Bad Habits (Intro A.I)

FINALLY! So this is the intro for my new Ashton fic. It’s going to be creepy, guys!

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Ashton Irwin, or as his new students will refer to him as, Professor Irwin is the new young, attractive, smart and yet slightly creepy English professor at a small liberal arts college located outside of New York City. Ashton is a world renowned author, writing some of the best stories in recent years; he has enough money from the royalties of his books that he doesn’t have to work a day in life, but he is. His new students and colleagues can’t  figure out why the Australian professor want to teach at the small university, his net worth was probably larger than the school’s endowment! But there was a reason, and a very unsettling one at that why he applied for this teaching role.

Y/N Y/L/N is a new college freshman and is attending a small, quirky liberal arts college outside of the city limits of New York City. Y/N has been fascinated with books, and literature since she could remember. When she was a young girl her favorite author was Roald Dahl, now as she is older and wiser it is Ashton Irwin. Y/N has loved Ashton’s books since she was 13 and read her mother’s copy of his debut novel; A semi-autobiographical tale a boy growing up in Sydney, Australia with a single mother and a absent father. Y/N thinks she loved his work so much was because it was so relatable. Especially his last story, which was creepily similar to the situations she was facing. It was almost like Ashton knew her, like he watched her everyday life.

[Imagine] C.H. Time and Space

You had missed Calum so much after he’d been on tour for nearly four months. The Skypes and the calls were barely enough to connect you two, but now he was back. You had planned a lot on what you two were going to do, before yet he leaves for tour in a month or two now. You were excited because you’ll get to spend days with Calum doing a lot of adventurous stuffs for his holiday.

“Ugh. Mate I can barely hang out with you now, Y/N planned the whole month of this and that, I hope she knows that there’s also you and my folks that wants to see me, she’s been so clingy this past week, she sticks wherever I am… it’s suffocating and I am completely confused about our relationship,” Your heart was striked off with millions of needles. You did plan the whole month, but you also did knew that he wishes to also go see his folks and the guys too. You knew that, that was why all your plans were flexible, and always ends up not so late so he has time to meet up with whom ever. You also knew that planning quite ahead was a selfish thing to do, but you took all the consideration of him wanting to go meet with the others and his folks. You even arranged dinner, and outings with them lot, but you guessed he didn’t see all those.

It hurt you. Maybe he didn’t feel that lonely or missed you as much as you do? Just maybe. How would he feel lonely when he has the lads with him, and how would he feel missed when there’s other loads of people that missed him too. Maybe you were just one of those who missed him. You frowned a dejected smile.

You didn’t want to eavesdrop with their conversation, but you did hear Luke say something, “Mate, I don’t know what you’re uttering right now but Y/N is an amazing woman, I tell you,” at least someone thought you were. You heard them laugh commenting about how he has a girlfriend, and yet compliments another. You went back to Calum’s bedroom, and grabbed your phone dialling some of the activities you had planned to be cancelled. Well most of them. Maybe all of them except the dinner, and the 3 days and 2 nights outing with them and his family along with others.

You decided to stay in their shared house for the time being, but clearly that wasn’t what he was wanting right now. On your own consideration you decided to pack the clothes you unloaded just a week ago. Your small suitcase was filled immediately with your clothes, and your other necessities. You didn’t cry. You were sad, but you didn’t cry. Maybe not near his presence, he barely sees you cry, maybe not even. You didn’t cry when he left the previous tour not because you weren’t that sad, but you wanted to be strong for him so he would know you can handle it. You cried. Damn hell. You cried every single night he was away, after all the calls and skyping, you cried. You just chose not to cry in front of him.

You lifted your suitcase down quietly. Luke excused himself to go to the toilet, and that was when he spotted you lifting your suitcase half way. “Y/N?” He called a little bit confused, but helped you with your bag. “What’s going on? Are you and Calum going on vacation somewhere?” He wiggled his brows, and you lightly laughed at him and his quirks. “No, Luke it’s just me,” you answered. “What?!” He narrowed his eyes on you “I thought you two –” you cut him. “I cancelled it,” sadly you smiled. On queue Calum exited the living room, “Y/N?” Shocked as well. “Are ‘we’ going somewhere?” Funny he and Luke assumed the same thing. “Silly boy,” trying to enlighten the mood, you whispered something to Luke and he excused himself though with a scruched expression.

“What’s with the suitcase?” He asked curiously, “Oh… that… that’s mine, I cancelled our whole activity for the month… well except the dinner and the 3 days and 2 nights outing with your family and the boys next week and their family, you know,” you told him guiltily. “Or d'you want me to cancel those too? But everyone’s looking forward to it… you should definetely go, it’ll be fun for ‘you’, the lads and your folks,” you continued rambling.

“What are you talking about? Weren’t you looking forward for ‘our’ activities ‘together’? I cancelled most of my meetings for that.” His face scrunched sadly, and you warrily giggled at his choice of words. “It wasn’t ‘ours’, I am sorry for being inconsiderate forgetting that you might want to do something, I am so sorry for thinking you might enjoy those stuff I just cancelled because I somewhat remember you mentioning this and that, and I am sorry that I wasn’t giving you enough time to spend with the boys and your family, but I hope you knew that I included them on most of it… I am sorry for taking most of your time this past week, really am sorry that I maybe the only one who missed you like crazy, I am also sorry for being clingy, and lastly I am sorry for rambling, now maybe you can re-schedule your plans, you have all the time.” You heaved a long strip speech to him, and tears sprawled your eyes in front of him. The thing you never wanted for him to see. “Y/N…” he tried to start something, but yet again you started to utter something cutting his speech.

“It’s okay Cal, really, you could’ve just told me, if you need time and space then I’ll give you all the time and space you need and maybe you’ll also find where I stand with you and where our relationship is heading.” You mumbled, but enough to be understood. “Please, give it a long thought, don’t come knocking to my door with half hearted words unless it was the other end we’re talking about, I am not expecting you to knock on my door tonight, tomorrow and the next few days.” You gave him your ultimatum, it hurts to let go of these words, it really did.

“What’s happening here?” Michael and Ashton propped out of the living room. “Why is Y/N crying?” Michael pointed you wiped your tears, at least you tried. “I’ll drive you home Y/N,” Luke said and you nodded. “Y/N, please… let me explain…” Calum pleaded, you shook your head and tip toed a chased peck on his lips before you started ambulating towards the door with your suitcase which Luke swiftly carried for you. “Y/N!” Calum called, and he was a mess already, but you were a disaster. “Give both yourselves a time, alright.” Luke being matured advised Calum. “Look after him would you guys?” He asked Ashton and Michael, and they nodded, they’ll get the explanation later.

“Thanks Luke…” you mumbled as he drove you back to your apartment. “It’s nothing, Y/N, call me or any of the lads when you feel like it, alright,” he offered and you nodded yet again thanking him.

It was hard and both of you is hurting but you value yourself too. You love Calum but you love yourself too, you’ve learnt to love it so you’re cherishing it. But he needs to get his thoughts straight because you needed stability in this relationship, you didn’t want to be the one hanging. If you’re going to fall and so should he, it’s cruel but it’s reality.

Maybe you too needed time.

Time will be the answer but both of you needed to hold on.

the one with morning stubble [c.t.h.]

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The morning sunlight streamed through a gap in your curtains directly on to your face. You groaned and turned over to nestle in to Calum’s side, blocking the sun light from your face.

“Cal,” you whispered in his ear as you cuddled him. “Wake up,babe.”

Calum groaned and rubbed his usually smooth cheek against yours. “Morning sunshine.”

“Ouch,” you pouted. Calum’s cheek felt scratchy against your own. You pulled away from him, examined his face and gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Calum asked.

“You have stubble,” you giggled, running your hands over his jaw where small black hairs were spread across it. “You’re finally a man. Should I text Luke so you can compare beards?”

“Baby,” Calum whined, a small blush forming in his cheeks.

“Aw, Cal, am I embarrassing you?” You giggled.

Calum rolled to his side of the bed with a pout on his face. He pulled all the sheets with him and cuddled up in to a ball of bedding. You seen his slender fingers peak out and grab his phone off the bedside table. You laughed at his childish behaviour.

“C'mon Cal, it’s not a big deal,” you said, placing your hand on the comforter gently. You gripped it and pulled it off in one swift motion.

You revealed Calum laying in his boxers, sending snapchats of his stubble to the boys. You doubled over in laughter while Calum recorded you to show everyone how mean you are to him. You regained your composure and looked at Calum. He had his arms crossed against his bare chest and a pout on his lips. You straddled him and intertwined your hands with his.

“I’m sorry for laughing at you. You look cute with your stubble,” you apologised.

“Does that mean you want me to keep it?” Calum grinned up at you.

“Mm-mm,” you shook your head no. “It’s not nice to kiss you.”

“C’mon,” Calum smirked, turning over so you were no under him. He leaned down and rubbed his jaw against your cheek.”

“No!” You shrieked, mid-giggles, and tried to squirm away from Calum.

“Okay, okay. I’ll let you go but you have to give me one stubble filled kiss,” he bargained.

“Fine,” you rolled your eyes. He leaned down and pressed his lips to you but not before rubbing his stubbley jaw against you.

so I wrote this when calum posted the snapchat with his stubble in you know the one but I never posted it so here it is now enjoy!

“Can I borrow some dog food? I found a stray last night and I know you’ve been hiding your puppy for months from our apartment owner.”


Requested: Nope, came from my own brain

You were acquaintances with your neighbors, you didn’t really care to know them all that well. Especially because they might rat out your secret to the apartment owner. Several months ago your mom had bought a puppy and then got tired of it all within the span of a week. She told you about how she was going to take it back to the pound and you immediately offered to take the pup, since you couldn’t bear to think of it in such a terrible place. The only issue was your apartment complex had a strict no pet policy. So, you did the only thing you could think of, hide it.

Lottie did her part too, she wasn’t much of a barker, except during storms but the thunder helped to cover that up. Also, whenever someone knocked on the door she knew to immediately run into the bedroom and stay quiet until you gave the signal it was okay to come out. When she needed to go on her walks or even sometimes going on adventures to work with you, you would carefully peek your head out into the hallway to make sure the coast is clear. She would calmly stay in your jacket until you both safely made it a block away from the apartment complex. After a few months of having Lottie you began to lose your nerves about being caught, you were both so careful and no one had caught you now why would they later?

And then one night Luke, one of your neighbors, showed up at your doorstep. He looked rushed, his hair was a mess from him running his fingers through it and he seemed to still be wearing his pajamas from that morning. Lottie was doing what she was trained to do and was hiding in the bedroom.

“Luke what’s wrong are you okay?”

“Yea I’m fine I was wondering if I could borrow some dog food please? It’s an emergency.”

“Dog food? Why would I have dog food we aren’t allowed to have pets and more importantly why do you need it?”

There was no way in hell you were giving up your pup just because of some idiot who needs dog food probably for some kind of a prank. However, you felt a little bad for Luke he seemed really stressed and from the little you knew about him he seemed like a great guy.

“Cut the shit, Y/N. Can I borrow some dog food? I found a stray last night and I know you’ve been hiding your puppy for months from our apartment owner.”

Your jaw dropped, how the hell did he know? You decided if he already knew then there was no point in pretending any longer. You grabbed Lottie up in your jacket and a new pack of her dog food and followed Luke to his apartment next door.

“Thanks, I meant to get some for him today but I just didn’t have time with him tearing up the place and I’ve been trying to potty train him too. He’s just not getting it right away.”

You walked into Luke’s apartment and were met with one of the cutest golden retriever puppies you’ve ever seen. He had a few cuts and scrapes and seemed a little dirty, probably from living on the streets but Luke had found a great friend. Lottie immediately ran towards the other pup and she tried to play with him, however he just seemed to be scared of her despite being twice her size. You told Lottie to come to you to give the pup some space and smiled at Luke.

“What’s his name he’s adorable.”

He scratched the back of his neck and still had the overwhelmed expression on his face. “I don’t know I haven’t gotten the chance to name him yet, I’ve mostly been focused on trying to keep him.”

“Well I’ll teach you a few things I guess, since Lottie and I are the champs of hiding from Mr. Burnham.”

“Really? That’d actually be great I could use a few pointers.”

The first thing you did was help Luke give the golden retriever a bath. You ran next door and left Lottie with Luke to get your puppy soap and some medicine that helps with cuts that you once needed for Lottie. When you returned Luke was sitting on the floor with the two pups and they were all playing together. That sight really tugged at your heart strings.

You first applied the ointment to all of the new puppy’s cuts you could find. Then you helped Luke fill up his bathtub and put a little soap in. The golden retriever seemed a little nervous about the water at first but after a minute he seemed to be having the time of his life. You let Lottie join him when she kept trying to jump in. Both of the pups got you and Luke soaked in water and soap suds when they wouldn’t stay still to get cleaned. After their bath was finished You wrapped them both up in some towels from Luke’s closet and let them dry off. Then you began explaining how to teach him tricks to Luke and you started working on it.

By the end of the night the pup had somewhat learned to run to the bedroom when someone knocks on the door and he had learned to sit very well. You also gave Luke some tips on potty training. After all four of you were exhausted from learning, you poured some food for the pups and Luke cooked some pasta for you both. He offered to watch a movie with you too and by the time the movie started you were practically half asleep.

You woke up the next morning with two puppies curled up on both of your sides and your head pressed against Luke’s shoulder. You had a feeling that many puppy playdates would ensue from this and perhaps some real dates between you and Luke. He was really a nice guy and you had a great time with him, maybe getting to know your neighbor wasn’t that terrible of an idea.


Might write more about this, neighbor luke and luke w puppies really does something to me and mixing them was a great idea let me know if you’re interested!

Accidentally Meeting


Looking at yourself in the dressing room mirror, you contemplated if you should buy the ripped skinny jeans you were trying on.
With a finger lightly tapping your chin, you thought of the endless outfit combinations you could do.
“I’ll take it.” You said to yourself, finally deciding. “Along with this black shirt.”
You picked up the shirt from the ground and placed it back in its hanger.
Suddenly, you heard a loud crowd of girls screaming and running, making you jump.
Their footsteps in unison sounded like a stampede of wild animals.
Quickly changing out of your new jeans to your old ones, you curiously peeked out to see what was causing such a commotion.
A fast hand grabbed the door and opened it with great force. That same hand pushed you back into the dressing room, which caused you to hit your head against the mirror, and placed a finger on your lips.
“Please don’t rat me out!” The brown-haired stranger yelled/whispered. “I’ll give you anything.”
You pushed his finger away angrily and made a face.
“You made me hit my head, you idiot.” You hissed, rubbing the painful area, still not realizing who was in the dressing room with you.
“I’m so sorry but please! I’m begging you!” He put his hands together in a pleading manner and pouted.
“Wait…” You trailed off.
That’s when it hit you.
5 Seconds of Summer’s very own bass player.
You’re Calum Ho-”
“Don’t!” He interrupted by putting a finger on your mouth again.
You jerked your face away, annoyed by his antics.
“I’m not gonna rat you out, okay? Just stop putting your finger on my lips.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Where is he?” You both heard a girl say outside.
“I saw him go this way.” Another one answered.
You had an idea and hoped it would work.
“Stay here.” You whispered over to Calum, pushing him to the far corner.
“What are you doing?” He harshly whispered back.
“Just trust me.”
He looked at you with a face full of horror as you slowly walked to the dressing room door.
Upon opening it, the girls turned to you instantly with a crazed look in their eyes.
“He went that way.” You pointed at the exit before continuing. “I saw him leave before entering the dressing room.”
The girls hastily thanked you and scurried away on their witch hunt.
From behind the door, Calum stood quietly in astonishment because of what you had done.
You weren’t like most girls and he liked that. Maybe it was because you weren’t a fan? Or maybe you are one just not the crazy kind? Like a cool one. Those were rare to him but, nonetheless, very appreciated. Whatever you were, he liked it. So much so that he had to get to know you more.
You hurriedly went back into the dressing room only to bump into a tall Calum.
He moved you aside and locked the door.
“I was really worried you’d hand me over to them.” He chuckled nervously.
“I would never do that.”
“Why?” He questioned, tilting his head a bit.
He looked like a confused puppy. A very cute one.
“Well, I can’t say I relate, but I can imagine how tough it is to not have your privacy.” You stated. “It must really suck.”
Calum gave you a soft smile before randomly pulling you into a hug.
“Thanks.” He said while resting his chin on the top of your head because of your extreme height difference.
“No problem.” You replied.
“Well I should get going. I have to call the guys and tell them they were right about not coming to the mall alone.”
The both of you laughed before he abruptly stopped.
“I didn’t get your name, by the way.”
“Y/N.” A smile grew on your face as his chocolate colored eyes looked into yours.
“It was nice to meet you, Y/N.” He said, “hopefully we’ll see each other again.”
He slowly made his way out of the dressing room with his eyes glued to you.
On the outside, you were playing it cool, but on the inside? You were mentally cheering and jumping with excitement! He didn’t have to know, though.
As Calum walked away, he would glance back at you to check if you were still looking at him.
He’d wave every so often with a goofy smile on his face, which made you giggle.
Putting your hands in your jean pockets, you felt a crumpled paper.
An automatic smile appeared on your face as it read ‘Call me sometime? xxx -Calum’ with numbers scribbled at the bottom.
“How did he-?” You stopped yourself and shrugged. You didn’t mind. After all, you did have the chance to ask him later.

imagine being on tour with Calum and the concert had just finished for the night. As usual, Calum had run off stage and scooped you into his arms, lifting you and spinning you around, high off the adrenaline from a great show. Then he’d tell you that he was going outside to smoke and that you could wait for him in the green room and he would be back in twenty minutes. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, so you’d nod and give him one more kiss before heading off to the green room. Twenty minutes would go by, then thirty, then nearly an hour and you’d begin to worry. The venue was in a pretty safe area, and there were tons of people were milling around, so it was hard to believe that anything bad had happened to him. But then you thought back to news stories you’d heard, Dateline episodes you’d watched, where terrible things happened in broad daylight and you made up your mind to go search for him.

You first checked the outside of the venue, peering out the back door into the dark night, but you didn’t see Calum. So, you searched the venue, wandering through the winding hallways, big ones branching into smaller ones, which led to even smaller ones, like the blood vessels you’d learned about in biology. You prayed you wouldn’t get lost. You eventually found him in one of the smallest, narrowest hallways on the east side of the building. Unlike the main hallways it wasn’t bustling with crew members and venue employees, instead it was completely silent, empty except for you and Calum. He was lying on his back on the floor, the hallway not wide enough to accommodate his entire body, so he had his legs up flat against the wall, looking like a human L, staring straight up the ceiling.

Your footsteps echoed down the empty hall as you walked toward him and he finally turned to look at you. “Mind if I join you?” You asked. When he shook his head you got down on the floor and copied his position, your shoes beside his red Nikes on the pure white wall. You knew that if you’d been at home your mother would have scolded you for putting marks on the wall, but here you really didn’t care. You could tell that Calum was in one of his thoughtful moods, the ones that would have him grabbing his journal and scribbling at the speed of light, never letting you see what he had written. Whenever he was in one of these moods, he grew quiet, so you were surprised when he spoke.

“Tonight was just one of those nights, you know, like I got up there and I couldn’t believe that this is my life.” You turned to look at him. His eyes were still fixed on the ceiling, cheeks flushed from the high-energy show, shiny black hair pressed to his forehead with sweat from running around under the spotlights. “I mean so many people spend their lives working dead-end jobs that they hate and I get to do what I’m really passionate about every day. I’m really lucky.”

You turned you gaze up to the ceiling as well, feeling pretty lucky yourself. Whenever Calum started thinking like this, he almost never talked about it, preferring to write in his journal or mull over his thoughts alone over a drink. You knew that he didn’t open up to just anyone, it was something you had to earn. And you’d finally earned it. Like an oyster parting to reveal a pearl, Calum finally trusted you enough to share his deepest thoughts with you. You chose your words carefully, knowing that this was a big step for him. “You deserve it. All of it. You’ve worked hard, and you’ve got so much talent. There was no way it could go to waste.” You reached down and found Calum’s hand, holding it tightly, your hair spread out behind you on the dirty linoleum floor like a fan.

You lay like that for hours, talking, until your legs fall asleep and your back began to hurt from being in the awkward position for so long. But you didn’t complain, hearing Calum talk was worth all the pain, all the dust bunnies in your hair. By the time a harried crew member found you, saying that the bus was about to leave and if you didn’t hurry it would put you behind schedule, you felt like a barrier had been broken. Calum had opened up to you like never before, the layer had been peeled back, and you loved him even more for it.

the one with the family moment[l.r.h]

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You sighed in relief when the warm, soapy water hit your sore muscles, instantly relaxing them. You sank deeper in to the water, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Silence.

Silence had been a rare thing in the Hemmings household this past week. Between the cries from your new-born, some of which occasionally came from you, and the constant stream of visitors who wanted to see your new baby. Of course your visitors only meant well but you didn’t realise you and Luke had this many friends and family.

The baby was asleep and you were almost sure you had seen all of your relatives so now it was time for you to relax. You had run yourself a deep bath with the most luxurious bath things you could find. It had felt like years since the last time you had cleaned yourself, not including the five minute showers you had been having each morning where you barely had time to rinse out your shampoo before Luke was calling for help with baby Hemmings.

You and Luke were the first ones in your families to have a baby and it was such a rarity that both you and Luke were home at the same time. This meant there was an endless stream of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends visiting you and your new baby. Of course you loved seeing all your family but you were wrecked and just wanted some time with Luke and baby Hemmings. Up until you were around 7 and a half months pregnant you and Luke were constantly travelling. Between touring, promo and just plain wanting to explore you and Luke have been to all corners of the globe in the 7 years you have been together. That was probably the one thing you were going to miss when you became a mum, there’s no way you could travel as much as you used to until your little boy was older.

There was a soft knock on the door before it creaked open. Luke’s tired head poked in. He left the door open a crack and set down the baby monitor on the toilet seat.

“Mind if I join you?” He said, while removing his shirt.

“Of course,” you smiled. He took off the rest of his clothes and sat in between your legs. He sighed in relief and closed his eyes. You ran your fingers through his fluffy hair.

“Your hair is really soft. When was the last time you styled it?” You said.

“Pre-junior, I think,” Luke chuckled softly.

“Speaking of him, how is he?” You smiled at the thought of your baby boy.

“Out like a light, seems like we aren’t the only ones wore out after this week. I’ve got the monitor with me just in case he wakes up I’ll go to him.”

“Cool. Ya know, I’ve missed you this week even though we’ve been together, it’s been kind of hectic,” you said and kissed Luke’s shoulders.

“Me too. I’m really proud of you. You’re such a good mum already and it’s only been a week. I love you and Junior so much, you don’t even understand.” He turned his head to kiss your cheek.

“I’m proud of you too. You’ve been the best dad you could be. I love you so much. I couldn’t have asked for a better family,” you said.

You and Luke laid in silence for a couple more minutes, just enjoying each other’s presence. Cries pierced through the monitor interrupting your little husband and wife moment. Luke got out of the bath quickly dried himself and then wrapped a towel around his waist. He kissed your forehead. “I’ll be back in couple minutes.”

“Hey little man.” You could hear Luke through the baby monitor. “What’s up?”

You could hear some shuffling which you presumed was Luke picking him up. He started humming a song that you couldn’t quite make out yet.

“I wrote this song for you beautiful mum when we first met. I was head over heels for her, just like I am for you,” he spoke softly. “I want to breathe you in like a vapor, I want to be the one you remember.”

Your heart swelled with joy and you just wanted to join in on this precious family moment. You quickly dried your body, threw on the comfy shorts and t-shirt you had previously been wearing and walked down the hallway to the nursery.

“Hey,” you grinned. Luke was sat in the rocking chair in the corner, your son cradled against his bare chest, as he sang lullabies.

“Are you okay?” Luke said, raising his eyebrow.

“Yeah, I could hear you singing on the monitor and I just wanted to join you,” you smiled. You perched on the arm of the rocking chair.

Luke put one arm around you and the other held your son close. You couldn’t be happier with your little family.

"Are these enough?"

“Are these enough?” Luke asked, still peppering me with kisses afterwards.

“Not enough.” I groaned, my body tired and fatigued to even move.

“I told you, it’s not a good idea to swim on a lake and chill in the freezing snow.” Luke laughed, massaging my body.

“You don’t have to repeat it again and again.” I pouted, scrunching my face.

“I could and I will, baby girl. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to your boyfriend.” Luke mocked a teasing smile, his dimples in full display.

“And when that happens again, what does Luke do?”

“Take care of you, of course. No question ‘bout that love.” He smiled, kissing me on the cheek.

Being Ashton's sister but liking luke

@outerspacemalum suggested this ages ago and I’m finally writing it whoops

Ash would be annoyingly protective and warning all the lads to back off but you would find yourself just so drawn to Luke and he’d probably be feeling it to. He’d probably feel pretty guilty because you’re his mates little sister but you were also so much more than that to him. After a while of sly glances and small smiles you’d start secretly seeing each other yet it wasn’t as secretive as you thought because everyone could see the love filled looks towards each other and lingering hand touches. One day though Ash would confront you both while you hiding out in your hotel room or something. He’d be pissed at first but when he noticed how gently Luke was holding your hand he’d soften up and allow it. Not without the threatening warning not to hurt you obviously

(Sorry it’s so bad)

These Are Just Lines- Artist!Michael

(A/N) I used another one of @unkindnessofone prompts for this! Haven’t written in a while so hopefully you guys still enjoy!

You’d known Michael since you were scared, alone, and wandering around your college campus during freshman year. He had noticed your aimless walking and stopped you, giving you a soft grin that made your heart skip a beat. With his help, you quickly learned how to navigate your way around the campus. Michael was your first and best friend for almost all of freshman year, until he finally noticed that his feelings expanded beyond friendship and hoped that yours did too. You had agreed when he asked you out, of course, the weight of your secret crush leaving your shoulders.

Your sophomore year rolled around quickly, and Michael found himself in the middle of a large, demanding art project for his drawing class. 5 drawings, of whatever the artist wanted to draw, due in two weeks. He was on edge. The idea of coming up with 5 sketches he felt confident enough in to turn in was driving him up the wall. As a result, you spent more time with him than usual, watching him work his magic as he pulled his pencil across the white paper. Every time he became upset, you would be there to give him back rubs and kisses on his neck until his nerves settled enough for him to get back to work.

8 days into the two weeks, Michael had completed 4 of his drawings. The first, a beautiful rendition of the large oak tree in the park the two of you visited often. The second, an all pencil work that showcased a flock of pigeons picking at the concrete path outside his dorms. The third, an image of one of his best friends, Calum, writing intently in his worn out journal. This picture was filled in with colored pencils that allowed whoever looked at the piece to appreciate the brown pigment of Calum’s smooth skin. Michael’s most recently completed drawing revolved around an older couple holding hands at a table in a coffee shop on campus. You grinned at them all, pride overflowing your heart.

“They’re all amazing, Michael. I’ll never understand how you make everything look so real when you draw. That portrait of Calum, it looks just like him, it’s so perfect.” Carefully, you traced your fingers over the edges of the paper, avoiding smudging any of his wonderful work.

“Thank you, baby.” He mumbled, still sounding worried and worn out.

“What’s your 5th one going to be?” Your bed shifted under your weight as Michael scooped his drawings up and back into his folder. He shook his head, soft hair falling into his eyes.

“I’m not sure yet, Y/N. I have something in mind, though,” he laid back on the bed, his legs still danging off the side of the bed. Absentmindedly, you placed your head on his chest, curling yourself into a little ball and listening to his heartbeat. Michael’s hands found your hair, playing with the strands.

“What do you have in mind?” You questioned, curiosity sparking in your mind.

“I want to draw you,” He breathed. He almost seemed nervous at his confession, which just made you chuckle at him, as he had no reason to be nervous about what he had said.

“That’d be awesome, Michael. Can you please?” Sitting up from his chest, you could see his eyes light up at your question. He sat up, leaning against the wall of your dorm.

“You’d let me?” Michael seemed to be overwhelmed with excitement, any hint of exhaustion from before dissipating. You just nodded at him in response.

“Can we do it now? It’s only noon and I’ll be done before your 4:30 class, that way I can turn my project in tomorrow morning!” He was already on his feet, grabbing his sketchpad and pencil, which he had luckily thought to bring with him.

“Of course we can do it now,” you giggled, his enthusiasm becoming infectious.

“Just, do whatever, study, watch some Netflix, doesn’t matter,” he sounded rushed as he spoke, so you nodded your agreement, giving him a few sweet kisses before letting him get to work. Eventually, you found it difficult to do anything but watch Michael work with his pencil, amazed that he could do such magnificently detailed work with just one utensil. He stopped occasionally, rolling his wrist around in circles to work the tension out, cracking his knuckles or erasing some stray lines when he needed to. The room was mostly quiet other than the scratch of his pencil on paper. You knew he preferred working in relative quiet, so you didn’t try to start any conversation with him. The only conversation you would have is if he would request you to look a certain way to make sure he got all of your angles correct. In the middle of your daydream, Michael reached for your arm, startling you for a second until you realized it was just him.

“I finished,” his grin was so wide you felt one form on your own face in response to seeing your boyfriend so happy.

“Show me!” Clapping your hands together, you waited with anticipation as he placed the drawing in your lap. You instantly felt your eyes well up with tears at how wonderfully he had drawn you. It seemed like he left no detail out, and suddenly your always annoying hair looked beautiful and your acne seemed like it was meant to be on your face. Every curve and crevice that you had looked at in a mirror before and hated suddenly seemed so normal, you couldn’t remember why you hated them in the first place.

“Michael, this is so beautiful,” your eyes rimmed with hot tears and quickly spilled onto your cheeks. Michael smiled, quickly reaching to wipe them away. He pressed small kisses all over your face until you were giggling and kissing him back.

“Seriously, babe. I have no idea how you do it. Everything you draw is so wonderful.” You complimented him again, loving the small blush that started to crop up on his soft cheeks.

These are just lines, Y/N,” he said, looking down at the drawing in your lap before maintaining eye contact with you again. “You’re what made the portrait beautiful.”


Imagine dancer!Y/N leaving Michael for the day for practise. Michael decides to stay at home and have a chill day of FIFA and pizza. But after 5 hours without you, Michael starts to get whiny and needy. So, he brings the boys to your studio to watch you dance for a bit. When they get there you are practicing a Hip Hop solo with a few of your fellow dancers.

Michael, being Michael, immediately checks out your ass in your leggings, but what he also notices, though, is the SnapBack perched on your head. He was certain you didn’t leave with it on, and he was sure he’d never seen it before. He starts to get annoyed, wondering who’s it was. His mind automatically thinking that you had been given it by one of your many admirers that you didn’t seem to realise liked you that way.

Michael did, though. He noticed them grinning while watching you from across the room, checking your ass out as you danced, readjusting themselves while standing behind you. It angered him. So much. Michael knew you would always be faithful to him, but it wasn’t you he didn’t trust.

Michael watched in awe at you dancing, marvelling at your moves. You hadn’t noticed him yet, continuing your routine. After you completed it, you left them studio to get something to drink, very surprised to see your boyfriend standing there.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned, panting slightly after the strenuous routine.

The boys all greeted you, and you walked over to Michael, slinging your arms around his neck.
“Hey Baby.” You mumbled, kissing his red lips.
“Hey.” He replied. “Nice hat. Who’s is it?”
“Oh yeah,” You took off the SnapBack, placing it on Michaels died hair. “They’re new ones for us from the company.” You told him, pointing to your dance company’s logo plastered on the front of the hat.

“Oh.” Michael said under his breath, cheeks turning slightly pink.

“Yeah,” You grinned. “Not my ‘new boyfriends’ hat.”

He blushed harder. You had this way of reading him that no one else did. Most of the time he loved it, but times like these he wished you couldn’t practically read his mind.

You poked your younger out at him, him kissing the tip. You giggled, kissing his cheek.

“So, what’re you doing here?” You asked, leaving his embrace to pack up your gear.

Michael shrugged. “Missed you.”

You giggled. “It’s been like 4 hours.”


“Oh ok sorry.” You laughed at his clingyness.
“I can leave now, so how does pizza and cuddles sound?”

“Absolutely perfect.”


TRIGGER WARNING! Please read with caution :)

“Why do you have all of these bracelets?” I gently asked Michael, both of us cuddled on the small but comfortable couch.

“I’ve grown used to it.”

“Grown used to what?” I twitched after asking, looking at Michael’s face.

“Fucking something up and covering it up afterwards.”

“Make me a promise then.” I lightly smiled, sitting beside him.

“I’m shit at promises.” He dryly laughed.

I smiled, holding his left hand that consisted a lot more bracelets than the other.

“Promise me, that every time you feel contented, or every time when you feel that everything falls into place, you take one off.”

He though of it for a few seconds, smiling lightly before he fiddled with the bracelets he wore on his left hand.

With that, he took one off.

That’s how it’s always been. He adds some, he takes out some too.

Two years passed, and we were finally here.

An engagement ring on my ring finger and an almost permanent smirk on Michael’s face when he sees me.

Within those two years, Michael didn’t have any bracelets anymore for him to take out all over again.

Because everything already fell into place.


You and Michael decided to walk around and go see all the most gorgeous places in Paris for his day off before the show tomorrow. It started with just walking around cute little streets and going in lil boutiques and bakeries. Trying macaroons and crepes. Michael wanted to capture every moment he could with you today, because he knew Paris was your dream place to go. He took short little videos of you and pictures. His favourites were the ones you didn’t know about. Not looking at the camera or having to smile, you in the moment enjoying yourself. You guys visited Notre Same, The Louvre (not going in or else you’d waste your time in there) and lastly Michael took you to the Eiffel Tower. It was late at night, and it was lit up and it was beautiful, you thought. You went up to the top and looked out to all the glowing lights of the city. Michael felt so in love with you. It was like he couldn’t breathe. He thought you looked gorgeous, the lights bouncing off your eyes and your ecstatic smile, he couldn’t help himself and grabbed you and kissed you hard and with so much passion and love. His lips felt soft and warm. You pulled him closer if that was even possible. His face a little a scruffy from not shaving, nose squished to your cheek, his hands tight around your waist. Your hands on his face making sure he doesn’t pull away, your lips were slightly chapped from biting, but he loved it. He could feel your warmth raidiating from you. When you both finally pulled away he immediately got down on one knee, his hand in his pocket. You froze. He pulled out the little box and opened it, a shining diamond ring placed in the middle. He looked up at you, ‘I’m so fucking in love with you, I wish to spend every day with you forever. Please will you marry me?’ his puffy, red lips spoke. You were crying. You couldn’t believe it. You nodded furiously, not being able to speak. He stood up and places the ring on your left hand. Looking at him, he was crying too. You grabbed his face again and kissed him again and again and again. Everyone around cheered for you, it was a moment you wish there was pause button so you could stay here forever. You pulled away, and god he looked even more gorgeous than ever.

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friendly reminder: 5sos may not know who every single one of you are, but one does not need to know every star to appreciate the sky

"I don't want her to grow up just yet."

“Michael, stop putting our daughter in that high chair. Look, her face clearly says no!” I giggled, squatting to match the height of our daughter placed in the high chair, her face scrunched up in confusion.

“No? Come on baby, you like the high chair, right?” Michael’s face lit up, grinning widely while talking to his baby girl.

“Nope. I’m six, daddy!” She responded, giggling in the process, causing her dimples to pop out.

“She’s right, babe. Now come on, and put her on her favorite chair. You’ve been trying to force her into these high chairs for the past six years.” I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pouted, giving me a quick peck on the lips before kneeling down to match the height of his daughter.

A genuine sad expression came upon his face, looking at his baby girl’s face and mine repeatedly.

He stopped, looking at me straightly.

“I don’t want her to grow up just yet.”