Fight It Part 2 (Calum Hood)

Part 1

6 Months Later

Distance changes everything, you go from talking every day to once a month if you’re lucky enough. You go from 2-hour conversations on the phone to barely getting a ‘hello’. Distance makes you strangers, it changes people, it makes you forget about the days, it makes you forget about time. You’re just going through the motions, trying to get through the day to start over the next.

Pulling the hoodie up, you slipped your hands into the pockets. Your eyes focused on your shoes as you made your way down the sidewalk. Water splashing with every step you took. Shivering you looked up and turned to the corner to your street. Taking a deep breath you continued to walk, your eyes narrowing in on the little house at the end of the block.

Closing the door behind you, you turn the lights on and locked the door behind you. Dropping your now wet vans on the floor, you removed the hoodie and hung it up by the door, water dripping from the sleeves. Running your fingers through your hair you made your way towards the living room. Wrapping your arms around your knees as you curled up on the couch. Staring down at the wooden floor in front of you.

Reaching over you quickly grabbed your phone. Feeling the knot getting tighter in your throat. Scrolling down you pressed on his name, pressing the phone to your ear you closed your eyes

“One” you whispered “Two” you added. Biting down on your lip you pulled the phone away, it went to voicemail. Quickly scrolling down again you hesitated but pressed the button.

“One” you whispered before it went to voicemail. Tossing the phone gently on the couch, you ran your fingers through your hair tugging softly on it. Taking a shaky breath you closed your eyes and curled up more into the seat. Hearing it vibrate you quickly reached over and clicked on the green button

“Cal,” you asked closing your eyes you gripped the phone

“It’s Micheal” you heard him say, sighing you nodded slightly

“Hi Mikey” you whispered, you heard as he sighed

“Are you alright?” he asked biting down on your lip you looked down at your knees, tugging softly at the lose strands.

 Staring down at the hole in your jeans you stopped pulling at the fabric. The hole had appeared when Calum thought it was a good idea that you jumped the fence to his house. He thought it would be cool to walk around the neighborhood at night.

“Y/N” you heard Michaels voice, shaking your head

“I’m okay” you replied “Is Cal there?” you asked

“He’s sleeping,” he said quickly, looking down at your wooden floor 'Liar’ you thought to yourself

“Oh” was all you managed to say “Is he okay,” you asked

“Yeah he seems good” he mumbled “Listen, babe” he sighed into the phone “You know Calum doesn’t feel the same right” you felt your heart breaking even more. It was falling into pieces “What exactly are you waiting for” he asked. Tilting your head you stared up at the ceiling, your breath getting caught in your throat. “Someone could love you more” you felt the tears running down your cheeks the minute he said those words “Calum won’t come around, you’re his friend” you could hear him frowning as he spoke

“I” you choked on your own words “I need to go” you managed to say through the tears,

“Y/N” was all he said before you hung up. Dropping the phone on the couch you wrapped your arms around your knees, resting your chin gently on them you stared at the sliding doors across from you.

“Come on it will be fun” he laughed as he peeked his head through the sliding doors, shaking your head you smiled up at the brunette boy “Please” he begged as he stepped inside your house “Don’t you love me,” he asked with a little pout. Rolling your eyes you picked up your book again and began reading “Come on” he whined as he got on his knees in front of you “You know you want to” he laughed, peeking over your book you stared into his beautiful brown eyes. A perfect smile plastered on his face as he stared up at you. Sighing you dropped the book on the couch and stood up, grabbing your gray hoodie you slipped it on and followed him outside. “You’re the best” he smirked as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to his body. Cuddling into him, you closed your eyes and followed the boy. 

Shaking your head you wrapped your hand slightly around your throat. It was getting harder to breathe, your chest felt as if someone had set a bomb inside. You felt everything falling apart, your knees were weak. Pushing yourself off the couch, you managed to make your way to your bedroom curling up under the blankets.

Calum’s P.O.V

Running my fingers through my hair, I looked down at my phone. Pressing my finger to the red button. Leaning back into my seat I stared over at her. A smile on her face as she looked down at the menu in front of her. Feeling my phone vibrate again I quickly clicked the red button.

“Do you need to get that?” she asked, looking up she raised her eyebrow and smiled at me “It must be important if they keep calling” she giggled, shaking my head I looked down at my phone

“It’s not important” I muttered before sending Michael a quick message.

“If you need to get it, it’s fine Calum,” she said as she set the menu down she winked at me and smiled “I understand” she added. Nodding I smiled over at her

“If it rings again I’ll answer it” I replied to her, leaning over I pressed my lips softly to hers “I don’t want anything to interrupt our time alone” I added with a chuckle, she nodded her head before she looked up at the waitress and ordered her food. As she spoke I looked down at my phone scrolling down the contacts, I clicked on her name and blocked it. Sighing I smiled up at the waitress and ordered my food.

“She is devasted” I heard him say the minute I stepped on the bus, scratching the back of my head I looked down at my shoes as I took a seat on the couch “I broke her heart” he muttered as he played with the phone in his hands “I’ve been calling her but she won’t answer” he looked over at me. Biting down on my lip I stared over at him

“She’s fine Michael, she’s a strong person” I shrugged, he rolled his eyes at me and stood up from his spot

“I broke her heart for you” he yelled glaring at me “I had to call her and tell her you don’t love her” he added as he pointed towards his chest “I broke a really sweet girls heart, a girl who cares way too much about you” he shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair “You don’t deserve her” he said. Looking up at him I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

“What,” I asked staring at him

“You don’t deserve to have someone like her in your life,” he said, he gripped his phone and pressed it to his ear as he walked away.

Running my fingers through my hair I picked up my phone and scrolled down to her name.

“Who’s Y/N” I heard her ask, looking over I didn’t even realize she had sat next tp me

“What,” I asked staring into her eyes

“Who’s that,” she asked with a giggle as she pointed towards my phone

“I was just deleting the number” I muttered before pressing the button. She raised her eyebrow and nodded before she cuddled to me

“I was thinking we could watch a movie,” she asked as she bit down on her lip, nodding I put my arm around her and pulled her towards me.

Sliding out of my bunk, I pulled the curtain back and reached over him grabbing the phone. Walking towards the back I scrolled down to her name. Hearing it ring a few times, I sighed as her voicemail came on. Clicking on her name again I pressed it to my ear

“Come on” I muttered before I heard the line go dead. Groaning I clicked on her name again on the fifth ring she finally picked up, I heard as she sighed into the phone

“Michael I don’t want to talk” I heard her say, sighing I closed my eyes and leaned against the couch “Mikey are you okay,” she asked. I heard as she moved around “It’s 3 in the morning” she said.

“I’m sorry” I whispered the line went quiet, I could hear her trying to steady her breathing “I’m really sorry,” I said running my fingers through my hair “I can’t sleep” I added looking down at my feet. “Please say something” I begged and closed my eyes “Please talk to me”. She took a deep breath, her breathing calming down

“Goodbye Calum,” she said before she hung up. Curling up on the couch, I gripped Michaels phone staring down at it. Quickly scrolling down to her name I clicked on it and pressed the phone to my ear, it went straight to her voicemail.


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“So what we do in this part is we talk about some serious stuff…. So, tonight we celebrate love, thats what we do. And this the type of show that we put on is one that has no bullshit around it… What we try and do here is we try and get everyone here to have the best night of their life, and that’s our job. And it’s your job to have the best night of your life, also.” July 20th, 2016