• friend:yeah, sounds good
  • me:[slowly turns head]
  • me:[cracks a devilish grin]
  • me:feELS GOOD
  • me:[laughs at my 5sos reference alone bc no one else likes 5sos]

‘ 5 Seconds of Summer set out to be pop-punk but betrayed a teen-pop reflex. Enthusiastic guitar riffs gave way to sugar-sweet vocal harmonies. Lyrics sketched an underage universe of friend zones, fake IDs and amorous tropes (boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy admires girl wearing his American Apparel underwear). On Sounds Good Feels Good, the guitars thunder more and the vocals are more nasal and whinier. “They were teenagers and they’re men now - they’ve grown up before our eyes,” says Capitol Music Group chairman/CEO Steve Barnett. “They have been successful enough to make the record they want.” ‘


Made posters for the Sounds Live Feels Live dates I’m going to! @5sos-official 🤘🏻


Another boy texts you a picture of them :: Text Message AU

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