Huggies by AsagiStilinski

Rating: General

Word Count: 2299

It isn’t that Derek isn’t affectionate- he is- it’s just that random hugs are still kind of … rare… and Stiles gets it, ok? He understands, Derek has alot of touch issues to work through, but that just makes it all the weirder when Derek starts randomly hugging him .. all the time …. and then, all of a sudden, it hits him

“The commercial…”


Derek keeps getting subliminal messages from a baby commercial and can’t keep his hands off of Stiles

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words and deeds

It’s @stoydweek​!!! And while I really, really, really shouldn’t be writing fic right now, the lure of Stoyd is too great to resist, so I’ll try to write a quick little ficlet each day, based on a sentence prompt from this list. Today’s randomly generated number was 44: “What have you done?”

This is 1.5k of h/c, with Boyd caring for and comforting Stiles; I hope you enjoy!

“What have you done?”

Scott’s voice keeps reverberating in Stiles’ head, loud and clear, horror, mistrust, and disgust even obvious. Stiles’ reply had been a firm: “What I had to” but now he isn’t that sure anymore. Sure, the Omega had to be stopped; he’d been completely feral, out of control and dangerous, but did he have to be killed? Did Stiles have to kill him?

Standing in Derek’s bathroom, washing blood that has long since slipped down the drain from his hands, he keeps going over the sequence of events again and again, tries to see the alternative actions he could have taken, should have taken according to Scott, but his mind is just filled with blood and gore and the only thought that seems to stick is that one question:

“What have I done?”

He doesn’t realise he must be saying it aloud until a quiet, steady voice answers: “What you had to” and a warm body presses against his from behind. Boyd’s arms come up around him and Stiles starts shaking, suddenly aware how cold he is, surrounded by Boyd’s heat. Boyd hugs him close for a moment and then reaches out to shut of the water still scalding Stiles’ fingers, taking Stiles’ red and sore hands gently into his own and patting them dry with a fresh towel. It sends a flash of pain up Stiles’ arms and he can’t hold back a small noise of discomfort, barely even a whimper, but Boyd must have still heard it because the pain drains out of Stiles. When he looks closely, he can see black lines disappearing into Boyd’s dark skin.

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neighbors | kim namjoon

halloween scenario for the beloved leader of bangtan !! he’s honestly just a huge cute dork and must be protected at all costs <3

requested: no [started october 21 2016 & published october 24 2016]

fluff smut—wizard!namjoon, mature content: mentions of sex, alcohol, & drugs.

word count: 5.5k — i’m pretty sure this is the longest scenario i’ve written so far and the ending is pure smut lol my bad

When Kim Namjoon had first moved to Seoul, or well the “supernatural equivalent” of Seoul, he moved from a smaller wizarding community in the human suburbs of normal Seoul to become an apprentice under his Uncle—a pretty famous wizard in the city—to learn to refine and strengthen his magic. In his community, he was considered a prodigy with an amazing affinity for magic because of his high IQ and determination. When he had first moved to the city, he hadn’t known many people but decided to go to a club to celebrate moving, and it was at that club he had met you.

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Every time Trump says that “nobody” has more respect for women than he does I can’t help but agree with him. He is right. The Greek hero, Odysseus, also known as Nobody to the cyclopes Polyphemus, who traveled through dangerous waters and struggled for ten years to return to his wife does indeed have more respect for woman than Trump does.