5k running program


I started running! It was time to finally get fit and in shape, especially in the run up to my surgery in October, so I started the Couch to 5K running program. I’m kinda hooked.

I also used it as an excuse to go shopping. I got a Fitbit, fancy stability shoes (I apparently over pronate), cool bondage-esque running pants, and a sports bra that ZIPS IN THE FRONT yay (hence gratuitous cleavage shot).

Wish me luck, running my first race in July!

I am trying out a new running program “5k in less than 30 minutes”. First day was 15 minute run in a moderate tempo.

According to the schedule I have to run three times a week, but I can switch one of the days with other cardio exercises if necessary. I hope to run the three times but with all the biking around the city i might be too tired some days.

But yay for fall running 🍂🍃🍁


💃Yesterday I got to hang out with my favorite people and it was perfect. I am really happy because tonight I will hang out with my other group of friends that I love so very much as well! This week I was able to see a lot of my beloved people and I am grateful for them. ❤

🍌🍻 Food wise my week was 85% healthy eating. I went to the restaurant twice but I tried to eat as healthy as I could. However… I drank alcohol many times but I did not get wasted so that’s a good thing.

👿About my mental health : I tried to remain as positive and happy as I could and it worked, my depression and anxiety did not show up unannounced. I felt energized and happy most of the time!

🏃Exercice wise : I ran only two times because the heath wave was upon us once again ! Maybe I will run tomorrow though but I think I am going to start over my week 2 of my 5k running program because it was hard for me and I don’t feel like rushing into week 3 already. I want to take things slowly and be comfortable when I run.

I hope you had a good week just like me ! 😘


🌲Yesterday walk after work ! Autumn is my favorite season! I love to walk in the cold crispy air 🖤 but when it comes to running…

🏃I really really want to start my 5k running program once again but I am having a hard time to motivate myself because it’s dark and cold outside… If anybody has any advices or motivation for me do not hesitate !

🍎Yesterday food : ate very well until I came back home. I just moved in with my boyfriend and there is food temptation everywhere and sometimes it’s hard for me to just ignore the bad processed food that he brings in the apartment… I am trying my best of course but yesterday I was frustrated at work and I found comfort in food… too much food! I had a stomach ache when I went to bed, slept poorly and still had this stomach ache when I got up.

This has to teach me a lesson : stop eating your feelings. When you feel bad or not good exercice or focus on something good for you.

Will do my best today ❤
One day at a time.

Day 2 of my 5k running program

Run 3 km - i did it in 20:44 minutes. I split the run up into intervals of 3 min run, 30 sec walking. I have some difficulty with finding motivation on those “long” runs without any part time goals, so I am using the intervals to get me through.

Now I am gonna have pancakes with the bf

Zombies, Run! 5K Program

And why I love it REAL HARD.

So I was going to wait until I’d actually finished the program before being like GUYS YOU SHOULD DEFFO TRY THIS IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS but I just finished the third run in Week Six and - like no spoilers but it was WAY STRESSFUL BUT IN A GOOD WAY. So I figured if I got this much of an emotional reaction out of it, maybe other people would like it too.

So Zombies, Run! is an app for the smartyphones; basically you listen to it while jogging, or walking, or running (or hiking or biking or WHATEVER. Perambulating basically) and it plays out a story in between your songs. The conceit is that in a post-zombpocalypse, you have been deposited into this small fortified area (Abel Township) for mysterious purposes. Because they can’t send you back to the military base you came from (for various reasons), they help you settle in at Abel and you join the Runners - your moniker is Runner Five. You make friends, learn stuff, and it’s really cool.

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