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Convince me to love his hands again.

you’re so gonna regret asking me to do this….. I can tell you that
I also tried to find some kind of order in which to put all these pictures, but I just gave up bc honestly it doesn’t matter what order theyre in because you’re gonna die anyway so ……
I’m not sorry for this

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let’s start out simple … let’s start out with the image of what those hands could do to you. get creative

in your own words: “my ideal choker is Calum’s hand around my throat” … and with a picture like this your imagination doesn’t have to go far

uggghhhh Look at those Hands/Fingers doing their thing good fucking bye. Bass players and their damn fingers

let’s take a closer look at those fingers … Imagine what they could do to you. I bet he’s so fucking good working those fingers on you

I mean LOOK AT THEM and tell me you don’t want them on in you

they’re SO BIG and the way he can move them bye

not gonna lie, he could ruin me multiple times with them

ugh when he plays his bass I just slightly die every time, because JUST FUCK

they’re so beautiful, and the tattoos fuck me up so much. Like his hands are a work of art as is anyway, but with those tattoos …. ahdh adskjnhl

everyone (including me) is always on about how long Ash’s fingers are, but CALUMS FINGERS ARE LONG AF AS WELL

not only are his hands a solid kink but HIS ARMS AS WELL LIKE WTF. Like feel free to choke me not only with your hands but also with your fucking arms my man also I purposely cropped his thighs out bc of reasons


anyone who says they don’t have impure thoughts when looking at this picture are fucking LIARS.. Also whoever took this must be dead tbh. THE CLARITY I CANNOT DEAL

if you look at this picture slowly from top to bottom you die once because of his fucking bicep and THEN YOU SEE HIS HAND AND YOU MUST COMBUST… LIKE IT’S ONLY NATURAL

veiny arms/hands are so fucking hot. Like this is a definite turn on

don’t tell me you wouldn’t thank him for bruising you with his grip on you

having those hands wrapped around your throat. Don’t fight me Cal and choking is a whole thing.

imagine him being all gentle at first cupping your face like this and then moving his hands so they’re wrapped around your throat BY E

this is so soft, but like PLS RUIN ME WITH THOSE HANDS…. have them all over my body, roam freely and ruin me

I don’t even have words for this…. just … nope

the tongue and finger combination is brutal … bruise me up with your mouth and your hands pls and thank you

the veins just fuck me up ok … like

Calum please put those hands to good use, and with good use I mean fuck me up. UGH LOOK AT THEM, those long fingers can work some serious magic on you

and because there haven’t been enough pictures of his middle finger up have two more, to make you feel all sorts of things. I’m imagining being at a club with him and you glance over to him and he’s giggly drunk and does this pose to you, so you go over to him and whisper in his ear “why don’t you show we what else that finger can do”


Dieser Mann kann mit mir machen was er will
Han if you remember what this means I will be proud

Calum: *holds a coffee cup and writes something down*
me: fuck me up

of course his hands look EVEN hotter with nail polish on


see here’s the reason why this is extremely rude: playing piano is super soft and makes me all fuzzy inside, and then I just think of him taking you on the piano putting his skilled hands to use

just like heaven | chapter one

just like heaven [poly!cashton au]

Originally posted by cliffordstralia

summary; when frat boy!calum’s fraternity moves into a new house at the start of the new semester, he finds himself developing a weird infatuation for the witchy couple next door.

word count;  7.3k 

warnings; smut obviously, witchcraft, a bit of an age gap but nothing too weird, poly relationship, bisexual!cashton

note; i haven’t gone back and edited yet so spelling errors are to be expected. also i talk shit for seven thousand words. like the further the story goes the less coherent it gets. i literally have it saved as ‘poly!cashton except with every word it becomes even less coherent that before’ on my laptop

taglist; honestly if you showed any interest whatsoever in this you’re getting tagged. @babygirlcashton @blue-skies-are-alright @irwinkitten @glitterprinceash  @lukesbitchingirlfriend 

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The Many Pages of Ashton Irwin

Originally posted by tothemoonmikey

Warnings: swearing, marijuana

Author’s Note: hey this is bad but hiatus … over

Word Count: 3.6k

He wondered how many specs fit in the ceiling tiles above him. The hazy fluorescent lights no longer caused a perpetual ache behind his eyes–– he had rigged his brain to no longer feel unnecessary pains such as bright lights or loud, spine-tingling scrapes. Ashton thoroughly hated the sickly white interior of the doctor’s office. He had memorized every square inch of the niche business space, and he even knew the name of the fake plant situated by the magazines.

His head rolled forward and backward again. Meanwhile, his fingers tapped along with the soft tick, tick, tick–ing of the clock. Ashton’s heart didn’t tick like that. The red hand of the clock stopped, and a few moments later, it caught itself back up again. Ashton’s heart ticked like that. This was his train of thought every time. And two minutes later, it was always interrupted with, “Ashton, Dr. Heim is ready for you.”

“Nothing new, nothing worse,” Ashton said to his doctor at the beginning of every appointment. It felt like a ritual. If he chose not to say those words, then there would be something new–– something worse.

So, he said the truth. Nothing new, nothing worse, but in two weeks, it would always be a different story.

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Imagine you're really upset and Calums just like freaking out bc he'd never seen u cry before so he's asking you what you want to feel better and you say Duke and he just melts

ok fucking SOFT like you haven’t been dating for very long so he’s never seen you cry before, and this one day you’re chilling at his place and you just start crying, nothing like serious or anything, its just you’ve been so stressed and tired and overwhelmed, and cal immediately goes into panic mode and he pulls you into his arms and he’s like “baby, whats wrong?” and you try to explain to him that you’ve just been feeling down and stressed and stuff, and he doesn’t really know how to respond, so he just holds you and rubs your back for a bit while you cry it out, and then after you’ve calmed down a bit he’s like “how can i make you feel better, pretty girl?” and you pause a moment before you mumble something, and he doesn’t hear what you said so he’s like “what was that?” and you repeat it a little louder; “duke.” and he literally dies right then and there awwww like cuddling with his puppy always makes him feel better and it makes him melt that you want to do it too, so he kisses your forehead and he’s like “let me go get him” so he lets go of you and goes downstairs to find him, and when he does he scoops the pup up into his arms and as he’s walking back to his room he’s like mumbling to duke “give y/n some good cuddles, okay bud? she needs them” i am so fucking soft oh my god and when he gets there you’re sitting up against the headboard and wiping the tears from your face, and cal is like “one duke, coming right up” and you smile a little and hold your arms out for him so cal gently hands the puppy over and you cradle him to your chest, in desperate need of some cuddles, and cal could literally cry at how cute you are, and he climbs back in bed and wraps his arm around your shoulders and i am cry

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Okay so I have a question. I don’t know if you’re into the vampire diaries or any of their spin offs. But it kinda got me thinking about what types of creatures the boys would be: witches (or warlocks), vampires or werewolves?

fam i was the biggest vampire diaries whore so yes please lol. so tbh, i could write them as all of these probably but imma just throw them in random roles for shits and giggles. i’ll stick to the 3 roles you gave me.


-He’s a Werewolf.

-like, alpha for sure.

-he’s big and powerful, but he still has that softer side. his pack adores him.

-but yeah, he can be hard core as well because he’s definitely dominant.

-like he can be a big giggly alpha but don’t make this guy ask you something twice

-other packs know not to fuck with him, even though he comes off as kind of giggly and sweet, he has proved himself as a true alpha dom on more than one occasion


-He’s a  Werewolf.

-also an alpha.

-he’s literally THE PERFECT alpha.

-he’s quiet and stern and its really hard to read his expressions

-he’s young for an alpha but he is strong as fuck. like other packs don’t want to get on Calum’s bad side because he looks scary and intimidating

-hes just sexy as fuck i can’t even continue cuz my brain wheels are spinning


-He’s a vampire.

-this beautiful pale FUCK gets girls so easily and one look from this angelic boy makes girls down for practically anything, biting included

-he’s a pretty lazy vampire. he kinda just mopes around and writes sad poetry about loneliness being eternal like him cuz he’s a #lonely boi

-hasn’t seen the sun in years. writes about that too. Midnight is his time. he can only go out once the sun goes down so he has a party boy reputation

-baby boy jokes way too much about being a vampire

-”this isn’t a bloody Mary.” “yes it is.” “no, this is a drink in a cup, where’s my girl Mary at?!”

-he thinks he’s hilarious


-He’s a Warlock.

-i mean. come on. this is practically canon at this point

-he’s a mischievous fuck who’s constantly muttering spells and doing things like making people spontaneously catch fire just for shits and giggles, never enough to really harm them, but enough for him to get a laugh

-yeah, he’s dangerous but he usually only goes for the whole ‘good fairy’ vibe

-he really doesn’t like being called a ‘good fairy’ and every time Luke refers to him as such, he hits Luke with a sunshine spell

-but he’s a softy, he uses his magic for good, he’s always there to help the fam by casting protection spells or whatever they need

-he downplays how powerful he actually is but don’t be fooled, he powerful as fuck