5am and still awake

mutual witness

Pairing: Kim Taehyung/Reader
Genre: Comedy, Fluff
Word Count: 889
Warnings: mentioned sexual content, cussing, chatspeak

omg my neighbours were doing it at the window too
someone called the cops on them bc CHILDREN LIVE HERE        

………wait someone called the cops on my neighbours too       

and then they got arrested        

……..my neighbours were arrested too

in this au, both the fem character (or reader, however you’d like to interpret it) and taehyung write for haikyuu, but you don’t have to know the anime to get the story. for those who don’t watch haikyuu, though, oikawa tooru, kageyama tobio and iwaizumi “iwa-chan” hajime are all characters from the anime.
based on something that happened to two girls i know.
special thanks @kittae and all the other wonderful people for helping me with titles, etc :’)

         i just had the best idea for a fic
         are you ready for this


         tae wtf its like 5am

         you’re still awake tho 

         ok but doesnt mean u can spam my chat ffs

         sorry but creativity hits during the most undesrirable

pls dont hit me with ur writer shit this early on
         but omg whats ur idea

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A Lot Can Happen in Ten Seconds

Trigger Warnings: Car crash

It’s dark. I can’t really see much of anything but I’m sitting on a cloth seat and on my right is Phil. We’re moving but staying still at the same time. He turns to me and smiles making butterflies swarm in my stomach. I smile back and take his hand in mine. Everything is so peaceful—so happy.

“I love you,” I say to Phil.

He looks at me and screams. My heart jumps to my throat and I turn around to see what he’s screaming at. Two white lights are coming towards me quickly and—

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@noteidol tagged me to do this! thank you sweetheart!! ❤️ (Written July 15th at 5am)

RULES: Answer the 11 questions and then tag 11 people to answer your questions. 

How much sleep do you usually get: none lmao,, today the associate dean who i intern for was like how did you sleep cause he knows i have sleeping problems and i was like i didnt lol!! it’s currently 5am and im still awake :-)

Favorite scent/smell: really old things!! the pages on books. bread

Weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse: That sword Michonne carries around or a really good knife 

Do you like the rain or do you prefer sunshine: i LOVE the rain!! makes me sleep

How many pillows are in your bed right now: 4 but i only use one and i hug the other one

If one part of you was replaced by a robot part, making you some kind of human cyborg, what part would you have replaced: My heart cause its getting annoying and i think thats where my anxiety is??

Favorite song: The Shrek version of Hallelujah lmao but if you want a serious answer probably some Jack Off Jill song BUT Somewhere over the Rainbow always puts me in a weirdly happy mood so?? OMG FORGET EVERYTHING I JUST SAID!! The Foundations: Build Me Up Buttercup!!!!!!!!!! When I was in 11th grade I would only listen to 50s/60s music and broadway show tunes HOLY FUCK THE CELL BLOCK TANGO!!! ok im done these arent my favorite songs but they’re good at changing my mood so i like them

Do you prefer warmth or cold: Cold but when im cold ill probably say warm

What was your favorite cartoon as a child: I didn’t really watch cartoons when i was a child but people will say the WEIRDEST shit sometimes and everyone gets it and laughs and im like??? i dont get it?? and then its always fucking spongebob references. I just always wanted to watch adult things and be an adult when i was a child which is so sad cause i literally didnt get a childhood but whatever

Are you wearing socks right now: Noo

What does your favorite pair of socks look like: I?? don’t wanna talk about socks lmao you know how people hate the word moist?? i hate the word socks!!!!! im grossed out right now but anyway i only wear black socks


OK so now I guess I have to make my own questions?? And I think you have to answer these?? (Bear with me I wrote these while having a crisis)

What do you believe comes after death?
What defines beauty for you?
What was your favorite stuffed animal//toy//doll as a child?
Do you believe in soul evolution//souls in general?
What’s more beautiful? Nature or art?
Do you think we control our own destiny or is our destiny controlled by another force?
Who taught you how to ride a bike?
If you had the option, would you choose to be a guardian angel? Who would you guard?
Have you ever been in love? How did you know?
What song do you want to get played at your funeral?
What did you do on your tenth birthday?


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This was too much (mun talking)

All this topic made me feel sick. It’s 5am here and I’m still awake, I threw up a couple of times, and my hands are shaking so bad that I have to delete what I write over and over for the typos.

How my body is reacting to all this stress is seriously scaring me. This whole situation is so disgusting that I just… I guess I couldn’t take it at the end. I thought I could, but I couldn’t.

I have some pills. I won’t normally resort to something like this, but I feel like if I don’t do something, I’ll end passing out or having a heart attack.

I hope things get better tomorrow. Now I don’t really think I could fall asleep.