First Time

first time w/ Mikey blurb?

Okay so you first time with Mikey. We all know that Michael is a sexual person (with his jokes and stuff) and I think even before he lost his virginity with you, he’d do that stuff and pretend to everyone else that he’d already lost it so you’d be kinda shocked when you found out the truth but you were also relieved bc he’d have nothing to compare to. I think on the night you two would be really flirty with each other and it would be at your house whilst your parents were out. And you’d have ordered pizza and set up candles in your room just be romantic even though you and Mikey both know that that shit doesn’t matter. Michael would be at the door and when you both saw each other you both just immediately got nervous but still tried to play it cool and be joking around and stuff. So you’d be eating pizza in your room and listening to some rock band and talking, just like any other night with him, and then when you’d both finished your food, you would get closer every minute. And bam soon you would be in one of your usual, hot makeout sessions. His hands would be wrapped around your waist and inching upwards under your shirt, your hands gripping at his hair, your thighs either side of his perfect hips and his mouth roughly kissing yours. You’d both get out of breath and slowly all o your clothes would come off and it would feel natural instead of awkward and planned. And so you’d be laid under Michael as he lovingly pecked around your face. He’d reach over to get a condom from his wallet and quickly slip it on. I think he’d just get really serious and cup your cheeks and look into your eyes and oh my god he’d be so cute and just say how much he really loves you and to tell him if you want him to stop. You’d respond by saying something equally cute. You’d both giggle and Michael would slid right into your womenhood. He’d be so slow and careful. I don’t think either of you would really say much but he’d look up at you to just check that you’re not hiding anything from him or anything. You’d both moan so much. Especially Michael. Fuck he’d moan so much and whimper. Oh god he’d whimper so much when he was about to cum. Anyway when you’d finished, you would just lie next to each other and be breathless and just thinking how fucking amazing it was. You’d look at each other and laugh then have a cute kiss then cuddle bc who wouldn’t want to cuddle a messy-haired, naked, post sex Mikey to cuddle?

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A Lonely Girl Mixtape 

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i. lonely - mcfly // ii. you belong with me - taylor swift// iii. if you don’t know- 5 seconds of summer // iv. i wanna be yours- arctic monkeys // v. time after time - cyndi lauper // vi. i wish - one direction // vii. stray heart- green day // viii. somebody to you- the vamps // ix. girlfriend - avril lavigne // x. lovefool-  the cardigans// xi. me and my broken heart - rixton // xii. lovebug- jonas brothers// xiii. adore you- miley cyrus // xiv. a little bit of your heart - ariana grande // xv. how will i know - whitney houston // 

Inappropriate Rose Tattoos

liviebug2247 :Hey i love your updates and i was wondering if you could please do one where he is a tatoo artist and you wanted a tattoo on your boob or butt and he gets turned on. Thank you. :-)

Y/N waltzed into the tattoo place, her hips swaying gently as she walked up to the desk where a particularly attractive boy stood. He was looking down at his phone as she walked up. His straight, brown hair was secured under a snapback. He wore a black shirt, with white sleeves that he had pulled up to his elbows. The skin that was showing on his arms were patterned completely which extraordinary pieces of body art. Y/N was impressed. When she got closer to the desk, the boy looked up and his russet brown eyes lightened in delight as he looked at the gorgeous girl standing less than a meter away from him. He stood up and jumped forward a little, knocking over a small pile of stationery off the desk. He blushed and laughed awkwardly as he tried to collect it all together.
“Sorry,” he apologized and grabbed the pens, slotting them back on the desk.
“It’s okay,” Y/N chuckled. “Er, I’m Y/N. I’m here to get a tattoo.”
“Yep, that’s fine. Let me just get you to fill out this sheet and I’ll be right back.”
He handed Y/N a sheet full of questions and a pen to write with. He exited the room for a moment. Y/N stood at the counter and started to answer the questions of her date of birth and whether she is intoxicated or not. Before she finished, the dark skinned boy came back with a grin on his face. She couldn’t help but chuckle and finished filling in the sheet a minute later. He took the sheet and scanned over it then added some information onto the computer. He smiled at her and led her to a room a few minutes later. The room was small and had a leather chair then seemed to be the chair that pain was caused in. She sat down on it. The boy got a stool and pulled it closer to the chair so he was face-to-face with Y/N.
“I’m Calum, by the way.” He held out his hand which Y/N shook politely with a smile. “What tattoo were you thinking of getting?”
“I was thinking like a rose. Like with red and black and maybe a bit of green for the leaves.”
As Y/N talked, Calum observed her beautiful figure and listened to her idea. He nodded along and grabbed his sketch book and a pencil when she’d finished speaking. Calum drew what he imagined what Y/N wanted as the inked art of her body.
“And where do you think you’d want the tattoo?”
“Maybe on my butt. Like on my right…cheek.” Y/N blushed. Calum smirked. He nodded, glancing up at Y/N then continuing his drawing.
“Okay, no problem.”
He twisted his sketch book round to show Y/N. She smiled and nodded at the creative drawing.
“I love it.”

Y/N was laid down on the chair of pain. Her chest was facing the base of the chair. Her trousers were pulled down to the middle of her thighs and the back of her panties were just under the neat line in her butt. Her arms were laid flat on their sides and she rested her head on her wrist.
Calum turned back into the room and glanced up, his eyes almost bulging out of his sockets. He stumbled across to the room to the angel lying on the leather chair. He turned to get the ink out of a box and set them out on a try. When he’d set everything out, he sat down on the stool and wheeled it beside Y/N’s body. He closed her eyes, composing himself before opening them and reaching out for the needle. He switched it on and get the ink up before he positioned the artwork he drew next to Y/N’s hip so he could copy it. He looked up at Y/N and smiled softly.
Y/N looked down at Calum and nodded confidently when though she felt like an anxious child on their first day of school. She held onto her arms tightly and prepared for the pain. Calum nodded and looked back at her attractive body part. He pierced the needle into her skin, hearing a little gasp from Y/N’s mouth, and started to draw.
As he drew, he couldn’t resist admiring the skin that Y/N was showing. He wanted to wish in her ear how beautiful her body was whilst he gripped onto her hips, thrusting into her. He wanted desperately to stop inking her skin and take her right on the chair, with her content of course. And he wanted to see her innocent face as her lips wrapped around his manhood. He gulped and stopped for a moment. He reached over to take a sip of his cold water and noticed Y/N’s eyes trained on him.
“Are you okay?” she asked. Calum replied with a short nod.
“Yep. I’m fine. How’s the pain?”
“Pretty bad but I’m living with it.”
Calum chuckled and nodded again. He tried to suppress his thoughts and focused on the art instead however that was becoming more and more difficult as he felt his hard on trying to tear through his jeans.
Luckily the tattoo was finished half an hour later. He stood up quickly when he finished and gently taped her painful area with cling film before excusing himself to the toilet, letting Y/N know that she could meet him back at the front desk.
Y/N nodded and quickly checked out her tattoo before wrapping it up again and pulling her clothes up. Grabbing her bags, she returned to the front desk and waited for Calum to return. When he did, she smirked as she saw a concealed swelling in his jeans. As she paid, she couldn’t tear the smirk off her lips and quickly wrote her number down on a scrap of paper. Handing it to Calum, she said, “You know, when my tattoo has healed, maybe we could do something else to relieve you.”
Licking her lips, she smirked then left the shop, leaving a surprised and even more concupiscent than he had been before.

a/n: I hope this is okay. I’ve never gotten a tattoo so I’m not sure on all the terms and stuff

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