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I have heard recently that Camila wrote Sensitive and that she also wrote Stitches. I tried to do a research to prove it, and there you go. This is the proof that Camila contributed for writing Stitches. However, I still can’t find the proof that she wrote Sensitive, because:

1) Sensitive is a leaked song. So, it’s hard to trace who the writers are and so on.

2) Camila is a “low-key” songwriter or more like a “behind-the-scene” songwriter. You can see her name is black color in this picture. The ones in blue (like “Mendes Shawn”) are the ones which we can search in the website. We can’t search the names with the black color. It’s like as if the names were not officially registered yet or…. I don’t know… it’s hard to trace the songs Camila has written. In addition, I’m not really good at research skills especially in music industry. But for now, this is what I got.

@singasong17 The picture I’ve promised before


The first time I saw him, i thought to myself “wow he’s really cute” so i got attracted.

But when I heard his voice for the very first time when he sang that song cover on Youtube, that was when I fell in love.

i fell in love with his voice, not because of his looks, (though, i must admit it’s a very special bonus lol) but his voice.

*clears my throat* Grammy is on FEB 13, 2017. Be prepared, fam. I smell drama.. But we don’t know what’s gonna happen. I mean those leak accounts have teased about Feb 13, 2017 but well, we can only wait and see what kind of bomb will be dropped. But, if there’s nothing happens, then thank God! We’ve had enough drama..

Aside from that, I’m really proud of her! <3



ok, Do you imagine Lauren saying “I ship Kiam yes Kiam” in a question hahahahahahaha

or stupids questions like “is Karmy based in a fanfic camren’” LMAOOOOOOOOOO

Let´s trend on these days “harmonizers ship Karmy” or something :)