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Would you be open to doing a class on medication at the shop and leading an actual meditation.... Also I think a 5min meditation would be nice to have on your website even if it's just the music

I would definitely be open to doin meditation classes some day!

Okay so it’s not scorching here (27°C, for once I’m happy of the sea being near) but I spent 5min outside and I’m litterally EATEN ALIVE by those damn tiger mosquitos AND “barked at”, and not by a dog. 

I AM WEARING MENS CLOTHES. I look like a damn dogpunk as usual. Tell me again it’s linked to how women are dressed, bleh. 


No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

What's My Name? - KJ Apa SMUT

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A/N: I wrote this because my Kiwi Kutie deserves more attention and more people need to write about him!!! Also he’s the loml & this is my fantasy lmao 😂 Anyways enjoy xx 

 Warnings: SMUT unprotected sex (wrap it up dudes),oral {male receiving} & swearing 

 It was aways fun visiting KJ on set for more reasons than one. Cole’s my best bud and we have too many laughs together we cant be in the same room for more than 5mins. KJ’s scene had ended so the director called for a short break. KJ approached me smiling like a little kid “Hey Baby” he sweetly pressed a kiss to my temple “Hey” I smiled “I missed you” he pouted “Babe we saw each other like 3hrs ago at home” I reminded him “yeah but still” he leaned forward and placed his lips onto mine hungrily,I got the idea that ‘i miss you’ was actually not the same one I was thinking of. 

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hey! I'm looking for other BTS blogs to follow--any recommendations??

Hi there!

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This sounds ridiculous but you have to believe me. Today in my APUSH class, this girl literally asked my teacher (he's like pretty young) if he's heard of "the HistoryandMemes tumblr," and he was so curious that he put your blog on the projector and giggled for 5min straight before regaining enough composure to continue his lesson plan. I laughed at first but tbh I can't judge, I like your blog just as much LMAO. #TEAMH&M

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