5hrs of sleep

a lucky moment that totally brightened a cruddy day & also came from an unexpected place - workin hard at drinks & handout in the drive thru window on almost no sleep cuz shitty scheduling, one of the suits* rolls up and somehow I manage to hit all the points flawlessly and naturally and when he comes in after his meal he comes up and gives me this tiny egg spatula** with a little restaurant etched into it as praise for good service!

that sure gave me a second wind and perked up the rest of the day; I’m so lucky that went so well, I was fueled on nothin but about 3.5hrs sleep, a few caffeine pills, and a few sneaky bites of soft serv, I’m so lucky that was a ‘u got praised’ moment instead of a 'u got coached for slouchin’ moment, heh

*that is, the boss’s boss, not sure his official title but prolly area or district manager sorta thing

**a real one too! stainless steel and wooden handle and all, is pretty cool

anonymous asked:

Other talent/s besides drawing?

Playing game without swearing
Eating things with chopsticks
Doing a month worth of homework in 1 night
Sleeping 5hrs a day
Holding pee for hours to not wake up whichever dog or cat sleeping on my laps
Turns to an idiot when i need to make good impression on someone
And many more

This beautiful girl a.k.a @thunderfarts tag me in this! Hi you, love ya!

Name: Maria.

Nickname: Marial (family only please,) ancianita, wey, chaparra, enana, ballenita, china.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

Height: 160 cm I’m a SMOL human!

Orientation: Bisexual

Favorite fruit: Cherries, gimmie gimmie!

Favorite season: winter and fall

Favorite book: oh BOI! so many my dude.

Favorite scent: rain, baby powder, wet dirt, apple and cinnamon (TOGETHER) and coconut

Favorite animal: *stares* all, just all.

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Coffe in da mornin’! Tea in da day! and Hot cocoa in winter or depressed!

Average hours of sleep: Always, like always 3-5hrs. *whispers* sleep is for the weak~

Cats or dogs: why not both amarite.

Favorite fictional character: dude… DUDE like any chill person y’know like I don’t give a fuck but inside I really care person? THOSE my man, and if they have their hair dyed in any color that’s my shit right there! No but seriously, Renzo Shima dude, he is so cool and funny and a traitor, but like a cool traitor and he is like omg I want him! Also Finn from MMFD, he is like the type of person you want in your life, like gimmie a Finn and I’ll marry them.

Dream trip: uh idk… like I don’t have like a “dream trip” for me the experience it’s what it matters, I mean it could be in the mall and if I have a great day with someone special then that’s my dream trip.

When was your blog created?: 2014? 2015? Even 2013! idk!

What do you post about?: Anything.

Aesthetic: Yo, black, gray, purple, pink, green, some blue in there, kinda dark things also bloodie ones, but like colorful 50′s things? and 90′s style? and animals, all of them and the clouds painted with the sunset colors or the rain colors, night with big ass white bright moon and shinny stars, trees in the fall with the red colors and black wood…dunno. Also Ethan, Mark and Sean are my aesthetic.

Favorite band/artist: oh man… I’m really like REALLY into One Direction like I know their blood type, crazy fangirl I know. Also bands like The 1975, Panic! at the Disco, TOP, Fall of Boy, NSP, My chemical romance, Sum 41, Green day, Fit for Rivals! Also BTS but those are my secret.

Character I’d date: Finn Nelson, duh.


I’ll tag @theloudmute (bc I love the fics and you) and @linadoonofficial (bc I love the fics and you x2)

48hr pala ung marathon ni spongebob

Thanks, Armie! HAHAHAHA. Sorry. binawasan ko pa ung airtime ni Spongebob. :)) Pagkagising ko ng130 yun kagad ung binuksan ko. Ung TV. Kaso nakakadisappoint kase paulitulit lang ung mga episodes. yun din ung napanuod ko kaninang madaling araw.

Open Letter to Mellie Grant

The 5hrs of sleep did not calm my rage. If I saw Bellamy Young in public right now, knowing full well she is not Mellie, I would STILL slap her in the face and accept all assault charges. And that says a lot, because, aside from her annoying laugh, I like Bellamy Young. (She’s a bit fake and possibly on drugs, but I’ll let that go).

So, I decided to calm my anger with a letter I may not send. But I am posting 😉

Dear Mellie,
If I have to hear one more f*cking rant about how you’ve EARNED this, and how you’re OWED this, I will stab my eyes out with a dull pair of scissors.

I’ll start with giving you credit for the ONE piece of truth you said in your “gospel” last night: Fitz is a privileged, entitled, white man and spent a lot of his time in office wanting to walk off the job; feeling like the WH was a prison.

Yep, Mellie, you’re right. I’ll even let slide the fact you came from just as much, if not more money than Fitz; went to the same Ivy league schools as Fitz, and are a privileged white woman yourself. But those are just pesky little details, right?

As for what you said about Fitz being selfish and narcissistic…you’re really going to throw those words around and pin them on Fitz’s forehead??

How about Olivia?

How about Rowan?

How about YOU, Mellie?!

But no. The only person on this entire f*cking show that ever gets blamed for a gdmn thing is FITZ. But, this is about you, Mellie. Forgive me for digressing.

You say you got where you are because you ESCAPED Fitz. Escaped? Can you elaborate on that? Escaped the clutches of a man you married to get yourself in the WH? Escaped the clutches of a man that tried to divorce you, not once, but twice, and you blackmailed him to avoid being released from those clutches?

Oh, and Olivia escaped him as well? No…nevermind, sorry, this is about you. Ms. Pope has her own letter being signed, sealed and delivered.

So, Mellie, you got where you are ON YOUR OWN. Can we reference above where you married the entitled, piggy-backing-off-his-political-father’s-career- man so you could get yourself into the WH? Wait, no. I must be forgetting that couldn’t of happened if you hadn’t joined Olivia to rig the election to put Fitz in office. And then, once you were in that big house on the hill, giving up so much, sacrificing so much, you decide to make the most noble, innocent of women the Vice President simply so you could take her seat as Senator.

You had one good moment on the floor of the Senate before accepting a large donation from a complete stranger, in exchange for the names of 12 people. You asked NO questions….an Ivy league scholar like yourself just casually submits to a strangers request in exchange for enough money to land yourself on the presidential ticket. Mellie, honey…

And now, you stand on your grand stage and use that guttural voice about how you EARNED this, and how you are OWED this….

There are not enough seats for me to even tell you, Mellie Grant; not enough seats.

A traditional, simplistic woman who must not understand feminism

Sometimes I really wonder about our idol’s real personalities or lifestyles. This is because while we see them laughing, smiling, joking on stage on broadcast or shows, we also know that they have a packed schedule, especially during a comeback.  I sometimes hear about idols having about 5hrs of sleep or acting differently off camera.  And the thing about Kris’s lawsuit makes me question just how genuine some relationships seem to be.  When I first watched Exo’s ‘Showtime’ I couldn’t help but notice how some members seem distant, not as close, as compared to other groups.  Of course they grew closer as the episodes went on, yet little things just stuck out to me.  Baekhyun’s continuous funny imitations of Tao made me a little afraid that Tao was going to blow up on him at any moment.  Chanyeol’s slightly overreactions to everything (I know I know variety shows are like that and he’s still adorable).  Suho’s uncomfortable anger/silence moments during an episode.  Kris’s “that’s not my style”, avoiding group activities sometimes. I see couple unseen, therefore ignored, high fives (lack of team dynamic? makes it awkward watch). I’m probably overanalyzing it all..and there are many beautiful moments of friendship throughout the entire show too.

   I, for one, definitely hope that Exo will stay together as 12 (b/c it’ll really be disappointing and sad to have that kind of history so early in the group). It makes me sad that we don’t always know what’s really going on among the companies and members themselves because I’m sure that there are things that we fans don’t know about. The same is with the media since we can’t always trust what goes on individual members’ social networks, etc..I’m sure this goes on for all kpop groups.

   Thirdly and lastly, please please the saesang fans need to lay off, seriously.  It’s frustrating to hear about the invasion of privacy of idols a lot.  It’s terrifying and wrong and not funny at all.