5hfangirl poem

this poem is for pam

shes smaller than a giant clam

i like her blog a lot

im not even smoking pot!!

her username is 5hfangirl

so why dont u give it a whirl

i think she likes apple pie

ok have a nice day goodbye!

when the dolls of the girls comes out (bc I’m sure there will be 5H barbies) I hope Ally’s will be shorter than the rest and Camila’s… well bootylicious. I expect Lauren’s to come with a beanie and Dinah’s one to come with a twerking tutorial. And Normani’s with a peagent crown cause perf

Breaking News: Fandom saves 2 lives in less than an hour

I’m really impressed. We all care about everyone so much. We don’t even know each other but still we reblogged like maniacs to show those anons people do care.

I think our girls have taught us to love everybody, to show them they’re all beautiful and worth living. This is one of the many reasons I love this fandom. 5HFamily

The cool thing about the girls, is that their friends/family take a lot of pictures and post them, I mean they give us something on a daily basis!! Tweets, messages, pictures, whatever.

Just Camila hacking the account of a fan <3 Or the pictures of Lauren in the beach!

and they don’t even get mad when we find their fetus pictures and spread them to the world!

Camren diary 2013

I’m gonna start doing a Camren diary for 2013. I will write a small summary or title and the pics of the Camren moment with the date so next year we can all check it and see all the cute Camren moments

Starting with today’s event  think it’s a good idea? 

Brb dying cause I can’t handle Camz, I’ve tried but I can’t, she rebbloged the post of the girl who was being bullied (x) Maybe it’s not like that of a big deal, but for me it is, because it’s another way of showing how caring she really is. And for my eyes, that just makes her more real, more perfect, more human, more wonderful

I love you Camila