5c comics

Three for Five.

Three characters. One that I never got the chance to build the way I wanted to and two that never made it into the comic, but were both planned to appear.

Both due to my poop writing as I went along and my lack of initiative at the time.

Princess Ona:

Queen Princess of Oltymia (Pronounced Ol-Timey-uh) and leader of the kingdom surrounding it (unnamed). Generally perceived by most as a kind hearted ruler, but one who doesn’t like to fool around with getting what needs to be done. She has no problems standing up for herself, but generally can get herself into more than she wants to be involved with when provoked. She’s generally kind, but has somewhat of a short fuse.

Dash the Local Ninja?:

Dash is a fox that roams around the second closest kingdom (unnamed) near Oltymia. He claims to be a ninja that secretly helps the towns with their problems and mishaps, but no one believes him. His only known weapon he carries around is a broomstick.


Squidzy is a giant squid that was found near the oceans of Oltymia. No one knows much about it or how it lost its eye. Squidzy is kept in a chamber near the kingdom and is used as a means for revenue. Later, Squidzy would have become the means of oceanic transportation for Skat, Kat, and Eszee.