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update: um when i posted this there was cal, ash, luke and mikey. not them and some scary girl um like i’m scared. i seriously didn’t put that girl on here
Shades of Green

I scrapped this so many times trying to get it right ohmygod. Also I’m a filthy liar; sorry for not posting earlier! Oh, and I promise this isn’t smut, despite the title ;)

Request: omg can’t believe no ones requested my baby ashton :(( can you do one where he gets jealous over something (CAN YOU MAKE IT FLUFFY AT THE END)) // I tried my best, Anon. Thanks for requesting, I love this idea :)

Title: Shades of Green

Words: 900+

Summary: You’ve been tutoring one of the other guys on the piano, and Ashton can’t help but feel a bit jealous of the attention you’re giving away.

Warnings: None

The sound of your laughter drifts from one room to the next, followed by a few sporadic piano notes, and Ashton can’t help but roll his eyes from his spot on the couch. As he recalls, some people like to read books in peace.

The piano notes, however, don’t stop, and neither does your laughter. Sighing in irritation, Ashton folds the corner of his current page before closing his book and placing it on the coffee table, rising from his spot. He makes his way down the hall and into the music room of your shared apartment. “Music room” meaning the place where the casual instruments were kept; guitars, individual drums, cajons, the piano.

“Music room” meaning the place where you’re currently perched on the piano bench with Calum beside you, both of you laughing over some stupid inside joke or something as your arms brush from the close proximity.

Once again, Ashton finds himself rolling his eyes. “You guys having fun?” he asks, keeping his voice light, and both you and Calum jump, startled by the sudden interruption.

“Yeah,” you say around a bout laughter, taking a deep breath and composing yourself before blinking a few times and continuing, “why wouldn’t we be?”

Ashton shrugs. “I was just checking in.” Next, he turns to Calum and cracks an innocent smile. “Is my girlfriend a good teacher?”

Calum’s face flashes with doubt for a split second, and Ashton can tell that he knows something is up. He feels bad getting possessive over you like this, and Calum is his best friend, but Ashton just feels plain irked right now, partially because his reading kept getting interrupted and partially because you and Calum are acting particularly close, more than usual.

“She’s great, actually,” says Calum with a nod of understanding. “It’s getting late, though, and I promised Mitchy I’d meet up with him for drinks.” With that, he rises from the bench, tapping you on the shoulder and saying thank you. You smile in response and bid him goodbye, watching as he leaves before turning to face Ashton.

“Cal’s such a sweetheart,” you say. “Love that guy.”

Ashton scoffs. “It’s noticeable.”

You blink before your eyes widen in realization. “Ashton, are you… are you jealous?”

“What? No. That’s stupid, why would I be jealous?” You saw the way his jaw clenched up, how he kept shooting odd looks at Calum. It all started making sense. He wasn’t being honest; Ashton was definitely jealous back there.

“You tell me,” you say, standing up and crossing your arms. You’re confused; he’s never been like this before.

Then again, you’ve never spent as much alone time with any of the other guys as you have been with Calum lately.

“I’m not jealous,” Ashton insists.

“Good,” you reply. “Because I would be pretty damn offended if you actually thought I would start having… feelings for Calum.

Ashton sighs. “Can you… can you maybe teach me a few notes or something?” he asks, gesturing toward the piano. You smirk in victory. He may not have admitted it to you, but he totally gave away that he was, in fact, jealous.

“Come on over,” you say, scooting over on the bench and patting the spot next to you. Ashton grins and takes a seat beside you, admiring the glossy keys.

“This looks kind of overwhelming,” he says, and you giggle.

“It’s not that bad, trust me,” you reassure him. “Now, I think we should start with something basic, like Mary Had a Little Lamb or—”

“No, what’s the one Cal is working on?”

“Ashton, Calum has been practicing for over two months now.”

“I want to try it,” your boyfriend insists, and you sigh.

“Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


Later, you and Ashton are sprawled out on the couch as an old action movie plays on the TV before you. You have to give him credit, he picked up the piano pretty quickly. Of course he has a ways to go before he’s actually any good, but your boyfriend has always been a fast learner, especially when it comes to music.

“Okay,” Ashton suddenly mumbles into your hair as he buries his head into the crook of your neck. “Maybe I was a little bit jealous back there.”

You smile knowingly. “Oh, yeah?” you say, feigning innocence. You feel Ashton nod, and you giggle as his curls tickle your neck.

“Just a little,” he mutters again, planting a soft kiss against your neck before backing away to face you. “But only because you’re like, my favorite person in the world and so is Calum, so when I saw my two favorite people getting close without me I kinda freaked out.”

“Hey, no worries,” you tell him with a shrug. “In all honesty, it was kinda hot.”

Ashton grins and leans forward, resting his hands gently on either side of your face and pressing his lips to yours in a lingering kiss. “I love you,” he says when he pulls away, and you only smile mischievously in response.

“I know,” you reply, leaning back into him as he wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you closer. “Believe me, I know.”




One Shots


Over The Edge

Words: 882

Warnings: None

Summary: Calum comes to comfort you after he noticed you were missing from the party.

Come Back To Bed

Words: 848

Warnings: None

Summary: It’s very late in the night and Calum’s still playing his guitar, unable to sleep.

I’m Not Going Anywhere

Words: 1169

Warnings: None

Summary: You and Calum are both famous, but are keeping your relationship under wraps. Even so, it’s difficult to love someone behind closed doors.

So This Is Love

Words: 1475

Warnings: Sporadic use of explicit language

Summary: Calum seems awfully distant after returning from tour, and you confront him about it.

Half-Hearted Pillow Forts

Words: 951

Warnings: None

Summary: A quiet afternoon with Calum, with the rain pouring outside.

A Beautiful Mess

Words: 1549

Warning: None

Summary: Life is difficult when you’re low on money, live in a rundown apartment, and work long hours just to pay the bills. But Calum, he makes it all worthwhile.


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A collection of writings about life with Calum.


All of my decent smut about Calum.


Writing Recs

quick note: for the anon, based on make me (cry) by noah cyrus and labrinth 

Calum was in his bedroom, slumped against the wall by the window. He’d been there for nearly thirty minutes. He couldn’t bring himself to move away from the spot. He held a picture of you in that same spot, taken on a disposable camera. You were smiling, eyes bright with happiness. You were obviously laughing and he would crack a smile at the memory of the joke he made. 

“All I ever did was for you.” He mumbled, glossy eyes staring down at the picture. “To make you laugh, to make you smile, to make you happy.” As he said the words more tears came tumbling out, his body shaking as he sobbed. 

You were sitting on the edge of your bed, hunched over, tears racking your body. During times like this you wondered how he held up. You could feel the red in your cheeks as tears rolled steadily down them. You’d done this too often, wept over this too often for your liking. It made you fill with rage. 

“All I ever did was love you.” You whispered through gritted teeth. “And you left me broken in return.” You didn’t know why you said these things to the air, like it would travel to him. But you knew if you kept it bottled up inside you’d only end up screaming the words instead. 

“God,” He sighed heavily, feeling like a weight was pinning him to the floor. He could hear your laughter. He could see you get up and take the camera, pushing him down and kissing him, hard. He gulped trying to swallow the lump in his throat. “I never needed you like I do right now.” He said it to the picture of you, like you would get the message instead. 

He folded his legs and brought his knees up, wrapping his arms around them and hiding his head. The light in the room looked so peaceful but the way he was feeling could diminish it all. 


“I never hated you like I do right now.” You said it in a monotone although the rage bubbling up inside you was anything but regular. You wanted to get in your car and go see him just so you could tell him everything you felt. Just so he could know what he’d done to you. 

But at the thought of telling him you hated him, tears of agony came rushing to the surface. You could almost picture his face contorting into sadness at the words. You could never do that. You always put him before you, something that showed how much you loved him. You didn’t want to admit it but you still do. 

“Fuck!” You hung your head, rubbing your hands over it to remove some of the tears that were beginning to burn your eyes. You’d woken up and looked in the mirror to see puffy eyes too many times this week. Your eyelids were swollen from all the crying. You wondered what Calum would say to that. 

“Why do I cry so much when you aren’t crying at all?!” You were exhausted from all the crying. You were exhausted from all the emotions. You wanted to stop feeling for a week, no a month, before you were ready to take on emotions again. 


“All we do is go around in circles.” He was standing in front of his mirror now, leaning on the sink for support. His unsteady eyes stared back at him and he felt like he was walking on thin ice. “How many times do we have to do this before it’s done for good?” He thought aloud, but as he thought that this could be that time he was reduced to terror of losing you. 

“I don’t want to lose you.” He admitted it. “But you couldn’t care less.” He smiled a hurt smile at his reflection as he remembered you walking out three nights ago. 

“Calum, I don’t care! I don’t care!” You’d screamed this, not meaning to. You were hurt and angry and he was grabbing your arm to try and make you stay. You turned around and snapped. “I don’t care anymore.” You were talking at a lower volume this time, eyes still wet with tears. He could still hear your voice saying that. Of course, he couldn’t have known you were lying. 

“You’ll be the death of me.” You said as you got up, grabbing your phone and keys. You couldn’t sit around anymore. This was what it was like, this was what always happened and now it was your move. 

All your friends had tried to tell you not to do it again, that this was the last time. They said you weren’t good for each other, that this constant on and off thing just wasn’t healthy. But in the moment, you just wanted to make things right again. 

As soon as he opened the door and as soon as he heard you saying you were sorry, it would be okay. You just had to get there and say it. 


Calum let himself fall down onto his couch, staring blankly at the ceiling. “I’m fighting so hard for you, what else do you want me to do?” He was growing tired of the games. He would prove to you he loved you and then something would go wrong either with him or you. Then the person who got broken up with would prove to the other they loved them. All you had to do was want him back and that would be enough. It was endless, vast, desolate. “I feel so alone in this.” 

This time it was you, although he couldn’t place the exact moment you’d decided it was time to go. He didn’t know what went wrong this time but he felt it in his soul: he was worn down to his bones. 

He took a deep breath and let it go shortly after. He started looking for patterns in the ceiling, watching the fan go around at one point. He shot up at the sound of a knock at door. He looked wide-eyed at his front door, wondering if you were on the other side. He held his breath, waiting for what he didn’t know, but he couldn’t move. 

“Calum, open up.” He heard your meek voice and another set of knocks and instantly got to his feet. He hurried to the front door and pulled it open. Your eyes met and you lost your breath. “I never needed you like I do right now.” You said and it didn’t even register with him that he’d said the same thing moments earlier. 

He looked at you with a stone cold gaze. You looked upset, hair messy and puffy eyes. You looked like a mess and he wanted to say that and add that you were his mess. But you weren’t anymore. “What are you doing here?” He settled on that instead of what he wanted to say: I never hated you like I do right now. He was suddenly overcome with anger. 

“I need to talk. We need to talk.” You said, folding your arms over your chest. He stared at you for a couple more seconds before he finished thinking it over. He moved to the side and you stepped in, immediately finding your way back to the familiar living room. He followed and sat on the chair opposite of you. 

“How’d you deal with the storm last night?” You asked, knowing he didn’t like the sound of lightning that loud. It sounded like the sky was splitting open and so was your heart. 

“Fine.” He mumbled, clearly not liking that you knew that fact about him in the moment. However he had a distinct memory of clutching his pillow wishing it was you and listening to his heart beating in his chest. “What do you want to talk about?”  Something had changed, the two roles you were playing had switched. 

You finally set your phone and keys down on the coffee table in front of you. You were going to be staying for a while. “Love ain’t easy when it ain’t my way.” You said, looking at his brown eyes hoping for a little bit of something. But you found nothing. “But it get hards when you ain’t here making me crazy.” You continued since he wouldn’t say something. 

You could see his face softening at your words. You explained what went wrong, why you’d left suddenly and why you didn’t bother explaining at the time. The whole time his eyes were locked on yours, with each passing second he let his guard down a little bit more. Until the end where you were looking at him because now you’d said all you could. 

“Baby say the word darling.” He said, but it wasn’t in a hopeful way. Your eyebrows furrowed at his actions: this wasn’t in the script. “You know just how to hold the sucker down.” He shook his head in a small, sad movement. In that moment something inside of you clicked and you knew nothing was going to be okay between the two of you again. You stood up from the couch, moving to leave the room. 

“I’ll see you in the morning. I can’t watch you walk out.” What he meant by seeing you in the morning you didn’t know, but looking back you saw his gaze diverted to the floor. He refused to look up at you. 

“All you ever do is make me cry.” You heard him mumble it under his breath, like you weren’t supposed to. You turned and headed for the door, stopping to look in the mirror hanging on the wall. You could see the tears forming in your eyes and quickly looked away, opening the door and swinging it shut after you. 

calum as a husband, realistically

- would forget your wedding date every other year

- wouldn’t want kids as long as he’s still touring

- would be a goofy lil fucker, always trying to bring out your beautiful smile

- would help you do house work bc equality

- would do his best to treat you like a queen

- would not always succeed tho bc he’s only human and even the happiest married couples argue sometimes

- would kill the spiders

- would treat your dog like your first born child

- would get some kind of tattoo for you probably

- would take you on the most amazing honeymoon to somewhere exoctic and remote

- would be the most amazing gentleman around your parents

- but would be the cheekiest lil fucker when it was just the two of you

- would be generally super playful and cute tbh

- would love it when you watched football with him

- would love it even more if you also brought him beer and food while watching football

- would always hold your hand in public (bc hopefully fans are grown enough to not send hate when he’s ready to get married)

- would probably forget birthdays a lot

- would be grumpy sometimes bc anyone can have a bad day

- would try not to take it out on you tho (not always succesfully)

- would be generally sweet

- would still make you cry sometimes tho but never on purpose

- would lend you his shirts sometimes bc he liked the way you looked in them

- would generally enjoy getting to cherish you almost every day

- sex would be good but you wouldn’t always finish

- but he’d get so eager to get you pregnant when you finally decided to have a baby

- idk man i feel like he’d try to learn a lot about marriage from his parents and like he’d look to his dad for guidance on how to be a good husband bc he’d wanna be the best for you but even the best can fail sometimes and that’s okay

- overall he’d be a sweet, caring, adorable husband tbh


Michael’s hair change is amazingly insane.

so I was in target the other day looking through the CDs, and there were a whole lot of 5sos CDs, and I said “wow, there sure are a lot of 5sos CDs. makes sense since no one would wanna buy their album” and there was this guy behind me who started laughing so hard it was hilarious