Best Damn Hero

Characters: Umi-centric, Nozoeli, Tomatohead

Summary: A fic in which Umi stabs things and Maki heals stabbed things and Nozomi wishes Umi would stab less things while Eli wishes to be Nozomi’s next fling 

Tags: Big Mess. the fic that is, not the things happening though Maki might argue differently

Words: >5

Note: A touching story about moral and justice and how none of it plays any role in this fic

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MapleStory 2 Website BG Art 5
Note: This is edited with a colour fix and contrast in Photoshop Elements because the retrieved image had a strong overlay of blue, where the image had poor contrast. Features such as colour intensity may differ from the clean official artwork.

5 notes and I'll Answer These Questions :)

1. Any scars?
2. Best friend?
3. Kissed anyone?
4. Coke or pepsi?
5. Dream job(s)?
6. Ever been in love?
7. Last time you cried?
8. Fav color?
9. Birthday?
10. Natural hair color?
11. Eye color?
12. Hight?
13. What do you love?
14. Weird obsession?
15. If you had one wish what would it be?
16. Do you love someone?
17. Kiss or hug?
18. Nicknames people call you?
19. Fav artist(s)?
20. Fav band (s)?
21. Fav song?
22. Worst thing that ever happened to me?
23.best thing that ever happened to me?
24. Something you would change about yourself?
25. Ever dated someone?
26. Worst mistake?
27. Ever had a heart break?
28. Do you wish you could start over?
29. Do you believe in love?
30. Are you okay?
31. Anyone ever hurt you?
32. Ever hurt anyone?
33. Relationship status?