4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

A great weekend at the Syracuse Half Marathon, very happy with the race performance, was just right - not too slow and not too fast for this point in the prep for Boston.  Did not rest up for it, using it as a fast tempo run with a steady pace, simulating the middle to latter half of a marathon, and it went as I had hoped.  The results: 1:17:56, 5:57 mile pace, 17th overall, 1st Master finisher, 5k @ 18:50, 10k @ 36:54, 15k @ 54:46.  The pace was pretty even the entire way, around 6 minute/mile pace, passed a dozen runners along the way.  Didn’t feel sharp, some lack of leg turnover due to fatigue from past week, but made up for it with strength.  Finished strong and felt in control through the finish line.

The training’s progressing according to plan, and with additional taper and some more speed work, should put myself in good position at the start in Hopkington.

Must make a plug for my girlfriend, Kim, who, after a 5 year break from racing, killed it with a 1:58 at this her comeback debut!  I think was more nervous and excited about it than she was…

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How many photos do you have in your screenshots folder??¿?

YIKES right now i have over 5k of screenshots but i literally clean my screenshots folder every once in a while when it gets TOO intense so………..i would prolly have like 10 times that amount if i didnt lmao

beta needed!

I need a beta for a Castiel/Dean fic. It has non-binary+ace Cas, fake relationship, human AU. 

The plan is to have it finished by tomorrow evening. It’ll be less than 5K. And it would be awesome if you could do it before April 1, but it’s okay if it takes a couple days more.

Message me if you’re interested!
it's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark by ohprongs
By Organization for Transformative Works

or, the ’i sneaked into this huge house party for some free alcohol but you asked me how i knew the host and the first excuse i could think of was that i’m dating their sibling, so i basically just lied to you about going out with you’ au
Learning to be Khaleesi - sepherim_ml

Title: Learning to be Khaleesi

Author: sepherim_ml (AO3)

Rating: Explicit

Fandom: Supernatural RPF/Game of Thrones

Word Count: 4.8k

Summary: Game of Thrones!AU. Jensen’s uncle pratically sold him, bartered away in exchange of an army to use in the upcoming invasion of the Islands. His husband is the powerful Khal of the Dothraki tribe, a man he knows nothing about, but, despite the rocky start, Jensen learns slowly how to become a Khaalesi worth of his Jared.

Daddy will do a sexy audio message for you baby girl when I get 100 notes on the original post. That should be easy baby girls 5k of you out there. Oh boy daddy’s scared I might have to do it

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@ginnweasley @ginnyweaslcy and @pctter


Do I follow them? No | Yes | Now

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What I think of their blog: watching gilmore girls = good choices tbh, love this updates tab it’s so cute


Do I follow them? No | Yes | Now

Do they follow me? No | Yes

What I think of their blog: faith’s blog is so sweet + same amazing updates tab as above, congrats on 1.5k!!!

@pctter - done

Send me a URL

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Hey there fam~ I was wondering if you were going to make a part two on the fox shifter!au on taehyung. It was really good and I think it deserves a second part!!

Ahaha, thank you!!! X) I actually just held a little poll for my 5K Follower Event, and let my readers decide what I’d work on as a gift, and the sequel to one good purr (deserves another) won! So, yes, there is going to be another part! 

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CONGRATS ON 1.5K FAITH OMG:)))) finn, march 1st, and i'm obsessed with my bullet journal weee

thank you so so much finn <3 <3 honestly bullet journals are so cool but i have like the worst hand writing i would guaranteed fuck it up adsf sdlfk you’ve been added to the page here!! (also happy belated birthday omg!!)

join my bday page!!


- I started uni (business major)
- I got the iPhone 7 in matte black
- I lost 3 kg
- I started running again (I’m doing 5k a day)
- after 3 years I had my first full blown panic attack yesterday
- I set up an apt with both a psychologist and a psychiatrist (and I think I’m gonna get prescribed antidepressants again, just a feelin)
- I found a nice apt with a nice view
- I have a big party with uni people this weekend
- there is this nagging feeling in the back of my head that tells me I am not giving as much as I can give and everything I do or say or think about is only ever half there, as if my ideas were mere delicate strings intertwining endlessly with another, without direction or purpose, breaking into smaller bits with each twist


I get so sick of seeing bad wigs, weaves, leave outs, & extensions on sbs and escorts. Like how dare you claim to be worth 5k a month taking selfies in a dirty room with a dirty mirror looking like you didn’t brush your teeth this morning. I’m not understanding. As a black woman in general we have to be a 20 on a 1-10 scale to get half the respect a bitch that’s a 3 of any other race gets. I’m appalled by the actual fucking facts of life rite now. If you’re going to market yourself at something be the BEST to ever do it invest in great photos, makeup, hair, etc. We all start out somewhere but fake it till you make it not everything has to be $200+ the way you present and carry yourself means the difference between making a $50 outfit look like a $5k one.

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Congrats on 1k! My only question is really, how do you get people to send you random questions and like you like wtf I have 1,5k and no one ever asks me anything???????????????? //myfoxescourt

ritualistic sacrifices. LMAO i’m just kidding!!!!! (or am i? I AM)

that being said? genuinely no idea? it wasn’t really common until i started doing the name aesthetic things (which i’ve been doing since like 200 followers, but didn’t really take off until this past week??) in fact for awhile when i said “you guys should talk to me!!” i would LOSE followers which ok fair enough. i don’t tag for shit? i don’t even really make original posts? i mean i have a face tag but im not SUPER attractive so i’m not getting like thirst followers?? i do post a lot? i try to keep my queue filled and it posts like 35 posts a day (which i’ve considered upping but idk). i overshare weird things on here like the story of me breaking my ass? is still being liked every once in awhile omg

i genuinely couldn’t tell you! i really like it though. though i will say people do it in real life too? once i was sitting at the bus stop on campus and this girl sat next to me and told me it was her first semester and she wanted to be a kinesiology major but she bombed her first major test and she was having some doubts. i talked to her about how i went into college as a literature major and got my first crap grade on a paper and i thought “what was i thinking?? i can’t write!” and i remember sitting outside my professors office because he would give us feedback then we could rewrite it for a better grade and i remember sitting there and questioning my whole life. and i got good feedback and wrote a better paper. ive since changed my major and it’s okay to change your mind and grow, but you can’t doubt yourself because no one else in the world can believe in you the way that you do. she hugged me and got on her bus and left and i put my headphones back in and i was thinking “what the fuck?” my roommate says i have honest and compassionate eyes. you can’t really convey that over the internet though haha

i had a friend comment that my moodboards are all super positive and uplifting. and my dad always says people want to be friends with happy people. JOKES ON YOU DAD I HAVE ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, AND INATTENTIVE ADHD.

whoa that got super long. the short is no idea my brew but i don’t want it to stop. and if you think that after this i won’t pester ur ass on anon ur wrong ;);)



hello, hi, good day! i’m on spring break now *yay* so that means i have a little bit more time in between revising for my exams. because of that i though i’d have a little chat about what i’m planning to do on this blog…

(( i’m still quite shy talking to you guys like this… it feels awkward… please excuse me ;^; ))

anyway… here’s plan of what to expect from me over the coming weeks:

1. i’m working on some longer oneshots (over 5k words)

2. meanwhile i’m going to finish off the ‘make me blush’ drabbles

3. i’m going to get to work on the requests i haven’t finished yet. thank you so much for sending them in, and thank you for being patient with me <3

4. i’m going to be picking up the ‘wings’ series again and writing scenarios for the rest of the members