literal transcript of a 5sos interview | 3
  • Q:What would you say to a talking cow?
  • Michael:The first thing I'd have to say to a talking cow would have to be... "Moo."
  • *Luke, Calum, & Ashton all at once*
  • Luke:Uh
  • Calum:Wait
  • Ashton:Well I think yeah, thats a smart move. Speaking it's language.
  • Michael:*laughing*
  • Luke:What if the cow said to me though– what do I– like if they said something–
  • Ashton:*interrupting Luke* Well the cow said "moo" so don't like–
  • Calum:*interrupting Ashton* No, No. It's talking. It's talking English.
  • Michael:*interruping Calum* If a cow said, "hello" to you, you would say, "moo."
  • Luke:You definitely wouldn't say "moo"
  • Calum:You wouldn't, You would be like. *mimics surprised movement*
  • Michael:(getting louder) You would say "Moo"
  • Ashton:(at the same time as Michael) You would be like–
  • Michael:You're not going to speak english to it!
  • Ashton:You're not going to go "hi cow." You're gonna go... "Moo"
  • Luke:*laughing* Not if it says "hello" first!
  • Ashton:*voiced raised* It's not gonna say "hello!" It's a cow Luke.
  • Luke & Calum:But its a talking cow though
  • Calum:It comes up to you, "Hey mate how ya goin?"
  • Ashton:Oh is it Australian? "G'day mate."
  • Luke:*laughing* Assuming it's Australian
  • Michael:The question needs more details.
  • Luke:I mean
  • Calum:More details
  • Ashton:We'll get back to this. But when I do meet a talking cow, I'll let you all know what happens.

Castaway, 5 Seconds of Summer ~ first chorus

I have synesthesia - a condition causing my senses to get mixed up - resulting in my ability to see sounds. A lot of people ask me what it looks like, so I thought I’d share parts of some of my favourite songs so other people can experience it too

but going to starbucks in between classes every day to see the cute barista with the big smile and the warm brown eyes and it wouldn’t take more than a week for him to remember your order and learn your name and you’d giggle as he asked “the usual?” with a hearty grin and the week after when you’d come in during a slow shift he’d once again ask “the usual?” and you’d nod with a smile and he’d scribble your name on the cup and as you waited for it to be made he’d start chatting with you and you’d finally learn that his name was calum and he’d cheekily ask “so… be honest! do you come in here every day bc you’re severely addicted to coffee or is it actually bc you have a crush on me?” and the blush that rose to your cheeks would be exactly the answer calum was hoping for but just as he was about to speak again his colleague called out your name and you’d shrug with a smile before going “see you tomorrow calum, gotta feed the habit right?” and quickly winking at him before walking out with a little extra swing in your hips and an abundance of butterflies fluttering in your stomach

Three Inked Words

Pairing: Y/N/Tattoo-Artist!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes (Ish?? I changed it a bit)

Words: 3.250+

Summary: Saying the word ‘I Love You’ out loud is a hard task for Luke with his shyness so taking his creativity into action he decides to draw on Y/N’s back and let her guess the three inked words

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