The Librarians and the Heart of Darkness (1x08)

Was this another out-of-order episode? It feels like it. The team dynamic’s totally off.

Yeeeahhhh if you’re not good at haunted house movies, don’t watch this alone late at night. Mistakes have been made, is all I’m saying.

How many times has Cassandra been the biggest badass now

Orange is the New Black 1x11 - Tall Men With Feelings

You know what, I’m constantly annoyed that the show mostly refers to just gay or straight. Like it’s not possible that Piper is bisexual. There was that one great scene where Piper and Polly talked about it a bit, but the rest of the show kind of tries to force it. The repeated thing about “straight girls” and stuff like that.

Larry you’re not currently terrible but how is the rest of the interview I don’t trust you to not fuck this up

Pornstache shut the fuck up you kind of killed s girl

Flashback!Piper you are terrible

Aaaand there it is the worst thing. Larry. Don’t. Stop telling these stories. Okay you got better for a bit but still the first two stories.

Plan Fuck Pornstache is a terrible plan.

Larry, Piper, you are both troubled and troubling and shouldn’t be in this relationship

Once Upon a Time 3x05 - Good Form

Emma don’t be a dick don’t be a dick don’t - aaaand there it is. Yeah one time thing whatever WE ALL WATCHED BUFFY. WE KNOW.
Oh fucking- “as you wish”? Princess Bride romantic references?

Emma for serious if you choose your wimpy lying ex over the sexy honourable pirate I will punch my television. And I LOVE my television.