A road trip with Luke would include:

•Switching off at rest stops so you would both end up driving
•You rubbing his neck with one hand when he’s driving
•Him rubbing your free hand when your driving
•Listening to a classic rock radio station
•Using an umbrella in the car as a microphone
•"You are a terrible singer.“
•"I’m just kidding I love you.”
•Him sneaking cheek kisses while your driving
•"If I told you I had a bag of Hersey kisses would you not take away sex anymore?“
•"I knew that would work!”
•abc game (for anyone who doesn’t know what that is: you basically find the entire alphabet using things outside the car but you have to find it in alphabetical order)
•"I found Q before you hahahaha.“
•Sticking your middle finger in his face.
•Getting caught up quickly cause he got too cocky
•Finding Z at a rest stop when you were switching places
•"You are the biggest asshole I’ve ever met”
•"Well behind Michael you’re the biggest asshole I’ve ever met.“
•"But your my asshole.”
•Turning on country radio just to annoy him
•Him singing obnoxiously along just to annoy you
•"Did you know penguins don’t have knees?“
•"Yeahs it true!”
•"Wait was that sarcasm?“
•Singing soft songs to make him fall asleep because he’s exhausted
•"No, it’s oka-okay, I can stay up.”
•Him Falling asleep

—————- Day 1, part 1 of LUKE beach weekend series
The one before the one - Calum Hood [FLUFF] (Part 2)

Requested by a lot of people a while ago

part one

Word Count - 706

*Calum’s POV*

I could deal with not being who she classed as ‘the one’ I could even deal with the idea of her possibly not being mine, what I couldn’t deal with was the idea that she’s not lost hers and has given up on even the idea that there could be someone else for her. So somewhere within me I make a decision, I’m going to persuade her that despite all she’s gone through and even with a child she can still find someone else.

A few days later I call her since she gave me er number.

“Annie will you quiet down honey?” I hear her say as she answers the phone, “Hello?”

“Sorry, [Y/N], it’s Calum, am I bothering you?” I say to her.

 “No, no, Annie’s just y’know, being Annie,” I hear her laugh and in the back of my mind I can see her smile. “What can I help you with?”

“Oh no, I was just wondering if you had any free time, we could maybe meet up again, I loved catching up with you,” I grin back trying not to sound too push, desperate or clingy.

“Uh…” she stretches on for a painfully long time. “Sure, I just, I can’t leave Annie so.. oh!” she suddenly chirps. “You could come here!”

“I don’t want to be a hassle,” I say.

“No, I miss having people around to talk to, I’ll text you my address and just swing by anytime,” she tells me. “Annie and you seemed to hit it off at coffee”

“She was asleep,” I remind.

“And she didn’t wake up at the sound of your voice, which in my books is a win!” she chuckles once more and I hear a soft cry in the background, “Well that’s my sign to go, I’ll see you soon yeah?”

“Yeah!” I say and with a click she’s hung up.

I get a text a few moments later.

When I show up I find a small single story house, somehow combining a modern style with the classic cottage, vines twisting up the walls. As I practically trot up the pathway I see a small garden out the back of the house, it’s what she’d always dreamed of actually, well what we’d always dreamed of. She answers quickly when I knock, Annie balanced on her hip.

“Calum, come in come in,” she chirps.

Within a half an hour she has me sitting on a children’s foam play mat with all of Annie’s toddler toys around us, though Annie’s attention has turned away from the toys and instead to using me as he own jungle gym.

“So, about what you said the other day,” I begin.

“Oh that whole, “one before the one” thing? Sorry, I didn’t mean it to offend you, of course you mean a lot to me but he was my everything, I don’t know, he just felt kind of different, maybe we’d just grown up,” she says.

“No, no,” I stop her. “That whole, there’s only one person for everyone thing!”

“Yeah, there is…” she says, “Don’t worry Calum you’ll find yous”

I can’t help but be just a little hurt by that statement, “I don’t believe that, how can you just close yourself off to that all over again”

“Calum, I have Annie now, that’s all I need,” se smiles.

I get a little more heated now, “Yes Annie could be enough but you need a full life, you said you missed having people round, I’m willing to bet that all your friends were his, and if you think abut it, what harm could it do to try”

“Calum if you’re trying o say that we-”

I cut her off, “No I’m not saying anything about us! I just don’t understand where this is coming from”

“I could try, Calum, I just know that I probably won’t get there,” she says.

“Well, I’m here to be your wingman,” I chuckle and at this point I feel Annie attempting to hang herself over my head like a hat.

“You can try Calum,” she laughs in disbelief, “Now come on you, let’s get you some dinner”

She lifts the child off my head and heads off into the kitchen.


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should I continue this?

vows and promises

dedicated to gamerboymichael I love you so much

He stepped forward to the mirror, standing up straight and proud. He fixed his hair which he dyed especially for you, because it was your favorite. His hair was a flaming red, in great contrast to his formal black and white tuxedo. Tonight was the night, the night he’d marry his fiance, his best friend and most importantly you. He had spent his entire night imagining how absolutely gorgeous you would look in your gown, how he’d cry when he said his vows, all those endless possibilities of you looking amazing floated through his mind. 

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Are you looking at him? Where am I? How did this happen? How did I get here? HE IS 19. I AM ALMOST 23. Jesus send help. Where’s the fucking holy water. I’m a sinner. I. AM. A. SINNER.

I wanna sit on his pretty mouth guys. I wanna ride his mouth till the cows come hOME.


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That Awkward Moment. (Chapter 15)

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