The Taste of Germs
  • *Kid drops pretzel on cafeteria floor during lunch, picks it up, eats it*
  • Me:T, that's gross!! Don't eat food off the floor in here! Lots of feet touch this floor after stepping other gross places and now you're eating those germs!
  • T:Well, I pick suckers up after I drop them and eat them...
  • Me:But those have wrappers that cover where your mouth goes...
  • T:Oh I pick them up and eat them after I've taken the wrapper off too! But they don't taste any different so I think they're okay...
  • -Upon telling his mom later who works at the school-
  • "I guess I should clarify that the 5 second rule is limited to home, if we didn't have that I'd have to cook twice as much food"
  • 😳😁😜😵😂