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Do you have any teacher/student Johnlock fics? That are fairly long? Or just any really...

But of course! :D This particular post here has quite a few, to start! But here’s a few more I’ve found: 

Love or What You Will (NR - 1721, ongoing) 

John is an English professor who specializes in War and Post-War Literature and Sherlock is the brilliant yet impossible Ph.D. student assigned to be his TA because no one in the Chemistry Department is willing to put up with him. And - somewhere between Waugh and Plath, e-mails and takeaway, novels and villanelles - they fall in love.

Daddy Came to School (E - 2055) 

Sherlock uses John’s weakness against him.

More Than a Game (E - 10709) 

Sherlock has been playing basketball for his high school team in order to receive a college scholarship. All he wants is to get into a decent University. When the team receives a new coach, Sherlock’s life is turned upside down. 

Maybe Next Time (M - 10033) 

Dr. John Watson is a professor where Sherlock Holmes is a student. Single-father John’s original request that Sherlock babysit gets a little complicated when Mama Watson gets involved.“Never talk to the mother who thinks you’re dating her only son unless you’re actually dating her only son.”

The Next Time (M - 9191, continuation of Maybe Next Time)

What happens when Dr. Lestrade and John’s parents find out the truth? How do they keep their relationship hidden? What happens after graduation? All this and more in this next installment.

“It’s just, are you certain that a child is something you’re able to accommodate?” She asks gently, a question I had been expecting.
“You know I never saw myself as a parent, or even a partner to someone else, but mum…there’s just something about these two. You’ll see, I know you will,” I say confidently.


4985 Fitzsimmons 

Light a roman candle with me
Just a roman candle, you can wear your sandals
and I’ll pour you just one cup of tea.
Then you can go and rest
you haven’t seen my best, so…

“Are you quite sure that from this point of the mountain we can see it?” asked a bit puzzled the woman.
“Yes, I’m pretty sure. I stretch the blanket,” replied the man.
Jemma took two flaps and helped him, then she sat down, stretching her legs and looking up to the sky.
“You know some of the stars we’re looking at don’t even exist anymore? In the time that it takes for their light to reach us, they’ve died,” she said.
Fitz stared at her, pulling out of his backpack a map and a lantern.

Just spend an evening with me
Just a lazy evening, then you could be leaving
or we could stay and talk until three.
I will think it’s magic and I’ll hope you’ll agree, so…

Then he took position next to the woman.
“I think it was a good idea to choose this weekend to come, the temperature is perfect and the sky is amazing.”
Jemma nodded and lay down completely.
“It’s period of shooting stars?” she asked looking at Fitz from below.
“It shouldn’t, why?”
“Look…” she said pulling him by the sleeve and making him lie down beside her.

If we were honest and both wrote a sonnet together
a sandwich with everything on it,
at least we would know that the sparks didn’t glow
but we owe it to ourselves to try,
so we aim and ignite!

Leo put his head close to the woman, while she still kept her hand on his arm.
He watched intently to that vast expanse of stars and blew out the lantern that he had previously turned.
“So we can see better,” he said when Jemma turned to ask why with her eyes.

So often I call and I plead with you:
“Give me a chance!”
It’s not often that I understand
the ins and the outs of what’s wrong and what’s right
So don’t think of tomorrow tonight.

“Look!” said again Simmons. “A shooting star. Did you see? ”
Fitz nodded.
“A shooting star…” he whispered. “Make a wish,” he said.
She smiled and she closed her eyes.
“I wish…” she whispered
“I wish…” he thought.

You look for a legend,
I’m looking for common ground.
Your heart isn’t breaking,
and mine isn’t making a sound.

“How soon it should be visible?” Jemma asked by sitting up and leaning over the boy to take the map and turn on the lantern.
“I guess in short time,” he said without changing his position.
“The map says 17° 22’ 56.9”. 3h 1m 1.7s. We are almost there.“ Jemma lay back and blew out the lantern.
Fitz took one arm under his head and the other on his stomach, he began drumming his fingers on his belly to the beat of a song he had heard in the car during their journey.
Some clouds made their appearance on the horizon.
"I hope that those clouds don’t come here and they will prevent the…”
“There it is!” interrupted Jemma indicating a point opposite to where he was looking.

Oh, I know, it goes on, it gets old
But for now we’re young, we smell good, we’re alone…

They looked each other and courageously Fitz laid his head on the shoulder of his partner.

There is a minor planet, more an asteroid. It’s difficult to see: 3,36 au distance from the Earth. When they found it, they couldn’t believe it but now it’s like a tradition. Some nights if the sky is clear, they go out in the total dark to see it: 4985 Fitzsimmons. Their asteroid.

• 4985 Fitzsimmons: Stargazing Playlist

A Fitzsimmons stargazing while camping in the woods AU for elizabaethhenstridge! Happy More than that less than 5k day!

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Hi! Not sure if this is too specific, but are there any parentlock fics where Moriarty kidnaps (or tries to kidnap) John and Sherlocks's child? Or John and Mary's? I would really appreciate it if you could let me know some, if there are any! Thank you xx

This is the only one I could find, really, and even then I’m not entirely sure the kidnapping is part of the major plot. I haven’t read this one myself, so no guarantees on quality. Parentlock really isn’t my thing, honestly! 

Outclassed, Outplayed, and Outnumbered (PG13 - 7636) 

Based on this prompt here where Sherlock and John’s children are basically Jake, Ben and Karen from Outnumbered.

EDIT: Unfortunately, I’m unaware if it’s Moriarty who kidnaps them or not. Sorry, dear! :C

we sit in silence and serenity and the air around us crackles (it's a tension most comfortable) - elizabaethhenstridge (kferreryo) - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: After an infiltration mission on a Hydra base, Fitz injures his leg and Jemma fixes him up. They subsequently discuss the dangers of going out into the field, the efficiency of crutches, and their favorite facial expressions of each other. Fluff and general cuteness ensue.

My gift for eclecticmuses for the More than That - Less than 5k Exchange (prompt was “Established relationship, Fitz gets injured on a mission and Jemma has to patch him up.”). Loved writing this, thank you for the prompt; I hope you enjoy reading it :D

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do you know of any fics where sherlock thinks that john is cheating on him...with mycroft? or with anyone else if you can't find any :P

It’s actually hard to find things where Sherlock suspects John is cheating, but I managed to find two. Unfortunately, I haven’t read these, so I’m unsure who Sherlock assumes it is. Sorry, anon. :C

The Wrong Deduction (E - 2104) 

Sherlock thinks John cheats on him and does something more than a bit not good. 

Cross My Heart (And Hope To Die) (M - 7306)

When John starts acting suspicious in the run up to Christmas, lying about being at work and taking secret phone calls in the bathroom, Sherlock comes to seemingly the only conclusion, that John must be cheating on him. Unwilling to confront him, and apparently unable to make him stay, Sherlock does the only thing he can: leave before he is left. That is, until an unlikely phone call on Christmas Eve turns everything on its head…

Okay, I am SCREAMING WITH VICTORY because I just finished my Less Than 5k fic AND IT IS UNDER 5K. IT IS PRECISELY 4,992. LOOK MA, I DID IT!

Now I am shipping it off to the beta. OH GOD PLEASE DON’T SUCK, STORY. D:

P.S. now to get caught up on Tumblr.

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Hi! I'm wondering if you know of a fic where John catches Sherlock eating ice cream at an ungodly hour? Needless to say, lots of smut ensues.

Yes! I FINALLY found this one!! This is the second of three fics (the post before this one being the first) that has been driving me absolutely insane while trying to find! 

It’s gotta be Appetite!

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Hey, I've lost over 16 pounds since the beginning of June, and I wanted to know if you'd like to help motivate me and my friend in our Couch to 5k program that we started yesterday. If this could spread and get notes, I'm sure it would motivate us!

hey there! congratulations on your progress

guys if you’ve been doing/ have done/ want to do a C25k please like/or reblog this post? send these lovelies a bit of extra motivation

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I like work in progresses. Got any good ones? Tumblr or FF-dot-NET or Ao3 is fine.

Well, there’s the Ranger’s Cub Series, which I’ve recced here already.

Rollercoaster is a modern AU, following the main characters as teenagers. It’s Horace/Will and only 4k right now, but should be updated at some point.

Dead or Alive is a canon AU, diverging after the battle of Skandia. The pertinent phrase from the summary is “Will is ‘dead’. What now?”. It does have some pretty lengthy author’s notes and a few that interrupt, so if that really bugs you, maybe steer clear. It’s 30k right now and close to ending.

When We Collide is another action-based modern AU. The main characters are Cassandra and Will, but many more appear. It’s currently 68k but not too close to ending.

Little plug for myself, I also have a high school AU that I’m working on. It’s unpublished as of yet but it’s coming. Eventually.