Canceled - Ashton Irwin [FLUFF]

25SOS DAYS OF CHRISTMAS ~ Day four (I’m tryna catch up lol)

Summary~ He doesn’t want you to go but you’ve ever missed a family Christmas and he starts to question where your priorities lie 

Word Count - 679

The holidays can be rough, the money, the weather, sometimes even the people, but you’ve been staying with your boyfriend Ashton for the past 3 weeks, he lives a fair distance from you; a couple hundred miles at least, and the long distance has been killing you. That’s why this year you’ve decided to stay together for the festive season, it’s been heaven. You’ve spent every day together be it hanging around the house or days out, but you’ve still not told him that on December 24th you’re packing to go home.

He goes out for the day, saying he’s going for last minute Christmas shopping so you take the chance to pack, hoping that you’ll avoid an awkward conversation until you know. 

“Babe, I’m back,” he shouts as he walks in the front door shivering. “Jeez, it’s cold outside, that storm is really coming on”

Quickly you appear in the doorway looking notably panicked as you#ve not finished packing yet.

“Also you haven’t to look in this bag,” he adds.

“Oh,” you glance behind you into the bedroom where your suitcase lays exploded on the floor, “Sure”

“What’s in there?” he furrows his brow trying to look behind you.

“Uh, Christmas presents,” you lie trying to stop him seeing.

“I’m not an idiot you wrapped all of your presents yesterday”

He walks towards you and glances behind you turning angry at the sight.

“You’re packing,” he screams. “Were you planning on leaving me on Christmas?”

“No, Christmas eve,” you say with a tone of fear.

“So what you’re planning on leaving me tonight?” he slams his hand on the wall.

“Not leaving you, I’m coming back on December 27th, it’s just I’ve never missed a family Christmas,” you feel yourself welling up at the thought of fighting with him.

“But this was gonna be our first Christmas together,” Ashton says.

“I’m sorry but I have to prioritize my family here Ash it’s tradition,” you try not to cry moving to continue packing.

“No, [Y/N] when do I get to be priority to you?”

“You’ve been my priority all month, I’m jus asking one day for them,” you weep.

“But that one day is Christmas”

“Ashton, this isn’t up for discussion!”

“It should be, why do I get no say?” he flails.

“Because it’s my life”

“I thought it was ours”

You do all you can to replace the upset you feel with anger and angrily toss the rest of your luggage in the suitcase, “I’m going, you can’t stop me, I have a cab coming tonight”

“You could have told me”

The car is set to come for you at 7pm, so after an awkward dinner you put on your coat and jacket with a wooly scarf and head outside. It seems like when you step outside the snow gets worse but you wait on the sidewalk for the cab to show up.

You check your phone every five minutes but the cab is late and soon you’ll be missing check in, that’s when you get the notification a text from the airline; your flight has been canceled.

You don’t want to go back inside so you sit there freezing trying to think of another option, but soon your phone is telling you the roads are closed.

A few moments later and you hear a cough from ebhind you, standing you see Ashton, “your flight was cancelled”

“How’d you know?”

“Nothing is flying out, I hecked, now come inside”

Youshuffle towars him until he reaches out grabs your scarf and pulls you into a kiss.

“I’m sorry,” you sniff.

“You’re lucky I love you”


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Drunk Carolling - CASHTON


Summary~ Getting drunk on Christmas Eve leads to questionable decisions about door to door carolling 

Word Count - 503 

It’s the first Christmas Calum and Ashton have decided to be independent, they’re not going home, they’re staying in their apartment in LA and even hosting Christmas dinner with the boys and their friends. Granted neither of the two has any clue what goes into a Christmas success but they definitely underestimated the effort needed. So much so that the night before they go out, hitting up the had empty clubs (because lets be honest who goes clubbing on Christmas Eve) and drinking far more than two people who need to cook a turkey in 12 hours should. 

6 or maybe 7 shots later and they’re stumbling down their street trying to figure out which door is theirs, not really able to see 10 feet in front of them. 

“It’s this one,” Calum slushes wandering up a pathway. 

“It’s the next one,” Ashton argues as he follows his friend who knocks on the door of the house in front of them. “Who’s gonna answer if it’s out place?" 

Just then the door opens and a tired old man and his wife are stood looking rather confused. 

Panicking Calum does the first thing that he can think to and begins singing, "Joy to the world.." 

Ashton vaguely joins in and when the two are finished Ashton walks away as the old couple smile and close the door with a faint, "Merry Christmas" 

The door now shut in his face Calum’s eyes widen, "Ashton!” He runs up to him and grips him by the shoulders swaying from the alcohol in his blood stream. “I’m a genius" 

"Debatable but go on,” Ashton yawns. 

“We need to spread Christmas cheer, so we are going to do door to door carolling,” he looks into the distance in a dramatic fashion. 

“Drunk Carolling,” Ashton hiccups. 


"That’s definitely not a thing,” he shakes his head. 

“I know,” Calum pats his friends shoulder, “I just invented it" 

Calum gestures for Ashton to follow him as he wanders down the middle of the road. Drunk Ashton follows him, more to babysit that participate, going door to door to hear Calum’s odd renditions of anything from Jingle Bells to only the female part of Baby It’s Cold Outside. 

After maybe the 10th house Calum gets a little shakier on his feet and starts to stumble so Ashton links his arm around him, still not much more sober, and partially drags him home. 

"Come on Cal,” Ashton struggles. 

“But I’ve got so much more to give,” he whines clawing to go to the next house but barely able to take a sturdy step. 

“No you don’t our neighbours probably hate us now,” Ashton laughs. 

“Talk for yourself,” Calum manages to say, “I’m a delight" 

It takes the remainder of the night but eventually the duo locate the correct house and get in the front door with minimal harm done. The two fall down onto the sofa where they fall asleep against each other only to be woken by the doorbell for Christmas dinner going the following morning.


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“So what we do in this part is we talk about some serious stuff…. So, tonight we celebrate love, thats what we do. And this the type of show that we put on is one that has no bullshit around it… What we try and do here is we try and get everyone here to have the best night of their life, and that’s our job. And it’s your job to have the best night of your life, also.” July 20th, 2016