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what is art? this is art

sgfg songs that represent the signs' life
  • aries: vapor
  • taurus: invisible
  • gemini: permanent vacation
  • cancer: san francisco
  • leo: the girl who cried wolf
  • virgo: castaway
  • libra: waste the night
  • scorpio: broken home
  • sagittarius: outer space / carry on
  • capricorn: airplanes
  • aquarius: jet black heart
  • pisces: catch fire
  • 5SOS: "when you're talking to your girls, do you talk about me?"
  • Me: "yes I tell them how you've ruined my life"

when you’re a kid at heart but you don’t want to be obvious

High School Reunion

Pairing: Y/N/Exhusband!Michael

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 11.600+

Summary:  Y/N tries to collect herself together at an old the high school reunion with friends from her teenage days. But she literally can’t enjoy herself in fear of meeting her ex husband and old high school sweet heart Michael

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does it ever drive u crazy how fast the night changes

5SOS. Quarter Tank

This was a monster, but it’s done. I can’t wait  to hear what you think. I tried some new stuff out, took it to a couple places I’ve been worried to touch before, but I listened to a lot of what you guys suggested. I listened to Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont a lot while writing, it inspired the name. Enjoy. 

The closed door meant nothing to Miles. It might as well have been wide open with colourful balloons framed around it. March was his twin brother. They had shared everything from conception to now. He wasn’t about to start knocking on his brother’s door and respecting his privacy now. Of course, he did feel empathetic towards his brother. He knew he was nursing a wounded heart with Daphne Hood deciding she didn’t want to be with him anymore only two and a half weeks ago. Still, March’s decision to stay in bed all day and play skateboard video games didn’t keep Miles away. Cagney had advised Miles to just give his brother some space since March had barely leaned on her or even taken to the shower since coming from the airport after saying ‘goodbye’ to his sister and being dumped. Miles pushed his brother’s door open, a pile of dirty clothes trying to act as a weak barricade on the floor as he did, and headed right to the bed where March was wrapped up like an overstuffed and frumpy burrito in his dirty black comforter.

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