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serenitymoon3  asked:

Hi ! I love your blog <3 I have a question Do you think Levihan will be canon ? Thank you

Are you telling me they are not canon?!!

Ok..ok.. All jokes aside. Honestly? I always keep in mind despite the many times I joked about how married Levihan is, there is a big big chance of it not happening. I mean, it’s not that kind of manga, you know. The way I see it, Levihan doesn’t need a confirmation that they’re canon. The relationship is there. I want to include all the visuals to support it but I think we Levihans know what I’m referring to. The time when Hanji interpreted Levi’s words to Eren. The time when Levi helped boost Hanji’s morale after Pastor Nick died. Or when they were standing back to back and finishing each other’s sentences and other good moments. So I have that canon material to hold on to. They may not be romantically involved but platonic relationship is good too. And in this case, it’s a good strong platonic with benefits.

Once again, if you mean will Levihan be canon as in will they live happily ever after, I highly doubt so. I believe more people will die in this manga including one half of my ship and it’s going to be an unsatisfactory end because a lot of questions will be left unanswered and my fave didn’t make it till the end. As expected of Yams!

Sometimes I get requests like “hc for this character please” and sometimes I get requests like “I want this character!manga (not the anime version cause they are ooc) and I want a scenario where they are confessing to their s/o while riding a unicorn over the pacific coast at 7:54pm in the late 1850s but the s/o is in love with someone else who is actually dead but they don’t know that yet. Also please write it in the first person. Hope it’s not too confusing thanks” and I’m like … :’D ???

summersleeper  asked:

Wait a minute, how do mornings work? You're underground??

* Well, we have this;

* But as you can see, I personally don’t pay much heed to it.

i’m really sorry for my sudden disappearance…i’ve been rather emotionally drained lately and sticking to my closest friends as of late to compensate for the fatigue and get some positivity my way.  i don’t plan on abandoning babs all together but i will attempt to set up a queue for her when i can with the various responses i know i owe.  i hope everyone else is doing well, take care of yourselves xoxo