5h american

Haters Can Choke 👋

if u see all of Camila old/new videos the girl is a genuine funny good person. Who has fairy wings like.. She’s born in Cuba. & Mexican aye
Camila cares about issues in the world & living the American Dream. Immigrated to America and having her dreams come true. Let The Girl Live. Y'all fake Bang wagging On hate smh.
Be supportive.



fifth harmony stans are coming for little mix but like????? little mix are literally selling out shows in 3 continents with seating attendance of 10,000-20,000 whereas fifth harmony are only selling out shows with seating attendance of 4,000-9,000 in two continents. Just because Little Mix hasn’t conquered America doesn’t mean they’re “flopping”, they’re a thriving, successful and powerful girl group. Fifth Harmony are only popular in the Americas, I could literally go outside right now in Australia and ask 100 people if they know who fifth harmony are and only around 3 will know.