I Don’t Understand That Reference
Characters: CastielXReader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Word Count: 1206

Summary: AU* – Y/N is a solo hunter rescued by the Winchester brothers and now living with them at the bunker. Working an intriguing case, her relationship with the fallen angel Castiel blossoms into something more than friendship - but is their love strong enough to survive the next apocalypse? AU note* - Cas has never been human in this universe. Fluff except for chapter 7 which is pure smut and can be skipped without losing anything of the plot.

Chapter 5

Cas crossed the room to peer out the window. When he turned back toward you, his brow was deeply furrowed.

“What is it Cas?” Your stomach dropped, you’d never seen him look so somber.

“I walked into the valley last night to confirm information Sam sent about an archaeological dig. The report led me to deeply sacred ground. Someone dug there for a very long time – a hundred years or more - and it appears they found what they sought,” he again looked out the window as if he were expecting unwanted guests, “Y/N, if this is what I believe it to be - it’s bad.”

“Okay, we’ve handled bad before,” you sat on the edge of the bed and nervously scratched the back of your neck, “On a scale of 1 to apocalypse, how bad is bad?”

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anonymous asked:

hey if you don't mind helping me with first year chem: how do you predict the products of a reaction and know what type it is (single replacement etc) when given the reactants of a chemical equation?

The easiest way is to write out and swap ions. This doesn’t work for all reactions, but since you’re taking first year chem I think that’s the only method you’ll have to use rather than memorizing all sorts of mechanisms.

First you convert the reactants into their respective ions. It also helps to know the really common polyatomic ions.

Ex: The reactants HCl and NaOH become (H+) (Cl-) and (Na+) (OH-)

Then you switch the arrangement of each cation with each anion; basically H+ goes with OH- and Na+ goes with Cl-, so the products would be H2O and NaCl.

Or if reactants have coefficients in front of them like: V2O5 + 5CaS, you leave the coefficients out, switch the ions as usual, then you balance the equation.

(V5+) (O2-) + (Ca2)+ (S2-) becomes V2S5 + CaO

Then you balance it according to the reactants: V2O5 + 5CaS -> V2S5 + 5CaO


Single replacement:
AB + C -> AC + B
Zn + CuCl2 -> (Zn2+) + (Cu2+) + (Cl-) -> ZnCl2 + Cu
Mg + 2HCl -> (Mg2+) + (H+) + (Cl-) -> MgCl2 + H2 (elemental H always exists as a polyatomic element in reactions)

Double replacement:
AB + CD -> AD + BC
(see the examples above)
Some Acid/Base reactions technically go under this category (i.e: NaOH and HCl). But the really obvious acid/base rxns always produce water and a salt. (NaCl and H2O in this case)

Synthesis reactions:
A + B -> AB
2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O
3H2 + N2 -> 2NH3

Or A + B + C -> ABC

Combustion (this one is pretty easy to recognize):
They involve hydrocarbons with oxygen; carbon dioxide + water is always produced.
CnHn + O2 -> CO2 + H2O

AB -> A + B
2NH3 -> 3H2 + N2

Redox (oxidation-reduction) reactions:
Involve the transfer of electrons. They’re easy to spot if you see electrons in the half reactions. Idk if you have to recognize these ones when they’re written as a full reaction.

I only really had to predict single and double replacement reactions in my 100-level chem classes; I didn’t have to do that for decomposition or synthesis reactions (only recognize them).


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