5h kca's

August 20

Happy Sunday!

Exactly 5 more days until the album!

Don’t say you love me…

Are you excited?!

During rehearsals today, guess who Ally bumped into!

None other than Baby Spice!

Girl group power!

Lauren and Dinah both posted photos from the Mexico KCA’s:

And we have some great photos from their performance:

Lauren’s tweets:

It’s an endless cycle…

on GOT:


Demi replied back to Dinah!

That’s it for today!


So, since Camila is performing at the BBMAs, will 5h pull another KCAs and come in late after Camila performance? Or will they rather not attend, considering that they weren’t nominated for anything?

I figured that the BBMAs is one of the bigger awards shows that 5H usually attends, but Camila’s nominated for Bad Things, and she’ll be singing, so I wonder if they’d skip this one or still attend for the sake of visibility?


Kids Choice Awards 2016

Favorite Music Group – Fifth Harmony

Congratulation girls! You deserve this and more, we the harmonizers love them very much!.. Kisses xoxo

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