bittersweetambition asked:

Could you do a drawing a Calum? By the way I think you're an amazing artist❤️

Yes, I’ve done it. I’m currently playing around with my style so I hope this is okay? I know there are minor changes, but I really love how these are turning out. ALSO I APOLOGIZE it doesn’t look like him much. Thank you for the request and lovely compliment :)

( if it shows up stretched on a theme, open picture in new tab)

Paint Me A Black Rainbow//Art Major!Luke

Again sorry for all of the Luke writing, but I need ideas that I can see happening for the rest of them, so like yea. Uh. Feel free to request anything, but I won’t write anything that Liz wouldn’t like so just to let you know that stuff like that will not be written but otherwise feel free. And plus, I had some Luke feels today.

The tall blonde boy, with those blue eyes, that seemed to be an illusion that you could get lost in, sat in the back of the room, sketching in that 8 ½ by 11, sized black sketch book. You had no idea was sketched in that sketch book, but by the way he held his pencil, and bit his lip in concentration mode, you knew just had to be amazing works. You didn’t know why you took this course, as your major, but you were always wanting to try out something new, and so you put a check mark next to the word.


And to thhis day, even though it may have been hard to be as good as the other students, you didn’t ever regret signing off as art

You were a clear canvas compared to Luke. The majestic boy, with those crystal blue eyes, you felt yourself drowning in. He had tattoos flowing like river, up and down his arms. One tattoo that always caught your eye, was the one, that said,

We all have these things, that no one else can see. They hold us down like anchors and drown us out at sea.

It was in a beautiful font, also known as, Beyond Wonderland, and the only reason you knew that, was because, you did some research on tattoos, because you wanted to get one in memory of a lost loved one in your family after you turned 18.

You were like a Calla Lilly in a field of roses. Which was a good thing, because Cara Lillies, were just such an amazing, beautiful flower. The rest of the men and women in your art classes, all had full canvas of art, sprawled all over their body, excpet you. And that’s where Luke wanted to chip in, and make you his own masterpiece. And you wanted him to paint you a black rainbow.

C.A.L.M. A nearly two month project finally(!) finished. (Please click for larger view)

(you can delete this quote part) ITS DONE. It really shouldn’t have taken me so long but here it is! I did this as a project at school so needless to say there was some observation. The #1 most asked question: “Is that One Direction?”