5sd aiden

Psi, that’s all

Me: Hey Psi, want to pose for some photos?
Psi: What. You mean like right now, mate?

Me: You don’t feel it’s time to let the world know you exist?
PsI: Look, lady, I don’t care what the world know and not. I know I exist, ain’t that’s enough?

Me: Come now, just a few ones. I’m sure you can spare me the time and humour me?
Psi: Just ‘cause I’m pink ain’t makin’ me any clown, mate.
Me: I meant, oh, come on. Make an effort, please.

Psi: Fine, here’s your darn photo, then.
Me: You know, your supposed to smile when one’s taking your photo.
Psi: Why’s that?
Me: Because … that’s what you do.
Psi: That’s not how I do it. Here, I have an idea, mate. Screw this.

Me: That’s your idea?
Psi: Yeah. Let’s the bullies know I’m watchin’ em. Like an eagle. I see everything.
Me: As well as seeming a bit silly.
Psi: Fine, I’ve got an idea.
Me: Another one?
Psi: Watch this, mate.

Psi: Laid back, chillin’, but still watchin, you know, mate.
Me: Well, I suppose it’s better than the last one, but I just wanted a proper portrait …
Psi: Right, I know what you mean. Lemme get up then, I’ll help you out, mate.

Me: …what the fudge is this?
Psi: It’s a portrait, mate.
Me: Whatever it is, it isn’t a portrait. Try again.

Psi: ???
Me: NO!
Psi: Cranky one, ain’t you, mate?

Psi: Here it is. This is the winner.
Me: You still look mad though.
Psi: Not mad. Tough. To let the world know I ain’t to be messin’ with.
Me: Psi. You’re eleven.
Psi: Your point, mate?
Me: Nevermind …

Me: I guess I’ll settle for this one then.
Psi: Make sure I look like I can twist your fingers out of place. ‘Cause I can, y’know. And I’m pretty good at it.
Me: I’m sure you are. Thanks, Psi for all the help.
Psi: That’s why I’m here for, lady.


I thought I would show off my handiwork from yesterday in context, I have been looking for shelving units for a while and picked these up for £3.50 each, painted them up, added some patterned paper to the back panels and there you have it, pretty display cabinets :) (And an added shot of Jory so you can get the scale of them, he is slightly taller than your average YoSD)