5am and still awake

moon-jongups-thighs  asked:

Was there a reason people were attacking Kihyun?? Did he do something??

he didn’t do anything it’s more like people are attacking him because they are angry that he has the majority of the lines in monsta x songs? yesterday on the mx chat on v app i saw “fans” calling him a snake, r*t, etc. because of this. and to add onto this, the album preview came out and many pointed out how it seems like it’s just all kihyun and it’s just like??? the thing is he’s the main vocalist so it makes sense that he has more lines and also he doesn’t decide how many lines he gets or the other members get??? honestly i feel like this issue with kihyun is more than just about the line distribution but that’s another conversation for another time.

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Does you friend pose nude too?

@manda394 hasn’t posed fully nude, but she does do some explicit content. That’s definitely something you’ll need to discuss with her though and not me lol. Also, why tf am I still awake. It’s almost 5am….

Officials Issue Health Warning Against Onew

Onew’s GQ preview photo for the publication’s October issue, caused an outbreak of Onew-ache worldwide. Officials immediately posted an advisory against staring at the image. But the fandom, specially the MVPs, are ignoring the PSA.

When asked about the situation; GQ’s representative stated that they had intentionally altered said image into black and white in an attempt to contain the potent charm of Onew’s smile. However, despite the precaution, there were claims of fans going blind, melting into puddles and screaming incoherently. Some increasing the torture, by re-coloring said photo.

SHINee’s comeback, which is the only known cure for Onew-ache, is being delayed for another 2 weeks as Onew recovers from an injury. Fans aren’t bothered by the schedule change. Occupying themselves with Jonghyun’s Blue Night, Key’s Drinking Solo, Minho’s upcoming movie, Taemin’s Sayonara Hitori and posting get well soon messages for Onew.

It wasn’t poetic when you broke my heart. It wasn’t poetic when I sat on my bed at 5AM, still awake, watching the world wake up because I couldn’t stop thinking about you long enough to sleep. It wasn’t poetic when I was curled up on the bathroom floor, screaming and crying your name, come back, I love you, blood dripping onto the tiles, smeared by my hands trying to grip anything, anything to make the room stop spinning. It wasn’t poetic when my heart skipped a beat then beat so fast I thought I might have a heart attack when you drunk texted me to say you missed me, only for you to not remember or care in the morning. It wasn’t poetic when you kept coming back into my life for a year whenever you felt like it, to break me all over again and again. It wasn’t poetic to fight my subconscious every day, every minute to try to feel better. It wasn’t poetic to wake up with tear-stained cheeks because you’d walked into my dreams again. It wasn’t poetic to feel empty for a year. It wasn’t poetic to hurt this much.
—  Heartbreak isn’t a piece of art, it’s a goddamn war

just you

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I can never sleep this is so annoying like I wake up at 3am to pee and then my brain is like OH LOOK SHE’S AWAKE and then just goes into overdrive with ideas and scenarios and my escape plan if I ever get kidnapped and pretend arguments with strangers where I have really cool comebacks which is why I’m still wide awake at 5am yay

Eventually I just give up and write or draw which is actually pretty peaceful since it’s all dark and solitary *swan dives into bed again*