5sos anon


Michael been away on tour with the boys and he really misses you so you come out to see him at one of their shows.

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but today this girl in my history class was talking about 5SOS with, at one point she just goes, “isn’t ashton the one with the lip ring?” i just looked at her like she had seven heads.

but after that, in lunch, my friend was also talking with me about them and she calls calum CALVIN. again, i just stared at her until finally she looks back over at me, and is like “what?” i just shook my head and kept eating my meal.

I was kind of like:

I wish I was beside you, in my American apparel underwear, but wherever you are, you're just a little bit out of my limit.



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but during the Atlanta id concert, both when 1d performed “little things” and 5sos did “amnesia,” when the lights were down and everyone had their phones out with the bright lights showing throughout the entire stadium, I literally just looked around at all of these people holding up their cell phones and singing along softly to the boys singing, I just kind of thought that it’s really amazing how different people from all over can just come together in one place and just enjoy 5sos’s/1d’s music.

like, right in that moment, it didn’t matter to any of us how much another person weighed or how pretty they were or how smart, or anything else like that. in that moment, as we held up our phones and swayed back and forth, all we cared about was showing our support for them and showing them how much we really care about them and love their music and love THEM for who they are.

I almost cried because of how much love I felt in that building.