst into a fit of giggles.

Calum on the other hand had more trouble, he began giggling like an idiot and looked down at you. His giggles were turned into moans as you licked the tip of his dick before sliding him down your throat.


Ashton loved to tie you up. He had you stripped down and naked while hand cuffed to the headboard. It wasn’t anything new and you loved it just as much. You had been in a giggly mood all day and surprisingly, dominate Ashton hadn’t stopped that. He was busy stripping just out of reach. You smiled and began bopping your head to the beat inside your head.

“You’re just a little bit out of my limit.” You sang the lyrics passionately and Ashton burst out laughing. You laughed along and continued singing. That was until he decided to come over and drum the beat on your clit causing your voice to falter and the moans to set in.


As much as you loved the way Luke groaned and concentrated solely on your soaking pussy as he fingered you; you were in the mood for some giggly sex. His finger pumped diligently in and out of you and you smirked.

“I guess I literally am Wrapped Around Your Finger right now.” You laughed. Luke snorted and looked up at you, shining blue eyes looking into yours.

“You’re a dork y/n, and right now I’d prefer for you to be wrapped around my cock.”


You had been waiting for Michael to come home. You had a sexy little surprise all planned out for him and the minute he appeared at your bedroom door, eyeing you up and down in your lace clad lingerie, you had a change of mind. Your mouth spoke before your mind caught up.

“Walk my way Mr. All Australian.” You broke into a fit of giggles and Michael joined in.

“That was bloody awful y/n.” He said between laughs. You continued giggling and undressed him while both of you fought for breath from laughing so hard.

Classmate!Calum would always be running late and would text you to save him a seat and would run in just as the late bell rang to slide in next to you and furiously copy your homework before the teacher came around to collect it and then would hand it in to her with a smile and then turn to you with a wink and say, “I owe you one.” But he would also always insist on carrying your books and saving you a seat at lunch so you didn’t get left standing around the crowded table and would tease you about your glasses but if anybody else did it he would defend you until they apologized and wow sorry about this

“Join me?”

Word count: 665

Rating: Sad cute Ash

Pairing: Ashton Irwin/Reader

Request: No :c

A/N: You’re at a dinner with your parents and he asks you to come on tour permanently.

“Please y/n, don’t make me do this. You’re dad hates me.” Ashton pleaded you from the driver’s seat. You were parked outside your parent’s house because they had invited you two over for dinner. Ashton wanted to go home.

“Ash come on. He just doesn’t know you yet. I’m sure he’ll love you as much as I do.” You laughed. “Well maybe not in the same ways that I do.”

Ashton giggled and kissed your cheek before finally agreeing to get out of the car. You could get him to do anything you wanted. You laced your fingers with his as you led him to the front door and knocked. Your father opened the door and you immediately felt Ashton stiff beside you but you refused to drop his hand.

“Y/n!” Your father pulled you into a hug which forced you to have to let go of Ashton’s hand to hug him back. “Hi Ashton. Come on inside you two. You’re mum’s been in the kitchen for hours. You know how she gets.”

You laughed and grabbed Ashton’s hand again before following your dad to the kitchen where your mom was cooking away.

“Everything smells amazing Mrs. Y/L/N” Ashton praised your mum and she smiled. Your mum loved Ashton and contrary to what Ashton believed, your dad didn’t hate him. Your dad had always taken a disliking to boys you dated but you could tell he liked Ashton the most. You had been dating Ashton for nearly 3 years which is longer than all of your other relationships combined.

“Thank you Ashton! You’re so sweet. Dinner is ready so y/n if you could help me carry things in?” You mum asked you and before you could nod and help her Ashton jumped in.

“I’d love to help ma’am.” He offered and wrapped his arm around your waist. Your mom smiled and nodded and he kissed your cheek before sending you off to the dining room with your dad.

“Dad.” You started; it was just the two of you alone.

“Yes sweetheart?”

“Ashton is really worried that you hate him,” You sighed, looking at your father with pleading eyes.

“I don’t hate him. I like him more than I have ever liked any of your boyfriends. I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Your dad said kindly. You smiled.

“Ashton would never dream of hurting me. Last year he was accused of hurting me because I had a bruise from falling when I was playing soccer with him and he started crying.” You laughed at the memory of your boyfriend sobbing with his head on your lap.

“I remember that story, that’s when I began to like him more.” Your father joined in with a chuckled and Ashton came in with your mum, carrying plates stacked with food.

“So Ashton how has your band been going.” Your dad started a conversation, giving you a smile.

“The mates have been good.” Ashton replied politely. “We are releasing our album next week and going on our world tour in a couple of months.”

“That sounds great!” Your dad seemed generally enthusiastic. “Will you be joining him at all y/n?”

“We haven’t really discussed it but I’m sure I’ll be able to visit.” You said proudly.

“Well actually y/n.” Ashton started, looking at you. “Management said you could come, if you’d like. We have plenty of space on the bunks and they want to fans to get to know you.”

Your eyes widened and a smile broke onto your face and you nodded happily, tears in your eyes. You were dreading being apart from Ashton and now you wouldn’t have to!

“Better take care of my daughter then Ash.” Your father joked, and you could literally feel Ashton relax when your dad used his nickname.


PDA Michael Imagine

thearcaneminds asked: Hi there. Can you make a Michael Imagine about both of us walking along the Californian Sidewalk and me being scared to hold hands with him in the public (because no one knows our relationship yet) & him letting me feel less scared? thank you. :)

"Lovely weather," Michael says as you both walk down the sidewalk.

"Hm," You hum.

"It would be better if I was holding hands with someone though, someone I love," He say, you look at him and smile awkwardly.

"I don’t know Michael, no-one knows we’re together, they think we’re friends."

"Come on y/n please!" He begs.

"No Michael, I’m not comfortable with it that."

"What are you afraid of?"

"Who says I’m afraid of anything?"

"Because you won’t hold my hand, what’s stopping you?"

"What will your fans say Michael? What will they think?" You ask, he runs his hands through his hair and shakes his head.

"They have their suspicions y/n, if we hold hands then it’s just confirming it. Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?" 

"They could hate me!"

"Why does it matter? I love you, your family loves you and your friends love you. Who cares what anyone else thinks, you are my girlfriend and I want the world to know!" He says, you look at him before shaking your head.

"Fine, let’s do it," You say grabbing his hand, he smiles proudly as you both continue walking.

Sorry it took so long and is so short!


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Preference #12: You have a nightmare ➸requested
  • Luke: you wake up instantly with your heart beating as fast as a drum beat. It’s dark and cold and the only thing you can hear is the sound of your hyperventilation caused from the nightmare you just had. The storm outside sends a horrible shake straight through to your bones so you sit up and tap Luke softly.
    "Lukey," you squeak, "Lukey wake up." 
    He fidgets around a little before eventually sitting up and wiping his eyes clean of sleep. Upon seeing you it’s as if his senses wake up almost immediately and he puts his hand on your shoulder and rubs softly.
    "Hey, hey what’s the matter?"
    "I’m scared," You say as if you were a child again. "I’m really scared." 
    You wimp your way into his arms and snuggle right into the crook of his neck between his broad shoulders and neck. Surprisingly it’s really comfy even though his body is as toned as anything. He grabs the back of your head with his two hands and embraces you really tight to his body. The contrast between his steady heart beats and your overpowering heartbeats is emphasised when his bare chest makes contact with your body through your thin shirt. 
    "I promise i’ll always be here for you, I’ll  protect you from whatever monster it is." 
    You pull at his hair and nod your head frantically, digging into his skin a little more. He notices you flinch as thunder and random noises occur around outside so he lays you down and makes sure you face him while he distracts you and sings to you until you fall asleep instead. 

  • Mikey: It was the biggest relief to you when Mikey woke you up from your nightmare. It was absolutely terrible so when Mikey shook you awake from your unconscious squirming and unease you were so relieved. Waking up to his beautiful, mysterious eyes was exactly what you needed. At first you were confused, but when you familiarised yourself with the pair, you pulled him towards you and kissed his squishy cheek frantically. He giggled and grabbed you so that you two were hugging whilst lying down in bed. Embracing each other like a child would embrace a teddy bear. 
    "MIkey I love you. I love you." 
    "Hey," He laughs, "I love you too but what’s all this about?" 
    "I had a horrid dream that’s all." 
    You sink your head into his chest and breathe in his scent because it was familiar and reminded you of home. 
    "Do you want to talk about it?" He asks as he puts his hand up the back of your shirt and massages your bare back the way you like it. You shake your head and as you do so you snuggle into his chest a little more making him pull you closer. 
    "Okay then we should go back to sleep now. Maybe-" He pulls you over to him so that you were now lying on top of him as if he was your new mattress, "maybe you should sleep like this so that if you do get another nightmare I can wake you up straight away. But you won’t now- because i’ll hold you. I won’t let you go." 
    his heart beat against your ear is enough for you to trust him and sure enough, you sleep right through the night.

  • Calum: When you woke up from the bad dream the first thing your eyes adjusted to was Calum’s big, brown eyes looking back at you as if examining you. His phone was in his hands but he was fully concerned with you. 
    "Baby, are you okay? You didn’t seem to be sleeping very well." 
    It was his first night back and though you didn’t tell him, since he had been gone you have had nightmares ever since. Now he was here, you were still having nightmares, and he had jet lag which meant he had been watching you fidget and squeal in your sleep right from the beginning. 
    "I wasn’t,’ You reply honestly as you find his hand under the blanket and squeeze it.
    "I’ll be right back, okay?" 
    Before he got out of bed he leans over you and kisses you on your lips softly and gently as if he was scared that if he kissed any harder he’d shatter you to pieces. When he finally released his mouth from yours he moved your hair out and away from your face so that he could see you completely. Then he pecked your head and nose and quickly ran off.  He came back with his guitar and turned on the lampshade next to him, giving him a nice angelic glow as he put a capo on his guitar. 
    "Close your eyes okay?"
    You agreed and you felt your mind go into bliss as he began to gently sing to you a lullaby that he was making up on the spot.  

  • Ashton: You’re eyes opened slowly into a damp pillow. In your sleep you had been subconsciously crying and through the sheets you could feel how heavily your heart was beating. Ash was snoring very loudly next to you and you couldn’t get back to sleep nor calm down so you grabbed the tissue box next to you and quietly left the room to go calm down in the lounge. You were crying, and you didn’t exactly know why, when Ash emerged from the bedroom in the midst of putting on a hoodie and wiping his eyes of sleep.
    “I didn’t mean to wake you,” you said casually as you wiped your face completely.
    “What’s up,” he instead answered, “there’s no reason for you to be up at this time.”
    He took a seat next to you and put his arm around you comfortably.
    “Just a nightmare,” you tell him honestly, “so I’m just having a bit of a cry,” you joke.
    He pulls you into a hug and you melt into the muscles that envelope you. As he rubs your back and soothes you he puts his lips on your forehead and pecks you several times.
    “C’mon,” he says, “let’s go for a drive and get your mind off things.”
    He completely ignores his own sense of tiredness and drives you around in circles until eventually you fall asleep again. And when you do fall asleep he carries you out of the car and puts you back into bed before holding you and falling asleep himself.