5h ride of fame

My Fifth Harmony NYC Experience

9pm the night before, I was already sitting on my blanket outside the Rockefeller Plaza, and making friends.  I am happy to say I made some awesome Harmonizer friends that night!  We sat in line for about 10 hours, waiting patiently for our girls.  Every now and then, a giant cockroach would crawl up somewhere, and some would actually fly, which was terrifying, so let’s just I didn’t sleep much that night.  I injured my foot recently (trying to see Demi..oops) so I was on crutches.  Luckily, with the help of some amazingly sweet Harmonizers, the security saw me and took me, and I was put in the disabled section in the audience, right in front of the Today Show stage, where I got an incredible view of the girls.

I got a great video of the girls singing BO$$, which includes Lauren with gum in her shoes, and Camila almost falling over a chair.  http://youtu.be/FVPq5ytrmx0

I actually think some people recognized me as the girl on crutches, and you can see me in the photo posted by Chelsea Linder (the interviewer).

 I remembered that Lauren had been homesick recently, so I made a sign that read “Thank you girls for Everything”, and I’m fairly certain Camila saw it from the stage, as she looked over multiple times and made a cute face, and even blew a kiss and made a heart shape in my direction.  After the Today Show, my two new friends and I crutched over there and made it just in time.  They took some press photos, then got into the Ride of Fame bus and went to the open top.  I have a pretty loud, obnoxious voice, so I yelled out “Lauren you are so gorgeous!!!” to which she turned around and adorably thanked me.  I waved my crutch and my sign again, and I assume Camila recognized me since she pointed in my direction, and yet again blew a kiss and made a heart shape.  Not long after that, they came back out of the bus to greet us.  I was worried I wouldn’t see them because we were behind a wall/fence, and on higher ground, where I couldn’t reach the girls.  However, when I looked over, I couldn’t believe my eyes as Lauren Jauregui pushed aside a banner and some plants, and CLIMBED ONTO THE LEDGE ON THE WALL TO SEE US.  I was dumbfounded with how sweet she was.  Everyone was calling her at once, and I could tell she was a bit overwhelmed, but she made every effort to talk to every single one of us, no matter how crazy we were.  As she was turning around to leave, my friend and I begged her to stay, and asked her to take one last picture on our phones.  She didn’t even hesitate as she turned back around and reached for his phone.. 

By the way, his phone case is entirely Camren hehehe.  Directly after she took the selfie for him, I handed her my phone, and she instantly took it and took an adorable selfie.  (I was lucky to find someone got a picture of her taking it.)

and then this famous selfie..

After she handed me my phone I thanked her repeatedly.  She took her time to take pictures with and talk to every single one of them. Dinah had also climbed up next to Lauren, so I went to talk to her.  I barely even had to ask her, I just reached out and asked for a picture, and she also didn’t even hesitate to take my phone and snap some group selfies… 

Some bitches got in my way in my own selfie, but look at my new friend Nate looking extremely adorable in his white beanie :)

After Dinah gave me my phone back, we had a conversation about cockroaches.  I told her bout sleeping in the streets with them, and she looked slightly horrified (it was adorable), and then told me about her own experience with the roaches she saw. 

The two of them climbed back down, and I was left hysterically sobbing; snot, tears, hiccups, all of it.  

The girls were back on top of the bus, and I got back up to see them, still in tears.  When I saw I was in view of them, I yelled out, my voice cracking from the sobs, “Thank you girls so much,” to which Camila made an adorable sad face and I thinks she said “I love you”.  I tried again to make the words come out, yelling, “Thank you so much for everything, you made my day, you honestly made everything worth while, thank you so much, I love you so much”.  Those words barely came out, but Ally saw me, and with an adorable sad face, she mouthed the words “I love you so much, thank you.  Don’t cry, Air Hugs!” and she reached out through the railing, reaching out to me, and we air hugged.  That only made me cry more, but I stopped crying once Dinah stood up on the seat, and Lauren sat on the railing, and we were all terrified they’d fall off the bus.

That day was the most amazing experience of my entire life.  These five girls go out of their way to make their fans happy, and I think that needs to be appreciated more.  They do everything for us, and they are honestly the kindest, sweetest, most loving people I’ve ever met.  I am so glad I got to see them again, and I am so thankful for every second of it.

Thank you Fifth Harmony.