WOW helloO I AM BA C K!!!! (repost sort of not really, same content but better lighting since i deleted my previous post)

hello everyone how are you,,

i’ve given up on the 100 days of productivity, because there’s nothing to be productive about anymore after o’s, li f e  is  n ot  w or th  liv i ng??/?,,, kidding

but hello how are you, drop me an ask telling me about your day or if you’re on holiday what have you been doing during the holidays, i hope you’re doing alright wherever you are

(btw i hate my iphone 5c™ camera quality, first world problems amiriteヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ)

i track #nahstudies too btw!! tag me so i can see your posts!!


Artist: Clio Em (singer/songwriter for the duo Astronomy for Lovers)

Tumbr Link: astronomyforlovers.tumblr.com

A hand-drawn stop-motion animation created using notation paper, Caran D'Ache pastels, Stabilo pens, and an iPhone 5c camera. Assembled in iMovie. Clio created this animation to go along with her original song, Night after night I hear the rain. This song was entered into a contest called CBC Searchlight and progressed to the semi-finals.
Music and text Copyright © 2012; animation Copyright © 2014 Clio Montrey.