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but it’s getting to that point of the year where 5sos could literally drop the next single anytime now and i don’t know what to do with myself

It's Just Cuddling

When you walked through the front door you saw your boyfriend Luke, and the rest of the band jamming. You smiled followed by a “hey guys” and they returned the ‘hey.’ You walked into the kitchen and grabbed a small glass of water. Luke came in and wrapped his arm around you waist.

 “What’s wrong baby?” he pouted.

“Just a bad day, don’t worry,” you said moving away from his grip. You walked upstairs and changed into your pajamas and hopped into bed. Luke came in shortly after you and laid in bed right next to you and hugged you tight. He pulled you on top of him and held you.

After thirty minutes of lying there the door swung open,

“Lu… Oh god! No wonder you were taking a long time,” Calum yelled as he turned on his heels to leave the room. You heard whistles from downstairs and Luke chuckled.

“We’re just cuddling,” Luke stated.

“Yeah if that’s what you want to call it, once you’re ready come downstairs we need to finish the song,” Calum said before closing the bedroom door.

Luke kissed you and went downstairs and you could hear wolf whistles through the crack of the door and Luke say:

“Guys, she’s having a bad day, I was cuddling with her you idiots,” but the guys weren’t taking that for an answer.

“I hate this band,” you heard Luke say. You chuckled at his comment and nuzzled your head into the pillows listening to the guys work on their song.

Our first fight