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Good Girl

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Can you write a daddy kink one with Calum or Michael with a lot of teasing and spanking and overstimulation and being called Kitten and Princess omg pls that would be some lit quality shit

fuck ya girly i gotchu 


Pillows surrounded us as the movie played softly in the background. His finger tips ran along my spin coming up to play with the ends of my hair. “How was class today, princess?” Calum whispered. “It wasn’t the best, but you’re here and that’s all that matters.” I smiled. Calum took my chin in-between his fingers, looking at my lips, then right back at me.

“Mm, you look so fucking good right now,” Calum bites his lip. I rolled my eyes smiling, when his hand comes down to my hips squeezing it. “Don’t roll you eyes at me again, kitten.” His eyes stared me down. “Yes, daddy,” I nodded, leaning into his touch. “C’mon princess, I have a surprise for you.” Calum said. “Oh, but I don’t wanna move.” I pouted.

Calum raised an eyebrow, “You’ll want to move when you see what you have in store with the way your acting.” I sat up quickly, following him up the stairs and into our bedroom. Calum and I have never really tried kinks, but we’ve talked about them. Anytime things become intimate, they are not rough, I could tell it was love, not something meaningless, nevertheless Cal would ever treat me like that. “Tonight, we’re trying something different kitten.” He said while grabbing my hips. I nodded, and sat on the bed.

He went to the closet, pulling out a box from the top shelf, and set it on the side table. He pulled out a blindfold, a few ties, and left the room again. I knew not to get up and follow him because if I did, that would not make Calum happy. He came back with a cup of ice, no water, just ice. “Um, why do you have ice?” I questioned. “Don’t speak unless I give you permission, princess.” Calum said.

Calum walked over to me, removed my shirt while kissing my neck “Now, you know I barley punish you nor do I like too, but that’s going to change kitten,” Calum said. “Calum, what-” I was cut off by being flipped around. “I’m sorry, what did I say?” Calum said. “Not to speak unless you give me permission.” I answered. “That’s right, princess, and what did you do?” He asked. “I spoke without permission.” I could tell he was pleased by this.

“Good girl, but, you still defied the rules, you know what that means right?” I nodded as he spoke. “Now, lay across my thighs,” He motioned. I whined quietly, knowing that this night was not going to be anything like I thought. “I want you to count okay, baby girl?” Calum said. I nodded, as I suck in a breath preparing for whatever was going to happen.

Calum landed a slap upon my right cheek, a whimper falling from my lips as I let myself clutch onto Calum’s leg, my body immediately relaxing into the sensation that is going to be driving me up the wall soon. “One,” I whispered, barley enough for him to hear. Another slap on my left cheek, making my nails dig into the rough material of Calum’s jeans. “Two,” I whimpered. “Good girl,” Calum whispered kissing my spine. The slaps continued until tears filled my vision, “Ten,” I sniffed.

Calum let me sit up, as he wiped my tears away, “See it wasn’t so bad now was it, princess?” He cooed. “No, daddy.” I said. “Good, lay back,” Calum instructed. I laid back, letting the cool sheeting sooth my red bum. “Hands up, we are not quite done yet,” Calum said while taking my hands and tied them together to the head board.

Calum only ever tied me up once, and god did I love it. I bit my lip in anticipation, waiting for whatever was next to happen. “To make things interesting, I’m going to blindfold you okay, kitten?” Calum said, grabbing the purple fabric from before. My eyes were covered, seeing nothing, I mean what did you expect? His fingertips slid down my body making goosebumps arise to my skin.

“God, you’re going to be the death of me,” Calum breathed, kissing every part of my skin. I felt something cold being dragged down my skin and rested on my stomach. His lips touched mine for a passionate kiss as his hand snaked down in-between my legs. At the first flick of my clit, I cried out into Calum’s mouth, my hips grinding into his hand. He slipped a finger into me, pumping slowly. The pace of his finger was driving me mad, making me squirm underneath him.

“Stay still, princess,” Calum ordered. It was one of Calum’s rules; I couldn’t move or he’d stop touching me, even if it was during one of my treats. I tried my hardest not to move, but I accidentally bucked into his hand when he pressed against my g-spot. He immediately took his hand away from me, sucking  his finger between his lips.

I could tell Calum was smirking by the way he kept pacing around the bed. “Wanna tell daddy what you want, baby girl?” Calum said. “I want your tongue, I want your cock, fuck daddy I want it all,” I was not ashamed. “Such a dirty mouth for a pretty little girl,” Calum chuckled. “You want my tongue huh, kitten?” Calum daunted, removing the blindfold. I nodded, blinking trying to adjust to the light.

I felt his lip wrap around my clit, lightly flicking it a few times. I inhaled deeply only to exhale with a moan as he continued his actions. He released me from his mouth, looking me right in the eyes as he entered his finger in, again. A long whimper came out of my mouth as Calum moved his fingers again. “God, you look so fucking sexy withering under my fingers,” He smirked placing his lips on my clit again. He pushed another finger in, making my orgasm come into play. “Daddy, please can I cum?” I moaned.

“Go ahead princess, be as loud as you want,” Calum mumbled. “Look at me,” he orders. Already used to taking orders from Calum, I immediately look at him. “Mm, daddy,” I whimpered. My legs shook around Calum as he held them open, making me ten times for sensitive. “Fuck, you taste so good,” Calum moaned. My chest rose and fell as I caught my breath, but I sucked in another breath when Calum rubbed his tip against my entrance.

“You want it, baby? Tell daddy how much you want it,” Calum said. “Daddy please, fuck me I want your cock, please.” I begged. He grinned slamming into me. My wrists pulled at the restraints, sure to give me some type of burn. Calum held my hips as he fucked me into oblivion “Princess, I can tell you’re ready to cum any minute,” Calum moaned. “Daddy, I am,” I said.

“Oh Caluum, yes daddy fuuuuck” I yelled, unable to control my body anymore, my gaze on his as he watched my face contract at the same time my walls did around his cock. When I finally came down, breathing heavily, I found myself more tired than I’ve probably ever been after such an experience. Forcing my body not to move and having to absorb pure pleasure was actually much more exhausting than I’d have thought. Calum must’ve noticed too as he gently stroked my cheek, before kissing his way down my stomach, then back up again to my ear. “I’m impressed, you’ve done so good baby girl” he whispered, “but we are not over.”

I shook my head, not able to take anymore pleasure. “Kitten, if daddy says more, you know what it means,” Calum smirked. “Daddy, I-i can’t,” I couldn’t even talk. “Yes you can, and you will baby,” Calum said. I saw Calum pull out the white toy, which intimidated me more than it should have. “You remember this one princess?” Calum said showing me the toy, “I know this is your favorite, so tonight, we’re going to play with it.”

“Daddy, please don’t I can’t handle it.” I whined. “Sounds like you wanna make the rules, is that how it goes princess?” He asked. “Sorry, daddy,” I said. Calum turned on the vibrator to a low setting and dragged it all over my body, making me shiver. “Baby girl, this is suppose to relax you, not tense you up.” Calum chuckled, feeling my reaction.

My legs immediately closed around the vibrator when Calum set it on my clit. “Keep ‘em open for my princess,” Calum pushed my thighs apart. My back arched off the bed as my orgasm hit me like a bucket of bricks. “There you go baby, just like that.” Calum cooed. My body caved in, my feet dragged on the bed while Calum put the vibrator on a higher speed.

“Oh daddy!” I yelled, my whole body shook in euphoria as I came around the toy. “That’s my good girl, cum for daddy.” Calum groaned. My toes dragged against the bed, as I came around the vibrator and profanities left my mouth. “Daddy, daddy fuck,” I moaned. Calum took the vibrator off only to lick my clit again. I was already in a state of sensitivity.

“God, you’ve done so well kitten,” Calum said, beginning to untie my hands. “But now, I want you to suck me off like the good girl I know you are,” He growled. I was already out of energy when Calum pulled me up. I stared in awe at Calum’s cock, probably drooling. “Stop staring princess,” Calum chuckled. I bit my lip, taking his cock in my hand, slowly pumping it.

Calum groaned, “C’mon princess, you know I don’t like waiting.” I smiled up at him, kissing the tip. With my tongue broad and flat, I licked the whole length of him, making eye contact. I alternated between sucking, swirling my tongue one way and then another, and flicking it lightly. I wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft, and move it up and down in time with the movements of my mouth. I ran my nails on the inside of his thighs, making Calum whimper. “Fuck princess.” He grabbed my hair.

“Princess, s-stop I wanna cum in that pretty little pussy of yours.” Calum groaned, unable to hold his moans in. I took him out of my mouth, “Daddy, I have a question.” I trailed. “What is it, baby girl?” Calum asked. “Can I ride you, daddy?” I asked shyly. “You wanna ride daddy? Well, I suppose that’s fine.” He chuckled. Calum laid on the bed, cock in hand as I walked over to him.

He cupped my breasts in his hands, groping and tugging roughly. “Yes, daddy,” I moan, burying my face into the crook of his neck. “Oh, God, yes.” “You going to cum for me, baby girl?” “Mmmhmm.” “Come on, baby, cum for me.” My orgasm rockets through my body, sending me into a state of frenzy. Moans and curse words slip out of my mouth. I continue to rock my hips against Calum as I come down from my high, milking my orgasm for as long as possible.  “There you go, baby.” Calum coos.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Calum moaned, his hands moving to my hips. “Cum for me daddy,” I bit his neck, making sure to leave my mark. I felt Calum release inside of me, making me fall on top of him. “God, that was-” “Amazing.” I finished for him. “I love you, princess,” Calum kissed my forehead. “I love you too, daddy.” I said.

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this is a little chaotic so bear with me here lmao. also I know there’s not a whole lot on here right now but these are all the people I intend to/are willing to write smut for. requests are always open x

also, another quick reminder that this is my smut blog, not my fluff blog! if you want to request fluff, check out my fluff blog @tiredeyesweekes x

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Anonymous said: lazy/rainy day smut with luke!!


The rain hit the windows as the steam from the tea rose into the air. The iconic movie of Valentines Day played on the TV, as I got cozy in the blankets. Luke came downstairs in grey sweatpants making my mind wander. “Hey, eyes up here pretty girl,” Luke snickered. I shook my head, “sorry.” I moved over so Luke could come cuddled with me. “So what are we watching, pretty girl?” He asked. “Valentines Day.” I answered. I laid my head on his chest as his hands ran through my hair.

Luke’s hands roamed around my body, making me shiver under his touch. “I was thinking about you this morning,” Luke whispered. I hummed in response, “how?” He lifted my head up, making me face him. “How much you love my fingers, how I can make you cum in seconds,” Luke toyed with the top of my shorts. I felt myself grow wetter with his words. 

“How my cock fills you up all the way and how you feel empty without it,” His hands tugging my shorts down. “Luke,” I whimpered. “What is it, pretty girl?” Luke said, moving me to his lap.

My lips ghosted over his when he finally closed the gap between us, by bringing our lips together. His fingers circles my clit, making me whimper in his mouth. I started kissing Luke’s neck as he moved to the inside of my panties. “Fuck, you’re so wet baby,” Luke moaned. He teases my entrance with his finger, slowly entering it. 

I moaned when Luke started to move his fingers at a fast pace. My back arched into Luke, my breasts on full display. “Cum for me pretty girl, you can do it,” Luke encouraged. “Mmm, Luke fuck,” I moaned. He started attacking my neck, leaving his marks all over me.

“Come on pretty girl, let it go like a good girl,” He smirked. And with that, I released all over his fingers. He brought his fingers to his mouth tasting my juices, “You taste so good princess.” I immediately kissed him, tasting myself on him. I sunk to my knees, removing Luke’s sweatpants along with his boxers. “You know what to do, pretty girl.” Luke said.

I took his cock in my hands, slowly stroking it. I licked up the base of his cock, taking everything I could. “Fuck,” Luke moaned taking my hair in his hands. I bopped my head slowly, stroking what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“Faster baby,” Luke growled. I moved my head faster, becoming a little sloppy. I licked the tip, swirling my tongue the way he likes it. “Okay, okay, okay,” Luke pulled my mouth off him. “C’mere, baby, lay down,” Luke said. I lied on the couch, waiting for Luke. “Luke please, fuck me,” I whined. Luke smirked to himself, positioning himself in front of my entrance. Luke slowly entered me, knowing I hate the anticipation. “Fuck, move please,” I moaned.

“You’re such a good girl.” He said before kissing me. His hands massaged my breasts before kissing each one.  My whole body was shaking in euphoria. He fiddled with his lip ring as he pounded into me in full control and concentration. His movements where slow at first, but soon he shifted my legs changing positions getting a better, deeper angle. 

Both of us were a moaning mess. My eyes grew heavy and I felt my second orgasm of the night nearing me. My nails raked down Luke’s back as I moaned out loud. He caught on to my signal before mumbling that he was close too.

I released, clenching around him setting off his orgasm. He thrusted sloppily, milking his first and your third before pulling out and falling next to me. “Mm, I’m sleepy,” I whispered. “Let’s take a nap pretty girl,” Luke kissed my head before we both drifted off.

Rare  footage of me dancing to Jet Black Heart 


To the people that think Michael Gordon Clifford isn’t talented…. @5sos

Sometimes I forget that there are people in this world who have the same interest in the same celebrity as me and then I get all defensive Like Noo I totally claimed them as my own, they’re mine, I don’t wanna share…

When We Collide (Phone Call)
Calum Hood
When We Collide (Phone Call)

Until The End of Time | Calum Imagine

A/N: Inspired by Amnesia, Calum’s cover of When We Collide and Niall’s new song Too Much To Ask!  Don’t play the audio until the prompt!!! 

Warning: Some swearing

Word Count: 1470

With a new album in the works, Calum was spending less and less time with you, going to the studio before you were awake and coming home in the wee hours of the morning. He’d blow off plans with you and was constantly busy when you tried to reschedule. You felt like you weren’t important to him anymore. 

It was one of the rare days that Calum was free and he decided to spend it playing Fifa in the living room. You walked over to the couch and sat down beside him. “Calum…?” you muttered. “Hm?” Calum responded, not taking his eyes off the TV. “Do you still love me?” you questioned, studying the side of his face. “Of course I do,” Calum mumbled, his brows furrowing, “Why do you ask?” His focus was still on his game. “You never spend time with me anymore… You’re always cancelling on me for a day at the studio or with the guys! I’m starting to think you don’t care about me anymore!” you explained. “Are you shitting me? I’m in the middle of making and recording an album, Y/N! Do you realize how much work goes into an album?” Calum retorted, pausing his game. “I just want to spend some time with you, Calum! You leave early in the morning and come home late at night. I never get to see you anymore!” A look of anger washed over his face as he turned towards you. “I have a job, Y/N! I can’t spend 24/7 with you!” he spat. Tears were streaming down your face. Calum rarely ever raised his voice at you. “ Why can’t you understand that? You’re so fucking needy! Have fun finding another guy that can put up with your whining cause we’re over!” he shouted, getting up from the couch and throwing the controller in your lap. “Calum, wait!” you begged as he stormed out of the house, slamming the front door. You could hear his car start and pull out of the driveway as you curled up on your couch, crying uncontrollably. 

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Calum Hood Imagine → Small Bump

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Request: Yes

It’s been two month since I found out that I was four month pregnant. It was a complete shock when I went to the doctor and she confirmed my suspicions. I haven’t told anyone about this but my best friend and especially I haven’t told my boyfriend Calum. I know this is probably ridiculous to think but I’m scared that he would break up with me when I tell him, so I kept my mouth shut. It’s getting more and more complicated to hide my pregnancy though. Of course I gained some weight over the last four month but I always came up with a pretty good excuse. Next thing were my boobs. I never thought they could swell like this, at least not in the first four month. Calum actually thought I got a boob job. And then there was the morning sickness, wich was definitely the worst. I always tried to run into the downstairs bathroom so Calum wouldn’t notice that I throw up almost every morning. But if course that wasn’t always the case. I told him everything was fine when he asked if I was sick, but he insisted to go to the doctor with me. I talked myself out if it somehow, because if we’d go together he’d find out that I was pregnant and I wasn’t ready for him to know the truth just yet.

It was saturday morning, I sat in the kitchen lost in my thoughts when I suddenly felt two strong hands on my shoulders, softly massaging me. “Morning hon, why are you up so early?” Calum asked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t know, I guess I couldn’t sleep anymore.” I lied. Of course I would have loved to sleep a little longer but the morning sickness hit me again. “But more importantly, why are you up so early?” I laughed and turned around to face him. He shrugged and said “Can I ask you something?” The smile on his face vanished, his expression turning serious. My heart started beating faster ‘Oh god he knows’ I thought to myself and panicked a little. “Uhm sure. What’s up?” I asked as casually as I could. “Well, I don’t know how to say this uhm…you’ve been kinda different lately. I don’t know, one minute you are the nicest and sweetest person and the next minute you’re like a super bitch, no offence, and I’m really worried and you, because I saw you throw up a lot of times lately and, I’m no doctor, but I don’t think that’s a good thing and you’ve been looking really pale and exhausted and then you complain about that your back hurts a lot and like I said I really start to worry about you. I mean, if you’re sick..I just - let us go to a doctor and check out what’s wrong with you okay?” He said and sat down next to me, motioning me to sit on his lap.

“Nothing is wrong with me Cal, I promise you that.” I told him and stroke over his cheek. “You sure?” He whispered, looking me deep in the eyes. I really didn’t want to lie to him anymore but I couldn’t tell him. “Yes, I’m 100% sure that nothing’s wrong with me. ” I smiled. “Good.” He said “Come here.” He motioned to me to sit on his lap again. “No I’m gonna stay here.” “Why?” He asked with a confused expression on his face. “Because I don’t want to crash you or anything.” I mumbled and looked down to my feet. “What? Why in the world would you think something like that?” “Because you told me yourself that I gained some weight.” “I wasn’t talking about your weight, I was talking about your boobs.” He reasoned. “You certainly weren’t tailing about my boobs Calum. I’m not stupid okay.” “Okay yeah maybe I wasn’t..I’m sorry.” I sighed and shook my head. “No, no it’s fine. You’re right.” I sadly smiled, looking down again. “No, hey look at me.” He said and and cupped my face, making me look him in the eyes. “I really am sorry, I never should have said anything about it! I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way. Please don’t think for a second that you’re not perfect, because you are perfect to me. He said and pecked my lips. “I love you so much.”

I was on the phone talking to my best friend, before I heard the doorbell and some voices from downstairs. I guess it was the other guys, Calum had invited them over. I hung up the phone and walked down the stairs to the living room, but I stopped right before the room because so overheard them talking about me. “….I really don’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s acting really weird lately, I don’t know.” Calum said. “What do you mean with weird?” I heard another voice say, it sounded a lot like Michaels. “Dunno, mood swings. Throwing up stuff like that.” he shrugged. “Well and last time I saw her her boobs were huge, dude did she get boob job or something?” Ashton giggled. “Watch it buddy.” Calum warned “and no she didnt.” “Uhm guys I think I know what’s up with her. I mean it’s pretty obvious.” Luke said. ‘No don’t say it. You don’t know what you’re talking about Luke.’ I thought.

“Well, tell us Einstein.” Calum rushed. “I think (Y/N) is preg-” “Stop talking.” I yelled, running into the room. “Uh hi there guys.” I nervously said, scratching the back if my neck. “What’s up?” I tried to change the subject. “Nothing. We were just talking about you to be honest. Luke thinks he knows what’s wrong with you.” Calum said, pulling me to his side. I nervously looked around. I’m gonna have to tell him now. I took a deep breath and took a step back from Calum. “I- I’m gonna tell you what’s up with me.” I said and bit my lip. “Uhm okay, I don’t know how to say it really.” I mumbled. “Come one just say it, it can’t be that bad right?” He asked worried. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply before I blurted it out. “I’m pregnant.” I opened my eyes to see everyone’s eyes widen. Calum’s jaw dropped and he stumbled back, hitting the wall. “You- you…what?!” He whispered. “I’m pregnant.” I said again and smiled, putting my hand on my belly.

“Oh my- oh my fucking god. I - are you serious?” Calum said, almost stumbling over his words. I just but my lip and nodded. “Oh my god - how..?” “You know Calum, when two people have -” “Jeez Michael thanks I know how it happened I just can’t believe this.” He shook his head and a wide smile crept on his face. He practically ran towards me and hugged me tight. “Oh god I can’t believe this! How far are you? Why didn’t you say anything? Is it a boy or a girl?” He asked excitedly. “I’m four month pregnant now and I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. And I just didn’t say anything because….because I was afraid you’d break up with me.” I said “I would never break up with you because of this! You could have said right from the beginning! I- we have to go to the doctor tomorrow and check if it’s a boy or a girl! I really hope it’s a boy! I could teach him how to play football and how to flirt with the girls!” He smiled excitedly “Or maybe a little girl, I could protect her and read to her or sing to her and I’d take her out for ice cream. God this is so exciting. I love you, I love you I love you, so much.” He said and hugged my tight. “Hey hey hey buddy, let us hug (Y/N) for a minute.” Luke said, Calum backed off and all the other boys hugged me and and congratulated us. “We better become godparent.” Michael smirked and put his arm around my shoulder. “No way in hell I’m gonna let you be the godparent of my baby or the first word it will be saying will be either ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ and I’m sure if you’d ever babysit you’d forget him or her at the supermarket or something.” I told him with a smile. “Very funny.” He laughed and hugged me again. “Tomorrow we’re gonna go to the doctor and check if it a boy or a girl alright? A then we’re going shopping, baby clothes all that other stuff you need and now sit down, I don’t want you to stand too long. Do you need anything? Something to drink? Eat? A pickle?” He asked and walked me over to the couch. “No Calum. Everything is fine as long as we three are together.”

I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always nice. :) I haven’t had the chance to edit it and stuff because I wrote it on my phone since I don’t have wifi yet so yeah if there are any mistakes I’m sorry. I hope you liked it anyway. x


luke x reader text au
based off of a text post (when i find it ill credit the creator) basically saying “imagine if ur otp texted each other a picture of them and like the worlds biggest cake or something and said ‘i’m leaving you for someone else’ or something like that, but the picture didn’t send”