Alien Emoji: A Summary

A good alien. Very captivating eyes that hold the secrets of the universe. 5/5

Went for a very simplistic approach. Simple is good, but not in this sense. His head is much too rounded. 3/5

Thick lines as always. While the eyes are wonderful, this boy looks very crowded. 3/5

What the fuck is this. Why does he look like he just realized something that’s been haunting him for the entirety of his existence. What is this Photoshop gradient it’s fucking awful. 1/5

Do not let this one near children. He’ll laugh while burning your families bodies at the exact same time. Still better than Samsung, though. 2/5

Incredible. He’s so menacing, but cute at the same time. This is a very good boy. 6/5

Looks quite upset. I’d like to sit down with him and ask about what’s on his mind. It’s alright, little guy. 4/5 5/5 to boost his confidence.

Stop right there. This is too much. His upper face is angry, but lower face seems upset. Make up your mind, messanger. 2/5

Incredible. His face comes to a cone perfectly, and isn’t too overbearing. This is an alien, my friendo. 6/5

While he is still very cute, he looks more like an outlet rather than an alien. Good work, Mozilla. At least you tried. 4/5

Something feels off here. He seems too innocent, and looks more like a pea that belongs in a plush pea pod. 3/5

Who the fuck do you think you are. Do you honestly think you can waltz into my house, eat my food, and leave without another word? You disgust me. Just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you’re special. Get the fuck out of my house. 0/5


ZaneTheMonster commissions

hey guys i thought i decide to open some commissions as a test  


Headshots/busts: b/w and color :$5

full body: $10 with color $15 

extra characters: $5

alts(naked,clothed): $5



-simple furries

-demon/monsters guys and gals


-realistic photos


- overly complex designs

NSFW do’s:


-all the straight stuff?



-anthro(still working on getting better at this)

NSFW dont’s:

-underage (never)

-bathroom stuff(shower sex yes anything else  fuck no)

-mecha (not yet at least)

-gore(not yet)

-rape(just leave now)


if you got any questions just let me know also depending on how it is some of the  fonts can be done pm me here on tumblr in your interested 

Mom: I’m sure you could find someone like Luke if you stopped watching 5sos videos for a few minutes and went out into the real world

Me: Um







Part 4 of you text the wrong number: You’re going to meet 5sos and the mysterious Luke soon.

*just a note because as I was typing this, I was thinking about how unrealistic this was but it’s just an au so it’s ok.
*Please do not decide to go text a random number and talk to strangers you don’t know. It’s not romantic. It’s dangerous. Most likely it is not luke hemmings or anyone else who’s famous. Do not go and meet them either!!! These texts do not promote such behavior in any way!! Do!!! Not!! Ok!!!

Request a part 5 and it’ll be up earlier. Otherwise, it’ll be like a week until I post it. I believe part 5 will be the last installment unless if you guys request for an epilogue ;)

- V

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