What’s in your bag? I was tagged by closetedhero. I just came back from a math exam, here goes:

- calculator, pencil case, formulary

- portable charger

- water bc I’m always thirsty

- purse

- painkillers

- my favourite lipstick (catrice)

- a super cute something I put my phone in

- good luck chocolate (for the exam)

- a book to help me relax before the exam: carbon diaries 2017 by saci lloyd (one of the best, most tense books I’ve ever read! It’s a distopian novel about climate change and such, the main character is my age and lives in London and has to survive the daily struggles of rationing, powercuts etc. Be sure to read carbon diaries 2015 first!)

- not pictured: my boring rucksack, the phone I’m taking this with

I tag: kxttyfleur, psychotic-hell, skull5-and-bone5, butt-scientist, simplybeaux and everyone who wants to! ♡