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Do you have any stories where Clarke or Bellamy are CEOs of a company and are either competing or it's a boss/worker relationship?

So, there’s this one and then I’ve found a few more (not quite exactly what you asked for but definitely CEO):

Win A Date With Clarke Griffin by warriorprincessclarke

Bellamy Blake is a young CEO bitterly attending a win a date for charity auction that he does not approve of. Before the main event, he meets a beautiful girl who needs saving from a creepy guy. They part once the event starts, but you’ll never guess who is one of the girls in the auction.


the coronation by bowlingfornerds

Clarke has taken over Griffin Inc. when her father passes away, and her life is focused on work for a long time after. But, then her friends persuade her to go out, and well, there’s a hot bartender - so there’s not much she can do to say no.


Griffin Industries by wordyanansi

Clarke Griffin’s world is spun out of control when she has to leave her life at college studying fine arts to take over the family business. The business is failing, and running out of options she hires Blake Consultancy to help her save the company. She’s never been a damsel, but she definitely needs rescuing.

Bellamy Blake loves his job, he loves telling people what to do it save themselves, or their companies. He likes working through everyone else’s mistakes. Mostly, people just do what he says. So when he arrives at Griffin Industries, he doesn’t expect this job to be any different.


*faint screaming in background*

*screaming gets louder*

*and louder *



Okay, as you can tell I am super pumped to have reached 5000 followers. FIVE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!!!! When I started this blog last May I had no expectations of even reaching 100 followers, and now I have 50x that number. I am so amazed and grateful, and just want to tell you all, from the bottom of my heart, that I love you all so much. Everyday you brighten my life and cheer me up, and I always look forward to talking to you all, and seeing what’s going on and what you are all reading. Thank you so much!

Instead of my usually follow forever, I thought I’d mix things up with some book recs. To get some, reblog this, send me a message with your name (or nickname) and I’ll recommend a book beginning with each letter of your name.

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Just to recap, I love you all, and I am sending you all huge hugs!


The snow is tumbling and the wind is a’blowin’, so this morning I hopped on the dreadmill for 3.1 miles in 29:14

The YMCA was brimming with tough, elderly New Englanders who don’t give a fuck about “a little snow,” and then there was me, the Southerner who really just wanted to run. The rest of my co-workers begged off, reportedly scared off by the snow. But I’m used to doing my own thing, so that didn’t deter me whatsoever. 

I wasn’t feeling this run at first, but after about a mile, I found my groove and got into it. The people flanking me were running VERY quickly, so I did feel disproportionately slow, but I’m always pleased to knock out a sub-30-minute 5K! Plus, I took the time and effort to move my body and sweat on a morning when everyone I know scurried away to hibernate and hide, which makes me feel good!

Now I’m off for the weekend to spend quality time with my husband and his family! :))))))

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can u update the post season 2 tag?? please xx

Of course! Here you go :) :

The Griffin  by bowlingfornerds

“The Griffin,” Clarke continued. “Has a legend attached to her; she fell from the sky and soared above the plains; mighty wings that held her aloft and protected her from the flames that she burnt men alive with.” Clarke had heard the story of herself so many times, hell – she’d lived it – but it was nothing like this.

Clarke leaves Camp Jaha after the Mountain falls, and finds herself joining a nomadic Grounder clan. Then, one day, out in the woods, she finds the delinquents again.


Dreams  by theredhoodie

Camp Jaha is reeling from the small war, from animal attacks, from the few people left off the Ark who want to try to break control and do what they want.

Bellamy tried that, and look where that left him: his sister gone to search for Lincoln alone, sneaking off without a goodbye. Clarke somewhere alone…


Yours by rosymamacita

After Clarke comes back from her winter of self imposed exile, she slides back into life at Camp Jaha, but things have changed in ways that there is no coming back from. Is she brave enough to stand up and try for what is really important, or will she stay silent and possibly lose it forever?


Dead Man’s Eyes by rocknrollravenclaw

Winter is coming, and Clarke still isn’t back. Now the unthinkable has happened: Bellamy is hurt.


Cold Weather  by rosymamacita

Set immediately after the events of Blood Must Have Blood (part 2), Clarke takes off on her own, and is led by her feet and her conscience, back to Mount Weather.

But Clarke is not the only one who has to deal with the consequences of sacrificing the Mountain Men for their own survival. Bellamy leads The Delinquents back to the mountain, to become their own people and be in charge of their own destiny.

They come to grips with death, so they can start living again.


u know that feeling when someone throws u something and u catch it really well like w one hand or u save it from nearly dropping or u caught it from a massive distance? and everyone around u lights up like yoooo!! good catch!!!! nice!!!! ? ? ? ?? i want 2 live in that feeling it is so pure

So now I’m hearing The Fine Brothers are trying to trademark “react” and even the reaction video format. B.O.B. and Tila Tequila think the world is flat. Tony the Tiger is being sexually harassed by furries. And Amber Rose revealed that Kanye likes having fingers up his ass. 2016 has been so wild already, and it’s only a month old. 

My problem is that I’ll randomly get really motivated to do shit, but it’s within such a small window of time that I must do the thing at that EXACT moment and if I don’t the moment passes and I’ll have to wait like at least whole month for another random burst of motivation to do the thing ya feel