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Trixian bubble juice

I thought it was good to take a rest from the involved recipe of the vegetable biryani and post a simple drink that is easy to make. Which is not to say that it is not delicious - it is Nog’s favourite drink, after all (DS9: Prophet Motive). Having now made and tried this drink I can understand why Rom went to the trouble of ensuring Nog had plentiful supplies on his return to Deep Space Nine!

This drink does not appear to be alcoholic but would serve well as a base for a cocktail if you are that way inclined. I think the key to this drink is to ensure it is nice and bubbly so add extra bubbles if you possibly can. If making for a crowd, I would still suggest making individual glasses rather than pitchers - again to ensure the bubbles remain. 

Replicate your own
(Makes 2 long drinks)

150ml / 5fl oz guava nectar
150ml / 5fl oz soda water

Mix the guava nectar and soda water together in a tall glass and serve. If you have the ability to create your own bubbles (sodastream or similar), make sure your water is very bubbly before mixing!


“Young girls are a little bit lost, now days, and they’re not thinking about the things that actually matter. Everything’s so serious. In the way I’ve grown up -like within the music industry- everything’s has been so serious, for me and unfortunately, I’ve lost sight of stuff that actually matters, like having friends around you to keep you happy. So hopefully this song will be just a little message for me to say to young girls don’t forget about the things that don’t cost anything, have friends around you to keep you happy” - Cher Lloyd talking about Oath