Cashton + beanies.


Part 4 of you text the wrong number: You’re going to meet 5sos and the mysterious Luke soon.

*just a note because as I was typing this, I was thinking about how unrealistic this was but it’s just an au so it’s ok.
*Please do not decide to go text a random number and talk to strangers you don’t know. It’s not romantic. It’s dangerous. Most likely it is not luke hemmings or anyone else who’s famous. Do not go and meet them either!!! These texts do not promote such behavior in any way!! Do!!! Not!! Ok!!!

Request a part 5 and it’ll be up earlier. Otherwise, it’ll be like a week until I post it. I believe part 5 will be the last installment unless if you guys request for an epilogue ;)

- V

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Preference 7: Confession (Cake)

Luke: you sat on the porch swing with Luke kicking your feet and staring off into space while he went on about his girlfriend. It was normal…annoyingly normal. Luke would invite you to his house to ‘hang out’ but in all honestly you just sat there and listened to him talk about what his slut if a girlfriend had done this time to hurt him.
“Y/N?” Luke called snapping you into reality.

“Huh?” You mumbled glancing over at him. He sighed angrily and ran his hands through his hair. “Why are you like this? You always ignore my problems! You know if you were a good friend you would care.” He snapped at you.“

You just stood up and laughed "Not a good friend? Did you seriously say I’m not a good friend?!” You yelled “ a good friend would fucking invite me over just to talk about your slutty girlfriend! A good friend would ask me how IM doing for once! A good friend would sit here and break my heart a little bit more everyday because he’s to caught up with a girl that don’t give to shots about him while I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember!” You were crying now.

You knew it was stupid to snap like that but you couldn’t help it. “Y/N I-”

“No Luke. I’m tired if listening to your problems when you never give a thought to mine.

Calum: You giggled lightly and pulled your glass up to your lips. You knew you should have stopped drinking awhile ago but you gave up a long time ago. Your pulled your phone to your ear when you heard it ringing from your purse. "Hello?” You cooed into the phone with a laugh.

“Y/N! Where the hell are you?” You beat friend Calum basically shouted.

“Oh Heeeey Cal! Weeeellll you were busy flirting with those girls at the mall so I went to the bar across the street.” You replied your words running together in a messy slur.

“You could have told me!” He snapped.

“I did!” You said with a giggle “but you dont seem to care about much when you have cute girls around.”

“Y/N I’m coming to get y-” he tried speaking but you cut him off “No Cal I’m fine here. Besidessss it kinda hurts watching you with those girls when I’m the one that really loves you, but your not here so it does hurt thaaaat bad.”

“I love you to y/n but-”

“No Cal I looove you. Like REAL love. Like fairy tale love. like old people love.Do you love me?”

“Your drunk. You won’t love me in the morning. You won’t remember if I love you.”

“Do you love me though?”

“I do. Now I’m calling a cab. And your going home and your going to bed… And your going to forget about how I feel.”

Mom: I’m sure you could find someone like Luke if you stopped watching 5sos videos for a few minutes and went out into the real world

Me: Um