why not to waste your money on Mulan (2020)

  • send message to Disney to stop with this lazy remake bullshit already and create actual new content
  • no Mushu
  • no songs
  • bisexual icon Li Shang replaced with bland inferior love interest
  • lead actress Liu Yifei trashed Hong Kong protesters, specifically supported HK’s brutal police
  • Hong Kong activists are asking international supporters to boycott it
  • perfect live action Mulan starring Vicki Zhao Wei made in 2009 already exists
  • here in Canada they’re asking for thirty five fucking dollars PLUS a Disney+ subscription
  • thirty five fucking dollars just to rent it

Edit: this blew up whew but I want to say if you’re on Twitter check out the hashtag #MilkTeaAlliance! It’s a grassroots effort by pro-democracy activists in Thailand, HK, and Taiwan to support each other and they have picked boycotting Mulan as an opportunity to raise awareness and solidarity!

things i am learning now that i’m finally actually watching avatar the last air bender part one:

1) not everyone is a bender
2) it does appear to be inherent to some extent, because katara seems to be partially self-taught
3) however, there is a learning element, because you can improve on your skills and the avatar has to learn how to master all four elements where i thought aang just had inherent skill
4) the element of the bender seems to always match the element of the tribe they’re in, which makes sense if they are taught by their tribe but raises some questions if it’s inherent. is bending ability passed genetically? what happens if two benders of different elements have a kid? i can’t google this because i don’t want anymore spoilers than i already have
5) uncle iroh is prince zuko’s uncle?????????? i thought he was like an earth bender who owned a tea shop this entire fucking time how did i go into this series knowing almost everything but THAT