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D&D&D-Engaging the Player/Adding Immersion (12/15/15)

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On this week’s Triple D, Pat, Jake and Ted discuss how to keep your players engaged as well as how to add depth, immersion, and realism to your campaign. Not sure what happened to the video towards the end, but the audio stayed updated, hopefully we’ll have that fixed for next week :).

After our game on Tuesday nights, we sit around and bullshit about D&D-games we’ve played, favorite characters, character options, etc.

So rather than just talk among ourselves, we decided to leave the stream up and bullshit with those watching live on twitch as well!

Feel free to come hang out with us after our Tuesday night games and chat about whatever!

This week’s topic is: Designing an Evil Campaign

Music provided by Benjamin Briggs, to get your own copies of his awesome royalty free music, head over to:

My Dungeons & Dragons 5E bookmarks folder

Here’s all the bookmarks in my 5e folder. Not everything may be specifically 5e related but since we’ve started playing this edition, this is what I’ve collected so far.         

Player Help

D&D 5th Edition

           Discuss D&D 5E rules and products.

D&D 5E Character Sheets


A Collection of Guides | WotC

           A collection of player made guides            

Pre-Generated Character Repository | WotC

           A Resource for Players and DMs            

List of 5E|Merric

donjon; RPG Tools

Zenith Games: 5th Edition Guide to the Guides


           Original, 10 minute ambiences and music for Tabletop Role Playing Games.            

Candlekeep Forum

How to search this rules forumn | The Wizards Community

           Searching this forumn does not seem to work for me.


I’ll NEVER Die! (A Guide to the 5E Barbarian)

               Seen guides pop up the last few weeks for rangers, wizards, clerics, paladins, and warlocks, but I don’t think there’s one for the 5E barbarian yet. Seeing as it’s so straight forward, I feel like it might not be needed, but because it’s so straight forward, it’s also really easy for me to make it, so here you guys go

Graceful Destruction: A Guide to Dex Based Barbarism | The Wizards Community

               Graceful Destruction Contents: Intoductions Stats and Races Class Features Path Features Skills, Backgrounds and Feats Weapons and Armour Multiclassing Sample Builds            


The Devout and the Dead: a guide to Clerics

               The Devout and the Dead a guide to Clerics


               Greetings, Playground! I am going to be playing a Cleric soon, and, (being unfamiliar with 5e) come to you guys to figure out Clerics and their Domains.

For God and Party-A Cleric’s guide. | WotC

                Table of Contents

Dictum Mortuum’s The Cleric Handbook | WotC

               Hello All

Celestial Link Evoking Radiance Into Creation - CLERIC guide | WotC


By your Powers Combined: A Land Druid Handbook | WotC

               By Your Powers Combined: A Land Druid Handbook                

5e Druid Handbook - Land & Moon

               5th edition D&D Druid Handbook Version 2.0 Druids

[WIP] Thy Fearful Symmetry: A Circle of the Moon Handbook | The Wizards Community

               A holistic guide for Circle of the Moon Druids.                

Druid Guide & Discussion

               5th edition D&D Druid Guide Version 1.7        


The Art of War: A Fighter Guide | The Wizards Community

               The Art of War: A Fighter Guide

Fighting Styles Overview/Discussion/Whathaveyou

               Ok So I havent seen any thread that specifically deals with the fighting styles in 5e

Bow Bond: An Eldritch Knight’s guide to Archery | The Wizards Community

               Bow Bond: An Eldritch Knight’s guide to Archery

An Optimized Polearm Master Fighter Template | The Wizards Community

               VARIANT HUMAN BUILD

Eldritch Knight Tactica - A Guide | The Wizards Community

               This is a work in progress - but open for discussion.            


Meditation, Mediation, Devastation: A Monk’s Guide | The Wizards Community

               How does one Monk?                

The Good, the Bad and the Monk, a 5e Monk guide

                I’m not going to explain why you would play a monk, or what the role of a monk is


Oathbound: The Paladin Guide | The Wizards Community

               “It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath.” — Aeschylus                

Good is Not Nice: A Paladin’s Guide

               "My good blade carves the casques of men, My tough lance thrusteth sure, My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure.“              

A Guide to the D&D 5th Edition Paladin through the eyes of a 3.5 Player

               Guide to the Dungeons & Dragons 5E Paladin through the eyes of a 3rd Edition Player


Not All Who Wander are Lost: A Ranger’s Guide

                "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings                

Into the Woods We Go: The Ranger Guide | The Wizards Community

               “You’re no ranger, Jon, only a green boy with the smell of summer still on you.” — A Game of Thrones            


Dealing Death: Handbook of the True Assassin | The Wizards Community

                “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.” — Alamut by Vladimir Bartol


Arrive on Time - A General Guide to Wizardry | The Wizards Community

               Overview: What is a Wizard?                

A Compilation of Useful Spell Lists | The Wizards Community

               A Compilation of Useful Spell Lists

Know Your Rites: A Guide to Ritual Casting | The Wizards Community

               A guide to casting ritual spells.                

D&D 5e Spells Index

5th Edition Spells Spreadsheet

               I spent some time and put together a spell spreadsheet that lists all the spells by class, level, school, and some other quick reference items.                

Find Familiar confusion | The Wizards Community

               Hi, So here’s the thing.                

Ultanya: Dungeons & Dragons: Thaumaturgy

Treantmonk’s Guide to Wizards 5e - Google Docs

Treantmonk’s Guide to 5e Wizards - Google Docs


What’s Your Story: A Custom Background Guide | The Wizards Community

                What’s Your Story: A Custom Background Guide In this guide I will be using the standard CharOp colour scheme:                

[5e/D&D] Backgrounds

               A forum for discussing roleplaying games.  Speak your mind here without fear!                

5E Backgrounds Database

               The D&D 5th Edition backgrounds database!                

Hack & Slash: Backgrounds

A Gamers Point of View: Custom 5e Backgrounds for the Forgotten Realms

List of All Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws | The Wizards Community

           If you are like me and you like to scan through all of the backgrounds to find the perfect set of personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws for your character, then these lists might come in handy.                        


Guide to Mulhorandi | Arelith

Nephthys - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nephthys - The Forgotten Realms Wiki - Books, races, classes, and more

                   Nephthys (pronounced nef-thiss ) is a vain but caring member of the Mulhorandi pantheon. She is…                    

Nephthys | Humus | Obsidian Portal

                   Protector of the Dead * *Symbol*: Horns around a lunar disk * *Home Plane*: The Offering Fields * *Alignment*: Chaotic Good * *Portfolio*: Death, grief * *W                    

Nephthys - Deities of Faerûn - Mulh Pantheon

                   Realms Helps: Nephthys - Deities of Faerûn - Mulh Pantheon                    

Mulhorand - The Forgotten Realms Wiki - Books, races, classes, and more

                   Mulhorand is one of the Old Empires in eastern Faerûn. The Mulhorandi were brought to Toril from…                    

Candlekeep Forum - Mulhorand

Candlekeep Forum - Which Faerunian gods could go to Mulhorand easily



Gnomes; The forgotten folk of Faerun | Neverwinter Nights - The Forgotten Realms - The Savage Frontier

Gnome - The Forgotten Realms Wiki - Books, races, classes, and more

               Gnomes, or the Forgotten Folk as they are sometimes known, are small fey humanoids


Glossary of Phrases, Sayings & Words of the Realms

Candlekeep Forum - Glossary of Phrases, Sayings & Words of the Realms


New Automated Tools for 5E | The Wizards Community

               Instead of starting a new thread for every set of tools I create, I am going to use this thread from now on. I will continue to make updates to it as I create new tools.  Here is the complete set of tools I’ve created to date:                

Fantasy Name Generator

                Name generator for RPGs, video games, novels, etc.. Can generate names for elves, dwarves, barbarians, “evil” names, “Lovecraftian” names, modern English names, and others.                

D&D 5e Pre-Made Characters - Table Topping

Efraim’s 5e Adventurers Pack

Dungeons and Dragons 1E-3E-5E Monster Converter

1d8: Point Buy Calculator for D&D Next (5e)

Javascript DDNext Character Generator Lite

RK’s D&D Treasure Generator (5e) - Setup

Dungeon maps for RPG. Create maps online, download as PDF and PNG.

               Dungeon Painter is a powerful rpg map design tool. Scene Viewer is a free encounter mapping tool that you can embed into forum or blog posts                

[Resource Guide] World and Map Generation : DnD

               In an effort to better serve the community, the moderation staff will be creating a series of guides and collections of resources over the next…                

Cartographers’ Guild - a community for maps of fantasy, sci-fi and real world locations

               A forum for cartography enthusiasts.                

D&D 5E Tools: Attribute Point-Buy Calculator

               A point-buy calculator for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition                

The Elf Name Generator: Your Sindarin Elf Name

               Elf names. Create elf names with the Sindarin elf name generator! View lists of elf names, generate random names, or choose an elf name based on your own name. Great for rpgs and mmorpgs.                

Fantasy name generators. Names for all your fantasy characters.

               A fantasy name generator for every fantasy character. From Chinese to Viking and from dragon to werewolf, I have a fantasy name generator for all your needs.                

Kobold Fight Club: The first rule of KFC is ‘Yip yip!’

D&D 5E Tools by Leugren

Dave’s Mapper | RPG Map Generator

               Geomorphic map generator web app for role-playing enthusiasts. Created by web designer and puzzle author David Millar.                

Town Map Maker ©2003 Jeffrey A. Mills, DVM

Barrow of the Evensong | The Wizards Community

               An Adventure Location for 3rd-Level Characters                

Elven Names

English-Elvish Translator • View forum - Maps and Map Making


               Magic: the Gathering Art. Best MTG Art, updated daily with new and old artworks. Organized by artists and mtg sets, Art of Magic the Gathering is an ever growing collection of amazing magic fantasy artworks.                

Names of Seasons

Pods and Blogs                     

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 0 “Beginnings…” | The Mad Adventurers Society


               A website and podcast following a group of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons players in custom D&D5e campaign in Washington, D.C.                

Dire Weasels’ Podcast : A “real play” 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

               A bunch of drunks get together and make offensive jokes while playing dungeons and dragons.

Brave New Dungeon

               A Chronicle of one man’s heroic return to the land of Dungeons & Dragons (by bigAl)                

Lost Mine of Phandelver (5th edition D&D) | JM Hauser’s Blog

               Starting in July 2014, Wizards of the Coast released the newest version of their classic roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons.

RPG Crazy

Samson’s Bridge: A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign built from the ground up

DnDUI Blows

Starwalker Studios

               The home of Starwalker Sudios Podcasts

Encounter Roleplay - D&D Advice, Reviews, Comics and Podcasts!

               D&D Advice, Reviews, Comics and Podcasts!                

Stories of the Fifth Age | The Mad Adventurers Society

Dyson’s Dodecahedron | Award Winning Dungeon Design

               Award Winning Dungeon Design                

Adventures | Dyson’s Dodecahedron

               Many of the maps on the site have full adventures written for them.

Nerdarchy – For Nerds By Nerds

               Nerdarchy for nerds by nerds specializing in role-playing games especially as game masters for d20 systems like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder RPG games.                

DnD Reddit

               reddit: the front page of the internet                

The Old Road, Part 1: Sunless Citadel

Many Sided Dice

               A Site for Table Top RPG Discussion and Creation–Share it, Like It, Follow It, Comment!                


               Blogging about D&D / Role Playing                

Hack & Slash

Dungeons & Dragons Chris Perkins - Archive

               Dungeons & Dragons - Wizards of the Coast                

From the Sorcerer’s Scroll

               A geek’s musings on the games he loves to play (by Chris Perkins)



Homebrew Design

           Roll up your sleeves and get working: there’s lots of homebrewin’ to be done!

Homebrews Library

           Post your homebrew material, and share your house rules, creations, game aids and tools, character sheets, and more

Sane Magic Item Prices

           Let’s talk about flying items.

World Builder Blog

           Just a man and his homebrew world.        

Customized Races – The Saurials

Define your own! - Campaign Calendar

Bad Magic Weapons

Index of /pdf/DnD 3.5e and you are welcome/DnD DM 3.5e Essentials—Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master 3.5 Essentials/books

Donjons et Dragons le jeux de role

Dungeons and Dragons Adventures levels 1-3, the low levels

               Dungeons and Dragons Adventures for characters levels 1st through 3rd, 1-3.            

Caves of Chaos Reimagined by Weem | theWeem

Caves of Chaos Map Redux | RPG Cartography

               I think that a map can be a DM’s best friend when running an adventure.  However, many adventure maps do not provide much additional information other than location and a reference key number to  that points to text in the adventure. I took the classic map of the Caves of Chaos from Gygax (1979) Keep on the Boarderlands…                

NPCs for the Caves of Chaos D&D Next Playtest: Sly Flourish

Belgarion’s World for Eternal Soldier: Character Creation


Iron Wind Metals Online Store

Dice - The Dice Shop 

Polyhedral Dice Sets

Pathfinder Minis

So anyone have any other sites I need to add to my collection?

Unecessary Crits: Part One

Due to some midnight excursion, our rogue had been put in jail.

DM: So you are now in jail. There are three guards posted around you. Due to your failed flirtation (she had rolled a one), they ignore whatever you say. They have taken most of your items except for a lockpick which you managed to conceal… somewhere.

Rogue (OOC): Are they watching me?

DM: Yes.

Rogue (OOC): Uh… I’m just going to sleep.

DM: Morning comes, and the rest of the party is woken up by pounding on the door. There are a couple of guards there, and they explain that one of your friends had been caught stealing. You are escorted to the jail, where Asriel is waiting. On the way, the guards give you a rundown of what happened, ending with the fact that it is 30 gold to bail her out.

Cleric: Does anyone have 30 gold?

Bard: We don’t but didn’t she have over a hundred?

Rogue: What NO NO NO NO

Rogue (OOC): I swear if you take my gold…!

Cleric (to the guard): We ourselves do not have the, eh, necessary funds, but our frien- companion does. If you would permit me to go to her purse, I can withdraw the gold for you. (Rolls a successful persuasion)

Guard: That would be acceptable.

Rogue: Don’t you dare!

Cleric (OOC): Can’t we just leave her?

DM: The guard takes you down the hall to the evidence room, where he pulls out Asriel’s coinpouch, filled with precisely 124 gold pieces. It is a marvelous sum. The guard hands it to Ornlet (the cleric) to count out.

Cleric (OOC): I take out 35 pieces of gold to give to the guard.

Cleric: Here’s a bit extra for any… trouble she may have caused.


DM: For what?

Rogue (OOC): To sense how much he took out.

DM: … Fine why the fuck not.

((Rogue rolls and gets a natural 20. We are all stunned, as it was the first crit of the night.))


DM: … You know exactly how much he took from your purse, as if every single gold piece cried out to you in agony.


DM: Ornlet and the guard suddenly hear Asriel shrieking from the jail cell.

*Benny Hill Music Plays In The Background*

This was pretty early on in my friend’s 5e campaign. We had just gotten back to our base town from a mission with a ton of great loot. So we kinda split to sell the stuff we didn’t need. The party’s “chaotic magic” sorcerer however, had a special thing attatched to them. Whenever they roll a d20 for a spell, they roll it again. If they roll a 1, something compleatly random happens, according to a lengthy chart.

So, after using charm person to convince the shop keep to pay extra for this weird sword, they roll a 1 for random magic. 

Sorcerer: Okay.. d100 time?

DM: Yes *sigh*

Sorcerer: it’s a 35

DM:.. I just wrote down benny hill shenanigins following a possession.

Everyone: …

DM: The sword had a demon inside it. You’re now possessed. Run.

So, for the next (I timed it) 20 MINUTES, we’re trying to chase down the guy while getting into stupid situations. For example, I ran into two people in an allyway having sex. I get tangled into a bra, and run away with it trapped around my head. Our paladin ran through a pane of glass. The archer destoryed a cabbage cart by accident.

We eventually get the sorcerer cornered and excorsize them. But it was still a great evening.

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