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Name: Mariella( that’s actually my pen name. My real name is Gabby)
Star sign: Scorpio
Average hours of sleep: About 6 depending on the amount of hw I have
Lucky number: 7
Last thing I googled: Hottopic.com
Favorite fictional character: Marceline from Adventure Time
What are you wearing right now?: My pajamas
When did I start this blog?: February 2015 but I didn’t really use it until March 2015
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What do I post mostly?: 1D, 5sos, random things
Do I run anymore blogs?: No
Why did I join Tumblr?: I wanted to start a blog and Tumblr seemed like the perfect place to do it
Do I get a lot if asks?: No but I’d like to get some
Why did I get this URL?: I wanted something Larry related

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My fav. 5sos tumblr posts part 1



This is probably the only thing you’ll ever need.


Fetus 5sos sOMeoNE HOLD ME

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She Looks So Perfect vs Last First Kiss
  • She Looks So Perfect vs Last First Kiss
  • One Direction & 5 Seconds Of Summer

She Looks So Perfect vs Last First Kiss - One Direction & 5 Seconds Of Summer

i think possibly the worst thing in the world is when your parents have friends over for dinner and then that fateful moment comes when dinner is ready and you have to leave the comfort of your bedroom to awkwardly reach around everyone to grab the food and then make the walk of shame back to your bedroom

It is the last show of the last tour these boys will ever put on together. They sit backstage reminiscing over the great memories from the last two years they spent together.

“Guys, do you remember when we wore those masks all the time?”

“Ya, and the pie fight hahahaha!”

“Teenage Dirtbag was the best!”
“Those were the days man.”

“I really enjoyed seeing the world with my best mates.”

“When we would try to play sports…”

“But guys, the human pyramid was by far the best.”

“All the times Niall would act like he was in OUR band.”

“Or just supporting us.”

“Harry and Ash, you guys had some great nights, man.”

“I’m gonna miss hanging out with Josh.”

“And Lou!”

“Who is going to dye my hair now?”

“Remember when Niall joined our live stream and announced this tour?”

Remember all of the live streams, hair colors, fetus pictures, albums, eps, music videos, keeks, vines, selfies, bad dances, pranks, and them just being idiots and taking on the world together.