June 22, 2014 - Queens 10k
Nightmare! I was all set for a max performance. Everything has finally fallen into place with my health, fitness and pain management. I left nice and early and I was actually within a mile of the park with an hour to spare and then it all came to a stop. Traffic that wouldn’t move. I ended up getting to the starting lane too late. They had taken down the start. So my race would be meaningless since my time would be inaccurate. I did a brisk jog. No sense in killing myself. Its over. So I got me lousy medal, my 9+1 and my 5 Boro series credit. But I didn’t get to see what I could do at this distance when I’m feeling good. I don’t have another 10k on my schedule until next year so I guess I’ll have to wait. Anyway I’m glad to see all your reports on the race today. For me, my Hanson marathon plan begins the first week of July so I have to finalize that. I have to take a look at my scheduled races and work those into the plan.