#106: How You Take Naps


This it a little bit different from what I usually write, so this might be considered more as a blurb than a preferences. 


In your opinion, the smaller the couch was, the better and more comfy the nap would be. If you looked from Luke’s perspective, it wasn’t such a great idea considering his calves would always dangle out of from the armrest cushion part of the couch but he couldn’t care less as long as you were comfortable. Napping with you were probably ten times better than the actual sleep you guys had at night because Luke could get the chance to hold you close to his chest for a certain amount of time without worrying that you would move away to rest on another position. Even if he wasn’t much tired or a nap person, he would still do it as an excuse to be as close as you as possible, with your legs tangled, your hand resting over his chest where is heart was beating and your chin resting between the crock of his neck and his shoulder. Because he was always such a light sleeper, it didn’t take much for him to wake up and look down at you lovingly, his finger caressing your soft lips in a relaxing touch. Some people might think it’s creepy but it was one of Luke’s favourite things in life, to just look down at his girlfriend in peace and quiet like the whole world was blocked out and it was only the two of you left to be with each other. At times when he would be the first one to wake up, he would look down at you and admire, before he would grab his phone to take a few selfies and just pictures of you sleeping. At times you would freak out at him for posting stuff like that on social medias like Twitter and Instagram but in the end you would always have a smile on your face when you saw the pictures because you could literally see how comfortable you are around him just by the look of your sleeping face, a small smile on your lips creeping in pure happiness.


If someone could give out an award for being the couple that took the most naps, you and Calum would occupy the first position and most probably win. At times when the boys or one of the bodyguards couldn’t find Calum and you, they would most likely go after where there would be some kind of soft chair or couch. Whether it was at an arena, in the studio, at home or just in the tour bus in general, the boys would find you guys napping. And it would always be in the same position where Calum was determined to have his arms wrapped around you. If it was on some kind of soft material chair, he would sit on it at first and then have you in his lap before he would turn you around 90 degrees so you could rest against his chest with your head, and your legs resting over the armrest of the chair. Calum would then wrap his hands around you and either lean his head against the cushion behind him or just rest his head against yours in to relax even more. If it was one some kind of couch, he would lay on his side and have you cuddled into his chest with your nose to smell his cologne, his arms wrapped around you with one around your waist and the other either in your hair or right under to nuzzle. It was securing for him to know that nothing bad would happen to you as long as you were wrapped up in his arms and away from any harm that could occur. The boys also find it quite entertaining to see how you guys could just sleep wherever you needed because they found it oddly cuter and at times quite jealous. The look on Calum’s face always told how happy he was to be close to you and it made it a difficult time for the boys to just wake you guys up if Calum had to do some kind of recording or sound check, but in the end Calum would always creep back to you when he was finish doing his business.


Michael would always request two things under naps that could be considered rules. The first rule would be that it was a need for him to rest his cheek against your soft chest. Whether it was shirtless or not his favourite place to sleep would be as close to your heartbeat as possible and just the softest part of your body. Having you resting on your back with your arm dragged around his shoulder, he would be in pure heaven and almost at the point of drooling on you by just how fantastic he was feeling when napping with you. But it would only be a plus if you did something extra out of it which created rule number two: Being nuzzled on the back. To make the cherry on top, Michael would literally always either pull up his t shirt or even take it off before you guys would nap because that would make his nap ten times better with your finger palms tickling around the skin on his back, almost at the point of forming goosebumps on him. And if you stopped doing it, he would make the funniest groans or whining signs because he would never want you to stop and it didn’t take much to you to continue after his whines because it would be so hilarious like he was acting like a child. But it was not like you weren’t getting any goods into the naps; Michael would always make sure that his hand was resting on the skin around your hip and thigh, running it up and down in a soothing matter that made it comfortable. Even in your sleep, the both of you would remember to nuzzle each other and you didn’t even know how it was possible. It was just a normal thing you guys would to each other no matter what and it was probably your favourite thing to do as a couple, there was no doubt that even when you guys would grow old together you would still to it, in the exact same positions.


If there was one couple that never did relaxing things like this that would be you and Ashton. With the both of you having energy on an extraordinary level it was rarely you guys even wanted to take a small nap. But when you would do it, it would last long and you would go all in. Ashton would always make sure that it was after a shower because after his afternoon run the first thing on his mind would be to shower first and afterwards napping so he could be fresh for the gigs at night. That was also a plus for you because that meant that you wouldn’t have to rest with a smelly Ashton. The nap timing was also perfect for you since at that point when Ashton was home from running you would be about to rip out your hair from having to study so much for finals and normal homework so napping with him was a sweet escape to get away with everything and just float away in dreams. Ashton would as usual be the one to rest on his back on the couch with one of the pillow cushions behind him and then you would be the one to rest directly one top of him with your head resting against your chest. It was calming for the both of you because Ashton could get the chance to wrap his arms around you and hold you close to him while you could rest on top of his very broad body which could seem to be very firm, and of course it was but it was still somehow short, especially if he was wearing a shirt with soft material. At times he would move his head and that would make his stubble tickle the top of your forehead and he even made sounds at times just because he was so relaxed around you. If he wanted to make it a little more special he would remember to lit a few candles around you guys and even cuddle you up in a blanket to make it more romantic and it never failed to impress you.

roommate!michael has always had a thing for you, from the smallest of crushes blossomed a full blown entrancement with the idea of you being around. he would always perk up when you asked him to do errands with you, even if it was just getting toilet paper at the corner store, and when he ordered pizza he would order every topping on the menu because he didn’t want to forget your favorite one, but he was just way too nervous to ask. today, though, the hassles of life finally caught up to him and the mirage that you subsequently bestowed on him had disappeared just enough to remind him of his body image. he was never proud of it, all the pizza and lack of effort toward his exercise surely paid off in the long run. he knew it would, but he just didn’t have the energy to change his outcome. so, he sat in front of his mirror, shirt cast aside and eyes looking tenderly at his soft tummy and languid lines, hoping that they would harden under his gaze and he wouldn’t have to sit in front of this mirror much longer. you had been watching him for three minutes now, feeling the pain that he sent toward himself. you could see how disgusted he looked, staring at himself as if he were a monster in his own skin, and you found your place behind him just before he managed to whiz around and beg you to leave him be. this was the most embarrassing thing to happen to him all year, the most beautiful girl he’d ever met accessing something that he had never been proud of, and for the first time in his life he felt everything slip from between his fingers like flimsy cloth…but you stayed. you lifted his head with two fingers to his chin and you pressed your lips on every part of his doughy cheeks, opting away from bringing up the salty, wet tracks that stained his cheeks.

A Thousand Lives Luke Imagine

Synopsis: After a freak accident with lightning y/n can no longer age, but she doesn’t let anyone in either. (Based off the movie The Age of Adaline).

Word Count: 2.8k+

You were 18 when you stole your parent’s car and took it out for a ride. The car was new, and you had no license, but Emie convinced you to steal it and to come pick her up so you could drive fast down an abandoned street and ‘feel the wind in your hair’.

But it hadn’t snowed in years; in fact you had never saw snow. At first you smiled at the snow, but as it got thicker and stuck to everything you changed your mind. Between trying to look where you were going and trying to get rid of the snow on the car window, it was no surprise when you car spun off the road and down a hill into the river below.

The freezing water lowered your temperature to below 35oC causing hypothermia to begin, but the shock had stopped your body from moving and had caused you to pass out, meaning the body’s normal reactions to help with hypothermia weren’t working.

You died at 10:07pm in the middle of the river, with the new car acting as your protection from the sea creatures.

But at 10:09pm, lightning struck loudly through San Francisco and crashed into your car, and you. Acting as a mother nature’s defibrillator, hundreds of electricity shot through your body causing your heart to start pumping and your eyes to open.

Like a scene out of Little Mermaid, you kicked open the car door and rushed up to the top of the sunlight zone to get air into your lungs.

Snow continued to fall; lightning continued to strike, but you never aged a minute from then on.

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Mornings with Calum

The stray beams of the early morning sunlight weaved their way into the room, meeting your sleepy gaze. A little groan of complaint bubbled out of your mouth as you turned toward the side of the bed that’s usually inhabited by a warm body that leaves a limb draped over you at all times.
Then it hit you.
There wasn’t a limb draped over you, or a warm presence on the other side of the bed. You sat up and stretched, glancing around through squinted eyes, trying to see where he went. Not finding him, you crawled out of bed and grabbed the first piece of clothing you saw to cover yourself after last nights escapades. Padding down the stairs into the kitchen, the smell of coffee filled your senses.
You leaned against the doorframe, taking in the sight of him leaning against the far counter, scrolling aimlessly through his phone (most likely twitter) and sipping from a coffee cup. A gray beanie sat atop his head-not really doing much with his hair-, a pair of black boxers hung dangerously low on his hips, probably due to the careless way he threw them on in the dark when he was trying not to wake you. If you were honest, this is when you thought he looked the best, not only because he wasn’t wearing much, but because he just looked so… Easily handsome.
A small yawn pulsed its way out of you, your hand shooting up to stifle the sound. But it was too late- he had heard you. He looked up from the phone, his eyes immediately meeting yours. Instinctively, he smiled and opened his arms, pushing his weight off the counter and waiting expectantly for your smaller frame to meet his.
“G'Morning Hood.” You murmured, moving toward his open arms and giggling as he slipped his hands into the jacket you had pulled on, his hands taking purchase on your waist.
He led you to the kitchen table and slipped into the chair beside it as he placed you so you were standing between his legs.
“Morning sleeping beauty.” He mumbled against your tummy, placing a light kiss on the exposed skin there. His breath came in small puffs against your skin, the peppered kisses leaving your skin tingling. “Coffee?” He leaned his chin on your stomach and looked up at you with his brown eyes. You brought your hands up and removed the beanie, only to tangle your fingers into his brown locks, stopping to make sure that you tugged lightly on the few locks that were previously tinted blonde.
You have to admit that you don’t particularly care for coffee, especially the kind that Calum makes, as he doesn’t know how to make it. But how could you say no to him? You felt yourself nod, a smile stretching across his features as he jumped up from his seat to pour you a cup. There was a small hiss from the coffee pot when he removed it from the burner, the only sound that filled the house.
Calum moved back to his place in front of you, setting the cup down as he pulled you closer to him. Being the silly one he is, he nuzzled his nose into the dip of your hip, pressing a quick kiss there before pulling you down to sit on his lap, so you were straddling him.
“How are you?” He spoke his words as he leaned his lips against your collar bone, causing them to come out muffled.
“Tired and a little cold.” You kissed his head and shivered a bit, finally feeling the difference in temperature. “You?”
“I’m happy.” The smile was evident in his voice.
“I wish I could lock little moments like this up and put them in an hourglass. That way, they"ll be there forever.” He brought his face up at your words, an amused expression on his face.
“About as cliché as Starbucks.” You both laughed at the truth in his words.
The thing was, you were serious. You wanted to keep the memory of his laugh, his messy hair, the way his left hand softly drew circles on your thigh, the way he peppered kisses sleepily against your skin and the feel of him holding you as close to you as you could keep it.
The thought of that made you press your face into his neck, your hands intertwining with the bottom strings of his hair. A laugh rumbled through his body, his hand rubbing the small of your back. You sat there in silence, thinking back on the conversation you had last night about how much you really mean to each other.
A click sounded out of nowhere, resembling a picture shutter.
“Calum Thomas Hood. Was that what I think it was?” Your tone signaled more than a warning.
He was typing away on his phone, a smirk plastered on his face.
“CALUM. I’m not wearing clothes!!” Your face burned with embarrassment at what you knew was something he would post on his social media.
“Babe, all I got was your face. Promise. My chest is the one showing. The manly chest.” He comforted, showing you the tweet he had sent.

@calum5sos @[y/t/n] Here’s the hourglass. #sleepingbeautyisawake


Masterlist || Requests

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LITTLE HEADS UP: some of my smuts switch from first person to second person which I am sorry for that but I’m too lazy to fix it so if there are any mistakes please just don’t message me about it because most likely I already know :-)

⋆ = smut (which everything mostly is)


1. Breakin’ In The Man Cave. (imagine) ⋆

2. How Michael Is In Bed. (blurb) ⋆

3. Getting It On In The Van With The Guys In The Car. (blurb) ⋆

4. Getting It On In The Schools Library. (blurb) ⋆

5. His Reaction To You Having Sex With A Girl. (blurb) ⋆


1. You’re Mine. (imagine) ⋆

2. Great Praising. (imagine) ⋆

3. The Morning After The Awards Show. (blurb)

4. His Reaction To You Having Sex With A Girl. (blurb) ⋆

5. Sexting Calum. (Text AU)


1. His Good Girl. (imagine) ⋆

2. You’re Dominant. (blurb) ⋆

3. Safeword. (blurb) ⋆

4. His Reaction To You Having Sex With A Girl. (blurb) ⋆

5. Walking In On Him Jerking Off. (blurb) ⋆

6. How Luke Is In Bed. (blurb) ⋆

7. Teasing Luke. (blurb)  ⋆


1. Naughty Girl. (imagine) ⋆

2. Thinking of Last Night. (imagine)*

3. Daddy!Ash Giving You A Cum Facial. (blurb) ⋆

4. Safeword. (blurb) ⋆

5. His Reaction To You Having Sex With A Girl. (blurb) ⋆

6. Giving Ashton a Boner While He’s at the Studio.


1. He Teases You. (CONTAINS VISUALS) ⋆

2. Rough Sex. (CONTAINS VISUALS) ⋆

3. Holding/Talking To The Baby For The First Time.


Michael would be the perfect person to nap with though; wrapping his body around yours, his head falling against your chest on the pretence of hearing your heartbeat as his fingers curl around the other side of your ribcage to draw slow, steady patterns against your skin. His gentle breathing would lull you to sleep, hair tickling against your neck every time that he moves to make you laugh while he mumbles something about staying still beneath his breath, fingers tightening to keep you in place.

But Daddy Luke driving with little hemmings in the car for the first time since he was born and he’d be so worried the whole time and would get super sweaty and nervous when people would honk at him to speed up and go because he would be driving 10 under the speed limit and taking his turns extra slow to not wake up the lil baby who is sleeping soundly in his car seat and hed constantly look in his rear view mirror to make sure that lil Hemmings is still fast asleep and he’d be so relieved when he finally pulled into his driveway with lil Hemmings still soundly asleep in his car seat


There’s something about roommate!ashton that makes me so happy. Just picturing him waking up with the sun glimpsing through his curtains, highlighting his golden curls and chiseled jaw in the most perfect way possible, and he’d stretch out his long, muscular arms for once because there wasn’t a random body there for him to hold and comfort and persuade out of his bed. He would roll out of bed and stretch his tired limbs and head for the shower, the sounds of water pounding against the glass door falling upon his deaf ears while he whistled under his breath and wiggled out of his underwear in the middle of the hallway, ready to feel the delicious pressure of warm water against his sunkissed skin. Yet, when Ashton clambered into the shower, eyes closed and mouth opened in a soft “o” as he yawned, you were doe eyed and terrified at his figure in the same shower as you. Sure, you had thought of this before. You’d also thought of yourself in a shower with Channing Tatum. However, you knew that any thoughts of yourself in a steamy shower with a man would evaporate from your steam filled mind before now. Now you were eye to eye with your roommate, blushing at the smirk on his face as he apologized in the flattest tone ever, running his fingers down the slippery slope of your spine and resting at the dip of your back, his gravelly voice resembling the tranquil earth as he mutters a deep “We would be saving water if I just stayed here, y'know.”

having a thing with best friend!luke would be so much fun like you would be all affectionate and hug and cuddle all the time but as soon as someone calls you out on it, you two would break apart and blush profusely and sputter about how you’re “not together” and you’re “just friends”, even though literally everyone, especially the fans, knew your feelings for each other were so much more than simply platonic. so one day you were out walking in london with luke and you were standing much too close together and suddenly you heard someone yell “jesus christ mAKE OUT ALREADY” and right as you were about to turn around luke grabbed you and he didn’t really know what came over him but a second later he was kissing you and you knew that this is kind of what you’ve wanted ever since you met the noodle boy

requests for blurbs or one shots are open, please send me stuff!

You and Michael are roommates and he loves video games. Recently he has been obsessed with Sims and he can’t stop playing it. He leaves his computer on and goes to the kitchen to get something to eat and you start playing with the characters he has created and you realize that he has created a character that represents you and another character that represents him and in the game you’re dating and living a happy life together. When he returns he sees you playing and he freaks out because you found his little secret. “So does this mean that one day you’re going to ask me to be your girlfriend?” You ask playfully and he smiles shyly and says “Maybe”