SW: 182
CW: 142
Weight Loss: 40lbs
Height: 5ft7

Lost 40lbs slow and steady over a year. I used MyFitnessPal to track calorie intake and gradually reduced -100 every week from 2000 to 1400 a day. Did light excercise: a little running, swimming or yoga once a week. Started walking more instead of driving. The weight just started to drop without too much hard work. Finally really happy with my body, much more comfortable in myself and can do so much more physically. It’s a great feeling.


Okay so I did some investigation into Louis height and saw that on Google it says he is 1.72 m in height.

I then changed it into ft and it told me Louis would be 5.64304 etc. which rounded up would be around 5ft7 ish.

Niall is around 5ft8 and Harry is 5ft10/11 according to the site (although we all know he is way taller than that.)

I am 5ft5 and I wouldn’t say I am massively tall so I’m guessing 5ft7 wouldn’t be either.

In conclusion our tiny hedgehog child IS A TINY HEDGEHOG


**why is it always me?**
  • Okay so I'm at a sleepover and everyone is asleep but I woke up to me being sandwiched in between both of my friends and also I am piping hot! So I sat up and then..... AND THEN..... the both move into the little 30cm gap I had!!!
  • Guys.... I'm 5ft7 and 59kg like, I cannot be comfortable trying to maneuver myself through them to sleep! Also we are all laid on one single bed.... SIDEWAYS.... if we piece this all together- I'm in a small gap of space, I'm extremely hot because of the radiator being on and only my torso fits onto this mattress. Also because I'm in the middle, I cannot curl my legs up or even turn onto my back.
  • I'm 01:40am and I've literally shimmied off the bed and sat just chilling on the floor, on tumblr.
  • NOW, you could be saying 'why don't you just wake them up and tell them to move?" I could If I would but my friends are passed tf out~ and they probably wouldn't even move anyways. I'm going to have to sit on tumblr and twitter.... for like 7 hours.

A tag thing yeah
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Name: Syd
Nickname: seed
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5ft7
Hogwarts house: Never read the books
Favorite color: black
Favorite animal: any bird
Time right now: 11:06pm
Average hours of sleep: 8
Cat or dog person: love my dog
Number of blankets: 2
Favorite singer/band: in no order, the Beatles, twenty one pilots, and panic! at the disco
Dream Trip: I really want to go visit my friends in Trinidad
Dream job: Filmmaker
Year blog created: 2012?
Current number of followers: 3536
URL: one of my fave Beatle books

I don’t feel like tagging anybody too much work

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Nickname: B, Beth, Wifey 
Star Sign: Well I was a gemini but NAS fucked me over so I’m now a Taurus
Height: 5ft7!
Time Right Now: 23:36
Last Thing I Googled: Raken…. i’m lowkey but not so lowkey trash
Favorite Music Artist: BTS <3
Song Stuck in Your Head: Closer - Lemaitre
Last Movie You Watched: I don’t watch movies often so the last one I watched was 4 or 5 weeks ago.. It was Love Rosie
What Are You Wearing Right Now: legging sand a band shirt
When Did You Create Your Blog: 2015 probably bc that’s when I got into kpop
What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: Lots of kpop and very little Dan and Phil
Do You have other blogs: Not that i use
Do you get asks on a regular basis: Nope
Why did you choose your URL:because kpop led me to kdrama and korean variety shows and now I barely listen to english music so… my life is ruined but in a good way

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