Nicknames and names all the Bidders have for each other

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Thought you guys would appreciate this lol, even though they are terrible. Feel free to add any! 

Ranked Creativity level /10

(NN)=No nickname

Eisuke: Creativity level 6

Mc: Barista, MCCCCCCCC, Pleb, maid, smol, Babelight of my life

Soryu: Sor, Bro Before any hoe, Eagle Two

Baba: Sloppy seconds, Ba-bye

Ota: Puppy, Art Hoe

Mamoru: Sloth

Luke: Gold finger (see this works cuz one, he’s British, and two he makes a lot of money from his surgeries), X-Ray

Shuichi: Cactus prick, Prude 

Hikaru: Mc’s coworker

*Bonus* Mad Hatter: Auctioneer, ??? 

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Diet tips
  • Cut out dairy products

I’ve done some research, and I found out most people are likely to have some problems with weightloss due to dairy produts.

“Our bodies don’t manufacture the proper enzymes to help our digestive system break down the milk and absorb all its nutrients.   Phosphatase, a heat-sensitive enzyme essential for absorption and assimilation of calcium, is destroyed during pasteurization.  That 300 mg of calcium per glass won’t end up in your bones.  You can get plenty of calcium from dark leafy green vegetables, shellfish and seafood, whole grains, nuts, and legumes.”

I personally don’t like milk and I haven’t drank it since I was 6. However, I find it hard to resist some cheese once a week, so I make sure to include it on my salad once a week.

  • Make sure you control how many carbs you eat a day. Too many carbohydrates in your diet may make yo gain weight because if you don’t use them as energy, they get stored as fat.

 "By limiting your carbohydrate consumption, you teach your body to use your own stored body fat for energy. This helps you lose weight by using up the fat you already have and by eliminating the source of new fat production"

  • Fried food cause serious health damage. In fact, eating fried chicken is like drinking oil straight from the vat. Fried food soaks up literally everydrop of oil, so it increases your low-density cholesterol levels. The buildup of these saturated fats along with cholesterol and trans fats can cause deposits in you arteries, and could end up blocking your bloody flow, which causes heart attacks. 

I highly recommend you to broil, grill, roast or poach your food instead.

  • Avoid caloric beverages. Drinking your calories does not make you feel full. People who drink sugar are more likely to gain weight and to suffer from heart diseases. 

Make water your new best friend, drink at least 8 cups a day and you will not only avoid drinking emty calories but feel fuller and you’ll also see a great difference in your skin, which will clear up and stay hydrated from the inside.

Tea is also a great way to drink your water, it’s calorie free, filling and delicious! 

  • Stay away from white flour. White flour is an enriched flour and as inviting it may sound it is actually toxic. In addition, it has added sugars which won’t help you to lose weight.

Iron is a “nutrient” added to enriched flour, except the type of iron added is not really a nutrient at all, but is considered a metallic iron. Metallic iron is not bioavailable to the human body and was never meant to be consumed.Enriched flour is not absorbed by the body as wheat or a grain, in which case your body could use the energy slowly and effectively, but as a starch. That is because the wheat germ has been stripped from the flour; the FDA states that enriched flour cannot have more than 5% wheat germ.

  • Try to replace red meat for fish. Fish, along with nuts and eggs should be the main protein source in any weight loss diet.

Fish meat contains Omega-3 Fatty acids which red meats such as beef and venison do not. Omega-3s are suggested to prevent certain types of cancer, and may have other benefits that have not been studied.

Furthermore, red meats often come from “farms” which inject the meats with growth hormones and chemicals which may be harmful to humans in large doses.
Fish are generally not given this growth hormone, and while some fish on the dinner plate come from fish farms, far more fish meat is freshly caught than is red meat.

  • Don’t add salt. Sodium intake can lead to bloating, a temperary but unconfortable effect of eating gas producing food.

You need a small amount of sodium in your daily diet to mantain some biochemical functions.Fluid retention and bloating result from getting more salt than you need when you add too much salt to meals or consume high-sodium foods regularly.

  • You CAN NOT have high-fructose corn syrup in a successful cutting diet. Eating unnecesary sauces like BBQ  will only add sugar and saturated fats to your daily intake.
  • Boost up your metabolism following these easy steps:
  1. Eat breakfast.  If you don’t eat breakfast, you slow down your metabolism and send the body into “hoard mode,” thinking it’s starving because you’re going a long period of time frequently 8 to 10 hours or more, without food.
  2. Don’t starve. Dropping your calorie intake below 1,000 calories a day will signal to your body that you are in starvation mode, and will slow down your metabolism. Keep it between 1,000 and 1,500 calories, remember : weight loss should come from calorie deficit, which should come from exercise, not from starving.
  3. Water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water,water, water, water. tip: if your urine is clear, you’re doing it right, at least 8 cups a day!
  4. Get enough B vitamins.Among supplements, if you are suffering from flagging energy, you need to make sure that you are getting enough B vitamins. Vitamin B-12 in particular is one that is essential for energy. To ensure you’re getting enough B vitamins, consider taking a B complex, plus a separate sublingual B-12, if the amount of vitamin B you get from food isn’t enough for you. Kiwis are Vitamin B rich.
  5. Chromium: Make sure you’re getting enough chromium in your diet to help your body burn more calories. Chromium, which is found in tomatoes and in a supplement form, also boosts the way you burn fat.
  6. Eat 5 meals per day.If you really want to kick-start your metabolism, you may also try dividing your meals up into smaller portions that you eat more often throughout the day. Every time you eat, it helps your metabolism rise, so as strange as it may sound, eating frequently can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
  7. Be careful with restaurant portions. They are often too big, so be careful with that, the caloric intake could be too much even if it’s healthy food. I often ask the waiter to pack half my meal so I can eat it later. 
  • Eat fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. Fruit ’s natural sugars help boost your metabolism and oatmeal is low cal and makes you feel full for longer. Besides, it’s delicious!
  • Eat in smaller plates. We tend to finish all the food that’s in the plate, and sometimes we over eat. Using smaller plates helps calculating the right amount of food for weight loss.
  • Take your time. Eat slower and you’ll feel fuller. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes for your stomach to realize you are full. Also, avoid eating while standing up, people tend to eat faster then. Chewing the food right is the key for diggestion, chewing it 8-10 times before swallowing may seem a lot at first, but you’ll get used to it fast and you’ll taste the food for longer!
  • Get enough sleep. 8-9 hours is the ideal amount of time we should spend sleeping. Sleeping to much or too little can lead to tiredness and  will slow your metabolism.
  • Protein.Protein is one of the basic building blocks of the human body, making up about 16 percent of our total body weight. Muscle, hair, skin, and connective tissue are mainly made up of protein.The standard method used by nutritionists to estimate our minimum daily protein requirement is to multiply the body weight in kilograms by .8, or weight in pounds by .37. This is the number of grams of protein that should be the daily minimum.
Example: According to this method, a person weighing 150 lbs. should eat 55 grams of protein per day, a 200-pound person should get 74 grams, and a 250-pound person should eat 92 grams.
  • Make sure your last meal is not more than 9 hours away from your first one. And by this I am refering to the don’t eat after 7  rule. Calculate how many hours pass between your dinner and the next day’s breakfast and adapt it to your timetable.
  • Exercise. Create a calorie deficit by exercising, not by starving. I know I’ve said it before but it’s so bloody important… Do not starve yourself, it’s not healthy and you’ll gain all the weight back. Do cardio at least for 30 minutes everyday (take 2 days off to rest) and then complete your workout by targeting some muscles and/or pilates / yoga.
Skeletiano Complete Walkthrough! The Niflheim+ Shall we Date?

Sooooo, Skeletiano’s been released, and that’s a giant yay! I can still remember many people clamoring for his story back at the start. Personally I enjoyed his story (but I still love Jean more haha)

And I’m quite happy with how Skeletiano is Skeletiano

So….his real name is Adam, just thought I’d say that xD

And tadah~Hope this helps anyone who needs the complete Walkthrough but couldn’t find one - till now!

Skeletiano Complete Walkthrough

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Park Shin Hye’s Korean Birthday Event & Fan Meeting – February 14th, 2015

朴信惠2015年2月14日韩国生日会&Fan Meeting 后记翻译汇总
2015年2月15日 09:48
朴信惠2015年2月14日韩国生日会&Fan Meeting后记翻译汇总
Part 1

朴信惠生日会后记 今天朴信惠哭了好多次 说匹诺曹的后遗症是美男的200倍(最近自己一个人的时候会有许多空虚感,哭了很多次) 今年会以学业优先(明年会像牛一样工作) 想要扮演的角色:不穿运动鞋能穿高跟鞋的角色,想要当继承者的角色(不是车恩尚)

Part 2

朴信惠生日会后记 我差点被信惠的撒娇融化了 有谁带了孩子过来,那位孩子一直哭闹 信惠就对那位孩子 哎呦 这样啊 wo zzuzzuzzzu(很宠孩子的语气) 怎么了,你想让我怎么样嘛,why~~~~(用很可爱的语气在逗弄孩子) 对那位孩子说的每一句话都一一回答 可爱死了

Part 3

朴信惠生日会后记 今天生日会很搞笑的point 中间有一次抽三个人能和朴信惠照相的活动跟着妈妈过来的儿子被选中了 在朴信惠旁边很淡定 一照完相就马上下去了 朴信惠慌张了一下(好可爱) 真羡慕那小子

Part 4

朴信惠生日会后记 今天很满意的是 没有因为在粉丝面前故意装的很开朗很开心,而是很像朋友似的很诚实的为我们回答问题,我为此更加理解朴演员,更加喜欢上她了。

Part 5

朴信惠生日会后记 mc哥哥告诉我们 信惠为了进行主持暂时把麦克风放到了别的地方 所以mc哥哥能听到信惠自言自语的话 mc哥哥说信惠一直在说时间过得太快了,太可惜了 原来不是只有我在可惜啊 原来不是只有粉丝们在可惜啊 我在知道了朴信惠也是跟我们同样的想法时非常感动

Part 6

朴信惠生日会后记 在对于在没去过的国家中想去哪的提问里信惠回道 想去意大利 自己!然后粉丝们说一起去吧 信惠就说我真的很想跟粉丝们去旅游 想要举办两天一夜的fm 还想举办火车旅行fm 哇~~想想就好幸福


朴信惠生日会后记 在匹诺曹里最有印象的场面是?最辛苦的场面是? 最有印象的场面是和达布一起在厕所前面斗嘴打闹的戏和爷爷,爸爸一起在家拍的戏。 最辛苦的场面是在仁和妈妈演讲时和达布一起批判妈妈的场面 ps.朴信惠还说在与达布kiss后分手的场面里因为止不住眼泪到拍摄结束以后也一直掉下了眼泪






                   翻译by羽韵 转载请注明百度朴信惠吧


Today Park Shin Hye cried a lot of times. She reminisced that the left over feelings from Pinocchio are 200 times that of You’re Beautiful (Recently, when she’s alone she would often feel very empty and she would cry a lot). This year she’s prioritizing education first (next year she’ll work super hard like a bull). What type of character she wants to portray: a character who doesn’t wear sneakers but can wear high heels. She wants to act out a character who’s an heir (not like Cha Eun Sang).


I was almost melted by Shin Hye’s aegyo. Somebody brought her child along and the baby wouldn’t stop crying so Shin Hye just cooed at the baby, saying things like aigoo, kudehyo and wo zzuzzuzzzu (baby sounds). What do you want, huh? Why ~~~~~ (used a really cute way to play with the baby) She replied to every word that the baby said; it was super cute!


A super funny think happened in today’s birthday party. There was an activity where three people were selected to take pictures with Park Shin Hye and the kid who came with the mom was selected. He was very composed when he stood next to Park Shin Hye for the picture. Once it was taken, he immediately left the stage and Park Shin Hye was a little startled for a second (it was very cute). I’m so jealous of that kid.


One thing I was very satisfied with today is that she didn’t act happy or cute just for the fans today. Instead, she answered all of our questions honestly and like a friend. Because of this I learned a lot more about Actress Park and even like her more now.


MC oppa told us that Shin Hye was planning to host the event therefore she placed her microphone in a different place. So MC oppa was able to hear Shin Hye talking to herself. MC oppa said that Shin Hye kept on saying that time went by too fast, it’s really a shame. Apparently, I’m not the only one thinks it’s ashamed because the fans also thought the same. I’m very touched that Park Shin Hye thinks the same way as us too.


In regard to if there are any other countries she sill wants to visit, she replied Italy! Then the fans all said, let’s go together! Shin Hye said I really want to go on a trip with fans. I’ve thought of holding a two-day-one-night fan meeting or even a fan-meeting on a train. Wow, just thinking about it makes me feel happy.


What was the most memorable and the most difficult scene in Pinocchio? The most memorable was the scene when I was bickering with Dal Po in front of the bathroom and the scenes that were filmed with Halaboji and Appa at home. The most difficult scene was when Dal Po and I were fighting with In Ha’s mom during her presentation. P.S. Park Shin Hye even said that the scene where she and Dal Po kissed after the break up was also hard because she couldn’t stop crying even after filming was over.


In regards to the little boy who took a picture with Shin Hye and immediately left afterwards, his mom also had a fan account: At first I wanted to pretend like I was tagging along with my son to the event, but because Actress Park’s eyes were so sharp, I failed.

Little buddy who just came with your mommy without thought (Actress Park described the kid). The first moment I saw Actress Park, she was so skinny that I was shocked. When I was face to face with her and bowed, I thought there were flowers floating around behind her back.

(Translation note: the little boy apparently wasn’t composed/cool, it was because he was super shy)

Chinese translation: 羽韵  from Park Shin Hye’s Baidu

English translation: aznfantizie from Soompi

Please credit aznfantizie if you use this. Thank you!