Headcannon:   Steve is actually one of the nicest guys in Night Vale and best friends with Cecil despite not really listening to Cecil’s show all that much.  He’s mostly oblivious to Night Vale’s oddities and only writes in to Cecil’s show when something strikes him as being really weird.  Cecil discredits him and pretends to hate him on air to protect him from the the City Council/Secret Police/Station Management ect.  He can’t protect Carlos in the same way because Carlos is so obviously investigating everything - also perfect Carlos might listen to a show someday and might get the wrong idea - Steve just takes most everything as playful ribbing and compliments.

Thanks to Bloodpactgirlscout - originally this piece had a much different ending and her idea and comic inspired this one.  Look at hers, as it’s awesome: http://bloodpactgirlscout.tumblr.com/post/60393950980/favorite-headcanon-regarding-steve-carlsburg-is

I’m thinking about trying to do a series of quirky fortune-themed artist cards for Inktober.  This guy is 3x5, and the bronze is metallic ink that looks neat in person.  Not sure If I’ll succeed in getting one every day but here’s to trying