fights with michael would include
  • pointless screaming
  • insults
  • him crying first because he was fucking terrified that you would leave him
  • accidentally comparing you with his ex with something you were never ever confident of leading to you locking yourself in the toilet crying
  • him sitting outside the toilet banging on the door telling you to open up but you couldnt hear a single thing over your own crying
  • you leaving the flat and him chasing after you
  • michael sleeping on the couch with one of your shirts he secretly stole
  • both showing up at the pantry with red puffy eyes after a long night of crying and no sleep
  • hugging in the kitchen, silently making up
  • ‘I’m sorry I just love you so fucking much’
  • him wiping away your tears 
  • michael holding your head in his hand and peppering your forehead with loving kisses
  • ignoring each other for a solid week until michael just couldn’t take the torture of not being with you
  • him pointing out your insecurities causing you to blow up in tears and michael realizing he fucked up
Wherever You Are (2015 audio edit)
  • Wherever You Are (2015 audio edit)
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

Because this song makes me smile and cry 

(this is my own edit)

Being best friends with Luke;

• Cuddles
• Hugs *only because you’re shorter and he finds it cute*
• him singing you to sleep
• “great you’re short you’re my arm rest”
• “you’re short cause you love Starbucks”
• “shut up before I tell momma hemmings”
• pats on the head
• kissing the top of your head before a concert
• going to a blink-182 concert together
• letting him playing and messing up your hair
• feeling his beard at random times
• singing with him
• letting him teach you how to play guitars
• letting you be his date to award shows
• playing with your hair while you’re asleep in his arms
• teasing you about your celebrity crush but he secretly gets jealous
• he starts developing a crush on you and it’s the start of a beautiful family!
• protecting you with his arms around your waist
• pulling your body close to his
• giving looks to guys looking at you and checking you out
• kisses on your cheek and jawline
• dedicating songs to you during concerts

Cute and Cuddly

Can I have a cute mikey fluff where you just stay in bed all day and cuddle whilst everyone is carrying on with shit but you two are just enjoying each other’s company omg plz

You would both have woken up and you’d most likely be naked bc you would have had sex the night before. You would be cuddling as you woke up and all your limbs would be everywhere. You would wake up first bc Mikey is a sleepy head and you’d just lie there until he woke up bc you couldn’t be bothered to get up without him. When he did wake up, you’d lazily kiss him and suggest a shower. He’d shake his head and pull you down to cuddle you and you would both just laugh and silently decide to stay in bed all day. You would probably get up to get food for you both and it would be some left over Chinese food that you ordered the day before or something and you would watch some YouTube videos as you ate next to each other in bed. You’d cuddle and make regular make out sessions. You would just be chilling and listening to music as you both scrolled through your phones and one of you would get a text from one of your friends saying how productive they were with their day. You tell the other person what they said and you’d just be like ‘fuck it. I don’t care with we aren’t doing shit with our day. I love you and I love spending time with you. No matter what we’re doing’. It would cute af basically. You’d always be touching each other in some way.

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( no smut please lol )

  1. ‘Why are you so nervous?’
  2. ‘Fuck!’ // Calum // 
  3. ‘Are you okay’
  4. ‘Come cuddle with me’ // Michael ( text au version ) // Luke // 
  5. ‘I can’t do this anymore’ // Luke // 
  6. ‘Leave me alone’
  7. ‘Get out’
  8. ‘Pretty please’
  9. ‘No we are not doing that’ // Ashton // Michael // 
  10. ‘I missed you so fucking much’ // Calum // 
  11. ‘I love you’ 
  12. ‘Why is your heart beating so fast? // Michael // Luke // 
  13. ‘Here’s a shirt’ // Ashton // 
  14. ‘Shut up and kiss me’
  15. ‘I love the sparkles in your eyes’
  16. ‘You’re such a big baby’ // Luke // 
  17. ‘I fucking hate you!’ // Luke // 
  18. ‘Please don’t’
  19. ‘Stop I look ugly’ // Calum // 
  20. ‘Open the door’ // Calum // 
Jealousy Causes Arguments

You and Luke are both celebs dating. Your on your but he couldn’t make it bc tour. But he gets pissed because of pictures that came out of you and Justin Bieber that makes you guys look super close (but you are just friends and proud of him) and you and Luke fight but make up

So I would imagine you’re in whatever country and you’d be doing promo or an acting job or something to do with the reason why you were a celebrity and you would miss Luke lots and he would be missing you as well. He would call you all the time and even if you were busy, he’d leave a message and try to call half an hour later. You would both really cherish the moments you had together. And let’s say you were in America for the VMAS and Luke knew you were a big fan of Justin Bieber and you had met him a few times before Luke and you were friends. And you would be watching him on stage and be proud of him and whilst you were there, at some point, you’d see him and give him a hug and take a photo together and there would be pictures of you on MTV and stuff together and there would be rumours as well and people shipping you and Justin instead of you and Luke. Luke wouldn’t see the pictures at first because he was at his show but he would see them when he finished and was on the tour bus or in his hotel room. I think he’d just a bit insecure and upset because he thinks down of himself and not good enough for you. He would call you and try not to cry when you answered. You would be confused when he started asking you straight away about the pictures and he’d get himself into a state and wouldn’t listen to what you were saying. You’d get mad bc of that and you’d both start raising your voices and soon you’d had enough so you’d hang up. You’d both be hesitant to message the other but you would both be in different hotels and just lie down, thinking about each other. And it was late and you would be just about to drop off when someone was calling you and you knew it was luke. He’d immediately start apologizing and saying what a dick he was and how horrible he was. And you would laugh because he didn’t stop talking but finally you’d stop him from talking and tell him it was okay and you apologized for getting angry. You’d also talk about how he needed to trust you more and be more confident in himself because you loved him, no one else. You two would start talking about random stuff and laughing and telling each other how much you loved each other until you were falling asleep.

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michael + 4 :)

4: Come cuddle with me

( I felt like a text was easier to portray this one, sorry if you wanted a blurb, send me another ask if you want me to write it! )

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Passion and Love

Can you do a really passionate loving one with 4/4 (if not just Ash) where you’re like making Love and he’s whispering real sweet stuff in your ear and its so passionate and hazy and you guys cum together please omgg I’ll die 😱😍

It was date night with Ashton. He and Y/N hadn’t seen each other in a few months because of Ashton being on tour with his band. Y/N was proud of him, obviously, though she did miss him though. She often dreamt about him and would wake up, wishing his arms were wrapped around her. But they weren’t. For a few months anyway. Ashton was home now. He’d been home a day or so and he’d met up with Y/N but they hadn’t had their date yet. The first night back, he spent with his family but he couldn’t wait for the night with Y/N. His siblings and mum were out. He had set everything up for a joyful night in with his girl. He dressed in his usual attire; jeans and a long-sleeved, tight, black shirt. He smiled to himself and hummed along to music as he set out the pizza on the table and lit up a scented candle in between the two plates. He walked over to the door when hearing the bell ring. He smiled to himself and checked in hair in the mirror before opening the door. He pulled his girlfriend into a tight hug and kissed her forehead.
“Hi,” he giggled.
“Hello, my handsome boyfriend.”

The pizza had been eaten, the movie had been watching, the sofa had been made out on. Ashton and Y/N were downstairs in his room. The lights were off and the door was closed. Her hands were tangled in his long curls as he kissed down her neck. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around his waist. His hands fumbled with her shirt and trousers as he stripped her body of them. Her hands did the same for him a moment later. Their limbs moulded together as their mouths connected in a passionate kiss.
Ashton gripped onto her thighs soon as he pushed himself into her. He let out a muffled moan and kept his movement stable. Y/N’s mouth was parted as soft moans pushed it open. Her arms wrapped around her boyfriend’s torso. He leaned down and his breath tickled at her ear and neck.
“You’re so beautiful,” he hummed “I’ve missed you so much.”
His hands clasped around her waist and he held their bodies close together in their intimate meeting. He closed his eyes and leaned his head into her neck. His damp hair swept across his forehead and drooped onto Y/N’s. Her eyes were shut and her legs weak around his body. She knew she wouldn’t last too much longer – Ashton always knew how to treat her right in the bedroom.
“I love you so much. You’re perfect,” Ashton breathed out, desperately and soon he was moaning uncontrollably into the plastic protection, restricting themselves from each other. He let in moans into Y/N’s skin. He acknowledged that Y/N was close and decided to be admirable and continue to let his girl feel pleasured as well. He trailed his fingers down her waist and onto her wet core. He rubbed teasing circles into her clit and moved quicker into her until she was gripping her nails into her skin and she felt herself let loose of all restrains. Her breath trickled down Ashton’s shoulders. Her fingers ran through his golden hair. His body lay on top of his and his kisses were scattered over her shoulder. She didn’t say a word. He didn’t say anything either. They both stayed in silence, enjoying the silence after the climax that they hadn’t had in months.

a/n: sorry this is kinda short. I didn’t do the cumming at the same time bc I don’t know if that’s physically possible. 

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